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The Right Collaboration Architecture Drives Business Transformation

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Keying in on social collaboration for greater business benefits

Social collaboration tools hold much power in terms of being able to deliver increased value to your customers, all while promoting greater employee engagement. But you can’t just pack on different tools and expect them to start precipitating benefits. So, how can CIOs make the most out of collaboration and solidify the alignment between business and IT?

This new edition of CIO Decisions e-zine explores how social collaboration is changing both IT and the enterprise as a whole and details how with the right approach to values, processes, strategies and thinking, IT leaders can leverage social collaboration to better serve business needs. Access now to learn more. 

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    Many organizations have a slew of software options at their disposal. And yet without a proper IT strategy, these tools won’t be very useful. Uniting departments, encouraging new infrastructure, and refocusing on strategy are key to developing competitive advantages through collaborative innovation.

    In this e-guide, learn 6 considerations for evaluating collaboration tools, including:

    • Integration with existing applications
    • User-friendliness of the collaboration tools
    • And 4 more

    Additionally, see how 3 of your peers succeeded in adopting collaboration practices that led to IT innovation.

  • UC and Collaboration: Benefits and Market Drivers

    A strong Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution is more crucial than ever before for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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