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Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer Software

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The secret to storageless data

Hammerspace’s recent presentation at Storage Field Day 21 focused on storageless data, which wants you to be less concerned about how your application maps to servers or storage.

Instead it’s a more data-focused approach to storage that requires the agent to run on everything, a multi-vendor approach, supporting multi-protocols, making data into a routed resource, and delivering objective-based orchestration.

Access this resource to learn the tricks of implementing storageless data including how not to compromise your infrastructure and the secret to decoupling control and data planes.

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  • Optimize your entire cloud-to-edge architecture with HPE

    A need for unified DataOps has emerged due to the complexity of data infrastructure that underpins most organizations’ hardware and software.

    To help organizations better manage their data and storage capabilities in the cloud, HPE’s Data Services Cloud Console allows administrators to manage entire cloud architectures from one interface.

    HPE Alletra is the next step in this network, allowing you to seamlessly deliver workloads and manage the underlying infrastructure.

    Continue reading to learn how HPE’s portfolio improves entire cloud architectures with a DataOps approach in mind and learn how HPE Alletra introduces cloud-optimized workloads into this mix.

  • 7 data storage management trends to prepare for the post-pandemic

    Despite some differences among industries, most storage admins have changed their routines to address changing requirements for data storage because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In this e-guide, check out 7 new data storage management trends that have emerged and what they mean for storage in a post-COVID-19 world.

    Read on to also see a comparison of virtual servers and physical servers to optimize your storage management and maintenance.

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  • A 3-phase approach to NAS protection

    Protecting this data requires a solution that is designed and built to protect terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data. Explore this e-book to learn about a three-phase approach to NAS protection that benefits users in a wide range of areas—capacity and scale among them—and which overcomes the drawbacks of NDMP.


  • 4 advantages of storageless data orchestration

    Access this data sheet to learn the 4 advantages of using this storage-less data orchestration in your enterprise and discover why Hammerspace and Kubernetes are a perfect match.


  • Want to simplify your VMware vCloud Director services?

    Read the attached guide to learn how Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) seamlessly integrates with VMware vCloud Director to provide SLA driven data protection and management.


  • Adjust to the new norms of digital business with Pure Storage

    Explore this white paper to learn how Pure Storage technologies are designed to address the data and digital transformation challenges that today’s IT leaders are facing with a portfolio of solutions that can support any application and any workflow, in any location.


  • Navigate the perils of cloud migration with these 4 steps

    If your organization’s core IT infrastructure is on-premises, migrating applications and data to the cloud can be a Herculean task without a solid data management foundation in place. Check out this data sheet to learn 4 primary steps you need to take to prepare your data for the cloud.


  • Manage & protect unstructured data with open source tools like Presto

    Explore this expert article to learn the benefits of working with query-over-file platforms like Presto with both structured and unstructured data and storage management, especially when using a managed service like Amazon Athena.


  • Transforming storage and data management – from edge to cloud

    Check out this data sheet to learn about Data Services Cloud Console- a solution that breaks down the barriers and removes the complexity that besets data infrastructure management today- so that managing hundreds of systems is as simple as managing one.


  • ESG’s update on the data management market

    Check out this ESG video to learn why now is the time for enterprises to address the issues that arise with traditional data management and storage solutions, seek out new data experiences, and leverage the opportunities that go with it.


  • Can Pure Storage Agile Data Service deliver the modern data experience?

    This IDC white paper explores both the definition of the modern data experience and how Pure Storage delivers that experience with its Agile Data Services.


  • Unlock the potential of Splunk with Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform

    The challenge of turning growing volumes of machine created data into something that is comprehensible and enabling people to make decisions and act upon that information will only get worse. Explore this white paper to learn how the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform can unlock the potential of growing Splunk datasets for your organization.


  • 5 questions to inform your search for ideal unstructured data storage

    Explore this article on to learn 5 questions that can help guide you towards the right unstructured data management system.


  • How cloud data complexity impedes transformation

    Based on the results of a recent ESG market study, 93% of IT decision makers view overly complex data as a significant impediment to digital transformation efforts. Access this presentation to learn more about the security and operational challenges of data complexity and discover how to simplify your approach to facilitate innovation.


  • Hands-on analysis and review of Rubrik’s ransomware recovery

    Rubrik Ransomware Recovery protects your data from ransomware and ensures multi-layered data security by encrypting all data at rest and in transit. Access this white paper to learn why ESG believes that if you want fast, seamless recovery from a ransomware attack, Rubrik is a vendor to watch.


  • Object storage draws on metadata capability

    In this guide, Ellen O'Brien – the Executive Editor for – discusses how object storage is in high-demand for archiving and analyzing big data. Discover how metadata capabilities are propelling object storage beyond cloud storage and into a number of new and exciting use cases.


  • Cloud data management: 3 cloud paradigm shifting principles

    By marrying non-cloud systems with cloud-native applications and infrastructures, new principles are emerging, like the shift from asset to service consumption, automated service delivery, and microservice applications. Access this e-book to learn how cloud data management works, its use cases, and a data management solution designed for AWS.


  • Automated data management no matter the location or technology

    Check out this white paper to learn about StrongLink, an automated data management technology that aims to eliminate the problem of storage silos while delivering a data collaboration engine, a data value driver, and a stewardship guarantor.


  • 9 features of Hammerspace for Kubernetes file data management

    Access this data sheet to learn about Hammerspace, a data-centric approach to file data in the cloud, serving and managing it independently from the infrastructure while providing 9 key features for resource sharing between Kubernetes users and IT teams.


  • 5 storage priorities for midsized orgs during COVID-19

    451 Research recently conducted a study to examine the priorities, concerns, and strategies of midsized enterprises regarding storage infrastructure and the impact of COVID-19. Check out the report to see the highlights of this recent study and how to confront the challenges mentioned.


  • Buyer’s Checklist: Scale-out storage systems

    Scale-out NAS systems can accommodate data growth simply by adding more capacity resources; and processing power can be increased as needed.


  • How to build an intelligent data strategy

    Game-changing innovations, like AI and intelligence-driven ops, are providing huge opportunities for the strategic use of data. This guide shines a light on the value of intelligence-driven data management.


  • The Intelligent Data Platform from HPE

    "Intelligence changes everything. Learn how HPE can help you transform with intelligent storage, enable hybrid cloud, modernize data protection, and unleash hidden insights."


  • AI-driven storage soars on the pay-as-you-go current

    In the AI-powered world, intelligent storage is gaining steam – and ushering in a new age of business effectiveness in the process. This resource examines what intelligent storage looks like and the new opportunities for success it's creating.


  • Heterogeneous storage management just got simpler

    This resource highlights heterogeneous storage management software that simplifies data management and protection across local, network, and cloud storage. Read on to view its metadata identification and aggregation capabilities, as well.


  • Automatic Isilon data migration resolves cluster capacity issues

    Read this brief to learn about software that automatically migrates data from Isilon to other storage types—including tape and public cloud—without interrupting user access and while maximizing the value of your existing storage investments.