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ITG - Value Proposition for IBM Power Systems: Virtualisation Impact for Enterprise UNIX and Linux Server Infrastructures

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Strategies for Saving Money During Migrations

This white paper is a playbook for cost-saving during migrations. It serves as a structured guide, offering strategies, advice, and steps to optimize costs during the migration process.

Key topics include:

  • In-depth guidance on migration-related issues
  • Money-saving strategies for migrations

Gain insights to navigate migrations cost-effectively. Learn how to cut expenses and maximize savings.

Access the full white paper for essential strategies for a cost-efficient migration.

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    Securing a recruiting CRM requires convincing the CFO with a focus on cost-savings and ROI. This guide offers a 3-step process for creating a solid business case, with steps such as:

    • identifying hiring challenges like high dropout rates and long time-to-fill that impact profits. Quantify their cost
    • Showing how a CRM solves these issues, offering savings by reducing recruiters, agency fees, and software costs
    • And more

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  • How CPU tech can slash costs: Google Cloud & AMD insights

    In The IT Leader's Guide to Optimizing Your Cloud Budget, Google Cloud and AMD explore how the right CPU technology can significantly reduce your cloud costs.

    Here's how the white paper empowers you:

    • Presents best practices for cloud cost optimization.
    • Guides you in selecting the right CPU for your virtual machines (VMs).
    • Unveils 6 powerful tools, including the AMD EPYC Platform Advisor, to streamline your cost savings journey.
    • Showcases real-world success stories from Salesforce, FullStory, and Spareroom.

    Download this complimentary white paper to unlock the full potential of your cloud budget.

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  • Turn your cloud vision into a reality with this free migration assessment

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    Mainframe and cloud environments are no longer siloed for today's developers. With the right partner, your develop team can take DevOps to mainframe app development, connecting cloud and mainframe developer experiences. Learn more about this modern, cloud-connected mainframe approach.


  • Manage data complexity at scale with the right tools and practices

    In thie e-book, you'll discover how dbt Cloud can help your business manage data complexity at scale. You'll also learn how to build trust in data, ship data products faster, and reduce the cost of producing insights. Download the full e-book now to see how dbt Cloud can transform your data workflows.


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    Automate cloud management with Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure. Streamline business processes, reduce risks, and scale your cloud services. Learn how to deploy instant automation and integrate with Azure services. Read the full product overview.


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  • Migrate from CentOS to Red Hat on Google Cloud

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  • How SpareRoom reduced response time by 10% with C3D VMs

    Discover in this case study how C3D VMs helped SpareRoom serve 25% more requests at a 10% reduction in response time —and at a lower cost than leading competitors.


  • Effectively manage your AWS cloud with Red Hat Insights

    Red Hat Insights helps enterprises manage and optimize hybrid cloud environments, including AWS workloads. It uses predictive analytics to proactively identify and resolve operational, security, and cost issues. Learn how Red Hat Insights can streamline your cloud management today.


  • Accelerate digital innovation with hybrid cloud solutions

    Accelerate digital innovation with Red Hat and Google Cloud's hybrid cloud platform. Simplify application development, boost business insights, and streamline operations. Learn how this integrated environment can support your cloud transformation goals by reading the full white paper.


  • Accelerate cloud-native app development with managed services

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  • 7 Key Success Factors for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS

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    Modernize your ERP systems and accelerate transformation with ServiceNow's low-code workflows and GenAI capabilities. Optimize ERP processes, transform ERP innovation, and unlock value faster. Download this eBook to learn more.


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    Manage cloud operations efficiently across hybrid environments with Red Hat Insights. This service provides predictive analytics, risk prioritization, and remediation guidance to optimize performance, security, and spending. Learn how to get started with Red Hat Insights today.


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    This paper challenges some common assumptions surrounding the possibility, cost, and performance implications of running SQL Server workloads on AWS as illustrated by practical examples from our own experience working with customers across the US and Canada on cloud migration projects.


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    Becoming more digital has emerged as a ruling concept among forward-looking organisations in recent years. Now, while having multi-channel engagement with customers is a big aspect of digital, so too is attracting and retaining the employees who can make a reality of digital transformation.


  • Streamline cloud-native app development with Azure Red Hat OpenShift

    Discover how Azure Red Hat OpenShift, a jointly engineered managed service from Microsoft and Red Hat, can help you speed cloud-native app development, reduce support costs, and free your staff to focus on innovation. Read the full overview to learn more.


  • MicroScope - December 2017: Unlock the potential of DaaS

    This month's MicroScope ezine looks at the issues around device as a service (DaaS), the outlook from HP and a report from the UK CompTIA conference.