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Video: The All New 2010 Intel Core Processor Family for Business PCs-- Deploy with Confidence

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7 modern management capabilities and technologies

In 2020, a global pandemic caused a huge shift to remote work. As employees began working outside the corporate network, the gaps and limitations of traditional PC management were quickly exposed.

Many IT teams were tasked with managing legacy and modern applications in a unified way by migrating to modern management.

Dive into this white paper to take a closer look at 7 modern management capabilities and best practices from varying industries and learn how you can also make the switch in your organization.

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    Today's workforces are decidedly more spread out than in previous years. Employees can, and do, work from anywhere.

    To keep up with the times, organizations need to offer productivity platforms, like Microsoft 365, that can accommodate these increasingly decentralized workplaces and give employees seamless access across all applications and devices.

    In this white paper, take a deep dive into considerations for switching over to Microsoft 365 for Business, plus, four challenges of adopting and migrating over to Microsoft 365 and how to address them in your organization.


  • E-Book: New Enterprise Desktop Chapter 3: Windows 7 Security: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Each new OS is touted as the “Holy Grail” of features that every IT pro has been waiting for. Windows 7 is no different. Microsoft promised a breadth of new security features with this release, but are they all as good as they sound? This chapter looks at the Windows 7 security features such as BitLocker and Action Center, and separates those that really count from those that sound better on paper.

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  • IT checklist: Managing secure and productive distributed teams

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    Digital workspaces can be costly – but they don’t have to be. This white paper is a thorough how-to guide for maximizing cost efficiencies by choosing the right digital workspace for your organization. Open now to get started.


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  • How to get better patient outcomes in healthcare

    In healthcare, technology innovation directly impacts patient outcomes, and plays a role in helping healthcare organization’s meet the high standards for patient confidentiality and data protection. This paper takes a look at how IGEL can help assist in better patient outcomes in healthcare. Open now to see the top three reasons.


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