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Considering key networking trends

As your distributed network grows, you have to keep in mind that your attack surface does too.

So, how can you ensure that your network is protected from increasing and complex cyberattacks? Staying up to date on the latest networking trends can help.

This E-Guide presents 5 key networking trends for 2023:

  • AIOps and network automation tools will boost operational efficiency
  • Networking expertise will prove crucial for locating security threats
  • And more

Read on to explore these networking insights.

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  • Key principles of AI-powered network security

    The threat landscape is evolving with AI-driven attacks, posing new challenges for enterprise network security.

    This white paper details how you can modernize security with a zero-trust, AI-enhanced approach. Guidance includes to:

    • Adopt zero trust to scrutinize network traffic
    • Close security gaps, protecting employees everywhere
    • Enforce consistent policies to prevent misconfigurations
    • And more

    To discover the rest, and to find out how Palo Alto Networks can help you transform your network-security strategy, check out the paper

  • Palo Alto Networks 2nd Special Edition

    Most network and network security products on the market today weren’t designed to handle all the types of traffic and security threats that organizations must deal with now. To address these challenges, Gartner came up secure access service edge (SASE), a type of solution designed to help organizations embrace cloud and mobility by providing network and network security services from a common cloud-delivered architecture.

    This e-book takes a deeper look into SASE, providing a detailed overview of the concept, as well as how organizations are putting the theory into practice.

    Read the e-book now to learn more about SASE.

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  • Modern firewall platforms: Enterprise Strategy Group report

    Using more cloud applications, providing network access to more IoT devices: These are two of the many factors that complicate network security for modern organizations. So, how can your business address those complexities and secure your network? Find out in this research report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).


  • Counter-attacking cyberthreats: 4 strategies

    Cybercriminals are constantly advancing their attack techniques. So, is your organization prepared to defend against such sophisticated tactics? To help you answer yes, this e-book breaks down 4 advanced cyberattack strategies and how to counter those attacks. Read on and unlock 14 pages of security insights.


  • 7 steps to a solid cybersecurity plan

    This guide shows you seven elements of cyber security readiness critical for every organization. Expert Peter Sullivan outlines the most important components that your organization needs for a high degree of situational awareness into your network operations and utilization.


  • 6 network blind spots & how to prevent them

    Outages and inaccurate network documentation: These are only a couple of the myriad issues that network blind spots can cause for your business. To help you prevent these challenges, this white paper breaks down 6 common blind spots and how to defend against them. Keep reading to unlock these insights and more.


  • Analyst report: Network firewall landscape

    By 2026, Gartner predicts, more than 60% of businesses will have more than one type of firewall deployment. To help organizations select the network firewalls that can best meet their needs, this Gartner Magic Quadrant report overviews the market and vendors. Read on to compare 17 firewall providers.


  • Running Cisco Firepower Virtual Firewall on EndaceProbe

    Your network, like every network, is in danger of being attacked by the many emerging and complex threats in the cyber landscape. So, how can you augment your defense measures? View this video to learn about one avenue toward enhanced network security: running Cisco Firepower Virtual Firewall on EndaceProbe.


  • Leader’s guide to network management for educational IT

    In this 16-page e-book, unlock recommendations for IT management in educational institutions.


  • ServiceNow Finds the Smarter Way to Segment Using Illumio

    ServiceNow is a premier cloud platform for IT service management. When they identified the need to address a flat network and properly secure their domain controllers and core services, they knew it was time to refine their network segmentation strategy. Leverage this case study to see how Illumio’s Secure Cloud platform delivered value.


  • 4 strategies to optimize cloud network & security

    In 2023, how did AI initiatives impact organizations’ cloud spend? To find out, check out this webcast that unpacks findings from Aviatrix’s “2024 Secure Cloud Networking Field Report.”


  • 2023 market report: Network edge security as a service

    Network edge security as a service (NESaaS): What is it, and what should you know about the NESaaS market? Find answers in this 2023 IDC MarketScape report.


  • Analyst report: Leading vendor in ZTNA landscape

    To unlock advice for evaluating the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) market, and to learn about a leading vendor in the landscape, dig into this 2023 IDC MarketScape report.


  • Analyst report: SD-WAN market overview

    To compare 14 top SD-WAN vendors – including Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks and VMware – take a look through this Gartner Magic Quadrant report.


  • Zero-Trust Security: Adopt, Build & Manage your Strategy

    As security professionals continue searching for methods of keeping out intruders, they make clear their thoughts about zero trust and how its philosophy can keep users safer. As it stands, 40% of professionals support zero trust for their organizations – do you? Take our survey to let us know, and receive a FREE zero-trust guide as a bonus.


  • Zero Trust: Building blocks, evolution & more

    Between growing sophisticated cyberattacks and widening IT skills gaps, complex obstacles dot the journey to strong network security. To find out how adopting a Zero Trust approach can level up your organization’s network-security posture, tune into this webcast featuring 4 leaders from Portnox.


  • 2024 analyst report: NetSec collaboration insights

    Network teams and security teams: Both are key to successful IT. But how can the teams collaborate successfully, and why is that often a challenge? For insights, review this 2024 EMA Research Report.


  • Securing your edge network: Quick guide

    To secure their edge networks, many organizations have leveraged a hybrid mesh firewall. In this overview, discover how such a firewall can protect your network in 3 key ways.


  • Essential SASE Must-haves

    As businesses expanded their networks to achieve a work-from-anywhere framework, their attack surfaces grew. This means that their security coverage must grow too. Enter SASE, which can enable organizations to converge their networking and security strategies. Dig into this checklist to access the top 4 requirements of a SASE solution.


  • How to Redefine Cloud Network Security

    To discover how you can reduce your organization’s cloud costs while augmenting cloud network security, tap into this white paper.


  • Why (and How to) Embed Security Into Cloud Network?

    Why should you consider embedding security into your organization’s cloud network? Along with outlining key reasons to do so, this white paper maps out how three businesses, including Raytheon, benefited from the process. Keep reading to unlock those success stories.


  • 2024 economic analysis of next-gen firewalls

    As cyberthreats evolve, so must firewalls. So, what capabilities should a next-generation firewall maintain? And what cost savings can such a firewall enable? Unlock answers in this 2024 Forrester Total Economic Impact report on Palo Alto Networks’ ML-powered next-generation firewalls (NGFWs).


  • Infographic: SIEM vs. SOAR vs. XDR

    IT security teams face an ongoing challenge: how best to collect data and turn it into intelligence to stop cyber threats. To help out, vendors have released generations of products that aggregate and analyse security events. In this infographic, learn the differences between SIEM, SOAR and XDR, and how these tools can help improve cyber security.


  • 10 FAQs answered about Prisma Access

    Needing to secure their remote and hybrid workforces, many organizations have invested in network security tools. This overview introduces one such tool, Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access, and answers 10 FAQs about the product. Keep reading to discover how Prisma Access harnesses the power of next-gen CASB, FWaaS, ZTNA and cloud SWG.


  • Comparing ZTNA products? Consider these 10 features.

    Given the crowded nature of the zero trust network access (ZTNA) market, security professionals are forced to decipher what makes one ZTNA product stand apart from the rest. To find out ten key, standout features of a ZTNA solution, review this e-book.


  • SASE lessons: 6 organizations, 6 industries

    As much as remote work and increased cloud footprints have improved business agility, they have also posed network security issues for modern organizations. To remedy those issues, many businesses have adopted SASE. Check out this e-book to explore SASE success stories in six industries.


  • NGFW features: Cisco vs. SonicWall vs. other vendors

    From network access control lists (ACLs) to unified threat management (UTM), from the 1990s to the 2020s, firewalls have evolved. Along with charting that evolution, this buyer’s guide digs into what constitutes a modern, next-generation firewall (NGFW) today. Read on to unlock those insights and much more.


  • Analyst report: NDR tool’s strengths & challenges

    To explore an analyst’s insights about a network detection and response (NDR) tool – Exeon Trace NDR – browse this report by Director of Cybersecurity Research and Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts, John Tolbert.


  • How 4 types of SASE stack up

    In this white paper, discover how 4 types of SASE – including single-vendor SASE and managed SASE – stack up against each other.


  • 2024 report: Cloud networking & security findings

    To review 2024 cloud networking and security insights informed by the survey results of over 400 respondents, browse this 31-page report.


  • Back to the Basics: Cyber Hygiene Starts with Asset Management

    With remote workers scattered across the globe and cybercriminals honing their tactics, it's more vital than ever for organizations to have deep and comprehensive visibility into their networks. This white paper explores the timeless processes and essential tools that equip organizations of all sizes to deal with the widening attack surface.


  • How a sporting goods retailer strengthened network security

    A large sporting goods retailer set two goals: to enhance its application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities and to strengthen its network security. Download this case study to discover how the retailer achieved those goals with help from VMware and Hughes Managed Services.


  • FortiSASE Customer Success Stories

    Secure access service edge (SASE) is designed to converge networking and security functionality into a single solution. FortiSASE is a comprehensive SASE product that provides a consistent security posture for users both on and off the network. Download this e-book to unlock 7 real-world FortiSASE success stories.


  • Analyst report: SD-WAN insights for manufacturers

    76% of surveyed manufacturing organizations have set digitalization as a strategic imperative, according to research by Frost & Sullivan. So, how can those manufacturers accomplish their digitalization goals? This Frost & Sullivan report explores how SD-WAN and SASE can help in 5 key ways. Continue on to explore the insights.


  • Discover 9 microsegmentation vendors and how they stack up

    To meet their microsegmentation needs, buyers should look for solutions with flow and asset discovery, visualization, a wide range of supported operating systems, and segmentation at the process level. Access this Forrest Report to discover how well 9 of the most significant vendors stack up when scored against 10 criteria.


  • Report: Economic analysis of software firewalls

    Discover the cost savings that software firewalls can enable in this Forrester “Total Economic Impact” report, which is based off of surveys of 158 respondents and interviews with 5 organizations.


  • How a 4-person IT team manages many surveillance devices

    The 4-person IT team for Missouri’s Fulton Public Schools district faced a big project: incorporating and monitoring video surveillance equipment on all the district’s campuses. So, how did the team accomplish that mission? Find out in this case study.


  • Edge security: Defending against rogue devices and more

    In addition to driving connected intelligence, edge networking and computing can leave organizations vulnerable to increased security risks. To discover how you can address those risks with help from AI, and to unlock insights from Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators Ted Harrington, check out this white paper.


  • 2024 analyst report: How 10 SSE vendors stack up

    By 2026, Gartner predicts, 85% of businesses seeking to secure their web, SaaS and private apps will obtain the security capabilities from security service edge (SSE). With this massive adoption rate of SSE on the horizon, what should you know about the SSE market? For an overview, dig into this 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant report.


  • SASE put to the test: Top tools and vendors, compared

    To find out how three SASE products – Cisco Umbrella, Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access Enterprise and Zscaler Internet Access – stack up against each other, read this 20-page report by AV Comparatives.


  • Visibility: In its purest form

    Visibility in its purest form is when different teams have different views into how their systems communicate across the entire enterprise. Nexum aims to help customers reexamine how they are approaching visibility. Read on to learn more.


  • 5G security: Dangers, recommendations & more

    Supply chain risks, interdependencies with critical systems: these are two of the five major threats to 5G security that this white paper breaks down. To learn all about those dangers and how to face them, download the paper.


  • Firewall considerations for branch offices & SMBs

    Small businesses and branch offices alike need reliable network security. One path to unlocking such security is leveraging a firewall. Dig into this overview to access guidance for firewall selection.


  • Challenges Facing Network Security Teams: Webcast

    “What’s life really like for a security analyst?” In this episode of Endace’s “Secure Networks: The Packet Forensics Files,” host Michael Morris poses this question to a SOC expert from IBM. View now to discover the answer.


  • Enabling work-from-anywhere with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

    While it facilitates great flexibility, hybrid work also opens the door to many security risks for your organization. For insights to help you secure your organization’s hybrid workforce and boost productivity, check out this white paper.


  • Explore the value of Prisma Access

    As more apps, servers & services are delivered from the cloud, organizations are reevaluating whether legacy point solutions can adequately scale & provide secure, reliable access for their users & locations. Security is being stepped up in response. Read this Forrester report to explore the value of Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access.


  • How can you augment your firewall’s abilities?

    As cyberthreats increase in complexity and number, firewalls present to businesses the opportunity to block threats at the network perimeter. To augment your firewall’s abilities, Integrity360 has developed Managed Next Generation Firewall Service. Explore this case study to explore the service’s offerings.


  • 15 non-negotiable firewall capabilities

    As network perimeters have evolved, firewalls have too. So, what constitutes a modern firewall? This buyer’s guide maps out 15 non-negotiable capabilities. Keep reading to access those insights and more.


  • Micro-segmentation: Worth the hype?

    The purpose of incorporating micro-segmentation as part of a larger Zero Trust security strategy is to prevent threat actors from moving laterally within a network – but how effective is micro-segmentation in practice? Read this research report for an in-depth analysis of the capabilities, challenges and potential benefits of micro-segmentation.