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Summarize and organize network events by protocol

The network is the ultimate ground truth of evidence for incident responders, but common data sources like NetFlow and DNS server logs are often difficult to correlate and don’t provide enough detail.

Watch this webcast to learn about open-source network security monitor Bro—now known as Zeek—which turns network traffic into high-fidelity data streams that summarize and organize network events by protocol.

Learn how you can get data designed specifically for incident response that supports easy, fast search in SIEM platforms—like Splunk—to answer critical IR questions and resolve security incidents and alerts in minutes.

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  • Case study: Learn how Orion Health automated security on AWS

    Orion Health is a global provider of healthcare information technology that advances population health management and precision medicine solutions.

    Recently, Orion Health embarked on a journey to build a SOC to support the deployment of Amadeus on AWS. They wanted everything on AWS to be automated. Having consistent, automated policies and processes would help to ensure that their customers’ data and system were always protected.

    In this case study, learn about Orion Health’s experience using Trend Micro’s Deep Security.

  • How Orion Registrar automated auditing and certification processes

    Orion Registrar, a provider of auditing and certification services for companies across industries, realized they were losing time and productivity with an outdated system and legacy business processes.

    In this case study, find out how Orion Registrar adopted a modern BPM platform in conjunction with SharePoint so that they could:

    • Enable users to work with documents and data all in one place
    • Streamline auditing and certification processes
    • Track workflows online in real-time without manual input
    • Simplify and consolidate reporting
    • Increase process compliance
    • And more

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  • Jargon Buster Guide to Voice over IP (VoIP)

    In this Jargon Buster, we'll explore some key definitions around Voice over IP, and look at how VoIP fits into the wider unified communications landscape.


  • Learn to use real purchase intent insights

    In this e-book, you'll learn how to use real purchase intent insight to supercharge your ABM program. Read on to learn more.


  • International domain name homographs: Are you protected?

    Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are often abused by cybercriminals to conduct malicious activities, such as phishing or malware distribution. In this new research report, Farsight Security Global Internationalized Domain Name Homograph Report, examine the prevalence and distribution of IDN homographs across the Internet.


  • Present cybersecurity to your board effectively

    Today, boards have to consider the regulatory, fiduciary, organizational, and personal liability that could come from a data breach. Download this free guide today, and you'll have everything you need for your next board presentation to hit all the right points.


  • High performance IP network for the quality conscious

    Dive into this short brochure to learn about IP Transit, high performance IP network for the quality conscious.


  • CW+ Quocirca report: Reaping the benefits of IP geolocation

    As more and more human activity moves online, it is easy to think that geography no longer matters—surely the internet is without borders? Whilst in some cases this is true, more often than not online activity spills over into the real world.


  • Unlock the business value of unstructured data with AI and machine learning

    View this research report to uncover how AI, including machine learning and deep learning, is transforming the current business landscape. Learn how to unlock the business value of unstructured data with AI and machine learning, and review the potential enterprise impact of AI and machine learning within your organization.


  • Considering if a private IP is right for you

    Whether your company is on the brink of major growth or struggling against the limitations of insufficient bandwidth for your current volume of business, in this white paper, learn more about private IP and if it may be right for you.


  • Deploy a modern data platform with SQL Server 2019 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

    In this video, learn how to achieve a seamless modern data platform deployment with Senior Program Manager from Microsoft, Tejas Shah, and Principal Product Manager at Red Hat, Louis Imershein. Discover the benefits of SQL Server 2019 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, and decide if SQL Server is right for your organization.


  • Review the benefits of the data catalog

    View this comprehensive video to discover how a data catalog can improve your organization's analytic capabilities and increase user satisfaction. Explore the essential features of a successful data catalog, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.


  • Why enterprises can no longer rely solely on next-gen IPS

    Organizations have relied on next-gen IPS to detect and block threats at wire speed. But with the first next-gen IPS arriving on the scene more than a decade ago, at what point does "next generation" become "current generation"? In this white paper, learn why enterprises can no longer solely rely on a next-gen IPS to protect their networks.


  • 3 strategies to mitigate IP risk and ensure open source compliance

    Open Source is free, but there are responsibilities inherent to using open source as it comes with a set of obligations and risks. However, there are 3 strategies to mitigate IP risk and ensure open source compliance. Download this white paper to discover each of these approaches.


  • The basics of UPS: How they work, pricing, and more

    Inside today's data centers and IT environments, fool-proof power protection is becoming a top-of-mind concern for management and admins alike. Within this guide, learn all you'll need to know about uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems as they relate to your IT environment, from UPS basics, pricing models, and more.


  • Learn the ins and outs of multi-cloud management

    Multi-cloud is more popular than ever these days, so now is a great time to brush up on the skills and knowledge you'll need for handling workloads in multi-cloud environments.Download this Multi-cloud Management 101 Guide to learn more now.


  • Your guide to choosing network analytics software

    Today's network analytics software can help provide you with actionable insights that can be used to address complex problems and pinpoint potential performance issues. Grab a copy of our buyer's guide to examine key considerations for evaluating network analytics tools, features and functionalities.


  • Top 5 reasons to run containers on bare metal, not VMs

    You want to take containers from dev/test into production, but can your infrastructure deliver the resources and performance that containers need? Download this informative report and get container infrastructure best practices from the experts. You'll avoid VM pitfalls while you fast-track your containers to production.


  • How to empower your expense, travel, and invoice management with SAP

    How can SAP Concur help your organization transform their expense, travel, and invoicing processes? View this infographic from IDC to find out.


  • Security considerations when building a managed voice and data network

    Like many technologies, Voice over IP (VoIP) has been thought to suffer from treating security as an afterthought—but that could slowly be changing. Learn how you can protect your data and build a secure, well-managed voice and data network in this white paper.


  • Containers: To buy or to build?

    Container adoption is accelerating rapidly, with Gartner predicting this year more than 50% of new workloads will be deployed into containers. You'll want to consider carefully whether you will buy or build your infrastructure stack to support containers. Download this informative report to learn the strengths and weaknesses of DIY.


  • The data security and privacy playbook: An assessment

    Download this Forrester assessment so you can gauge where your firm is on its data security and privacy journey and discover which core competencies you need to strengthen or develop.


  • AI meets sales: Techniques and technologies to consider

    The adoption of better AI algorithms for predictive lead scoring can certainly help many companies improve sales. A recent IDC survey indicated that 66% of respondents were implementing or considering implementing predictive lead scoring technologies as part of their sales processes.


  • How to create better CXs without giving up control

    In this video from Lucidworks, CEO and President of Cirrus10, Peter Curran, and VP of Product Marketing at Lucidworks, Justin Sears, discus how organizations can use AI to create better customer experiences without sacrificing business control.


  • Incident response: 6 phases of an effective plan

    68% of respondents to a recent SAN survey cited a skills shortage as being an impediment to effective incident response.This 48-page e-book provides insight into effective incident response strategies, why they are necessary, and step-by-step improvements you can take to advance your posture.


  • Explore the risk and cost of poor password hygiene

    Companies worldwide are in a war against cybercriminals. It's ongoing with no end in sight, and every company is at risk. Access credentials, particularly passwords, are at the heart of the battle because hackers are trying to obtain them. In this white paper, explore the dangers of poor passwords and learn how companies can secure them now.


  • Private IP and SMBs: Get the performance you need at a realistic cost

    If you're an SMB or growing business, and are struggling to get the network performance you need, consider Private IP addressing. Private IP, or PIP, provides a simple, dedicated cloud-based network at a more realistic price. Learn about PIP and what it could do for SMBs in this resource.


  • 40-Page VDI Buyer's Guide

    Take this brief survey by clicking here in order to save the PDF version of our 40-page Buyer's Guide to Desktop & App Virtualization products. Inside, you'll find in-depth descriptions of all the choices and notable features from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and more, to help you choose the best virtualization option for your organization.


  • 9 proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of a crypto-ransomware attack

    In this infographic, explore 9 proactive steps you can take to reduce the likelihood that you'll fall victim to a crypto-ransomware attack.


  • How to keep service quality up to par for the entire company

    Keeping up with expectations requires elevating your enterprise service experience—and that means replacing old, manual processes of the past with digital workflows that connect the entire company. Open up this white paper to learn how.


  • 10 common Azure mistakes and their solutions

    The cloud migration journey is rarely ever smooth, but that doesn't mean you can't get ahead of issues to optimize your Microsoft Azure cloud journey as you migrate and integrate. Download this whitepaper for Azure security, cost management, ad operational best practices.


  • Our experts' best tips for container management

    After analyzing survey results on the impact of containers on application integration efforts, the editors at, and I have worked together to create a comprehensive guide on the management skills you need for containers in 2018. Open Your Guide to Container Management to see what we've learned.


  • Explore Google G Suite collaboration software

    View this brief video to explore G Suite collaboration software from Google. Inside, you'll discover G Suite product features and benefits, and learn how G Suite can help your organization achieve digital business transformation, drive continuous innovation, and increase employee satisfaction.


  • New and emerging tech trends to watch in 2019

    Technologies from cloud-native development, to container-based development and deployment, serverless computing, and more have made waves in 2018. But where does the future of these technologies lie as we head into the new year?


  • How to get a better understanding of AI and deep learning capabilities

    Read this e-book to discover all the information you'll need when considering AI and deep learning potential within your business, and how IBM PowerAI can help get from conception to deployment quicker.


  • Predictive IT analytics with Red Hat Insights

    Inside, learn more about Red Hat Insights, a predictive operating system analytics tool now included as a SaaS solution alongside new Enterprise Linux subscriptions. You'll get a closer look at how its predictive analytics platform can proactively identify threats to system availability, security, performance, and more.


  • Easily communicate across your distributed enterprise

    Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, you need a way to communicate with each other. In this white paper, learn about 1 communication system and its features.


  • How to secure your network with proactive defense

    With the freedom to work anywhere, security vulnerabilities are posing a real threat. Learn how you can secure all the places your company reaches — on or off the grid


  • Data Center Cheat Sheet: How to calculate cooling requirements

    Jump into this guide to learn what goes in to calculating the total cooling requirements of today's data center. You'll find out how to accurately measure heat output, factor in humidity levels, and more.


  • Remain competitive in the enterprise AI era

    Mike Gualtieri (VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester) and Florian Douetteau (CEO, Dataiku) discuss the growing enterprise AI landscape and how machine learning (ML) fits into it. Watch this webcast for more information.


  • For crying out cloud, it's time to migrate your data

    For an in-depth explanation on data repository types and uses (partnered with an easy-to-read cheat sheet), take our brief customer interest survey to help us gauge current industry trends and to help us provide a better experience for our users, overall.


  • IT Project ASEAN: Virtualisation

    In this guide, you'll learn about the driving factors behind virtualisation growth in ASEAN such as the demand for business agility, as well as the barriers to adoption that organisations come up against.


  • How to streamline SAP material master data creation with Winshuttle

    View this case study to learn how the global leader in lighting and LED technologies, Philips Lighting, was successfully able to create and update data en masse in SAP using Winshuttle.


  • How to improve SAP data quality and accuracy with Winshuttle

    View this case study to learn how Imperial Logistics International overcame their poor SAP data quality and error-prone manual processes with Winshuttle.


  • 4 advantages of leveraging the public cloud for DR

    For those enterprises interested in leveraging the public cloud to bolster their disaster recovery (DR) plans, tune into this video. You'll walk through the benefits that Datrium DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS provides, including on-demand failover to the public cloud and failback to on-prem data centers.


  • Chicago Coffee Company expands with SAP Business ByDesign

    View this case study to learn how Chicago Coffee Company maximized their brand growth, increased their market share, and increased overall business with the help of SAP Business ByDesign.


  • Unified communications etiquette guide: What to know, what to avoid

    This e-guide takes a close look at UC etiquette: what you should know and what you need to avoid. Uncover the different types of strategies, applications, platforms and models you’ll need to help your organization streamline business processes with collaborative communications.


  • Desktop virtualization: Streamline deployment without extra costs

    Access this expert e-guide to learn how to assess your IT infrastructure to ensure a fast and cost-effective desktop virtualization process.


  • Modernizing IP devices: 8 reasons why it's a good idea

    While claims of the "death" of the IP desktop phone are far from reality, devices deployed in the office do need an upgrade eventually. In this Frost & Sullivan research report, find out why modern IP devices continue to be important and how Avaya rises to the occasion by providing a broad array of communications endpoints options.