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Cost Basis Basics: Preparing for the New Reporting Requirement

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Why you need to be monitoring contact center agent wellbeing

With AI and conversational technologies now servicing many routine CX enquiries, contact center advisors are being left to manage a far greater proportion of challenging customer interactions.

Levels of advisor attrition are already an issue for many organizations, so it’s more important than ever to make sure that your employees are being supported as their roles evolve.

Download this eBook to learn how CX transformation is affecting contact center agents and get tips to ensure you’re putting your people first.

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  • How to provide the most value as a connected advisor

    The technology requirements for professional services firms have expanded dramatically in recent years, often resulting in fragmented, disconnected silos addressing disparate requirements.

    Connected advisors can help by linking themselves, their services and their clients in a seamless, efficient manner.

    Open up this white paper to learn more about how to provide the most value as a connected advisor, and explore key recommendations for how to get started.

  • Strategic planning services firm scales survey capabilities

    As a trusted advisor to many of the world’s most successful golf courses, private clubs, resorts, and residential communities, GGA Partners replaced Qualtrics with Alchemer so they could scale their member survey and reporting capabilities to match their business growth.

    Download this case study to discover how this switch enabled GGA Partners to constantly run more member satisfaction and strategic planning surveys with crosstab reporting to improve customer experiences while managing costs.

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  • Transform collaboration with unified communications

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  • Infographic: The economic impact of RHEL

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  • Are you one eDiscovery away from a budgetary meltdown?

    Using an online object storage platform with global namespaces can provide full data protection, high availability and easily managed eDiscovery in a way that fully supports the business, say analysts Clive Longbottom and Marcus Austin.


  • Top 5 SharePoint Online drawbacks no one talks about

    If your organization is considering a SharePoint Online integration to streamline your repository of digitized documents, there are some drawbacks you should be aware of.This resource outlines the 5 hidden costs of adopting, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft’s SharePoint Online as your main file storage system.


  • The financial impact of a data breach

    According to IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach has risen 10% globally over the past 5 years. The total cost of a data breach goes beyond remediation costs though – it includes data loss, reputational damage, legal costs and other. So, how much does a data breach cost? Read this whitepaper to find out.


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  • Buyers guide for cloud management: Compare VMware, ServiceNow, & others

    Enterprises face challenges related to their hybrid cloud in terms of cost management, security, and governance. This Quadrant Report from ISG compares the strengths and weaknesses of hybrid cloud management platform (HCMP) providers like VMware, HPE, Morpheus Data and more. Access it here to explore which vendor is the right one for your business.


  • Internet downtime: How much does it cost you?

    Unplanned internet downtime can bring your operations to a grinding halt, resulting in lost revenue, productivity, and other costs that are less obvious but longer-lasting. Access this white paper to learn how calculating and assessing the cost of downtime is designed to give you a better understanding of the potential impacts on your organization.


  • Solve telecomplexity & E911

    The benefits of cloud migration can come at a high price if you aren’t prepared to overcome telecom complexities like E911 regulations, call flow integration challenges for CCaaS, unexpected fees and more. Watch this webinar to hear from experts on how to meet these challenges in 2022 and beyond.


  • How to protect your cloud data

    32% of companies lose data in the cloud, according to IT Compliance Policy Group. The impact of a data loss goes beyond the cost of the data. Regardless of the data loss event, it can significantly impact productivity. This e-book offers a comprehensive look at how Office 365 aims to resolve cloud security challenges. Read on to get started.


  • The essential foundations of effective cyber resilience strategies

    Take a look at this blog post to learn how NetApp helps customers prepare for modern cyberattacks, and examine a portfolio of security solutions designed to address the pressing challenges of data protection.


  • The hidden costs of ransomware

    If existing security processes and tools were working as advertised, ransomware attacks wouldn’t be seeing the success rates they are now – so who is to blame for the rise of ransomware? Read this e-guide for a closer look at the hidden costs of ransomware, the gamble of partial protection, ransomware best practices, and more.


  • Incident response: 16 key features & capabilities

    When a cyberattack challenges your organization, how can you remediate the threat before it compromises your network? Access this datasheet to learn how eSentire’s On-Demand 24/7 Incident Response service is designed to provide 16 key features and capabilities.


  • Immediate actions to protect against ransomware

    Check out this infographic for jarring statistics on the impact of ransomware on businesses, including immediate actions you can take to protect against ransomware.


  • How to leverage climate impact for long-term value creation

    Laws and regulations regarding climate impact can lead to increased costs of electricity, water use restrictions and a limited ability to develop new facilities. With robust enterprise risk management and strategic planning, learn how this tech company turned a potential risk into an opportunity for long-term value creation in this e-book.


  • The economic analysis of HPE GreenLake

    To examine the potential financial impact enterprises may realize by leveraging HPE GreenLake, the following Forrester report analyzes the Total Economic Impact of the service. Read the full report here to explore the business benefits and cost savings you could see by using HPE GreenLake.


  • The impact of XDR in the modern SOC

    Extended detection and response (XDR) is gaining momentum in the security arena. ESG recently surveyed IT/InfoSec professionals across multiple industry verticals to better understand the market perception of XDR, as well as value points and challenges that come with it. Access the full ESG report to see the impact of XDR in the modern SOC.


  • Data quality: A necessity for meaningful analytics

    Read this TechTarget custom article to understand how you can assess your organization’s data maturity and challenges and ensure your data strategy and architecture are aligned with your business strategy by leveraging solutions from AWS.


  • A guide to multi-cloud observability on AWS, Azure or GCP

    86% of respondents characterized their organizations’ cloud strategy as multi-cloud, according to Forrester. Yet many of these companies struggle with monitoring across their environments. This 60-page guide to multi-cloud observability breaks down everything your teams need to know to excel at monitoring your environment. Read it here.


  • Canadian bank achieves compliance through data protection

    Comforte enables Canada’s largest bank to minimize the impact of data breaches, to achieve compliance with regulations like PCI DSS and to offer additional value to their customers by taking them out of PCI scope, hence saving them costs. Access this case study to learn how it was done.


  • Semantic layer: Improve speed and impact of data analytics

    Read this e-book to understand the true business impact of a semantic layer and how you can use one to improve time to actionable insights, increase scale of insights and analytics creation/deployment, reduce costs to create and deploy actionable insights and analytics and more.


  • How to take charge of your hardware refresh plan

    This white paper aims to help IT evaluate the strategy behind the traditional OEM refresh cycle and identify cost-saving options to consider for a hardware refresh plan to present to the CFO. Open now to take a look at how to keep pace with infrastructure needs, address specific objectives and more.


  • How to secure & optimize mobile access in the cloud

    In today’s dispersed workforce, securing and optimizing your organization’s cloud and mobile access is critical. In this Forrester report, The Total Economic Impact™ of Cato Networks, learn how you could achieve cost savings and various business benefits.


  • What IT leaders need to know about digital procurement transformation

    While IT and procurement need to work together to achieve digital transformation, IT has their own specific role to play in planning a strategy. Download this white paper to explore key strategic points that IT leaders should consider when planning to switch to a digital procurement process.


  • Getting expense management right

    Analysts Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamforth look at the benefits that every organisation should be looking to gain from a travel and expenses management system.


  • Improve your storage sustainability with modern tape storage

    Moving cold data to tape storage has proven itself to not only have a significant impact on reducing emissions, but also on reducing storage costs for budget-minded businesses. Take a look at this white paper for tips on identifying your own cold data, and learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint with a simple data migration strategy.


  • Analyst whitepaper: Enabling Manufacturing Innovation Through the Use of Cloud

    Read this whitepaper, to access research from IDC that dives deep into the use cases available for manufacturers in the cloud, evaluates challenges and opportunities that may arise & provides best practices to consider for manufacturing industry professionals & business leaders looking to the cloud to simplify digital transformation.


  • EDR: What are the hidden costs of traditional offerings?

    According to a recent Forrester study, 74% of organizations indicated that they have suffered a business-impacting cyberattack attributed to remote work vulnerabilities.Tap into this white paper to learn about the hidden costs of first-generation endpoint security offerings.


  • Your close look at Smart Data Migration with Komprise

    Deciding which services to use for which workloads is complicated and the decisions you make can have a huge impact on how users leverage the power of the cloud and how you streamline costs. Read through this white paper for an outline of the benefits of a Smart Data Migration strategy for file workloads to AWS.


  • A print solution that is cost-efficient and flexible: HP SBR

    Access this white paper to explore HP’s Strategic Business Reviews (SBR), a print solution that optimizes an organization’s fleet for hybrid work and tracks business impact so adjustments can be made when necessary.


  • Uncovering the power of UiPath’s automation platform

    Download this report from to uncover key insights on how UiPath’s automation platform is working to improve productivity, reduce errors, and accelerate data migration projects, all enabled by RPA.


  • Don’t let cloud management challenges derail digital transformation

    In this guide, explore how to simplify the development and deployment of applications in the hybrid cloud—as well as why many businesses are turning to a managed services partner to accelerate time-to-market, lower operation costs, and improve resiliency. Read the guide here.


  • What to look for in an application resource management platform

    This total economic impact report from Forrester analyzes IBM Turbonomic, an application resource management platform that helps to ensure cost efficiency in data centers & public cloud, alleviate IT workloads, and more. Access the report here.


  • Tablets and Smartphones in the Enterprise

    This expert ebook takes an in-depth look at the BYOD trend, its impact on business and IT, and what your organization can do to ensure its success in your environment.


  • How to design your optimal cloud environment

    To help your business create an optimized cloud strategy, this Frost & Sullivan report covers the financial benefits of doing cloud right vs. the costs of doing it wrong, how to confront the cloud skills gap, and how to clarify cloud usage. Access it here.


  • Total Economic Impact of IBM Watson Assistant

    IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that evaluated the financial impact of IBM Watson Assistant on organizations. Learn how IBM Watson Assistant can cut costs, drive revenue, and free precious resources for higher value work – all while improving customer NPS.


  • Healthcare: How to improve your uptime in 7 ways

    In today’s medical offices and clinics, many of the applications and technologies you rely on are now cloud- and internet-based. But, if you don’t have the uptime you need, it can negatively impact your patient’s experience and quality of care. Open this e-book to learn how you can improve your uptime in 7 ways.


  • How fleet management can improve your bottom line

    A fleet manager’s decisions will always have a serious impact on the business’s bottom line. At the same time, the long list of challenges they face is only getting longer, and not all managers are taking advantage of the technologies that can help. Open this eBook to uncover 6 ways technology can help fleet managers boost their company’s ROI.