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Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

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Threat Management: Devising a new strategy to tackle today's cyberattacks

With the threat landscape ever-evolving, your job as a security pro isn’t getting any easier. It is vital to constantly device new strategies to help you tackle the growing number of threat vectors, but keeping up with the mind of the hacker and cybercriminal is a challenge.

This Information Security Essential Guide to Threat Management explores how organizations are preparing to defend themselves against a growing number of malware threats and targeted attacks in 2012. Read now to learn why – despite the gray clouds in the future – recent advances in security methodology are reducing the number of vulnerabilities, malware attacks, and amount of spam your organization is set to face.

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  • Mainframe security: Do you know who has access to what?

    Due to advancing threat techniques, many organization’s mainframes are no longer the strongholds they once were. So do you know if all of your RACF (resource access control facility) resources are properly protected?

    More importantly, have you reduced security risks across the mainframe?

    Keep your permissions in check – Watch this short video to learn how the _beta access Suite strives to simplify the analysis of your environment, so that you can know who has access to what, as opposed to using native RACF.

  • Endpoint security: Trends, risks & key players

    As the number of endpoints within an organization grows, protecting each endpoint becomes an increasingly critical practice – especially as endpoint populations boomed in 2020.

    Read this research report from The Radicati Group to discover comprehensive insight into:

    • Key trends across the endpoint security market
    • Top players vs. trailblazers: Endpoint security vendors to keep an eye on
    • Evaluation criteria for an effective endpoint security tool
    • & more

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  • Security in times of crisis: CPP Associates

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  • Zero trust: Why you need to modernize your security program

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  • SIEM Best Practices for Advanced Attack Detection

    The industry has panned SIEM as an expensive and under performing technology. But to be clear, it's not a technology problem, it's a process issue. In this tech tip, Securosis analyst Mike Rothman will outline a time tested process to build SIEM policies which actually alert on the attacks you need to protect against.


  • The definitive guide to XDR

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  • Managed security: Monitoring, detection, response & recovery

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  • Cybersecurity: Identify & respond to evolving threats

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  • Your checklist for evaluating EDR solutions

    Not all EDR vendors are the same. To find the right solutions, organizations need to get answers to critical questions about the capabilities of EDR platforms to determine if they can protect all endpoints no matter where and how they connect. Access this checklist to make sure you find the right fit for you.


  • A blueprint for data-centric security

    Data-centric security is a fundamentally different approach for protecting sensitive data from theft or misuse – but how should organizations go about embracing this new approach? Read this white paper to discover the key principles of data-centric security, along with best practices for designing and building an effective program.


  • Cybersecurity toolkit for small to medium manufacturers

    Headline-grabbing breaches and shutdowns have put manufacturers of all sizes on notice that everyone is vulnerable and no one—no matter how small or large—escapes the interest of cyberattackers. Download the cybersecurity toolkit for manufacturers to find out how to protect your business against growing and rapidly changing cyber threats.


  • How cyber resilience protects you from ransomware

    Ransomware attacks hit the majority of US organizations in 2021 and now cost an average of $4.62 million, up from 3.86 million the previous year, and more than 70% of CISOs now expect a ransomware attack to target their business. Read this white paper to learn about the importance of cyber resilience in this era of sophisticated attacks.


  • ETM: Boost security and mitigate risk

    Protecting the enterprise—including people, systems, and IT assets—has become a daunting task. Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) improves IT asset management and security to minimize risks—across data centers, devices, software, and the Cloud. Check out the white paper to see what can be achieve with ETM.


  • Stopping cyberattacks with increased visibility

    Security professionals need an easier and more reliable way to improve visibility and security both on and off the network. This e-book looks at the problems that outdated security systems can cause. A new and proactive approach is required to protect people and their devises. Read the full PDF to learn about the nuances of modern cyberattacks.


  • Modern MDR for businesses of all sizes

    Today’s cyberthreats are growing in their volume and sophistication, and security teams are facing increased pressure to address these threats while their resources to do so diminish – so what can be done to remedy this? Read this datasheet to learn more about the benefits of MDR and discover the key features of Bitdefender’s MDR offering.


  • Cybersecurity: 6 types of controls to mitigate risk

    As cyberattacks on enterprises increase in frequency, security teams must continually reevaluate their security controls. A unilateral approach to cybersecurity is simply outdated and ineffective at combatting today’s threats. Access this e-guide to uncover how you can protect your critical data with a modern approach.


  • What CISOs need to address today

    Read this guide to explore trends in identity and access management (IAM) and third-party IoT risk, best practices for fitting NIST and ISO/IEC JTC 1 frameworks into your security program and the importance of cyber literacy, as well as finding the right security talent, for CISOs.


  • The state of threat prevention: Evasive threats

    Despite the growing risks, most companies don’t have advanced threat protection in place on every endpoint device used to access corporate applications and resources, according to Menlo Security research. Access this report to gain insights into the state of threat prevention.


  • 5 key capabilities of XDR platform

    Anomali recently announced The Anomali Platform, a cloud-native XDR solution that uses big data analytics and machine learning to automatically discovers threats to enable security teams to make rapid and informed decisions. Tap into this solution brief to learn how the Anomali Platform is designed to provide 5 key capabilities.


  • Better cybersecurity for university’s endpoint performance

    When security software slows endpoint performance down to the point that it must be disabled, the ends no longer justify the means. When a university with over 20,000 students and 2,200 endpoints faced this exact problem, they knew it was time for a change. Read the full case study to see how the University benefitted from Bitdefender GravityZone.


  • Securing hybrid work for growth

    To achieve hybrid work scalability and visibility, you need to take an integrated, comprehensive approach to security. Access this e-book to learn how Citrix and Chrome OS aim to simplify and strengthen security at multiple level in 3 major ways.


  • The Forrester Wave™: Global Managed Security Services Providers, Q3 2020

    In this Forrester Wave report, take a closer look at the managed security services market, including a comprehensive evaluation of the today’s top vendors and their offerings. Read on to unlock the full report.


  • Security Navigator: Expert-level insights into the state of cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is constantly evolving. Different threats and risks require novel solutions, and so the cybersecurity landscape is always on the move. Read this Security Navigator report, in which expert analysts walk the reader through the current state of cybersecurity, giving a comprehensive breakdown of the most relevant topics and trends.