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Parallel Programming Talk - Dr. David Patterson on the future of Parallel Programming

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Accelerating Financial Services with High Performance Parallel Storage

Accelerating financial services has never been easier thanks to high performance parallel storage.

ActiveStor Ultra with PanFS is Panasas’ latest and most adaptable, total-performance HPC storage system.

PanFS combines a distributed and clustered parallel file system into an integrated platform to deliver predictable high performance that automatically adapts to financial services workloads.

Check out this data sheet to learn what Panasas ActiveStor Ultra can do for your organization.

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  • How PanFS High Performance Parallel File System keeps customer data secure

    Now in its 9th generation, PanFS — the Panasas parallel file system — delivers some of the highest performance among competitive HPC storage systems at any capacity and takes the complexity and unreliability of HPC storage systems off your hands by using commodity hardware at competitive price points.

    Explore this data sheet to learn what it can do for your organization.

  • Parallel file systems push genomics research forward

    When genomics institutions buy storage, they usually base their decisions on the price of the solution. What they don’t account for is the — often unquantifiable — costs they’ll run up down the road.

    In an organization that is supposed to be advancing the cause of science, they’re asking how they can save money. The question they should be asking is this: How can they better serve the research?

    Check out this blog post, authored by Adam Marko from Panasas, to learn how storage architectures like parallel file systems can push research forward—vs. holding it back.

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    When dealing with distributed, microservices-based, software-defined cloud environments, traditional approaches often fall short. Download this e-book to learn how the extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) aims to provide real-time network observability for your modern applications.


  • A breadth-first look at PanFS: Key components, benefits, and more

    Access this e-book for an overview of the PanFS parallel file system which includes a look at its key components and main benefits.


  • Everything you need to know about the release of PanFS 9

    HPC storage supplier Panasas has made available PanFS 9, the latest version of its parallel file system, introducing security features that it promises will not impact performance. There are also enhancements to its Dynamic Data Acceleration (DDA) technology to improve performance. For the full scoop on the release, check out this blog post.


  • Preparing a database strategy for Big Data

    This e-guide outlines the key database challenges and opportunities introduced by big data, and offers expert advice to help you successfully prepare a big data database strategy.


  • GPU acceleration for data intensive processing

    In this e-guide, we consider using parallel computing software libraries and frameworks like cuDNN for developing deep learning neural networks for machine learning applications.


  • Storage for HPC and AI, without caps on performance or capacity

    The PanFS is a parallel file system for object storage optimized for fast data access, even in the context of mixed workloads like HPC or AI, with the aim of reducing operating costs while reliably maintaining high performance. Read on to learn how PanFS establishes itself as an ideal option for HPC and AI with no caps on performance or capacity.


  • Meet the needs of contemporary HPC and AI/ML workloads with Panasas

    Explore this press release to learn about Panasas’ next-generation PanFS portable parallel file system, a major release delivering customer performance enhancements, multi-tenancy support, and a multi-layer security foundation for HPC and AI/ML workloads.


  • Panasas ActiveStor Scale-Out NAS Storage anchors infrastructure for life science

    Dive into this case study to learn how implementing Panasas PanFS parallel file system can lead to upgraded performance to enhance user experience, innovative workflow to improve throughout, and much more.


  • How to drive your innovation engine

    The automation journey has brought IT to place where they are freed from manual, tedious tasks – leaving them to focus time and energy on digital transformation that drive innovation and business success. Access this white paper from Dell to learn more.


  • Guide to supporting today’s customers with modern digital CX

    Download this infographic to learn about digital CX trends that will influence organizations' plans for the next few years and discover 7 key ingredients for success in the transforming digital CX landscape.


  • CW Europe - September-November 2021: Dutch researchers build security software to mimic human immune system

    In this issue of CW Europe, find out how researchers in the Netherlands are attempting to help IT systems fight certain cyber attacks in a similar way to the human immune system works. Also find out about the so-called "Klarna academy" in Stockholm, which has created the next set of Nordic fintech entrepreneurs.


  • Align your marketing and CX teams to drive engagement

    Read this blog to learn how, by bridging the gap between marketing and CX teams, your company can deliver more personalized experiences that drive stronger engagement & access insights into the parallel terminology across teams that can help encourage alignment.


  • Panasas’ PanFS vs. legacy NAS systems

    This data sheet will compare legacy NAS and parallel file systems head-to-head and highlight the features of Panasas’ PanFS, which was developed for the scale and performance needs of HPC environments.


  • How disaggregated storage systems can capitalize on NVMe

    This 451 Research report digs into the impact of NVMe and explains how to architect your storage to maximize NVMe performance. Read on for these highlights and to learn how to put them to use in your enterprise.


  • Why WFH workforces now rely on HCI

    Hyper-converged technology is still a work-from-home infrastructure staple for serving virtual desktops to remote users, the need for which is now greater than ever. Read our expert guide on The Evolution of HCI Networking to dig further this trend and discover how to tackle any HCI networking challenges that may crop up.


  • Overview of NVMe-oF and HyperParallel Flash Arrays for AI/ML

    This e-book highlights how AI and ML workloads will benefit from a storage infrastructure with NVMe-based flash arrays—from raw performance to improved parallel processing. Access this e-book to see this relationship in action and for an overview of one such solution: Pavilion’s Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA).


  • Enhance your financial file system without increasing complication

    New breeds of applications in technical computing and analytics have placed unprecedented demands on financial services for storage I/O, throughput, latency, and scalability. Check out this data sheet to see how Hitachi Content Software for File delivers high-velocity analytics that can powerfully augment your financial services.


  • Panasas’ PanFS meets cryo-EM facility’s storage scaling needs

    Examine this case study to discover for yourself how Panasas’ PanFS parallel file system was able to expertly handle large dataset workflows at Molecular Horizons’ cryo-EM facility—and enterprises beyond this industry.


  • Malware Threat Report 2021

    Threat actors are shifting to Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) models with specialists emerging in different areas as enterprises simultaneously adopt SaaS. As a means of combating today’s threat landscape, BeyondTrust offers its 2021 malware threat report including key findings & insights. Download the comprehensive report to get started.


  • The rise of SD-WANs: Time to crossthe chasm

    Where does SD-WAN stand at the beginning of the second quarter of 2022? The solid upward trajectory of SD-WANs has been given further impetus by the parallel emergence and rise of SASE, which integrates SD-WAN with edge security, and the rise persists as SD-WAN pricing becomes more competitive and monitoring capabilities become popular.


  • How Pavilion is helping organizations embrace persistent containers

    Access this e-book to learn how Pavilion’s NVMe-oF Storage Array can help organizations migrate from virtual machines (VMs) and non-persistent containers to an infrastructure where persistent containers and stateful applications are readily available and deployed, allowing compute, network, and storage resources to all scale independently.


  • A careful approach to analyzing big & high-dimensional data

    A number of unique issues must be solved when analyzing big and very high-dimensional data and/or big data with discrete variables of very high cardinality. Read this white paper to learn how your team can perform the data pre-processing and analysis of big and wide data efficiently and effectively.


  • Redefine infrastructure for AI with Dell EMC PowerScale

    Explore this data sheet to learn all the ways Dell EMC PowerScale is redefining infrastructure for AI and discover the 4 key characteristics that make it possible.


  • 5 CEM tips from Walter White

    Access this expert e-guide to learn more about customer experience management through the experiences of fictional character Walter White from the popular television series "Breaking Bad." Read on to learn how Kimberly Samuelson of Laserfiche, draws parallels between marketing strategies and the illegal drug business.


  • November ezine: Peer-to-peer lending

    Credit always matters in the channel and peer-to-peer lending might just be the alternative some have been looking for


  • Declaration by David Godkin producing 212 sealed exhibits - 16 May 2018

    The exhibits produced in this declaration by David Godkin, counsel for app developer Six4Three, contain internal Facebook communications, including emails between CEO Mark Zuckerberg and senior executives, correspondence and chat-logs, spreadsheets and strategy presentations.


  • CW Middle East - July-September 2021: Pandemic speeds up edtech revolution in Gulf

    One of the lessons the Covid-19 pandemic has taught governments across the world is that education providers can still teach when their premises are inaccessible. Read how organisations in the Gulf region's education sector have been quick to adopt the latest education technology, known as edtech, to help in this endeavour.


  • CW Benelux - May-July 2021: Netherlands university launches centre of expertise in applied AI

    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has launched a centre of expertise in applied artificial intelligence, and students from all faculties of the university will learn how to apply AI in their field of study.


  • Memorandum of points and authorities by David Godkin (with highlights) - 20 May 2018

    David Godkin, counsel for app developer Six4Three, outlines the legal arguments that will be used in the case against Facebook, as well as the relevant cases, statutes and authorities that apply.


  • Declaration by David Godkin with 218 exhibits – 17 May 2018

    A declaration by David Godkin, counsel for app developer Six4Three, producing 218 exhibits. The exhibits cover a wide range of material relating to Facebook, including news cuttings, press releases and blog posts. The exhibits present a timeline of what was publicly known and when.


  • How to build an empathetic relationship with customers

    Today’s enterprises are increasing technology investments that build an empathetic relationship with customers and create intimacy. Join industry experts Alan Webber, VP Customer Experience at IDC and David Roberts, CEO at Alchemer, as they discuss the importance of empathy in customer experiences, and how to improve your strategy.


  • Sustainability programs & IT: How to invest

    While addressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are business-critical, measuring impact is equally as important. Download this infographic to learn about key survey results about sustainability in today’s workforce.


  • Managing a RIM program

    Tap into this case study to learn how Cadence Group helped a government agency transition from a paradigm in use to a centralized, automated system.


  • Programming AWS Lambda

    In this massive 279-page O’Reilly guide, find everything you need to know about programming AWS Lambda and deploying serverless applications with Java. Download this comprehensive guide here for reference.


  • Standing up a privacy program

    Most privacy regulations include requirements for data minimization – the practice of collecting only the data needed for a specific purpose and retaining it only for as long as that purpose requires. This paper examines the concept of data minimization as a risk avoidance strategy and will discuss a number of implementation techniques.


  • Riding the elephant: how to manage big data

    Big data vendors – such as the Hadoop distributors – will say they see signs that big data science projects are giving way to large scale implementations. But how are user organisations managing those? How are they designing their IT organisations, and the rest, to manage and capitalise on big data?


  • Prevent 70% of data breaches with endpoint data protection

    With endpoint attacks up 68%, recovery speed and accuracy has never been more critical. Watch this webinar to hear David Ngo, VP and Head of Product & Engineering at Metallic, discuss endpoint data protection in the era of remote working.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in data analytics and business applications

    Artificial Intelligence and the sub-set of it which is machine learning are hot. It's been impossible to attend an IT conference in the last year or so without encountering a dead human genius reincarnated as a software system or a robot.


  • Why SaaS backup & recovery for today’s landscape?

    Tune into this recorded webinar where David Ngo, VP of Product and Engineering at Metallic, explains why a SaaS model for backup & recovery makes sense in today’s service-centric app landscape.


  • What a leading cybersecurity program looks like

    In order to overcome obstacles, many leading organizations turn to cybersecurity consultants to provide unbiased, expert advice and to augment their own staff expertise and resources in order to get over plateaus in the growth of their cybersecurity programs. Learn more by downloading this paper today.


  • How to build a security awareness program

    There are key factors that determine the success or failure of any security awareness program: timing, engagement, and knowledge of the role of data all contribute to a metrics-based plan for security awareness in an organization. But how do you get started? Dive into this detailed e-book to learn how to begin to drive changes in behavior.


  • Why your VoC program could be missing the mark

    Voice of the customer is critical to how an organization functions. However, many are listening without acting on the information in a meaningful way. Watch this webinar for a closer look at why customer experience programs are missing their mark.


  • Address the risks of an aging or outdated MDM approach

    In this Ventana Research Viewpoint report, David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, lays out the risks of an outdated and irrelevant MDM strategy or solution.Read this report—supported by Ventana’s market research—to discover some of their most important stipulations for MDM, including cloud capabilities, AI considerations, and more.


  • What it takes to develop open-source, dynamic, and trusted AI

    Researchers at the University of Waterloo are working to release open-source AI models that will help medical teams improve diagnosis, ICU planning, and risk planning. HPE provides the university’s research teams with the power, agility, and infrastructure they need to complete their lifesaving work at pace. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • AI accelerates mental healthcare breakthroughs

    Taylor’s University is using artificial intelligence (AI) to observe and interpret the emotions of people with mental illness and special needs. Access this case study to discover how AI infrastructures and platforms are being deployed around the world to accelerate medical breakthroughs and improve healthcare outcomes.


  • CW Innovation Awards: NUHS taps RPA in Covid-19 swab tests

    In this case study, learn how Singapore's National University Health System deployed RPA bots to automate patient registration during Covid-19 swab tests as part of broader efforts to improve efficiency.


  • Computer Weekly – 29 January 2019: A vintage digital transformation for Majestic Wines

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the digital transformation of retailer Majestic Wines and find out how buying rival Naked Wines led to a cloud overhaul of the firm's IT. We look at the challenges for IT managers as they prepare for the end of Windows 7 support. And our buyer's guide discusses deep learning technology. Read the issue now.