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Best Practices in Performance Measurement and Reporting: Understanding the Global Investment Performance Standards®

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Top Monitoring Tools to Help Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

While compliance requirements can be a huge headache for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) professionals, successfully meeting these standards can significantly improve business performance. With increased focus on financial, operational, and customer satisfaction performance, it can be done.

Access this expert e-guide to explore how staying vigilant is key to meeting regulatory compliance standards. In addition, learn about the new compliance monitoring tools designed to help financial institutions meet their specific regulations.

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  • Overcoming GDPR security challenges: Case study

    Now more than ever, corporate and personal devices host highly sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and present lucrative targets for cyberattackers.

    In order to ensure GDPR compliance, organizations need to maintain visibility and control of the devices and data within their jurisdiction.

    This case study highlights how Henkel was able to comply with GDPR through their partnership with Lookout. Read on to learn more about Henkel’s compliance journey.

  • E-Guide: Achieving compliance through IAM

    Understanding one's role in a company is of the utmost importance. However, managing these roles has to be a priority if you wish to maintain a compliance culture within your organization. Through both understanding and organization, the needs of meeting compliance standards and individual success will be met. Read this expert E-Guide to learn the best practices for using role management as a tool to meet compliance regulations.

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  • Compliance: Key considerations when migrating to Office 365

    In this white paper, discover key considerations firms should address to make their Office 365 migration more efficient and cost effective as well as how to deploy Office 365 while maintaining regulatory compliance.


  • The growing pains of tax compliance

    In this white paper, find 5 activities that high growth companies undertake that can be a roadblock to sales tax compliance and how a tax automation software can help.


  • Cross-regulatory compliance made simple-read more

    Understanding current regulatory expectancies and complying accordingly is crucial to the survival of any business storing potentially at risk data. Read this white paper to learn about recent international data protection regulations and discover how you can develop a data-centric compliance strategy.


  • Open Source Compliance Program Checklist

    As more and more companies continue to include open source as part of their software program, it’s critical to establish a strategy to manage consumption and ensure efficient use of resources. Download this guide for the key aspects of an open source strategy designed to keep you on track with your operational and compliance objectives.


  • Governance, risk, and compliance: Use case guide

    Tap into this guide to see how an integrated risk program on a common platform can help continuously monitor for risk and compliance across the extended enterprise, holistically prioritize risk based on business impact to improve decision making, and much more.


  • Why you should scale your data privacy program

    The changing regulations are making it critical for organizations to address privacy from an on-going and holistic perspective. Read this blog from Ionic Security to learn how to scale your data privacy program today.


  • E-Book: Technical Guide on PCI

    TechTarget’s Security Media Group presents a global look at PCI, and how it is impacted by today’s evolving business needs. Our technical editors from the U.S., Europe, India and Asia provide their respective regions’ perspective on PCI compliance.


  • Using the CCPA as a competitive advantage

    As a result of the disastrous amount of data and PII stolen from successful cyberattacks over recent years, data privacy laws were introduced to ensure the protection of consumer data and dictate how businesses use that data. In this infographic, learn how regulatory compliance can be used as a competitive differentiator – even an advantage.


  • Achieving database encryption & regulatory compliance: MIMICS case study

    In this case study, follow the data security journey of MIMICS, a financial software firm, and their continued partnership with NetLib Security as they focus on security objective related to database encryption, data privacy regulations, and more.


  • 10 recent FINRA and SEC violations and penalties

    Over the past year, the SEC and FINRA have been enforcing communications supervision compliance regulations throughout the financial services industry. In this white paper, discover 10 of the most notable violations from Smarsh's monthly Regulatory Update blog posts to review how they occurred.


  • Establish payment processing & ensure PCI compliance with hosted pages

    For organizations interested in selling their products or services online, establishing payment processing and ensuring PCI compliance can be an enormous barrier to entry. To ease the workload, organizations are turning to hosted payment pages. This whitepaper explores how hosted pages work and highlights their key benefits.


  • Appsian's Compliance Risk Analytics dashboard: Key features

    Compliance mandates such as SOX, GDPR, CCPA and others require organizations to maintain details of data access. View this data sheet to see how Appsian’s Compliance Risk Analytics dashboard equips SAP customers with direct, real-time visibility into the activity around high-risk business transactions.


  • Integrated capture & archiving for compliant collaboration

    Download this guide to learn the key steps to enabling modern instant messaging and collaboration platforms while maintaining compliance.


  • Q&A with a research expert on digital transformation and the role of GRC

    “Digital transformation is driving new or evolving risks. What are the top 3 risks likely to have the biggest potential impact?” Tap into this IDC Analyst Connection to see what Ryan O’Leary, Senior Research Analyst of IDC’s Legal, Risk, and Compliance Solutions research program has to say.


  • Nomura automates and scales compliance management with ServiceNow

    Nomura Americas is part of the Nomura Group, a financial services organization based in Asia. With tightening regulations, Nomura needed to make compliance a top priority. Learn how Nomura was able to automate their legacy, manual compliance processes using ServiceNow IT Service Management.


  • Simplify compliance & reduce cyberattacks

    For organizations with a limited IT budget, gaining the visibility needed to understand security risks and address compliance requirements is a cumbersome task. In this solution brief, explore the features and capabilities of AT&T Cybersecurity – designed to simplify compliance and security – to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.


  • GRC: How you can respond to business risks in real-time

    This resource reveals the 6 benefits of the ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) unified platform. Learn how to effectively respond to security risks in real-time through continuous monitoring, prioritization and automation and uncover key use cases.


  • Improve security compliance across your infrastructure with Red Hat

    Security is a top concern among telecommunications organizations, especially when it comes to securing customer data and meeting compliance requirements. In this solution brief, look at the features of Red Hat’s automated security and compliance offerings and discover how they can help your organizations achieve security and compliance benchmarks.


  • 3 strategies to ensure open source compliance

    As open source software continues to be adopted at an increasing rate, compliance with open source licenses becomes a more pressing initiative. Download this white paper for 3 strategies you can use to ensure open source compliance.


  • Your GDPR checklist for container security

    Embedding GDPR-related controls into the DevOps cycle can automate compliance efforts and rapidly mitigate security risks. This white paper offers personal data protection and GDPR compliance strategies to implement throughout DevOps environments when deploying applications.


  • The struggles of security and GDPR compliance

    Technology can advance your business through the future, but it also provides the largest barrier to meeting GDPR compliance. Read on to explore the 5 common security challenges you need to overcome to meet GDPR compliance requirements.


  • Buyer's Guide to EU General Data Protection

    The race is on to get ready for GDPR next year. In this 16-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how to deal with data under the regulation, how compliance will affect businesses, and what organizations should do to prepare.


  • Case study: LA Tourism secures endpoints & maintains compliance

    As a non-profit organization, LA Tourism’s IT team is under tremendous pressure to ensure security while remaining efficient with limited resources. Download this case study and follow LA Tourism’s journey as they partner with Absolute to establish a security strategy that improved compliance and network visibility.


  • DivvyCloud customer testimonial: Discovery

    In this case study, find out how DivvyCloud allows Discovery to automate governance, offer flexibility, allow better insight and tighter controls and enhance compliance.


  • E-Guide: Balancing compliance with information security threat assessment

    Implementing the rules and regulations of a specific industry can be difficult, making it hard for companies to accomplish the task at hand: being successful. In this expert E-Guide, you will learn that the hassle of compliance is worth it in the long run for your company and can be worked into your everyday culture.


  • The 2020 state of compliance and security testing report

    The 2020 State of Compliance and Security Testing Report provides some conclusions on 2020 imperatives of security teams including program structure and ownership, compliance requirements, testing approach and vendor strategy. Read on to reveal the results.


  • Mobile financial applications: Compliance & security implications

    Today’s financial institutions face stringent regulations to ensure the responsible management and protection of sensitive user data. In this webinar, join Chris Wysopal, CTO and co-founder of Veracode, as they navigate the security and compliance implications of building and maintaining a mobile financial application.


  • Governance, risk, and compliance: How automation can drive growth

    Learn about ServiceNow's GRC process transformation. Discover how they've moved from a time-consuming, siloed manual work approach, to a connected and automated process that supports their growth.


  • Defend against 5 common threats with customized detection

    Find out why many existing security practices struggle to keep up with 5 of the leading cyberthreats, and learn about the important roles played by a security operations center and customized threat detection in maintaining compliance.


  • The ROI of governance, risk, and compliance

    ServiceNow GRC helps organizations modernize and advance their management of corporate governance, risk, and compliance. In this Forrester Total Economic Impact study, examine the potential ROI your enterprise may realize by deploying ServiceNow GRC.


  • How to include sales tax compliance in your integration strategy

    Sales tax is a common challenge during mergers and acquisitions, but rarely gets addressed early on. However, syncing sales tax management early in the process can save you from serious compliance headaches later. In this white paper, learn how to include sales tax compliance in your integration strategy.


  • GRC: Incorporating business continuity and disaster recovery

    In this e-guide, explore the tools used for gathering critical data and discover why Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) and Business continuity (BC) teams should collaborate to concentrate their efforts in order to build a comprehensive data privacy program.


  • Understanding Your PCI DSS Guidelines: Successes and Failures

    This expert guide form details the PCI validation requirements for merchants covered by PCI DSS and reviews PCI's success and failures. Read on to learn what needs to be improved upon and what remains effective.


  • CCPA compliance

    In this Egress product datasheet, learn how you can remain CCPA compliant by preventing breaches, protecting regulated data, fulfilling DSARs, and auditing your email network.


  • Buyer's guide: Privacy-centric data discovery

    Protecting customer data has never been easy. And with the introduction of regulations like GDPR and CCPA, organizations face heavy penalties for failing to address this issue. Use this buyer’s guide to stay informed on the key components to look for in data discovery partner.


  • How to utilize security automation to protect your cloud footprint

    Learn how to utilize security automation to protect your ever-evolving dynamic cloud footprint and how to get full visibility and control across your cloud & containerized environments.


  • Improve brand reputation & earn customer trust through compliance

    In order to meet the demands of new data privacy laws and changing customer attitudes, organizations need to prioritize data protection above all else. However, if data privacy was built-in from the start, it could be used as a competitive advantage. This e-book highlights best practices and strategic advice for how to achieve this.


  • AppSec guide: Complying with new NIST & RASP requirements

    The newly released AppSec requirements from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) outline the need to address specific software vulnerabilities in response to the increasing volume of automated attacks. This whitepaper highlights what to expect with the new requirements and provides 4 key steps for ensuring compliance.


  • Your compliance guide to social media strategy and policy

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recognize social media’s growing role in firms’ marketing strategies. In this guide, find practical steps to help you develop social media strategy and policy that meets social media recordkeeping and supervision regulatory requirements.


  • The do's and don'ts of tax compliance: Compliance checklist

    Having dedicated sales tax software working in your financial systems shows investors you’re serious about getting tax compliance right. Download this checklist and follow the best practices to present your business in the best light to investors.



    This expert guide from discusses the new Payment Card Industry (PCI) Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines and examines how to ensure compliance in a world where mobile payment has become ingrained into everyday life.


  • How to meet common compliance and data privacy requirements

    Wherever you operate, Thales can help you improve your data security posture and become fit for compliance. View this e-book to learn more.


  • GDPR vs. CCPA

    Inside this guide to GDPR vs. CCPA, discover what businesses need to know to close compliance gaps between the two laws and how Auth0’s identity management platform can help.


  • 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act

    In this solution brief, discover more about how TITUS enhances CCPA compliance and its solution features and benefits.


  • How to create an effective data protection strategy for IT compliance

    Data protection strategies should not only focus on safeguarding corporate information, but also identifying sensitive records that are subject to regulatory controls. This tip guide offers a comprehensive overview of data protection best practices for ensuring both security and compliance.


  • Data Protection 101: Essential Steps for Holistic Information Security

    Data protection strategies should not only focus on safeguarding corporate information, but also identifying sensitive records that are subject to regulatory controls. This e-guide offers a comprehensive overview of data protection best practices for ensuring both security and compliance.


  • How to secure ERP systems and maintain regulatory compliance

    Securing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: what are organizations doing to achieve this? In this white paper, find a recommended approach for publicly-traded companies to secure ERP systems and maintain regulatory compliance.