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Cost Basis Basics: Preparing for the New Reporting Requirement

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How to secure financial services by leveraging technology

Financial organizations are encouraged to share customer data while at the same time being expected to safeguard it with progressively stronger measures.

Financial Services has been a targeted sector and cybercrime is becoming sophisticated on an industrial scale. A more strategic and wholesale approach needs to be adopted industry-wide to fend off the threat, particularly as detection and response times are increasing.

In this white paper, learn how organizations can leverage technology to get a holistic view of their entire business. Also, explore why IT, security and business teams need to be working together in the emerging digital world.

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  • Money for Nothing: 3 Ways Criminals Cash in on Financial Services Fraud

    Technical innovation has been the story of financial services and lending for years. Digital has changed the game and opened up a new world of customer convenience and market reach. The downside? These changes have also opened new avenues of fraud.  The 2019 LexisNexis® True Cost of Fraud Study of Financial Services and Lending sheds light on several key trends impacting the industry and consumer account holders.

    Take our short survey and let us know your emerging fraud and identity management challenges and the solutions your persuing to combat them and gain access to this free eguide to learn more.

  • Understanding the security side of compliance

    Security pros have to focus their efforts on the threats that are most important to their company and industry. That means understanding the compliance landscape and where you fit into it.

    This eBook will help you gain a better understanding of what your executives and auditors expect from you, and ways you can better protect and prepare yourself from external threats. Answer these 2 questions to download your free guide.

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  • 10 recent FINRA and SEC violations and penalties

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  • 4 impacts of using SAP on Azure

    Migrating to SAP Azure brings definitive benefits like faster routes to innovation and often even lowering ops costs, but there is more you should seek out in this process. Download this whitepaper to consider the 6 deliverables to prioritize when moving SAP onto Azure, and understand the 4 business impacts it will have.


  • The tablet market: consumer trends and market segmentation

    The Boston Consulting Group shows how consumer tablets are creating new opportunities as the market grows and segments.


  • The Real Cost Of Ownership Of It Service Desks

    The ROI of an IT service desk can either drown your organization in costs or become a great value-add. In this whitepaper, discover how a modern solution is a better investment than a legacy solution.


  • What app modernization really means and how to achieve it

    You need to modernize your applications, but what tools or solutions are available to help you accomplish this? Take a look at this resource to learn how to identify cost savings and potential gaps in your features and functions, which could be currently making a negative impact on your competitive posture or operational efficiencies.


  • Akamai Security Investments

    How can you meet the challenge to quantify the cost savings and business benefits of Akamai security products? To answer this question, Forrester interviewed or surveyed 35 Akamai customers to develop both a report and a tool. Download the TEI report to get started.


  • GDPR: The State of Play

    An infographic to inform the reader of what GDPR is, how it will affect them, and when it will come into play.


  • CW+: Quocirca Report: Building a case for data centre infrastructure management

    Measuring, monitoring and maintaining a data centre has often been viewed as a purely technical project. Business value can be significant - and explaining this can unlock budget for DCIM investments.


  • How to tackle trust management: Impact sensitivity categorisation

    Information must be classified using an appropriate Classification Scheme as defined in the Jericho Forum’s Information Classification2 position paper.


  • Solving your main data storage challenges

    If your staff is overwhelmed by menial storage maintenance tasks and struggling to drive innovation, it might be time to rethink how you manage your storage to better fuel your business pipelines. Read on to learn how to tackle and overcome 6 prevalent storage management challenges.


  • Mobile Expense Management

    Analysts Rob Bamforth and Clive Longbottom advise businesses on ways to manage the cost of mobile communications.


  • Post-pandemic IT preparation

    74% of organizations reported moderate to significant impact to employees due to COVID-19. The workforce will never be as it was before, and this means that IT investments are shifting significantly. The outlook is now that of a hybrid workplace, which means more cloud, more AI and more subscriptions. View this infographic to see impactful stats.


  • A Guide to Cyber Risk

    Insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) examines the latest trends in cyber risk and emerging perils around the globe.


  • Infographic: S/4HANA viewed positively by SAP Users

    SAP has recognised that customers will face challenges and costs when they upgrade to S/4 Hana. It has set out a roadmap to simplify integration, in a bid to lower the transition cost of moving from ECC to the S/4 platform. This infographic shows why most SAP users have positive impressions of SAP S/4Hana.


  • CW Europe – June 2018

    Research from Computer Weekly has revealed that across Europe, there appears to be no consensus on where IT budgets will be spent over the next year. But what is clear is that total budgets are expected to rise. But where will the money go?


  • Why cloud service providers are taking on a crucial role in hybrid cloud environments

    As midmarket businesses embrace the hybrid cloud, service providers are seeing their role change drastically. Read this short 451 Business Impact Brief to learn more about how cloud service providers will see their role evolve and becoming increasingly more important as companies move into the next generation of cloud infrastructure.


  • How to manage encrypted DNS

    DNS is fundamental to how the internet functions, but growth in DNS encryption potentially renders DNS infrastructure redundant. As a result, service providers will need to understand the challenges and opportunities of encrypted DNS. Jump into this webcast to cover the impact of encrypted DNS from the service provider's perspective.


  • IT Priorities 2015 – Germany, Austria & Switzerland

    Benchmark your IT spending plans, with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.


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    This independent report provides the first in-depth assessment of the role that data-intensive technology can play in supporting jobs and growth in Ireland over the next five years.


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    With Ofgem’s current pricing controls due to expire, this infographic explores the impact RIIO-2 will have on the energy sector, and how those affected can best prepare for its arrival. Download this infographic to learn more.


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    This global benchmarking study from ESI international identifies the key challenges and successes experienced by project and programme management offices (PMO) and draws recommendations for the future.


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    There's no way to eradicate all IT vulnerabilities, but the ability to spot critical ones is essential. This expert tip provides best practices to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities that will have the greatest impact and how to deploy limited resources in the most effective way.


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    By 2025, the average connected person will interact with a connected device nearly 4,800 times per day—about once every 18 seconds. If your organization’s network is not amply prepared, you will be at risk of falling behind. Access this infographic for 5 business advantages of increasing connectivity and how they impact your bottom line.


  • The advantages of using instrumentation to automate AppSec

    Instrumentation-based application testing can help improve security without skilled security staff or the need to change code. It can also help developers push code into production much faster than formal processes for testing and approval. Dive into this white paper to learn more about the advantages of using instrumentation to automate AppSec.


  • How will the CCPA affect email security?

    This video explains the the significance and implications of California’s new data privacy regulations, specifically focusing on how they will affect email use among employees. Watch now to learn more.


  • 4 ways to rein in cloud storage costs

    This paper digs into why cloud storage costs are hard to handle and presents 4 ways to help you control them. Access now to learn how to save 50% or more on your cloud storage costs with these approaches.