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Cloud Computing by Government Agencies: Meeting Business and Security Challenges in the Cloud

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It’s 2023. Why Are Cloud Budgeting and Forecasting Still So Complicated?

If you’ve worked in IT long enough, the thought “Wow, managing subscription services is a hassle” has crossed your mind at least once. You probably also know that billing in the public cloud adds to the cost in time, effort and money in a big way.

That’s why Cloud Lifecycle was designed to provide smart procurement, a consistent billing approach, better visibility for cloud budgeting and forecasting and prioritized help and advice from actual humans.

Discover in this short video why most IT teams are ready to get to zero-tolerance for wasted cloud spend, and how they just need a little help from the right coach.

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  • How to cut costs and boost performance with Granulate

    You have thousands of tasks running on the cloud. But:

    • You can’t tell if they are efficiently allocated and mapped to the hardware
    • You don’t have enough tools or time to monitor every thread on every device
    • You can’t re-code, re-install, re-anything that can make it better in a reasonable time

    So, how can you improve efficiency and save costs on the cloud?

    In this brief video, you’ll be introduced to Granulate – an Intel software designed to enable significant performance improvements and cloud cost reduction without the need for code changes.

    Tune in now to learn how you can save money while getting more out of your cloud infrastructure.

  • CBA’s migration to Atlassian Cloud

    Migrating your computing infrastructure from on-premises to the hybrid cloud is a competitive must, but it can be challenging to implement correctly and within budget.

    Successful cloud migration planning leads to not only an improved overall IT program, but one that is mature enough in security posture to get all your workloads, data and infrastructure safely to the cloud.

    Discover how Commonwealth Bank of Australia successfully migrated to the cloud with Atlassian Cloud in this case study.

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