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Better Decision Making Through Faster Analytics

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How to discover hidden value in organizational data

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. When properly collected and analyzed, it can give you insights about your business based on fact, not just intuition. Data needs to be accessible for this to work, however, and this can put a lot of strain on IT to achieve.

Read this white paper to find out how—by partnering with Domo—you can embrace a data architecture that compliments pre-existing IT investments, while still delivering all the benefits that come with widely accessible data.

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  • Why can’t you use all the data you’ve collected?

    The advent of big data changed data analytics, but not necessarily for the better. Right now, companies often struggle to turn the massive amounts of data that they’ve collected into useful, unified data sets.

    Disparate data storage locations and types, a lack of unified database structures, and changes to a pipeline are just a few of the issues your company could be running into. No to mention, once the data is on hand, it can be another struggle to make it readable information for those who need it.

    Download this ebook by Dremio to examine some of the challenges and trends in the data management world right now.

  • Empower your users with self-service analytics

    If you’re like most people who analyze data for a living, you’re probably sick of submitting an IT ticket every time you need to pull data—and IT may be growing weary from the constant barrage of requests, as well.

    That’s why self-service analytics is a booming trend in the information management space. Businesses can only benefit if their data and citizen scientists can easily access and organize more data, while their IT department can focus on more important, engaging tasks.

    Read on to learn how you can implement self-service analytics in your business and to view 5 concrete steps that will get you there.

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  • Why you need to drop legacy BI models

    As businesses are inundated with different sorts of business intelligence offerings, some are left wondering if making a switch is even worth it. The simple fact of the matter is, it’s not just worth it, it’s necessary. Check out this white paper to learn why legacy BI models are broken and how to solve this issue.


  • Agile, scalable BI, governance and visualization all-in-one

    Read this white paper to see how Domo can complement your existing infrastructure investments while handling data governance, dashboard deployment and still keep everything agile and scalable.


  • How quickly things can change: 2020's top predictions

    The new decade promises to be a big one for new technology developments; what, exactly, does 2020 hold for the data science industry? Watch this webinar to learn 5 predictions for data science in 2020, including changes to the IoT, big data architecture, cloud data lakes and warehouses, and more.


  • Leading Pharmacy Chain transforms SCM with Instant Insights on 315 Billion Records

    Supply chain management is often touted as one of the areas where businesses can most improve with BI and analytics, but some organizations are finding that by the time they have analyzed all the data their supply chain produces, it’s too late to use these insights. Read on to learn how you can accelerate your BI processes with a semantic layer.


  • Control your data: building a unified data infrastructure

    Despite the fact that 97% of businesses have a documented data strategy, only 31% claim to be data-driven organizations, and fewer claim to have built data cultures. Read on to learn why organizations struggle to put their data strategies into action, and how to build a unified data infrastructure that combines RDM, MDM, and data virtualization.


  • Defining the must-haves for effective data governance

    It is taken for granted that companies should have a data governance strategy, but often the scope of an effective approach and who is affected by it are much less certain. Download the following study by BARC for the answers to popular governance questions and to learn how build a strong strategy.


  • Analyst report: Domo Business Cloud’s innovative approach to BI

    Read this Eckerson Group Product Profile to see why customers repeatedly choose Domo to aggregate data into an easy to use, customizable dashboard—no matter where that data is coming from.


  • Accelerate Your BI on Trillions of Rows

    As companies store and use more data than ever before, innovative business intelligence tools aren’t just speedy or flexible—they need to be both. Check out this data sheet to learn how Kyvos’ BI acceleration platform can take your BI and analytics to the next level without compromising performance or breaking the bank.


  • How to extract crucial insight from legacy data

    Technology is often understood as always improving and racing towards faster, newer, and better solutions. But that view neglects the data that you have under your use—often containing crucial information, if you can use it. Read on to learn how you can achieve powerful insight by combining legacy systems with modern data streaming and analytics.


  • Make sure you choose the right cloud BI platform

    As data becomes more valuable than ever, the ways that businesses leverage it have continued to grow. The next step in this cycle is the adoption of cloud BI—now, data scientists and business analysts around the world can work collaboratively on data as it arrives. Read this custom white paper to learn how to choose the right cloud BI platform.


  • How to avoid 7 common data strategy missteps

    Many companies have serious challenges getting their data management programs off the ground. Here's where this white paper can help. Download now to view seven common missteps companies confront when creating their data and analytics program and 4 steps to solve them.


  • HPE Data Fabric

    In this video, an HPE expert discusses the challenges enterprises face when managing data across all their infrastructure. HPE Data Fabric provides a unified view into data from edge to core to cloud with a global namespace.


  • Reinvigorate your data governance strategy with an intelligent data catalog

    Inside, discover how to innovate your existing data governance strategy with the help of an intelligent data catalog. Explore how an intelligent data catalog can help streamline operational compliance with data governance expectations, and decide if an intelligent data catalog is right for your organization's data governance goals.


  • How to leverage a data catalog for a data-driven organization

    Download this white paper to learn about new opportunities in data for public sector entities and uncover the biggest drivers for the adoption of data catalogs in public sector organization.


  • Taking your data to market: Creating value from your company’s data

    As companies fully embrace digital transformation, companies are increasingly beginning to realize the value of taking their data to market. But it’s not a simple process to bring your data insights out of your company and create profit. Read on to learn how you can properly set up your data and company to profit from the data you have on hand.


  • 5 ways a data catalog can drive self-service analytics

    In this white paper, discover how a data catalog can help your organization better manage its data, improve data productivity, and drive self-service analytics. Additionally, explore 5 data catalog features sure to improve time-to-decision, and review how a data catalog can benefit your organization.


  • 2020 Data & BI Trends: Analytics Alone Is No Longer Enough

    When it comes to data, analytics is no longer enough. You need both synthesis and analysis. And those who embrace both will be primed to lead the way. Download the e-book 2020 Data & BI Trends to discover what lies ahead, including the importance of data literacy as a service, why ethical computing is crucial, and more.


  • Gauge your company's data ROI

    This white paper by Dataiku gauges your company’s ultimate ROI—balancing pros like time saved and reduced data expenditure against cons like workflow disruption and the cost of additional training. Download it to see ways that your company can make sure to improve your ROI and derive true value from your data.


  • Using AutoML for augmented analytics

    Read this white paper to learn about the potential of augmented analytics & enterprise AI and the shifting role of the Data Scientist.


  • Augment your data lake instead of starting from scratch

    A BI tool like Domo acts as an infrastructure augmentation, so you are leveraging your existing data management architecture instead of scrapping it and wasting time and resources. There are other perks and benefits to using Domo. Read this white paper to find out more.


  • 6 skills top data scientists need

    Read this e-book to discover 6 top skills you need to set yourself apart as a data scientist and how to hone them.


  • Your company can find its next data star anywhere

    Data science is often misconstrued as only relevant to those with multiple degrees and remarkable knowledge of code, data, and analysis. Yet, data science is becoming increasingly useful and accessible to all employees. Check out this resource to see just how accessible data science is, and how to take advantage of it in your organization.


  • The Data-Driven Product Manager

    While 90% of businesses say they recognize the importance of data for business decisions, only 25% actually use data for that very thing. What’s keeping companies from doing what they think is important? Read this e-book to learn how you can make data usable for your company and create additional value from what you have on hand.


  • How to speed business with data capture solutions

    Critical information comes into your organization constantly in a wide variety of forms. When it arrives, though; where does it go and how does it get there? Read this white paper to learn how to extract the vital business info that you need and send this data to the intended locations with intelligent automation.


  • Self-service cloud BI

    While companies have always tossed around phrases like “real-time analytics” or “remote collaboration,” the time has come for businesses to step up and deliver on these promises. Read this white paper, from Dresner Advisory Services and Domo, to learn why self-service cloud BI has the answer to a lot of these problems—and how to get started.


  • 5 steps to get started with AI

    Implementing AI across an organization can appear daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We've compiled the top steps and resources needed to have a successful AI implementation. Follow these five steps and get started on your AI journey today.


  • 4 data-centric retail trends companies can capitalize on

    Read this report to learn how to capitalize on 4 emerging trends in retail, overcome industry challenges, and drive data-centric success to attain and maintain leadership.


  • How a retail chain was able to accelerate their BI processes

    Examine this case study to see how Kyvos was able to accelerate a leading grocery chain’s analytics processes from months-long ordeals to minute-long queries, help them optimize inventory and services, and improve their existing BI processes.


  • RE: How to modernize my data management

    Answer a few questions on your current data management initiatives, and you'll gain immediate access to our three expert guides - Navigating Data Integration, Data Repository Cheat Sheet, and Expert Guide to Storage Operational Data.


  • Your access to our data management content library is expiring

    Answer a few questions on your current data management initiatives, and you'll gain immediate access to our three expert guides – Navigating Data Integration, Data Repository Cheat Sheet, and Expert Guide to Storage Operational Data.


  • How to tackle data analysis for manufacturing

    View this infographic to examine strategies you can use to tackle data analysis and optimization in manufacturing.


  • A path to successful retail data usage

    Smart, real-time use of customer data is a key factor in retail success. This data needs to be used in everything from omnichannel communication to store optimization. Access this white paper to learn how you can create a development environment which allows you to implement ideas as quickly as you create them.


  • Review the benefits of the data catalog

    View this comprehensive video to discover how a data catalog can improve your organization's analytic capabilities and increase user satisfaction. Explore the essential features of a successful data catalog, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.


  • Analyze IoT device data in real time

    In this solution brief, learn how to harness the full power of IoT with Domo and AWS so that you can turn connected devices into a new source of business intelligence.


  • 5 key strategies for data-driven commerce success

    This white paper introduces a framework for digital commerce data initiatives and reveals the capabilities required to achieve success. Read on to learn how to navigate this volatile market and position your company for data-driven success with 5 key strategies.


  • How data tonnage is impacting markets

    While the technology industry has always been data-driven, the sheer volume of data being generated today is simply unprecedented. Watch this interview with Rich Miller of Data Center Frontier to learn how data tonnage and data gravity are affecting global markets and how they could impact your business.


  • How self-service analytics fits with your business

    A self-service analytics tool is essential for any company handling big data, but finding one that exists on top of your existing data architecture is a challenge. Watch this webinar to see how Dremio can function not just as a data lake engine, but also as an analytics tool that easily fits into your existing infrastructure, regardless of size.


  • How an F1 team analyzed 18,000 channels of data per race

    Hear Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport's head of IT describe how the team turned to Tibco Software for help with live data, data at rest and data visualization


  • Choosing the right BI/analytics platform matters

    For many businesses looking to upgrade the platform they operate on, the challenge is finding one that allows your enterprise to keep the same data ecosystem, even as you migrate to the cloud and access new opportunities. Watch this short video to see why The SSI Group chose Qlik’s analytics platform, and what services its data platform offers.


  • How embedded BI fits with data democratization

    Embedded BI capabilities have become more and more widespread over time, and this Dresner market report demonstrates that this trend isn’t going anywhere—organizations are planning around BI, and embedded BI in particular. Read on to see how embedded BI use is part of a wider effort to democratize and proliferate data through organizations.


  • Your data scientists are hungry for data

    Long gone are the days when you could point an analytics tool at one particular database or file and satisfy all data your needs. High variety and volume keeps us on our toes - and demands for data are growing rapidly. Watch this webinar for a discussion on conquering slow, dirty and distributed data with Apache Arrow and Dremio.


  • Improving the customer experience with better BI and data visualization

    As markets become more crowded than ever, with new companies taking advantage of cheaper technologies, the true innovators are realizing that improving the customer experience is the way to continue disrupting markets. Check out this case study to learn how Domo’s BI and data visualizations helped Konica Minolta improve its customer experience.


  • How a fortune 100 healthcare company built an innovative customer data platform

    Healthcare companies are using patient data, AI, analytics, and other tools to create predictive, personalized care solutions that create better patient outcomes faster. Read on to learn how a large healthcare provider partnered with Fractal to build and deploy a cloud healthcare management platform that supports integrated care for customers.


  • ModelOps – The Key to Faster Return on your Analytics Investments

    In this latest Data Science Central podcast, we will show you how to register, deploy, and monitor open source models using SAS Model Manager. Don't just toss your models over the fence for IT to handle. Put your best models into production faster.


  • Database monitoring to cut out fired drills and other issues

    Businesses like Tradesy are successful because they empower users to control what they sell and present on their website. But this business model is also frequently draining on database resources. Check out how SolarWinds’ Database Performance Monitor helped Tradesy ensure they were still operating at efficient levels.


  • Research content: Comparing BI platforms based on customer satisfaction

    In this research report, Domo was named a leader based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a large market presence. Domo also received the highest satisfaction score among products in Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms. Download now to see who they’re competing with and how these competitors stack up.


  • Augment your technology arsenal with database monitoring

    For large, worldwide retailers like Discount Dance, website performance is crucial. Managing database performance based on real data, and not gut feeling, helps to ensure your downtime is minimal and customers are getting the right experience. Read on to learn how database visibility can be an important step in meeting site performance goals.