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Cutting down on alert fatigue with a new monitoring strategy

Alert fatigue is a very real thing. Many technical teams routinely receive alerts that don’t actually require immediate attention. Perhaps there was a time when these alerts were necessary, but today they are mostly just distracting noise.

Read this case study to learn how one organization has developed a new performance monitoring strategy that can deliver only the most meaningful and actionable information to your team without the constant flagging of events that don’t really require your attention.

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  • ITIL 4 adoption: 10 mistakes to avoid and 10 steps to follow

    Many common mistakes in an ITIL adoption start with undereducated IT professionals who do not fully understand what ITIL is and how it should be used.

    Because of this, it is crucial to educate the organization on ITIL 4 and what it takes to plan an ITIL adoption.

    Open up this eBook to take a closer look at 10 mistakes to avoid, plus, 10 planning and easy implementation steps to follow for a seamless ITIL 4 adoption.

  • 4 steps to operational resilience

    Operational resilience is defined as ‘the ability of an organization to continue to serve its customers, deliver products and services, and protect its workforce in the face of adverse operational events by anticipating, preventing, recovering from and adapting to such events.’

    View this white paper to learn the 4 steps to practice operational resilience:

    1. Anticipate
    2. Prevent
    3. Respond and recover
    4. Adapt

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  • 5 best practices for resilient, reliable , remote IT services

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  • How to squeeze the most ROI from your strategic initiatives

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  • AI-powered virtual agent: 5 reasons to invest

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  • IT managed services: What to know before you buy

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  • SaaS vs. On-Premises ITSM: 6 comparison points

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  • Modern Infrastructure e-zine CIO edition: Managing the next-generation data center

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  • Make your chatbot or virtual agent a trusted IT security partner

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  • Intelligent virtual agents: Must-have features

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  • Big 3 IT budget challenges solved

    Discover the three biggest budget challenges that IT leaders will inevitably come face-to-face with today – and learn how to counter them.