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Establish a Strategic Advantage in Managing Change

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10 tips for change management in Agile

In the struggle for popularity and relevance, one initial delivery of an application doesn’t cut it. As a result, developers have been shifting toward agile software development that enables constant change and updating to any software product. How you manage that change, however, is an entirely different challenge.

In this E-Guide, find ten tips to successfully implement change management in Agile software development systems. Download the E-Guide here to get started.

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  • When SAM meets CMDB, explained.

    A properly integrated and organized Software Asset Management (SAM) platform can save companies a fortune in software licensing costs over time. Similarly, Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) are critical in assuring that IT assets and deployment information are also thoroughly catalogued to avoid unnecessary spending and to keep tabs on the full IT asset lifecycle.

    Jump inside this guide to learn how to use the architecture of SAM platforms as a framework for the creation and maintenance of a CMDB – and as IT asset volume grows, how to keep it as scalable and accurate as possible.

  • How to ensure your code meets GDPR compliance

    The deadline for GDPR compliance might have passed, but this isn’t a set it and forget it project.

    The process for creating fully compliant applications requires a change in the development processes along with continuous and clear communication with security teams.

    To help bridge this gap, use this GDPR checklist for how to secure databases combined with best practices in AppSec from PCI DSS, and expand those ideas, checks, and balances into a full application checklist for developers.

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  • City University London Policy Challenge Report: Removing barriers to government using SME IT suppliers

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  • Why value stream management?

    Today, only 16% of app development teams can release code changes more than once a month. TaskTop holds inadequate data and analytics responsible for impeding IT from accelerating business growth. Tasktop’s advice? Find the right value stream management solution for your software delivery. Learn more about value stream management here.


  • Checklist: 8 steps for automating Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    Discover 8 simple steps to slash audit costs, improve efficiency, and minimize risk within your organization by automating your GRC.


  • How to create an experience your employees love

    Download this eBook to explore how you can transform your workplace and deliver the experience your employees want, as well as how automation solutions like SAP Concur solutions can help you become more profitable, productive and closely aligned to your workers’ needs.


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    Somewhere between our in-depth consultants’ guides and our short AnalystNotes that discuss specific aspects of IT careers, there is a need for an up-to-dateoverview of IT career structures. This is it.


  • 3 pillars of modern vulnerability management

    Attackers have changed their focus from servers to users. As a result, security professionals should refrain from security strategy complacency, especially when it comes to their vulnerability management programs. In this e-guide, learn how to modernize your vulnerability management program to protect your organization and users.


  • Executing Your Strategy 5: Engagement

    This is the fifth of a six part guide which explains the key steps of the Strategic Execution Framework, developed by the Stanford Advanced Management Programme.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to modern software development practices

    The software development landscape is forever changing. In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at what it means to be a modern software developer, what's driving their innovation and how artificial intelligence can help build applications that make customers happy.


  • How to implement automation in microservices

    Even microservices may not be enough to effectively replace monolithic applications due to the overly complicated user requirements in modern businesses. Use this whitepaper to learn about the current pitfalls of independent microservices, and how a process automation tool can better help developers meet user requirements.


  • Security and development roles in securing code

    The days of security and development working in silos are over. Each team needs to understand and work closely with the other. In this e-book, learn more about the new processes and priorities each team has throughout the software lifecycle.


  • CW+ Open Group: World-class enterprise architecture

    This White Paper is intended to help organizations who are attempting to set up an enterprise architecture practice. It shows how organizations can use a modular, iterative, and incremental approach in order to develop an architectural capability that is otherwise a large and complex undertaking.


  • 5 signs of malicious activity your organization may be overlooking

    If given even the smallest window of opportunity, cybercriminals will exploit any Internet service or infrastructure to support their campaigns. Security and IT admins play critical roles in monitoring networks for indicators of malicious activity. In this infographic, explore 5 signs of malicious activity your organization may be overlooking.


  • Which is best: no-code, low-code, or full-code?

    Fast application delivery has become a necessity for businesses looking to adapt and drive change, which means businesses how to change how they build out applications. Review this whitepaper to learn the best possible way to build applications, and optimize the application development process in an age that demands efficiency.


  • ASEAN CIO trends

    In this e-guide, read more about the issues that ASEAN CIOs are facing and how they are overcoming challenges such as cyber security, talent management and organisational barriers to change.


  • Back to the Future: The Hybrid Organisation: People

    This ‘thought paper’ draws a parallel between young people in the 1960s and 1970s, the group that became known as the baby boomer generation and young people of today, often termed Generation Y or Digital Natives.


  • 42-page guide: mastering innovative development processes

    Establishing standards of delivery and quality within product development is a taxing challenge – this requires honing and establishing your development process. Download this 42-page end-to-end development methodology guide to overall your current development method, and meet rising stakeholder expectations with ease.


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    With the advent of AWS Lambda in 2014, and a slew of other serverless tools now available, you can now run code for virtually any type of application or backend service – all with zero administration. Read this blog to learn the top 6 changes this will have to a traditional Ops role.


  • How to Deliver DevSecOps

    Developer responsibilities are changing to include security—but DevSecOps doesn't have to be a drag. In this exclusive e-Guide, find 3 articles that explore how developers can implement security practices without adding to their workloads or their stress.


  • Improve your insurance enterprise with RPA

    As the insurance industry changes with the world around it, it is increasingly burdened with menial, repetitive administrative tasks. Read on to learn how Robotic Process Automation and AI adoption can alleviate the repetitive tasks plaguing today’s insurance enterprises.


  • Financial institutions benefit from their technology partnerships

    Read this white paper to learn how leading financial services organizations can pair with MongoDB and build a data architecture that allows them to become industry leaders by accelerating development, governing data, scaling on demand, and more.


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    In this e-guide we round up the key ways backup has changed since tape was king and look at developments such as backup appliances, the use of the cloud as a backup target and even the need for backups to protect your workloads in the cloud.


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    There have been a number of data breaches in the news recently due to website vulnerabilities. In order to ensure your business isn't breached, incorporate security into your development process. In this webcast, explore key considerations for securing your web applications.


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    The benefits of SD-WAN include reducing MPLS bandwidth costs, flexibility to make remote network changes, and the ability to deliver agile development and nimbler web services. Access this video to learn more.


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    Is business transformation really the key to success ? This research from analyst group Freeform Dynamics offers some answers.


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    Find out what supports and what hinders change projects, including large-scale migrations and the move to the cloud, in this report by Xceed Group.


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    Read this e-book to discover the most recent challenges and opportunities for make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers and how investment in the right ERP can help you turn these challenges into opportunities.


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    Through our own research and local interviews this guide uncovers some of the benefits the cloud brings to organisations in Australia/New Zealand.


  • How TD Bank quickly adopted an agile development methodology

    TD Bank’s application development organization followed a traditional waterfall approach until 2014. They recognized that they needed to modernize and embarked on an agile transformation. Learn how they were able to become agile quickly in this case study.