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Business Analytics and Optimization for the Intelligent Enterprise

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How streaming analytics offers business value

Many analytics and BI tools limit your ability to get insight in time to make a critical business decision. Once you detect a pattern, you have to work with a data scientist to choose data sets for more analysis, clean the data of noise, and code a query, all while the data becomes less and less relevant with passing time.

This resource explains streaming analytics and describes how it can enable real-time decision-making based on current evidence. Learn how you can resolve business problems more quickly and make data-driven decisions. 

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  • Predictive analytics: Empower business users

    In order to make critical decisions, business users need access to analytics tools that they can understand in order to gain insight into everyday problems and help prevent failures in the future.

    This resource discusses how interactive data discovery and predictive analytics technologies can empower business users to make smarter, data-driven business decisions faster. Learn how to:

    • Identify new trends and relationships in historical data sets
    • Quickly share results with colleagues
    • And more 

  • Expert guide: Streaming analytics FAQ

    The growing number of connected devices is increasing the volume of data about business activity. Companies that capture and analyze this data with streaming analytics to find problems before they impact the customer experience have a competitive advantage over companies that don’t.  

    This expert e-guide provides answers to frequently asked questions about streaming analytics, including:

    • Why “streaming analytics?” Isn’t traditional analytics enough?
    • Is streaming analytics right for my business?
    • And more

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