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IT@Intel: Staying Committed to Server Refresh Reduces Cost

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We’re looking for some firsthand information regarding legacy data management tools and the future investments our audience may or may not be making to replace them.

Would you mind participating in a brief research program to share your unique perspective with us?

All the information you provide will help us to better tailor future content and site recommendations to you, improving experiences for audience members and casual readers alike. Plus, there’s even some free e-guides available to download as a thank you for your efforts.

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  • Augment your data lake instead of starting from scratch

    A common mistake in IT is building a data lake before figuring out the most effective ways to fill and structure it.

    A BI tool like Domo acts as an infrastructure augmentation - rather than replacement - so you are leveraging your existing data management architecture instead of scrapping what you have and wasting resources.

    There are other perks and benefits to using Domo. Read this white paper to find out more.

  • Enable data governance with Tableau and Alation's Data Catalog

    Today's organizations are struggling with managing their data under competing demands. Thankfully, it's possible to strike this balance of governing data without losing the agility and speed of self-service analysis.

    In this white paper, discover how to build efficient and effective data governance with Tableau and Alation. Explore why traditional data governance approaches are insufficient in meeting today’s data governance needs, and uncover how Alation and Tableau can help your organization:

    • Establish trust in data
    • Streamline business processes
    • Increase the ease of self-service analysis
    • And more

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  • Save your current data management investments with this BI tools

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  • How to master agile data management

    In reality, data comes from a wide array of sources that aren't easily accessible and are often times plagued with inaccuracies—and it's not always the tech that's the problem. Read this white paper to discover the process of "agile data mastering"—which could help you get a better grasp on your data and decision-making.


  • Emergence of data cataloging for modern data management

    Download this 451 Research report to learn about data cataloging specialist Alation, and explore Alation's positioning around governance for insight, as well as its partnerships and its search-and-behavior-based machine functionality as adoption becomes more widespread.


  • CRDTs: Why they're important in databases for developing apps

    Conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs) are designed to deliver strong eventual consistency through a predetermined set of conflict resolution rules and semantics. In this white paper, explore how to design, develop and test geo-distributed apps using Redis CRDTs.


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    60% of business and technology leaders have already implemented a machine learning (ML) strategy. Read this research report to learn what all these early adopters are using ML for, which industries are reaping the most benefits, and much more.


  • Customer-centric MDM and what it can do for you

    By seeing how customers have experienced inconsistent service in the past, organizations can turn missed opportunities into profitable insights. Want to learn how to integrate customer-focused MDM into your business? Read this white paper for more information.


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