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Enterprise antimalware excess? Managing antimalware security products

When it comes to antimalware, many security professionals are asking, “How much is enough?” From mergers and changes in management to bundled software, most organizations are left with an assortment of antimalware products on their networks. And while layered security is commonly the best way to mitigate risk, this piled up method can cause a confusing, costly and inefficient mess. In this expert guide, explore how to manage antimalware security products and how to avoid having unneeded excess.

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  • Buyer's Guide to Antimalware

    Companies face complicated buying decisions when it comes to buying host-based antimalware, starting with whether to purchase a protection suite, and what to include in that all-in-one package.

    Check-out this Buyer's Guide to learn about the following:

    • How to choose an anitmalware solution
    • Multifunctional antimalware agents
    • Performance impact of antimalware agents
    • Managing and integrating antimalware
    • And much more

  • Antimalware IT Checklist: Decision Time Part 3

    This is the third piece in's three-part guide on antimalware products. This expert asset, written by security researcher Mike Rothman, takes a deep dive into the requirements that should seal the deal in terms of final considerations when purchasing an antimalware solution.  

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