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Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

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The Radicati Group, Inc. Endpoint Security - Market Quadrant 2020 *

As the number of endpoints within an organization grows, protecting each endpoint becomes an increasingly critical practice – especially as endpoint populations boomed in 2020.

Read this research report from The Radicati Group to discover comprehensive insight into:

  • Key trends across the endpoint security market
  • Top players vs. trailblazers: Endpoint security vendors to keep an eye on
  • Evaluation criteria for an effective endpoint security tool
  • & more

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  • Endpoint Security IT Decision Center Handbook 2

    As an IT manager, choosing the right endpoint protection software can be a tough decision considering the number of capabilities different vendors offer with their product.

    Access this handbook to get leading expert advice on what essential features to look for when comparing options, and 10 requirements to consider before choosing your organization’s next security investment. Click now to learn more!

  • Mainframe security: Do you know who has access to what?

    Due to advancing threat techniques, many organization’s mainframes are no longer the strongholds they once were. So do you know if all of your RACF (resource access control facility) resources are properly protected?

    More importantly, have you reduced security risks across the mainframe?

    Keep your permissions in check – Watch this short video to learn how the _beta access Suite strives to simplify the analysis of your environment, so that you can know who has access to what, as opposed to using native RACF.

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  • Take A Proactive Approach To Endpoint Security

    In this Forrester research report, discover how the digital age – accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic – is transforming the endpoint security landscape, requiring organizations to rethink their approaches and address new challenges. Read on to unlock Forrester’s comprehensive findings.


  • How to get the most out of your endpoint security

    91% of organizations have experienced at least one attack in the course of a year. It has become clear that security, particularly endpoint security, cannot be ignored. In order to get a proper return on investment, your security must be both comprehensive and targeted. Get into this white paper to learn how to maximize your resources.


  • Threat Management: Devising a new strategy to tackle today's cyberattacks

    This Information Security Essential Guide on Threat Management explores the new strategies organizations are developing to tackle the threat of today’s growing malware threats and targeted attacks.


  • EDR & the efficiency of integrated cybersecurity

    According to IDC research, the majority (75%) of organizations worldwide recognize that security team's time is wasted due to a lack of integration in their security environments. These teams would be wise to consider a multi-level, integrated approach with endpoint protection in mind. See this IDC white paper to examine such an approach.


  • How to get the most out of your endpoint security platform

    The shortage of cybersecurity resources and expertise can lead organizations to struggle with implementing the security technology they acquire. In this white paper, learn how CrowdStrike Falcon Complete can solve these challenges by combining Falcon endpoint protection platform with a dedicated team of security professionals.


  • Health check: How strong is your cybersecurity strategy?

    Today’s security programs are facing a never-ending onslaught of new compliance regulations and emerging, sophisticated risks – addressing these challenges requires an all-hands-on-deck approach from the C-suite. Read this white paper to learn how to align, manage and unify your cybersecurity program and processes.


  • How to develop a data-driven, risk-based cybersecurity program

    As more organizations adopt a risk-based approach to cybersecurity, it’s critical that stakeholders and influencers ask for and get the data they need for strategic decision-making. Read this white paper to learn how to develop a data-driven, risk-based cybersecurity program.


  • The Fundamental Guide to Building a Better SOC

    There simply isn’t enough skilled security talent out there, and that which does exist is expensive. So what are companies who rely on dinosaur technology to do? They need to start building a next generation, modern SOC, today. Download your complimentary copy of The Fundamental Guide to Building a Better Security Operation Center (SOC) today.


  • Protect all your sensitive data

    Data is protection is the most important part of any modern cybersecurity and compliance strategy. Access this solution brief to learn how Comforte AG is helping organization protect their most critical and sensitive data.


  • Cybersecurity: The 10 biggest stressors

    Stress in cybersecurity matters. At a cyber risk level, it can cause security practitioners, employees and consumers to make mistakes that play into the hands of the threat actors. As it happens, data on the subject can be hard to come by – but by reading this report, you’ll learn the 10 things that stress security leaders out most.


  • Data classification: A pillar of data-centric security

    Protecting a growing volume of unstructured data can seem like an impossible task. Organizations are attempting to address this is by embracing data-centric security. In this e-book, take a closer look at classification and discover what makes it one of the key pillars of data-centric security – read on to get started.


  • A buyer’s guide to EDR

    As cybercriminals come up with more sophisticated methods of stealing data, organizations need to upgrade their security practices to address these evolving threats. Read this endpoint detection and response (EDR) buyer’s guide to learn how to assess your security needs and choose the right EDR tool to ensure security.


  • Optimizing SIEM with log management

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is typically centered around alerts – but when those alerts go unheeded or don’t offer mitigation steps, SIEM can become expensive and ineffective. Access this e-book to explore how to make the most of SIEM with log management tools that enhance capabilities and strengthen security.


  • Your blueprint for modern data protection

    With the rapidly growing frequency, scope, cost, and impact of data breaches, it’s evident that a new approach to DLP is needed. Access this e-guide to learn more about modern data protection requirements and discover how your organizations can modernize its data protection capabilities.


  • CISOs need full automation to move from reactive to proactive

    Steady increases in the volume, velocity, and sophistication of attacks require a new approach to cybersecurity—one that involves extensive automation across the entire threat life cycle. Access this white paper to learn why CISOs need full automation to protect themselves against the latest cyber threats.


  • How to manage cyber risk: A director’s guide

    As Boards exercise their duties to protect shareholder value, they need to have a solid understanding of the risks to the enterprise’s digital assets and how management is protecting them. Coalfire describes 5 key guidelines of cyber risk management for Board oversight. Read on to unlock the full guide.


  • SIEM IT Decision Center- Checklist #2

    This white paper presents SIEM use cases and technical information for security and compliance pros to better understand the threat landscape and help move their RFP process forward.


  • Technical Guide on Malware Trends

    TechTarget’s Security Media Group presents a comprehensive guide to malware trends. Our experts help you adopt your security strategies, policies and spending to address the ever-changing and customized world of malware to keep targeted attacks, phishing scams and other malware-based attacks at bay.


  • Combating Today’s Security Threats

    In this expert guide, gain a better understanding of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and how you can stay one step ahead. View now to gain key insight into security strategies that can help you protect your organization.


  • Security in times of crisis: CPP Associates

    Like any sect of criminal, cybercriminals thrive in times of crisis – such as the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted nearly everyone. This short video highlights some of the changes in the threat landscape and overviews the key functions and capabilities of CPP Associates’ security offerings.


  • Ovum: Security trends to watch in 2011

    Security needs are growing fast. Businesses are facing a large-scale and well-resourced criminal network intent on defrauding them and their customers. On top of this there is the growing threat of cyber espionage, and the need to meet ever more stringent compliance benchmarks.


  • The Improvement and Evolution of SIEM

    Get an in-depth look at the past, present and future of security information and event management (SIEM) technology in this informative E-Guide from


  • SIEM Best Practices for Advanced Attack Detection

    The industry has panned SIEM as an expensive and under performing technology. But to be clear, it's not a technology problem, it's a process issue. In this tech tip, Securosis analyst Mike Rothman will outline a time tested process to build SIEM policies which actually alert on the attacks you need to protect against.


  • Designing, implementing & sustaining a cybersecurity program

    With this data sheet find an approach that examines your cybersecurity strategy at the enterprise and functional levels to help your organization build a sustainable cyber program that meets the challenges of balancing asset protection.


  • Buyer’s guide: Prevention-first security

    Yesterday’s reactionary and disparate approach to security is no longer practical when facing today’s advanced cyberthreat landscape. Access this Deep Instinct Security Buyer’s Guide to learn more about prevention-first cybersecurity.


  • Top 5 considerations for an XDR solution

    For 2021, many organizations have increased emphasis on finding ways to improve their rrisk posture and security operations at a reduced cost – leading to rise in popularity of Extended Detection and Response (XDR). Download this checklist to unlock the top 5 questions you should be asking a potential XDR provider.


  • EDR vs. MDR: Similarities, differences & how to choose

    Managed Detection and Response (MDR) represents the fastest growing sector of cybersecurity and it is very clear that security has now become even more important than ever before. This video provides an overview of Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR), MDR and how to know when it’s time to make the switch to MDR.


  • Security program management: 4 steps of keeping the security train on track

    While there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to how to start, or restart, a cybersecurity program, Expel provides valuable insights. In a blog post, expert Bruce Potter provides 4 detailed steps of how to keep the security train on the right track.


  • Learn how to protect your business

    Vodafone’s Cyber Ready Barometer Report showed that 92% of businesses say their cybersecurity makes their business more effective. The time is now to start addressing threats – download this article to discover an e-book by Vodafone that will show you the best ways to protect your business.


  • A blueprint for data-centric security

    Data-centric security is a fundamentally different approach for protecting sensitive data from theft or misuse – but how should organizations go about embracing this new approach? Read this white paper to discover the key principles of data-centric security, along with best practices for designing and building an effective program.


  • Rationalization: A CFO Discussion

    For today’s CFO’s, cybersecurity expenditure is a tricky gambit – to avoid the devastatingly high (and rising) costs of a cyberattack, organization’s feel pressured to spend an unsustainable sum of money to protect their reputation and bottom line. Access this white paper to learn more about the evolving role of the CFO.


  • A practical guide to Zero Trust

    Aberdeen’s survey of over 1,000 organizations using mainframes showed that they continue to have a positive, growth-oriented and strategic position within the enterprise computing infrastructure. This, of course, means that mainframe security is a top priority. Download this report to explore key mainframe security trends and capabilities.


  • Cybersecurity: Perception vs reality

    This 29-page research report provides the key findings from a recent GoSecure survey designed to better understand the biases, gaps and misconceptions surrounding cybersecurity. Read on to learn more about this disconnect and discover how to address and overcome it.


  • How enterprise technology management improves security

    Protecting the enterprise—including people, systems, and IT assets—has become a daunting task. Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) improves IT asset management and security to minimize risks—across data centers, devices, software, and the Cloud. Check out the white paper to see what can be achieve with ETM.


  • The cyberattack iceberg: Looking below the surface

    In today’s cyber environment, attacks are becoming more sophisticated & threat actors are scheming ways to dig into the attack surface in hopes that traditional tools don’t recognize a breach. CyCognito CEO discusses in a webcast what’s needed to not only reveal but protect your entire attack surface. Watch the webcast to get started.


  • Cybersecurity has never been more vital

    In the current cybercrime environment, businesses need to proactively pursue the new in building strong security into their operations. Read on to learn how the growing expertise of cyber attackers creates higher levels of risk for small businesses.


  • The 7 essentials for building next-generation protection

    As cyberattackers become more skilled and launch harder-to-detect campaigns, organizations need to revise their security strategies to match the pace of modern attacks. Use this white paper to explore the 7 essential services that your chosen provider should include.


  • Use SOAR to give your security staff a breather

    As enterprises build out their security operations centers (SOCs), they’re finding that their current security installs are more disparate than they thought, tasking them with increasing visibility. But security skills are in short supply. Download this white paper to learn how SOAR can empower your SOC and accelerate incident response.


  • A strategic approach to cybersecurity defense

    Download this white paper for ways to transform your security efforts advancing from a tactical approach of reacting to threats to a strategic approach that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your cybersecurity defense.


  • Modern MDR for businesses of all sizes

    Today’s cyberthreats are growing in their volume and sophistication, and security teams are facing increased pressure to address these threats while their resources to do so diminish – so what can be done to remedy this? Read this datasheet to learn more about the benefits of MDR and discover the key features of Bitdefender’s MDR offering.


  • How to be a security leader through a cyber crisis

    Cyber crises during stressful events, like 9/11 or a Presidential Inauguration, can put tremendous strain on security teams. Watch this webinar to join security leaders as they share valuable lessons learned from these crises and explore what it means to be a leader in these situations.


  • Bitdefender helps the Archdiocese improve security operations

    The Archdiocese isn’t typically renowned for their IT and cybersecurity skills. However, in this case study, they partnered with Bitdefender to integrate MDR capabilities as part of a project to consolidate time spent on security operations and enable their IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Read on to unlock the full story.


  • Cybersecurity business gap: Shifting to a boundless cybersecurity model

    In this e-book take a look at how your organization is facing a cybersecurity business gap, and why you have a strategic imperative to bridge that gap with a new Boundless Cybersecurity model.


  • CISO panel: Protecting your OT environment

    In this webinar, hear directly from 3 Dragos customer CISOs about the challenges of protecting operational technologies and how they’re addressing them. Tune in to learn how Dragos approach to vulnerability management using severity scoring and prioritization.


  • Global Managed Security Services Providers, Q3 2020

    In this Forrester Wave report, take a closer look at the managed security services market, including a comprehensive evaluation of the today’s top vendors and their offerings. Read on to unlock the full report.


  • How Organizations With An Emerging Cybersecurity Program Can Accelerate Risk Reduction

    Whether or not your organization plans to utilize consultants, AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting crafted this white paper to clarify initiatives for an emerging program. Learn more by downloading this paper today.


  • DBIR: 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report

    Each year, Verizon releases their renowned Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), which provides a holistic look at cybersecurity trends, challenges, impacts on specific geographic regions or industry verticals, and more – read on to unlock this year’s comprehensive 119-page report.