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Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

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How Decathlon implemented scalable security with Trend Micro

With more than 1,700 stores in 70 countries, global sporting goods retailer Decathlon faced an uphill battle when it came to implementing the security side of their company-wide digital expansion.

Through an implementation of Trend Micro’s suite of security products, Decathlon is able to aggressively pursue its digital vision with confidence.

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    As quantum computing evolves, it's vital to adopt post-quantum cryptography (PQC) for cybersecurity. Utimaco's HSM Se-Series, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, with Quantum Protect firmware, offers robust protection.

    Quantum Protect features NIST-recommended PQC algorithms like CRYSTALS-KYBER for encryption and signature schemes CRYSTALS-Dilithium, HSS, LMS, XMSS, and XMSS-MT, securing your systems against quantum threats.

    Utimaco also provides a complimentary PQC simulator to test quantum-resistant algorithms' performance in your setup. Discover how to ready your IT for the quantum era in the full product overview.

  • A CISO’s guide to attack surface management

    Your attack surface is massive, dispersed across all your assets on premises, in the cloud, in subsidiary networks and in third-party vendors' environments.

    To protect it, a modern ASM must work at the speed and scale of the internet to continuously discover, identify, and mitigate all risks across your attack surface.

    Learn which features to look for in a new ASM, and how to put into place, in this white paper.

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