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Five Best Practices for Unified Communications

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7 business benefits of cloud communications

As network specialists know, there are so many issues with legacy phone systems that you could list them out. Fortunately, the benefits of moving communications to the cloud are pronounced enough that you could list them, too.

Agility, flexibility and mobility are among the list of needs of today’s organizations, and if you read this e-book containing 7 benefits of cloud communications, you may find out why it is important to transform your business phone system.

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  • What is the Value of Unified Communications?

    The benefits of unified communications are apparent to network managers, but how can you figure out the value it will add to your organization?

    This expert E-Guide lists important questions that should be asked of you and your organization before implementing UC. Explore the seven different areas to look at for analyzing the value of UC for your organization, as well as the top five reasons UC is entering a new era.

  • UC and the Evolution of Enterprise Telephony

    There has been a rebirth in the IP telephony (IPT) market. And now IT architects are trying to find ways to expand enterprise telephony to the desktop and to mobile devices, and one of these ways is to combine IPT with unified communications (UC) for a seamless user experience.

    This expert E-Guide will help readers understand key information about the evolution of enterprise technology, how to prepare the enterprise for mobile telephony, and the value of combing IPT and UC.

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