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Enterprise antimalware excess? Managing antimalware security products

When it comes to antimalware, many security professionals are asking, “How much is enough?” From mergers and changes in management to bundled software, most organizations are left with an assortment of antimalware products on their networks. And while layered security is commonly the best way to mitigate risk, this piled up method can cause a confusing, costly and inefficient mess. In this expert guide, explore how to manage antimalware security products and how to avoid having unneeded excess.

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  • Buyer's Guide to Antimalware

    Companies face complicated buying decisions when it comes to buying host-based antimalware, starting with whether to purchase a protection suite, and what to include in that all-in-one package.

    Check-out this Buyer's Guide to learn about the following:

    • How to choose an anitmalware solution
    • Multifunctional antimalware agents
    • Performance impact of antimalware agents
    • Managing and integrating antimalware
    • And much more

  • The Evolution of Threat Detection and Management

    Advanced cybercriminals are easily bypassing existing security defenses, performing attacks that take months or even years to detect. Fortunately, many security vendors are creating solutions cognizant of today’s imminent threats.

    This e-guide from explores the [evolution of threat detection and management] and offers advice on how to tackle potentially disastrous APTs, detailing multiple mitigation methods, from SIEMs and big data to sandboxing and whitelisting.

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    When we think of airport security, we often think of physical checkpoints – however, just like any other business, airports are subject to advanced cyberthreats. Read this case study to see how the Cisco helped the world’s largest airport protect itself against malware attacks.


  • Preventing Malware Attacks

    As new technologies emerge, so do new, and often defenseless avenues for malware attacks. In this expert guide, uncover proactive security measures for malware defense as well as gain best social networking practices for preventing social network malware.


  • Ransomware in the industrial sector

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  • eGuide:Mitigating malicious advertisement malware

    More than one million websites were infected by malicious advertisements, also known as malvertisements, in the last quarter of 2010. This expert guide explains why and how this form of attack is quickly spreading and offers technical advice on how to avoid infection.


  • The rise of ransomware: How to manage the 3 key attack vectors

    Although the sophistication of today’s multistage ransomware campaigns presents challenges to many organizations, it can also be used against cyber criminals. With this white paper, find a recommended approach to reducing ransomware risk. Read on to learn more.


  • Ignoring malware attacks is a risk not worth taking

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  • The Secret To Cybersecurity For Small Businesses

    According to a recent survey, 60% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) reported a ransomware attack in 2020. But without the resources of larger enterprises, how can SMBs hope to thwart ransomware attacks? Read this e-book for expert insight, best practices, and more.