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Performance analytics for proactive DBAs

Like Sherlock Holmes when solving a mystery, the raw data you start with has to be refined, put in the correct context, and dressed the part.

Read this white paper to learn about the performance analytics capabilities built into the SolarWinds Orion Platform, which makes data available for display on a time-synchronized graph.

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  • Protect employees from accidental or malicious behavior

    Any organization with proprietary data or intellectual property is vulnerable to insider threats at the human point – where data is most valuable and most vulnerable.

    But there are ways to defend your critical data and client IP while avoiding heavy fines and loss of revenue and reputation.

    In this actionable e-book, you’ll learn the traits of the risky users – whether their behavior is accidental or malicious, or they have been compromised by external attackers. You’ll also find out how to protect your critical data and IP from all insider threats.

  • How to improve your AWS cloud database monitoring

    When running your database on AWS, you want to ensure it’s functioning at 100%—or know when and why it isn’t.

    Using the SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor, your company can keep on top of all your queries, optimize them, and find outliers, all using the same program.

    Read this paper to learn more about optimizing your cloud database performance monitoring and how SolarWinds can help.

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  • 7 key features of SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer’s VM Option

    Access this data sheet to learn 7 key features of the VM Option for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer and discover how it can lead to more meaningful data insights and decision making.


  • Overcoming the 6 key challenges in a hybrid environment

    Access this white paper to learn the 6 key challenges facing application monitoring, discover the SolarWinds solutions designed to help, and watch demos that show them in action.


  • Experts walk through ITOM best practices

    Tune in to this scenario-based session, Simplify Your IT Operations Management (ITOM), to hear experts from SolarWinds discuss IT operations management best practices and capabilities your enterprise’s SolarWinds users might not know about.


  • Storage 101: Essential concepts & best practices

    From going over throughput and latency to measuring storage capacity, Solarwinds wants to arm your organization with the foundational storage knowledge so you can make informed and strategic decisions. To get a comprehensive education on storage, including storage best practices and 8 areas to master,, access this e-book.


  • A real-life use case for database monitoring

    The healthcare industry has better access to records than ever before thanks to patient data unification. PatientPing is one of these leading care coordination platforms—and its success largely relies on their abilities to interface with its databases. Read on to learn how they ensure their MySQL database is running at maximum efficiency.


  • Reduce the complexity of Application Performance management

    Application performance issues are very visible issues that can cause degradations or total outages. As a result of these, users can get frustrated and they can impact business operations. In this webcast, listen as John O’Callaghan and Nigel Douglas discuss how you can simplify your Application Performance Management (APM) with SolarWinds.


  • An inside look at SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor

    A good database monitoring program doesn’t just give you general observations—it should let you target a specific area of your database operations and procure all the insight you need to know about it. Check out this resource to learn how SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor lets you easily discover what’s going on in your database.


  • How to improve your Oracle database management and monitoring

    Whether you’re running Oracle Enterprise, Standard, Exadata, or EBS, you are probably looking for a quality database performance monitoring and management system. Read on to learn how SolarWinds’s Database Performance Analyzer integrates with Oracle and gives you access to real-time performance management, historical analysis, and more.


  • 11 features that set the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer apart

    The Database Performance Analyzer from SolarWinds pinpoints performance issues while providing expert advice with tuning advisors to help maintain high-performing and high availability databases. Check out this data sheet to learn 11 features that make it a great performance monitoring tool for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server.


  • What is SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor?

    While most people are familiar with database monitoring systems, not all of these systems are as effective as others. Read this white paper to learn how SolarWinds’ Database Performance Monitor stacks up against the competition with their dashboard visualizations, altering, and integration across your toolkit.


  • Jargon Buster Guide to Voice over IP (VoIP)

    In this Jargon Buster, we'll explore some key definitions around Voice over IP, and look at how VoIP fits into the wider unified communications landscape.


  • Isolating database issues across your complex environment

    These days, database issues, ones that often affect applications, are not so straightforward to identify. Is the issue in the database, or your cloud service, or your virtual machine, or something else? Examine Solarwinds’s portfolio of solutions to see how they help you understand the full breadth of your database infrastructure.


  • Learn how Solarwinds provides real-time database monitoring

    Having an efficient database monitoring system can go a long way. Check out Solarwinds’ Database Performance Analyzer in this datasheet to learn how it provides 24/7 real time monitoring, machine learning anomaly detection, detailed blocking and deadlock analysis, and more.


  • Standardize your network performance management

    The area of network management that most organizations have challenges with is managing their remote office workers. In this webcast, learn how SolarWinds can help limit any network performance or availability degradation that could impact your business operation.


  • Open-source database monitoring essentials

    Monitoring your open-source database isn’t just important from a maintenance or problem detection perspective. Good monitoring allows you to track the improvements you make to your database and prevent some problems from even happening. Watch this webinar to learn how SolarWinds’ database monitoring software works to see if it’s right for you.


  • Digital transformation explained…and then simplified

    Access this resource to get to the bottom of what IT vendors mean by digital transformation, learn 5 key use cases and 3 hurdles to jump, and discover how SolarWinds is bringing simplicity to it all with a consolidated, simple approach to IT environments.


  • How database visibility can make an immediate positive impact

    While many database administrators use monitoring systems to keep tabs on their systems, these programs can fail to reveal deeper insights about databases when their performance begins to decline. Read on to learn how online engagement platform SalesLoft uses SolarWinds’ monitoring to gain deeper visibility within their databases.


  • How to reduce risk & protect your remote workforce

    Working from home has drastically changed the IT security paradigm. This webinar provides an overview of those changes, highlights the current challenges and opportunities, and offers best practices for reducing risk for your remote workforce.


  • How to get the most from your database monitoring system

    Your database monitoring programs don’t have to simply do one job and fade away to the background. When you choose the right program, you can deploy analytics that allows you to visualize the health, performance, and availability of your open source or NoSQL databases. Read on to learn how SolarWinds provides comprehensive database monitoring.


  • Streamline query insight with the right database monitoring system

    SendGrid is a company that sends a massive amount of customer engagement emails for clients like Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, and more. Understandably, the demand on their database systems are high. Read this case study to learn how they used SolarWinds’ DPM system to monitor their database, anticipate problems, and increase operational efficiency.


  • MSP's essential guide to backup strategy

    Data losses can be devastating to any organization today, but MSPs in particular have a lot to fear. Dive inside this guide to learn how to define and organize the different flavors of data you’ll be working with and find out how to craft a smart data backup strategy afterwards.


  • Why 29% of IT team bandwidth is spent dealing with digital performance issues

    In today’s rapidly changing IT software landscape, 29% of IT teams’ digital bandwidth is spent dealing with digital performance issues—to the tune of $2.5 million annually. Watch this video to learn how SolarWinds’ IT Operations Management can help you reduce this wasted time and money with better monitoring, security, management, and more.


  • Learn what virtualization metrics matter for databases

    What impact does virtualization have on database instances? Find out what VMware metrics matter with SolarWinds’ new whitepaper that provides a guide for DBAs to determine the impact, if any, of virtualization on database performance.


  • Database monitoring to cut out fired drills and other issues

    Businesses like Tradesy are successful because they empower users to control what they sell and present on their website. But this business model is also frequently draining on database resources. Check out how SolarWinds’ Database Performance Monitor helped Tradesy ensure they were still operating at efficient levels.


  • Bundle deals for your new wfh workstation

    Open this product sheet to learn about Lenovo’s Workstation Work From Home Bundle deals, and get all the hardware you’ll need in your new home office.


  • CW+ Quocirca report: Reaping the benefits of IP geolocation

    As more and more human activity moves online, it is easy to think that geography no longer matters—surely the internet is without borders? Whilst in some cases this is true, more often than not online activity spills over into the real world.


  • How to protect even unstructured IP with a data protection program

    Complying with data privacy regulations is important, but rarely is regulated data the only data worth protecting. Losses associated with regulatory fines present far less risk than the potential losses associated with intellectual property theft. In this white paper, learn how a data protection program can help you protect even unstructured IP.


  • Protecting IP with data access governance

    In order to protect your organization’s sensitive intellectual property (IP), it’s paramount to know who has access to it, and what those users are doing with that access. Download this solution brief for more on protecting your IP and discover how SailPoint’s identity governance and data access management offerings may be able to help.


  • Find out why cloud-native SD-WAN is the ideal IP/VPN alternative

    While IP/VPN can address select small-scale WAN use cases, it simply isn’t designed to meet the demands of the modern digital business. By taking a converged, scalable, and secure approach to WAN connectivity, cloud-native SD-WAN serves as the ideal IP/VPN alternative. Download this white paper to learn more.


  • MicroScope – November 2017: Unpacking cloud potential

    In this month's MicroScope ezine, we look at what steps distribution has taken to help resolve the move to cloud, and in the second part of our storage roundtable coverage, vendors look at what opportunities the world of DevOps offers the channel and how flash is changing the world. Read the issue now.


  • 3 reasons for holding on to analog devices when migrating to UC

    Today’s IP phones offer much in the way of UC functionality. However, there are 3 reasons why organizations with a large install base of analog devices might resist the temptation to undertake a wholesale clear-out in favor of IP phones. Download this white paper to explore those 3 reasons for holding on to analog devices when migrating to UC.


  • E-Book on Workstream Collaboration

    What is your collaboration strategy for 2020? Chances are, your organization is one of the over 500,000 that rely on Microsoft Teams. Unfortunately, part of using Teams is dealing with the gaps that occur in Microsoft's PBX. Luckily, Evolve IP can help. Download this e-book to learn how you can integrate Teams and enterprise voice with Evolve IP.


  • Free MSP marketing templates inside

    On this page, you’ll find a collection of free white-label marketing templates designed to help you sell your backup service with ease.Click inside to access this collection of templates.


  • Review the benefits of the data catalog

    View this comprehensive video to discover how a data catalog can improve your organization's analytic capabilities and increase user satisfaction. Explore the essential features of a successful data catalog, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.


  • Factors in choosing a cloud solution

    Learn how to select a cloud solution that truly lines up with your organization’s needs in this white paper, taking into consideration the apps you’ll be moving to the cloud, if you’ll be refactoring any apps, your organization’s hypervisor preference, and much more.


  • The 4 main mischief-makers in data migration

    When facing data migration, there are 4 common mischievous ‘monsters’ you’ll encounter. Read this visualized storybook to learn how Syniti can help simplify the data migration workflow through centralized project management and more.


  • A deeper look into the threat of botnets

    Tune into this Cisco Umbrella webinar to learn about how recent botnets infect, proliferate and distribute malware, and how you can keep your users safe from malware distributed by botnets.


  • How to gain global DNS visibility

    The internet is powered by the domain name system, also known as DNS. In this short video, learn about DNS and how Farsight Security’s DNSDB can help security professionals gain global DNS visibility.


  • Is studying for an AWS certification worth your time?

    Multi-cloud is more popular than ever these days, so now is a great time to brush up on the skills and knowledge you'll need for handling workloads in multi-cloud environments.Download this Multi-cloud Management 101 Guide to learn more now.


  • Private IP and SMBs: Get the performance you need at a realistic cost

    If you're an SMB or growing business, and are struggling to get the network performance you need, consider Private IP addressing. Private IP, or PIP, provides a simple, dedicated cloud-based network at a more realistic price. Learn about PIP and what it could do for SMBs in this resource.


  • Claim your CCNA study guide now

    Today's network analytics software can help provide you with actionable insights that can be used to address complex problems and pinpoint potential performance issues. Grab a copy of our buyer's guide to examine key considerations for evaluating network analytics tools, features and functionalities.


  • Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS: Explore innovation and growth leaders

    Businesses can choose from an expanding array of options as providers of various backgrounds and skill sets launch hosted IP telephony and UCaaS offerings to address growing customer demand. In this Frost RADAR report, explore the innovation and growth leaders in the market.


  • Hybrid cloud requires an Agile mindset

    For a successful hybrid cloud implementation, you’ll need an Agile mindset. In this Forrester Consulting report, learn how IT infrastructure decision makers leverage Agile strategies for their hybrid cloud implementation, as well as which implementation strategies have the best track records.


  • 7 NVMe misconceptions debunked

    This is your absolute last chance to grab your copy of Multi-cloud Storage: Planning, Deployment, and Management—it expires today! Claim your copy here, and you'll be well on your way to streamlining your company's multi-cloud environments.


  • Remote worker security: Defend against internal & external threats

    One of the key directives for today’s IT and security teams is to safeguard the users and data within their distributed environment and implement cyber defenses that can protect those users—regardless of their location or device. Read on to learn how to keep your remote workers secure against today’s internal and external threats.


  • How to keep service quality up to par for the entire company

    Keeping up with expectations requires elevating your enterprise service experience—and that means replacing old, manual processes of the past with digital workflows that connect the entire company. Open up this white paper to learn how.


  • Monolithic vs. modern applications

    In this quick Rackspace video, explore the three different paths organizations take on their journey to the cloud, including replatforming, refactoring, and choosing monolithic vs. modern applications. In just 20 minutes, you’ll be able to identify the top 3 reasons to modernize and how to get started. Watch the video here.