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Cloud Computing by Government Agencies: Meeting Business and Security Challenges in the Cloud

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Ultimate guide to cloud cost optimization

Did you know that over 60% of IT infrastructure leaders are experiencing public cloud cost overruns which negatively impact their budgets?

The recent rise in inflation and supply chain challenges is having a knock on effect on IT expenditure, including cloud adoption and network usage for many businesses.

Download this e-book by Console Connect to learn about the reasons for rising IT and cloud costs, and get practical tips and solutions to help reduce enterprise cloud expenditure.

What you will learn:

  • Why technology and cloud costs for enterprises are on the rise
  • Top tips for reducing cloud costs
  • How to save up to 50% on egress charges
  • The benefits of Network-as-a-Service for cloud connectivity

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  • Getting Value from Your Cloud Cost Tool

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    Check out these case studies for success stories from customers benefitting from effective cloud cost management

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