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Neusoft Telecom BSS Virtualized Application Performance on the Intel® Xeon® Processor 7500 Series using VMware vSphere 4

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E-Book: Virtualizing Your Infrastructure - Selecting Server Hardware for Virtualization

Choosing the right server hardware to maximize virtualization benefits is an important investment. To gain the high consolidation ratios you're after, you need powerful-enough hardware to support your workloads and applications.

In this expert ebook, explore the hardware consideration to keep in mind as you virtualize, including:

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Form factors
  • And more

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  • Refresh your hardware

    A recent IT Priorities survey by TechTarget/Computer Weekly showed that enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region are looking at shoring up their IT infrastructure to support their digital transformation initiatives. That is to be expected, given that revamping the underlying IT architecture to support a more nimble, customer focused organisation is often the first step in building a new digital foundation. In this e-guide, read more about the adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure across the region, the benefits of device-as-a-service offerings in managing employee and endpoint devices, as well as what you can do to extend the lifespan of your hardware.

  • GPU virtualization best practices

    There are many reasons to look towards GPU virtualization for answers: reduced CPU utilization, improved user experience, and so on. However, it’s critical that admins are able to ensure that vGPUs will be probably utilized, otherwise risking unused vGPU and substantial overhead costs.

    Continue reading into this E-Guide to learn how to ensure cost-efficient and high-performance virtual GPU deployments.

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    Download this white paper to learn why privileged access management is key to protecting telecom's critical infrastructure.


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    The 5G bandwagon is the talk of town, but 4G will remain the priority for much of Asia-Pacific, among other key trends that will shape telecoms markets across the region.


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    The telecoms sector in 2017 finds itself increasingly challenged as operators and end-users respond to multiple challenges, such as the emergence of software-based networks, the steady erosion of voice revenues, and the growth of 'free' communications services.


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    Effective negotiations and management of telecom contracts can have a measurable impact on a business’ financial performance.


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    As part of the Google Cloud Services Platform, Anthos was launched in 2019 to help organizations manage their workloads with the same interface across multiple cloud systems. In this introductory guide, find everything you need to know about Anthos.


  • Why bandwidth is a top priority for the new normal

    The “new normal” facing multi-location businesses is driving many to reassess their IT environments. And there’s a reason bandwidth is at the top of a lot of priority lists. In this brief, learn how Telecoms have responded to this need for higher bandwidth and performance connectivity with Ethernet.


  • CW ANZ: Trend Watch - communications infrastructure

    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how Australia's bushfires impacted its telecoms networks and the increase in SD-WAN adoption in Asia-Pacific


  • Overcome false starts in your cloud journey

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  • The effect of 5G on ISPs and telecom networks

    Telecom networks are evolving thanks to new technologies such as 5G. This evolution will affect various types of organizations, internet service providers (ISPs) and available services. In this e-guide, learn why it is critical for ISPs to explore 5G and its capabilities now, in order to determine how to offer 5G services and support customers.


  • Over-the-Top Video: First to Scale Wins

    This report from Arthur D Little assess the impact of video services focusing on professional long-form content, such as Hulu, Lovefilm and Netflix.


  • Reduce time to market with VMware Enterprise PKS

    Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom company, needed a way to bring digital services to market faster. Open this case study to learn why they’ve started using VMware Enterprise KPS to help.


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  • Post-COVID-19 consumer insights for media, tech, healthcare, CPG & other sectors

    Explore some predicted implications of the pandemic on the media & telecom, technology, financial services, healthcare, CPG & retail sectors, and strategies for moving forward in this eBook.


  • DigiWorld Yearbook

    IDATE's DigiWorld Yearbook provides an annual analysis of the recent developments shaping the telecoms, internet and media markets, identifying major global trends and scenarios.


  • Women in IT: Labour shadow minister, Chi Onwura

    Labour's shadow cabinet office minister, with responsibility for cyber security, Chi Onwura, gives her views on tackling the gender balance in this PowerPoint presentation.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Network Function Virtualisation

    Fixed network architectures are not flexible enough to cope with today's networking needs – hence the growingpopularity of network function virtualisation. In this Computer Weekly buyer's guide, we look at the progress ofOpenStack's Neutron, how NFV can add network flexibility, and how telcos are saving on WAN infrastructure.


  • Cloud firewall centralizes telecom provider's network controls

    As telecom provider Geocell expanded, they found themselves spending too much time administering firewalls to each location—an incredibly tedious task. Learn more about the next-generation firewall that seamlessly centralized their network management controls in this case study.


  • New telecom technologies, new TEM challenges

    There are many new technologies that are being adopted by businesses at a rapid pace. Each brings new technical challenges, new provisioning challenges, new billing challenges and an exploding universe of endpoints to control. In this white paper, explore the implications that these technologies have on Telecom Expense Management (TEM).


  • Driving the increasing importance of TEM

    The explosive growth of cloud and now multi-cloud solutions has created a new imperative for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) to actively participate in the overall management of technology deployment within an organization. Download this white paper to learn about the technology advances that have contributed to this heightened importance of TEM.


  • Reduce B2B customer churn in telecom: 3 strategies to help you

    B2B is a critical area for telecom—especially with enterprise technology spending on the rise, and the emergence of the cloud, IoT, big data, and other trends. Find out how ServiceNow can help CSPs capitalize on that trend and not fall victim to B2B customer churn and SLA penalties in this white paper.


  • CW+: Quocirca Report: Telecoms re-invention – death of the traditional telco

    The communications provider landscape is evolving as the demand for data—in fixed locations and on the move—outstrips the still growing demand for voice communications.


  • Case study: Achieving strong growth with Infovista

    SEB Group is the global leader in small applications, with a presence in over 150 countries and a unique range of top-class brands. Dive into this case study to learn how the utilization of Infovista’s Ipanema solution benefitted the SEB Group.


  • Case study: Bandwidth reduces unsubscribes by 25% with Adobe

    As API platform provider, Bandwidth, grew, they began struggling with a common marketing challenge—reaching and exceeding goals without fatiguing the audience. To help address this issue, Bandwidth decided to implement Predictive Audiences by Adobe. Read this case study to learn about their experience and the benefits they achieved with Adobe.


  • How edpnet expanded their footprint into European markets

    In order for edpnet, a Belgian telecom carrier, to meet the growing demands of mobile and video content, they needed to set up a Point-of-Presence (PoP), which would allow them to expand their footprint into the European market. In this case study, learn how edpnet was able to do this with the help of Telehouse.


  • Leading Cable TV and Telecom Provider Enhances Customer Experience with A Customer 360 View, Using StreamAnalytix

    How was a traditional cable provider able to reduce high customer churn and poor customer data usage, and become a competitive business with real-time analytics powering their growth? Read this white paper to learn how StreamAnalytix was able to help their client gain deeper insight into their consumer behavior and take data-driven action.


  • How this national telecom company stays secure from insider threats

    As news of insider threats became increasingly prevalent, this national telecom company’s board members and executives realized they needed to build a dedicated inside threat program. Read on to uncover why this company chose Dtex.


  • National Fibre Strategies

    Arthur D Little assess five strategic models for deploying national fibre optic telecommunications networks that have been implemented by countries around the globe.


  • Getting ready for the platform revolution

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as Ofcom moves to force a split between BT and its Openreach subsidiary, we examine whether the regulator's action will improve the roll out of full-fibre broadband. Our buyer's guide looks at trends in client access devices. And IT leaders discuss the roadmap to a software-defined infrastructure. Read the issue now.


  • Women in IT: Inspiring the next generation

    This book seeks to encourage more girls and women to consider a career in IT by showcasing the lives and careers of female IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academics.


  • The Albion Growth Report

    More than 6O% of small to medium-sized enterprises plan to grow 'dramatically' or 'moderately' in the next two years, however IT and Telecoms companies report difficulties recruiting, this report from Albion Ventures reveals.


  • Fulfilment@Work

    How content are IT professionals at work ? This report from Ranstad UK benchmarks IT professionals against professionals working in a broad range of industries.


  • The western European Datacentre Market

    This report extract from BroadGroup assesses the Western European data centre market and the factors driving its growth.


  • Benchmark your spending on management consultants

    Benchmark your spending on management consultants, with this analysis from Source.


  • CW ASEAN April 2018

    This year, more enterprises will adopt a "cloud-first" SD-WAN architecture designed to efficiently support their increasingly cloud-based application mix. In this issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at how ASEAN enterprises gearing up for this eventuality.


  • IPV6 Transition – Why the rush ?

    This report from Ovum warns that enterprises need to recognise that they will need to move to IPv6, even if they have IPv4 addresses available. They should treat IPv6 like any other disaster recovery plan.


  • CW+: Mobile Voice over IP - opportunities and threats

    Voice remains the most important element within the broader mobile telecoms market; however several threats exist to this mainstay  of operator revenues.  Indeed, the role that voice plays in the telecommunications ecosystem  of the future will be very different from today owing to unprecedented structural, competitive and technology drivers.


  • How to enhance your network for the future

    The world of networking is broad in its scope, and touches on almost every other aspect of enterprise IT.


  • Monetising Mobile Adult Content

    The global adult industry is among the largest in the world, estimated to be worth nearly $100 billion worldwide by 2006.


  • Cyber Vulnerability Index 2012

    More than three-quarters of the Forbes 2000 companies leak potentially dangerous data that could be exploited by hackers, this research from KPMG reveals.  The report explains the risks and the actions companies need to take to protect themselves.


  • Google Voice: Ready for the Enterprise?

    Google announced its Google Voice service in 2009 as a  "trial service, by invitation only", but it quickly became widely available in the US. Google originally stated that it was a consumer service and not meant to be an enterprise service, but the player now considers it part of its enterprise service portfolio.


  • Focus: Network virtualisation

    Network virtualisation, the process of making networking infrastructure more agile by running network functions on industry-standard server hardware, has long-promised huge benefits for the IT department by improving network speed, reliability, flexibility, scalability and security.


  • Emerging Trends and New Developments in Software-Defined Networks

    In this e-guide, Computer Weekly sits down with with senior IT managers from a number of multi-national companies to discuss the latest trends and newest developments in the world of software-defined networks.


  • CW ASEAN: Defend against disruption

    In this month's issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at how industrial control systems operators are improving the visibility of ICS environments without jeopardizing operations, addressing security vulnerabilities and enhancing cooperation between IT and operational technology teams. Read the issue now.