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Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite

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E-Guide: Remediating IT vulnerabilities: Expert Tips

Vulnerabilities are a fact of life, and having to patch or remediate them is an ongoing process at most IT organizations. Reasons such as too few administrative resources and the impacted system cannot be out of service during remediation may be why an organization cannot always patch or remediate all IT vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered. This expert E-Guide uncovers 3 quick ways you can remediate IT vulnerabilities and discusses best practices for improved vulnerability management.

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  • 3 reasons patch management is crucial to business continuity

    Cybercriminals compromise home computer users and businesses in a variety of ways, with one of the most popular and effective being exploiting vulnerabilities in software.

    However, software patches eliminate these vulnerabilities and then some.

    Read this white paper to learn what a software patch is capable of, what you should expect from a patch management system, why patch management is crucial for business continuity, and how Acronis vulnerability assessment and patch management can help.

  • Cyberalert: Email boxes found on Darknet

    On March 2, it was announced that several zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered in Microsoft Exchange server. To address these vulnerabilities, Microsoft has released updates and underlined the urgency of patching.

    This has been in the news, but not every company has applied these patches immediately, and some have not applied them at all.

    In this webinar, Charlotte Davis and Erik Westhovens of Insight will update you on the latest news and provide tools available to protect yourself. Tune in to get started.

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  • The new BlueKeep vulnerability: Learn about the dangers

    The majority of attacks and exploits today take advantage of outdated systems and third-party applications, exploiting known vulnerabilities. In this white paper, learn about the dangers of vulnerabilities, including the new BlueKeep vulnerability, and ways you can keep your organization safe.


  • Virtual Patching: Eliminate the Risk by Eliminating the Time Gap

    This e-book explores many elements of modern vulnerability management, with a special focus on virtual patching, and why a combination of traditional and virtual patching might be the answer to many of the challenges that this area of endpoint security poses.


  • Reduce your attack surface by making sense of the risks you face

    According to Gartner, it takes hackers on average fewer than 8 days to exploit a vulnerability. In this report, dive into the key metrics every security team needs to better secure their operations and help prevent cyberattacks.


  • The DevOps Vulnerability Remediation Paradox

    The vulnerability management lifecycle can be chaotic, as deciding how to prioritize risk can be a daunting task. This video highlights how the addition of autonomous validation can help organizations reduce remediation work, shrink their attack surface and speed up DevOps deployments – watch now to get started.


  • Case study: Automated pen testing for healthcare provider

    This case study takes a closer look at how automated penetration testing, specifically Pcysys’ PenTera offering, was able to help an American healthcare provider address challenges they were facing related to remediation, false alerts, visibility and more. Read on to unlock the full story.


  • The state of breach and attack simulation: Analyst report

    In a recent Ponemon survey, 62% of respondents say their organizations had to acquire new security technologies to protect WFH, and yet 62% say their organizations did not validate these newly deployed security controls. Read on to uncover more results from The State of Breach and Attack Simulation and the Need for Continuous Security Validation.


  • Vulnerability detection & mitigation: What is the best approach?

    According to the IDC, large-to-very large enterprises spend 7-10% of their security budget on vulnerability management. However, firms with strong security are equally breached by known vulnerabilities as those with poor security posture. So, what is the best way to approach vulnerability prioritization? Download this white paper to find out.


  • Protect Your Mobile Devices, Printers, and Laptops from Malware

    Phishing scams and other cyberattacks are at an all-time high, and traditional defense tactics are growing ineffective. Written by our security experts, our endpoint security e-guide helps you search, screen and select the best fit security tool for your needs. Simply complete our 5-10-minute survey to reserve your free copy.


  • What to think about when utilizing endpoint securities

    There’s a lot to consider when establishing a proper endpoint security plan for your organization. And with so many tools available today, it is easy to forget the very basics of security. View this e-guide to help you refocus on the priorities and discover how to choose, keep or upgrade your endpoint security systems.


  • How to manage vulnerability risk

    Unpatched vulnerabilities are the cause of 1 in 3 breaches around the world, costing organizations millions. The need to install the latest security patches to mitigate vulnerabilities is well-understood, but volume can be overwhelming. Access the Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report to learn how you can mitigate these vulnerabilities.


  • The 3 Approaches Of Breach & Attack Simulation Technologies

    Take a look at 3 different categories of Breach & Attack Simulations (BAS) so you can understand and select the more appropriate BAS solution for your organization.


  • MITRE ATT&CK: Simulating the latest threats

    Organizations that don’t actively simulated advanced persistent threats (APTs) take a serious gamble each time they are faced with a serious cyberthreat. The MITRE ATT&CK Matrix aims to provide you with the knowledge and tactics needed to understand, simulate and prepare for today’s APTs – read this e-book to learn more.


  • Security: How automation can elevate your posture

    Security teams are recognizing that a continuously evolving IT ecosystem demands a shift in tactics. Continuous, automated red team testing can help enterprises adopt a risk-based and adversary-focused security approach to ensure that they are prepared to defend against evolving threats. Dive into this S&P Global brief to get the specifics.


  • Managing Web Security in an increasingly Challenging Threat Landscape

    In this expert guide, discover how new trends such as mobility, social networking, and cloud computing may be putting your organization at risk, and learn essential strategies for securing your extended enterprise from Web-based threats – read on to learn more.


  • 6 ways breach & attack simulation can increase ROI

    This white paper outlines 6 ways that BAS can increase your cybersecurity ROI. Download the PDF to get started.