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Industry Intelligence: International Financial Reporting Standards for Hedge Funds

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NIST's application security revisions: What you need to know

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides organizations with standards for various aspects of cybersecurity to drive worldwide industry security compliance.

Recently, NIST released a new set of guidelines surrounding application security. This landing page provides easy access to several multimedia resources that contain useful information regarding application security, including:

  • Webcast: NIST Application Security Revisions You Need to Know
  • Whitepaper: A Modern Application Security Handbook
  • Podcast: Inside AppSec

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  • AppSec guide: Complying with new NIST & RASP requirements

    Recently, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released a new set of guidelines and standards related to application security (AppSec). The revisions include requirements such as:

    • Employing interactive application security testing [IAST] to identify flaws & document results
    • Implementing RASP to reduce the exposure of software to attacks by monitoring, controlling, and blocking access

    In this white paper, take a closer look at the new requirements, what their implications will be, and 4 key steps organizations should take to ensure compliance.

  • Mobile threats: 12 reasons why you need stronger app security

    Mobile apps play a critical role in digital transformation, but without the right security measures, they become a gold mine for cyberattackers.

    In this infographic, discover 12 reasons why organizations need to strengthen their mobile app security strategies, highlighting key statistics like:

    • Mobile accounts for 69% of all digital traffic
    • 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2019
    • 85% of mobile apps have security vulnerabilities
    • And more

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  • The software security crisis up close

    We’re in a software security crisis—and we have been for a while now. In both 2000 and 2019, applications had an average of 26.7 serious vulnerabilities. This webinar examines the state of application security and considers how strong instrumentation-based application security platforms are key to finally uniting development and security.


  • How to Protect Against the OWASP Top 10 and Beyond

    IT executives, contributors, and IT security teams in a range of industries understand that their growing arrays of public-facing applications, whether those are web, mobile, or API-based, are the targets of automated bot attack campaigns.


  • The top 4 challenges for application security

    According to a recent study, just 33% of organizations feel their web application firewall (WAF) addresses all application-targeted threats. While implementing a WAF is an important starting point for ensuring the protection of modern apps, there are other key challenges and threats to consider. Download this report to learn more.


  • The state of software security: Research report

    For the last decade, Veracode has been conducting studies and releasing annual reports regarding the current trends and challenges within software security. In this year’s edition, examine key statistics surrounding trending themes like compliance, security debt, scanning for flaws, and more. Read on to unlock the full report.


  • Navigating the increasing financial complexity of business

    To conquer financial complexities and “lead at speed,” executives and teams must master the basic processes, then layer on more advanced capabilities that can drive strategic advantage. Download this white paper to explore a financial framework that can help you get started.


  • How to overcome financial close challenges

    If you experience issues with the financial close process, you’re not alone. Download this guide for tips on overcoming some of the common challenges for a successful financial close.


  • Finance for IT decision makers: Making business cases

    This extract from Michael Blackstaff's book, Finance for IT decision makers, teaches you how to make effective business and financial cases for IT projects.


  • Procurement & supply chain priorities for BFSI companies post-COVID-19

    Download this white paper to examine the crucial role that the procurement and supply chain functions should play in helping the financial services sector successfully navigate the weeks and months ahead.


  • How to fill manufacturing’s skills gap amidst the pandemic

    With the onset of the pandemic, manufacturers did a 180, instead placing even more value into larger workforces. Now, manufacturers must face the challenges of a larger workforce: filling in the skills gap. Learn how people (and skillsets) will power manufacturing’s future in this guide.


  • How to tackle internet filtering and reporting

    In an environment where access to a secure computing device is governed and controlled by inherently secure protocols, the problem still remains of how access to untrusted environments such as the Web is controlled.


  • Expanding scenario-based risk management for well-informed decisions

    Savvy financial institutions are increasingly going beyond simple compliance to gain more effective, consistent analytical processes, as well as the ability to address complex questions from senior management. Download this white paper to learn about the maturation of stress testing, and how you can start improving your strategy today.


  • Simplify the management of mobile assets for onshore and offshore efficiency

    Download this white paper to learn about the importance of choosing the right ERP and EAM provider for offshore oil and gas companies that own and operate complex mobile assets.


  • Technology value matrix : ERP

    Analyst group Nucleus Research looks at the latest trends in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and discusses the best performing suppliers.


  • Banking on digital risk: Staying safe amid DX

    The financial services industry is experiencing challenges across multiple areas amid DX. Find out how to simplify the transformation process with TIBCO and their analytics, data management/operations, and connectivity capabilities in this white paper.


  • Presentation Transcript: Platform-as-a-Service Changes Everything, Again! Visual PaaS is Here!

    Sophisticated Visual PaaS offerings provide a unified environment that empowers both "hard-core programmers" as well as “citizen developers” to develop business applications. CIOs are seeing PaaS as a viable option to embrace "citizen developers" and make the transition from Information Technology to Business Technology.


  • How to manage risk and increase business value during mergers and acquisitions

    The mergers and acquisitions outlook continues to show strong growth. However, acquiring companies face a long list of risks that must be assessed and carefully accounted for during due diligence. In this brief, learn how Tanium can help organizations accelerate the due diligence process and reduce risk.


  • Evaluating SAP’s cloud portfolio

    SAP’s recent focus has been their cloud portfolio and their S4/HANA line of products. Some companies may be surprised by what they find when they upgrade their SAP licenses. Read on to learn more about SAP’s cloud portfolio, their specific solutions, SAP’s support offerings, and pros and cons of these products.


  • Cloud enabling the banking industry

    This report explores how the banking industry architecture network (Bian) service landscape may be used to define a comprehensive commercial blueprint that could be used to cloud-enable the banking industry.


  • Streamline and improve your financial cycle by using your data better

    Financial leaders have a lot to gain by making informed, data-driven decisions. Unfortunately, many financial leaders are left constructing historical tales with their data—not driving innovation that will improve tomorrow’s bottom line. Read on to learn how you can become a data-driven finance leader, using data to predict rather than react.


  • How to secure privileged credentials in the transportation industry

    Privileged accounts, and the access they provide, represent the largest security vulnerabilities for transportation organizations today. In this white paper, learn how transit or infrastructure organizations can secure their privileged accounts, credentials and secrets.


  • Privileged Account Management for Dummies

    In this e-book, Privileged Account Management for Dummies, discover a comprehensive overview of what they are, where they reside, their functionality and the potential risks. Read on to enhance your understanding of privileged account management (PAM).


  • World Bank banks infrastructure consolidation savings

    The World Bank needed a highly efficient, secure data center infrastructure to keep its worldwide efforts afloat – and in order to allocate more resources towards its core mission. Read into this case study to learn how the World Bank achieved its data center infrastructure goals.


  • CW+: Analyst's take: Cyber-Ark benefits privileged account management

    Managing privileged accounts requires balancing accessibility and control while ensuring audit capabilities.  Cyber-Ark enables organizations to increase administrator productivity while reducing risk.


  • How to build a successful ABM foundation with data-driven account selection

    In this white paper, learn how to build a successful ABM foundation with data-driven account selection and modeling. Explore 4 signs your company is failing with ABM account selection, and discover how to match your account selection with active demand in your market.


  • AI in finance: 5 ways you can transform data capture

    Accounts payable practitioners surveyed for the Institute of Finance and Management’s (IOFM) recent “Future of Accounts Payable Study” rank AI among the most important technologies to the future of their profession over the next 3 years. Download this white paper for 5 ways that accounts payable can benefit from data capture solutions that use AI.


  • Key benefits of Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

    In this product overview, learn about the Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager and how it can secure access to high risk accounts and groups, replace static, shared passwords with periodically changing random values, and much more.


  • How to drive sales and marketing activities with ABM scoring

    Download this white paper to examine common models and insight on what qualification criteria to focus on in determining your own ideal approach to ABM scoring.


  • How high-performance networks drive K-12 digital learning

    In this white paper, discover use cases coming to the forefront for K-12 educational and administrative requirements, the vital role high performance networks play in driving those applications and what to look for in identifying high-performance networking solutions and a technology partner for your next E-Rate funding proposal.


  • Use purchase intent to refocus ABM priorities

    This new e-book discusses how to implement data-driven strategies to maximize ABM performance in today's rapidly changing business environment. Download your copy here.


  • How to transform and automate accounts payable: 3 steps

    Access this custom white paper to examine 3 benefits of automating accounts payable and learn 7 key questions to ask about a future-proofed solution.


  • Speed up your close times and get better reporting

    For many companies, financial reporting accuracy and speed lags far behind what they’d like to see. But why is that? Slow processes, errors during data entry, and non-compliant reporting processes can all impact your reporting—and your close speeds. Check out this eBook to see how to drive a faster close and better reporting.


  • How to use purchase intent data during turbulent times

    Open this white paper to learn how to embrace real purchase intent and make agile changes to account lists and resources to reach your target market faster and easier.


  • Email security threats – have you experienced spear phishing?

    Spear phishing and email account takeovers are proving to be a lucrative and accessible opportunity for cybercriminals – and attack methods are only growing more sophisticated. This report provides an overview of today’s top email security threats and offers defensive best practices for protecting your inboxes.


  • How to take advantage of the government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee

    Starting on April 2021, the UK government will begin the Lifetime Skills Guarantee & National Funding scheme, allowing adults without an A level or equivalent qualification to begin a free, fully funded course. Watch this video to learn how you can take advantage of this generous offering, whether you’re an employer or an employee.


  • Automating AP: 4 ways shared services organizations can benefit

    Download this white paper to learn about 4 major ways shared services organizations can extend the value of ERP investments with accounts payable automation.


  • 3 ways to combat lateral phishing

    This report takes an in-depth look at lateral phishing tactics. Read on to gain exclusive insight into recipient targeting strategies, the 10 most common words used in lateral phishing emails, 3 ways to defend against lateral phishing, and more.


  • AI and commercial lending: A great match waiting to happen

    While financial institutions have been some of the most successful adopters of AI and machine learning, there are still segments of the industry that haven’t moved to use these powerful solutions. Read this white paper to learn why areas like commercial lending have hesitated on AI adoption and how AI adoption could revolutionize this sector.


  • 6 benefits of RPA for finance and accounting

    Access this ebook to learn RPA use cases in finance and accounting, insights from actual users on what constitutes an effective EPA platform, 6 benefits of implementing RPA, and much more.


  • How to free up the accounts payable workload for unique business intelligence

    Read this white paper to learn why unique accounts payable business intelligence is being missed out on due to poorly optimized workloads—and how to work around this.


  • Adapt to the shifting B2B tech market with effective persona development

    In this e-book, Using Intent Data for Effective Persona Development in ABM, we’ll show you how to keep pace with what’s going on in your target accounts. Download today to learn how to leverage intent data for effective persona development and shape your ABM strategy.


  • Build a plan for long-term data center success

    Many enterprises lack a long-term strategy for their data center. This is a concerning thought when one considers the mix of on- and off-prem infrastructures that companies are now using, and the increasing demands that technologies like AI are placing on data centers. Read on to learn how you can build a long-term plan for data center success.


  • Protection against bot attacks: BotRx data sheet

    For eCommerce organizations, the increasing use of web and mobile apps present a potentially lucrative vector for hackers. In fact, nearly half of online traffic on eCommerce sites is malicious bots – so what can organizations do to protect against these threats? Read this data sheet to learn about how BotRx is helping their users.


  • Email security awareness training

    It’s a common misconception that email-borne attacks come only from outside the organization. Can your employees discern an impersonation email or email attack using a legitimate internal account? How good is your security posture? Take a look at this whitepaper how you can create more effective email security as well as a more vigilant workforce.


  • Healthcare software drives Medicare reimbursement gains

    Users of Arcadia population management software are showing better results in Medicare Shared Services Program savings than other organizations. Find out why with this free report.


  • G-Cloud Report: Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud & Applications Store for Government Programme – Implementation Strategy

    The Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud and Applications Store for Government Programme (hereafter the „G-Cloud Programme‟) are 3 of the 14 strands of the Government ICT Strategy.Phase 2 of the programme started in October 2009 and ran until the middle of February 2010.


  • How to reduce journal entry bottlenecks in SAP

    Learn how to reduce key bottlenecks, so you can quickly produce better, more accurate financial reports with Winshuttle in this webinar.


  • Accelerate app performance for Office 365

    This brief examines Apcela's Office 365 Accelerator and how it supports SaaS connectivity and performance for apps like Office 365. Find out how the Office 365 Accelerator enables low latency, traceability, and app performance visibility.


  • Top 10 events to monitor in Azure and O365

    Microsoft reports that 95 million active directory (AD) accounts are the target of cyberattack each day, and 1.2 million Azure AD accounts are compromised each month. To avoid breaches, you must keep an eye on changes to roles, groups, applications and more. Read this e-book to learn the top 10 events that Azure AD and O365 admins track closely.


  • Privileged account management for dummies

    Download this white paper to learn more about the best practices for processes, policies and technology used to secure access to privileged accounts and other elevated privileges.


  • Accounts payable automation provides key visibility into operational controls

    In this Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) white paper, dive in to discover how automation is poised to drive operational improvement for accounts payable (AP) departments.


  • 10 steps to improve IT operations

    A standardized operating environment ensures that your workload and infrastructure don’t get too complicated. With a standardized operating environment, IT can spend more time, money, and resources on efficiency and productivity instead. Check out Red Hat’s ten steps to improve IT efficiency with a standardized operating environment to learn more.


  • BEC attacks will double each year, totaling $5 billion in actual losses by 2023

    Learn how you can greatly reduce the chances of impostors reaching your users through business email compromise (BEC) and its close relative, email account compromise (EAC).


  • Nordics' IT leaders facing the coronavirus crisis

    In this e-guide we look at some of the innovations, in the region, that are addressing Covid-19 challenges. But we also feature news that many tech startups in the region might soon face problems innovating at all as investment funds dry up.


  • Your ultimate guide to bots: Evolving threats & management tactics

    Bots have completely revolutionized the way we interact digitally. In fact, bots account for more than half of all internet traffic. Unfortunately, some bots play a more sinister role – committing acts of fraud. In this e-book, explore the threats posed by malicious bots and discover tactics for detecting & mitigating these risks.