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Agile BI & Agile Data Services: A Perfect Fit

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CW+: Analyst's take: Alfabet PlanningIT reaps rewards for decision makers

At the project level, the application enables IT administrators, project managers, architects, and developers to perform a variety of research tasks more thoroughly and rapidly. Alfabet’s planningIT is an application for enterprisewide IT planning and management.  The application is designed to support IT decision makers by enabling them to document and analyze their operating environment, as well as collaborate with one another when making investment decisions.  It also supports decisions at the project level, where employees such as architects need information about the operating environments in which they work.

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  • How data warehouse automation can improve speed-to-insight

    Agile BI requires more than just agile dashboards. True agility means prototyping data models quickly so business users can continuously iterate on them. Application development and delivery professionals working on BI initiatives should consider adding DWA platforms to their BI toolbox.

    This Forrester report discusses how seven data warehouse automation (DWA) vendors bring Agile options to all phases of BI/analytics application development. Read more to find out how these platforms help facilitate shorter development cycles.

  • CW Buyer's Guide: Business Intelligence


    Business intelligence,or BI, software has steadily emerged as a hot topic in recent years. Research shows that more than 49% of companies have concrete plans to implement or expand their use of BI software in the next 24 months.


    But cost is a big barrier, and interest in BI software and spending money to adopt the tools and processes do not necessarily translate into successful implementations.


    This eight-page guide looks at some of the options companies should consider before embarking on a BI implementation.



    • How to make business intelligence
    • Give your business a BI boost for less
    • How agility will shape the future of Business intelligence in your firm
    • Choose the right BI tool for the job.



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    Use this Eckerson Group research to learn more about the benefits and challenges of a cloud data warehouse, and assess your business' readiness for a move on factors including agility, security and networking.


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    Many businesses hesitate to make the switch to modern BI platforms due to several common misconceptions. This resource attempts to debunk 6 common BI and analytics myths and highlights important criteria for selecting a modern BI platform.


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    This informative white paper offers a three-part series of advice on building and deploying mobile BI apps from consultants and IT managers who have already been through the process. It discusses what you need to do to provide fast mobile BI performance among other helpful tips.


  • Your guide to self-service BI and analytics

    Self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics empowers non-technical users throughout an organization to autonomously access, interact with, share, and operationalize insights. Discover how Information Builders has had success in self-service BI and analytics in this ebook.


  • What's Driving the Resurgence in the Strategic Importance of Self-Service BI?

    Businesses are prioritizing self-service BI tools, according to Dresner Advisory Services. Read this research paper from Dresner to learn why you may want to consider incorporating self-service BI tools into your strategies.


  • How are businesses investing in BI and related technologies?

    How are businesses leveraging collaborative BI and related technologies? In this study, explore how 770 respondents are using BI tools and technologies, including data catalogs, to improve business outcomes and overall performance. Discover data catalog feature requirements by industry, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.


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    Over 150 IT professionals across Europe reveal their plans and priorities for business intelligence and analytics,  in this exclusive research from Computer Weekly.


  • The top 5 worst practices in business intelligence

    When it comes to implementing BI tools, even the best-run businesses in the world can make common missteps that lead to lukewarm BI performance. This paper explores the 5 "worst practices" that contribute to poor BI deployments. Discover negative impacts from a technology and a business perspective, and learn how to avoid them.


  • The latest trends in data cataloging for BI

    In this webinar, watch Dresner Advisory Service and Alation discuss the latest trends in data cataloging for BI. Learn about the latest findings from Dresner Advisory Services' second annual Data Catalog Market Study, and discover why 90% of respondents believe that data governance is critical to business success.


  • Enable better data & better analytics with embedded BI

    Information Builders strives to provide better data and better analytics to extend solution value. In this e-book, learn the key benefits of embedded business intelligence (BI) and how Information Builders can help.


  • Picking a BI and analytics platform: 5 areas to evaluate

    Transitioning to a self-service BI model requires IT to adopt a collaborative approach. In this evaluation guide, review 5 key areas for evaluating BI and analytics platforms and how each one of these areas impacts IT/BI professionals vs. information consumers vs. content creators.


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    Read this white paper to learn how to use data virtualization to improve general data architectures and deliver real-time, self-service data opportunities, so BI professionals can produce more competitive data insights.


  • Agile Foundations – the Agile Manifesto

    In this extract from their book, Agile Foundations, Peter Measey and Radtac explain the key principles of the Agile Manifesto.


  • Data integration to support modern BI and advanced analytics programmes

    In this e-guide we discuss why data integration and preparation are the unsung heroes of modern BI and advanced analytics. More so than ever, it would seem, due to the ever-increasing volume and variety of data.


  • How to keep your IT agile through cloud computing services

    Is your IT able to keep up with the constant pace and demands in enabling organisational agility?


  • What features does your BI dashboard lack?

    Many businesses use business intelligence or data analytics platforms. However, businesses are not convinced that BI dashboards are providing them with the insights that they need. Read this research report for the full analysis on the use of BI dashboards and where they are falling short.


  • Self-service analytics: How to empower everyone

    Having a successful citizen data scientist culture in your business means data-driven decisions can be made by any team. It's a great way to approach BI tool adoption, but implementation is a struggle area for many businesses. We have a guide to self-service BI deployment for you – ready for download now – but first we ask you complete a survey.


  • How these 14 BI providers stack up

    In this 19-criterion evaluation of vendor-managed enterprise business intelligence (BI) platforms providers, Forrester identifies 14 of the most significant ones and delivers a thoroughly researched analysis and comparison of how they perform. Read this report to find out who leads the pack in the Enterprise BI Platforms market right now.


  • Big Data Analytics Best Practices

    "Big data" has become one of the most talked about trends within the business intelligence (BI), analytics and data management markets. With vendors marketing a wide variety of technology offerings aimed at addressing the challenges of big data analytics projects, it can be hard to discover the best solution.


  • Why choose operational BI?

    Dive into this ebook to learn about operational BI, what it does and how it works, along with Information Builders success with it.


  • The evolution of the agile organisation

    This research by PA Consulting finds that organisations can improve their financial performance as a result of adopting agile techniques.


  • Helping a health sector BI specialist grow its share of the market

    Just as in other industries, how well organizations use their data for decision support is becoming an important competitive differentiator. Dive into this case study to learn how an embedded Yellowfin BI platform is helping the health sector specialist grow its share of the market.


  • Trends in business intelligence

    Several important technology changes, social trends and customer needs are driving the future development steps and functionality of Business Intelligence solutions, this report from Birchman reveals.


  • How to enable self-service BI and analytics

    This white paper explores how to move towards modern, self-service analytics. Find out how to balance user demands for access to relevant data with IT control so that you can create a collaborative partnership between IT and LOB users that accelerates analytic workflows.


  • How Yellowfin helped this company expand BI use beyond financial reporting

    Read this case study to learn how NHS has expanded its BI use beyond financial reporting to enable an organizational improvement in data-driven decision-making that saves money YOY.


  • Guide: The evolution of modern analytics platforms

    In this Eckerson Group guide, see how modern analytics platforms are changing the game for business intelligence and analytics. Learn and understand the many core functions that will drive data insights into the future for competitive business and much, much more.


  • How to choose the right Jaspersoft edition for you

    For buyers on the fence about whether to choose Jaspersoft Community Edition or Commercial Edition to satisfy their embedded BI needs, read this comparison sheet of all the benefits and costs of each.


  • Accelerating multi-cloud and hybrid cloud agility

    Inside this IDC report, take a closer look at the key enterprise needs, requirements, and challenges emerging around hybrid cloud and multi-cloud services – and find out how some companies are developing holistic, cost-effective strategies of their own to increase their business agility.


  • 14 major BI providers and how they stack up

    In this 19-criterion evaluation of enterprise business intelligence (BI) platform providers, Forrester identified 14 market leaders and researched, analyzed, and scored them. Read this report to uncover how these major players in the BI game compare, so you can better decide which one will fit your needs.


  • BI and analytics: 5 ways to increase participation across your business

    In this white paper, discover 5 ways to promote the adoption of BI and analytics across your organization. Plus, learn about some of the potential benefits of doing so.


  • 4 confessions of enterprise BI leaders

    Read this white paper for confessions from BI leaders at 4 industry-leading organizations that reinvented themselves by using modern, operational analytics.


  • Embedded analytics can drastically improve BI tool adoption

    Read this white paper to learn why embedded BI tools and analytics have a much higher adoption rate on average, and how you can best roll out embedded analytics into your model.


  • The easiest way to deliver business intelligence to end users

    Open this whitepaper to learn about a BI solution with an hourly cost model that can easily deliver reporting and analytics in the cloud when your users need it.


  • What does organizational agility really mean?

    Organizational agility, a methodology similar to agile, has recently become more important as organizations seek to be more ready and able to adapt to quickly changing operating environments. Open this whitepaper to learn how to get started with adopting organizational agility and the benefits you could see.


  • Augmented analytics vs. traditional BI

    We're offering you access (for a limited time only!) to an Augmented Analytics vs. Traditional BI comparison guide, crafted by a team of expert, vendor neutral writers and researchers from


  • Traditional BI vs. Spotfire X: Analytics comparison

    Spotfire X has been built from the ground up for streaming data analytics. Read this white paper for 7 essential elements to this streaming BI technology, and what it is capable of doing for your business.


  • Embed your analytics for self-service potential

    Read this white paper to learn more about embedded analytics and the many benefits it can bring to a citizen data scientist culture.


  • CW+: Analyst's take: IBM Cognos software helps schools score top marks

    IBM Cognos software helps K-12 organizations increase visibility and improve decision making, driving improved student performance, lowered cost of interventions, greater productivity, and lower operating costs.


  • Constructing a lean, agile ITSM framework

    Jump into this webinar with Paul Buffington, a senior ITSM solutions architect from Atlassian, to learn firsthand about how to apply lean and Agile development principles to ITSM


  • Agile Project Management for Government

    Brian Wernham shows how an agile  approach can incrementally deliver large mission and safety critical technology solutions.


  • Flash fulfills 6 must-haves for the modern data center

    Download this resource to learn why flash storage is the foundation for the modern data center and to view a flash platform that guarantees total efficiency rates of up to 7:1, delivers up to 4.8 million IOPS, and includes AI-based application performance monitoring.


  • Key advantages of Google BigQuery vs alternatives

    ESG compared Google BigQuery’s serverless Enterprise data warehouses (EDW) solution with services offered by AWS, Microsoft, and Snowflake. Read The Economic Advantages of Google BigQuery versus Alternative Cloud-based EDW Solutions to learn more.


  • Real-time insights from a cloud-based BI platform

    Forrester Consulting was commissioned to conduct a study investigating the possible ROI enterprises stand to achieve by investing into Domo, a cloud-based BI platform for real-time analytics. Read the report here.


  • 6 tips for maximizing Agile speed

    Download this white paper to get 6 tips for maximizing your Agile KPIs, and identify some bottlenecks in your Agile process that you can improve today.


  • Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to DevOps

    In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the control needed for continuous delivery, the challenges of DevOps adoption, and the barriers enterprises must clear