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Ship more code with less stress

With so many moving parts and people to keep track of, how can engineering teams stay on track with project goals and deadlines?

With Trello Enterprise, engineering teams can:

  • Go big picture with product roadmap workflows
  • Keep stakeholders up-to-date on progress without having to submit time-consuming reports or joining yet another meeting
  • Worry less about security concerns
  • Switch from messy whiteboards to accessible documentation and repositories

Download the white paper now to learn more about improving your team’s workflow.

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  • First edition of Computer Weekly 1966

    On the front page of the first issue of Computer Weekly, the magazine featured a guest opinion piece written by Basil de Ferranti, then managing director of International Computers and Tabulators – a forerunner of ICL.

    He described the launch of Computer Weekly as “an opportunity to read in an intelligible form about a field of activity which will have a profound effect on the society in which we live”.

    “The computer is one of those fundamental developments which, like railways and the motor car, will totally alter our way of life. Our activities will help to raise the standard of living, and provide better lives for millions. Computer Weekly can make its own contribution towards this objective,” de Ferranti predicted.

    The National Museum of Computing holds the print archives of Computer Weekly. The museum has scanned the first issue of Computer Weekly, which you can download here.

    Don’t forget to check out our essential guide too, which tracks how the UK computer industry has evolved over the decades through which Computer Weekly has been publishing.

  • Goodbye LSMW's 14-step process, hello Winshuttle's 3-step alternative

    Uploading bulk information to SAP doesn’t have to be time consuming and complex.

    Rather than rely on SAP’s Legacy System Workbench (LSMW) which was designed for IT professionals for initial data migration projects from legacy systems, business users can leverage a non-technical alternative in a few simple steps to create and update data in SAP for everyday business transactions and data projects.

    Download this white paper to explore a side-by-side comparison of LSMW’s 14-step-process and Winshuttle Studio’s 3-step process to upload and download data and the benefits of using each.

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  • Leverage data virtualization to flesh out and solve security flaws

    In the world of big data, everything that could potentially be useful is stored. It is often left in a variety of locations, formats, and secured in different ways, creating a security nightmare. Read this white paper to learn how TIBCO’s data virtualization can help your company improve its security stance and protect key data for analytics.


  • How Dremio secures your data

    Because data sets and analytics systems are valuable targets for cybercriminals, it is important that your data access and analysis systems provide a variety of security options so that you can protect your organization’s data from potential threats. Read the attached guide to see some security choices that the data lake engine Dremio offers.


  • 8 must-haves for crisis communication

    This white paper aggregates actionable plans and exercises with which you can build a timely crisis response. Download now or you’ll miss out on essentials like how to effectively establish emergency notification, 8 must-haves for crisis communication, and more.


  • Royal Holloway: Rowhammer – From DRAM faults to escalating privileges

    Discover how Rowhammer attacks, created from a side effect in dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) that occurs due to increased density, can affect your company's cyber security and how best to protect against them


  • Anomaly detection: 4 AI-based approaches

    There are many AI-based use cases that span the healthcare industry, all with the goal of improving patient care. Access this white paper to learn the 3 basic types of anomalies that may be detected and to learn how to confront the challenges of fraud and anomaly detection with 4 AI and ML-based approaches.


  • CEO impersonation: Inside BEC attacks

    Threat actors have realized that they can achieve at least a minimal rate of success by impersonating a company’s CEO or other high-level official in an email to an employee lower down in the organization. They will typically request money via wire transfer, but it does not stop there. Read this white paper to see some examples.


  • How to practice observability with a unified database

    While complex data architectures have birthed effective best practices like observability, these best practices often rely on that same flawed architecture to solve problems. In this white paper, learn about unified telemetry, New Relic Database (NRDB), and how to understand your data ecosystem better with a unified database.


  • Mainframe file processing without the programming language requirements

    Learn about HCL Z Data Tools, user-friendly tools that enable your team to manipulate data stored on z/OS systems interactively without requiring additional programming.


  • Unify data management and data protection on SAP Data Hub

    Check out this HPE Reference Architecture on SAP Data Hub to learn how you can more easily unify data management, centralize governance, and provide data protection to your SAP Data Hub.


  • Identity fraud: 7 types & how to detect them

    Document and identity fraud have the potential to be one of the most disruptive risks facing organizations. However, addressing these challenges while meeting the user experience demands of customers is a tall order. Download this resource for a closer look into detecting and mitigating the most common types of fraud.


  • ML and banking: Improving fraud detection

    AI-based systems can augment regulatory alert systems and improve analysts’ workflow by reducing noise without discarding results. Access this paper to view the 3 types of anomalies to look out for, understand examples of how banks use fraud and anomaly detection, and learn how to build a basic, machine learning-based fraud detection system.


  • Your 31-page DNS dictionary

    In this dictionary, explore key terminology, abbreviations, and acronyms related to the Domain Name System.


  • 7 tips for improving your mass notification system

    Check out this data sheet from EverBridge to learn 7 tips for when you look over your mass notification system to ensure it is ready when you need it.


  • Defining and outlining the use cases for an Open Data Lake

    With the rise in data lake popularity has come an explosion in the number of data lake vendors and types. Read on to learn why Open Data Lakes are ideal solutions for companies wishing to avoid vendor lock-in, develop additional in-house tools, and want to fully embrace continuous data engineering.


  • Intelligent event analytics: Automating problem resolution

    In today's expanding and increasingly intricate IT environments, how exactly can IT filter through all events as they occur to solve system issues as they arise? Learn more about intelligent event analytics, designed to recognize patterns and anomalies within your system's activity and take steps to resolve problems instantly.


  • Hands-on Oracle Application Express security

    This book extract demonstrates how Oracle Application Express (APEX) can be vulnerable to SQL injection, using sample code.


  • What you need to know about HelloSign API

    Inside this eBook, explore some of the biggest benefits you could achieve when you integrate an eSignature API into your website, app, or workflow.


  • What is a document database and how does it fit with your business?

    Traditional relational databases are no longer cutting it when it comes to providing a flexible, powerful, and universal data repository. Read on to learn more about document databases, which are based on JSON-like files, and why they are becoming a more adaptive alternative to support analytical workloads.


  • Effective print management

    Analysts Louella Fernandes and Clive Longbottom offer tips on developing an effective print management strategy.


  • Improve your typhoon notification system with these 7 tips

    Access this data sheet to learn 7 tips for improving your mass notification system to ensure it will be ready when you need it during typhoon season.


  • Best practices for your AWS cloud data warehouse

    Amazon has stepped in and supplied a quality cloud data warehouse solution with Amazon Redshift, but businesses can still face challenges including difficulty querying data, loading data into Redshift inefficiently, and more. Read this e-book by Matillion to find out how to procure the most value from your Amazon Redshift data warehouse.


  • Migrating off the database and onto the cloud

    Many companies are leaving their old databases behind and migrating to new, cloud platform services. But this process isn’t easy and requires significant preparation by your company. Check out this Snowflake white paper to learn how and why companies migrate from Oracle databases to Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform.


  • Learn about new Thales data security and encryption offerings

    In this 451 Research report, learn about Thales’s addition of data discovery, classification and risk analysis to its existing line of data security, encryption and key management offerings, in part to help address the growing convergence of requirements for data security and data privacy.


  • Building a flexible data center: Prepare for future growth

    This feature eGuide offers answers for all of the potential data center questions you may be having as you embark on your journey to build a flexible data center in this down economy. Download now and identify some of the required factors for your data center construction.


  • How to create an expenses policy for your team

    Open this white paper to learn how to construct an expense policy that will work for your team.


  • 3 ways to combat identity fraud

    There are countless ways fraudsters can slip through the net. That's why organizations need to be able to recognize and analyze all of them to keep ahead competitively. Download this white paper for 3 simple steps to combat identity fraud today.


  • 10 steps to optimizing your MySQL performance

    MySQL is the most popular open source database, with many businesses relying on it for critical functions. So how can you get the best performance out of your MySQL databases? Check out this list of 10 ways you can optimize your MySQL database performance.


  • Cloud analytics: Build a data-driven company without all the stress

    Ensuring your organization is a data-driven one, using accurate data, means ensuring that your analytics programs are accessing the right data locations and formats. Check out this white paper to learn how companies like Informatica and Snowflake are pairing cloud analytics and data warehousing tools to deliver better insights, faster.


  • What's on your data stack wish list?

    Think about what features would you like your data stack infrastructure to provide—your list of features most likely looks like a wish list rather than a realistic, attainable checklist. Instead of losing hope, consider using a cloud data platform. Learn more about the technology here.


  • CW+: Quocirca Report: 21st century enterprise print services

    Despite the huge growth in electronic communications, printed output, whether internally produced or externally procured, is still widely used in 21st century businesses.


  • Case study: Microsoft Dutch HQ glimpses the future

    Microsoft has turned its Dutch headquarters into a radical experiment which the company believes could point the way to the future of the workplace. Its office at Schiphol airport has done away with dedicated desks and offices and it has given employees the freedom to chose where, when and how they work.


  • Predict customer loss before it happens - then prevent it

    Churn is when a company loses a customer - and mostly every business will have to deal with this sooner than later, because it has the power to plateau growth. Read this white paper to learn how to use predictive analytics to predict and prevent customer loss.


  • AI & content management: The perfect pair

    One of the most exciting areas in which AI has already made a strong impact is content management. From personalized content and asset tagging to content production and A/B testing, read this white paper to explore some of the biggest opportunities for IT teams when it comes to AI and content management.


  • How the current era of data science is unlike any other

    Instead of preparing static reports for marketers or salesmen, data engineers are finding that their job is changing. Analytics has become a dynamic conversation, and this conversation increasingly involves the cloud, data lakes, and more. Read on to learn more about the new role of the data engineer—and where it’s heading next.


  • Cloud data lake queries done right: As fast and cheap as you want it

    While data lakes are booming in popularity thanks to their usefulness in storing large amounts of unstructured data, businesses often find themselves building extensive data architectures so they can organize that data. Read this white paper to learn how to use a powerful data lake engine like Dremio’s and skip the expensive infrastructure.


  • Data Warehouse Automation in Azure for Dummies

    As you make the decision to move your data warehouse from on-premise to the cloud or cloud to cloud, there are many things to take into consideration. Find out how a cloud data warehouse in Azure has advantages in cost, time to value, and the ability to work with real-time data across the organization for analytics.


  • 3 key features of Rubrik's Cloud-Native Protection for AWS

    Check out this e-book to familiarize yourself with the features, architectures, and workflows of Rubrik's Cloud-Native Protection for AWS, an alternative to legacy data protection that automates cloud backup and recovery, minimizes data loss, and streamlines operations.


  • How to map your workflow with Kanban

    In the 1940s, Toyota created a Kanban system, which matches inventory with demand with visual management. Learn more in this brief history of Kanban—and learn how to get started in 5 easy steps.


  • Database monitoring: How to deploy code with confidence

    A good database monitoring program doesn’t just give you general observations—it should let you target a specific area of your database operations and procure all the insight you need to know about it. Check out this resource to learn how SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor lets you easily discover what’s going on in your database.


  • 5 must-have ETL automation functions

    By automating part or all of the ETL process, your data scientists can be left to focus on higher level projects, not manage menial, repetitive tasks. Read the attached e-book to learn the essential steps you should consider as you automate your ETL and data ingestion processes, as well as questions to ask AND five must-have automation functions.


  • How to build a successful PostgreSQL security framework

    Securing your PostgreSQL database is a multifaceted undertaking that involves evaluating everything from physical security to authentication protocols. Read this EnterpriseDB white paper to learn PostgreSQL security best practices as well as how to implement them in your own database.


  • IP hijacking: What is it & how can it be mitigated?

    IP hijacking is an emerging cyberthreat in which hackers modify public routing tables in order to direct online traffic along the hijacked route towards the attacker’s network. To learn more about this threat, including how to mitigate it, download this infographic.


  • Truly trust your database with effective performance monitoring

    Database deployments, unlike application deployments, are often filled with unforeseen problems and risk that can have a truly negative impact on your business. Check out this Gorilla Guide Tech Brief to learn how to deploy your databases without headache, how to detect performance problems before they become catastrophic, and more.


  • How, and why, to move your data warehouse to the cloud without interruptions

    Data warehouses have emerged as a popular option for storing, organizing, and leveraging the data your organization has on hand. But the best data warehouse use case lies in the cloud—and too often, companies store their data on-prem. Read on to learn how to migrate to a cloud data warehouse without interrupting your business process.


  • Learn how to Shatter Your Latency Barriers' and enable real-time analytics not possible before

    Delivering vast historical data sets or extensive volumes of streaming data stored across multiple silos and geographies in real time with minimal to no latency is a big ask—but this e-book can help you get there. Download now to view 4 latency-reduction strategies.


  • The security pro's guide to remote access

    The recent pandemic has brought about a dramatic movement towards enabling users to work remotely. Included are the results from a recent study conducted by Gartner to help security and risk management leaders solve the challenges of quickly scaling large scale modern remote access. Read on to discover their key findings.


  • Accelerate Your BI on Trillions of Rows

    As companies store and use more data than ever before, innovative business intelligence tools aren’t just speedy or flexible—they need to be both. Check out this data sheet to learn how Kyvos’ BI acceleration platform can take your BI and analytics to the next level without compromising performance or breaking the bank.


  • Overcoming the top 7 phone verification challenges

    No consumer wants to be the victim of fraud or the recipient of unwelcome spam, and no app or service provider wants to unwittingly harbor spammers or fraudsters. In this e-book, learn how to increase conversion rates and onboard users at global scale with phone verification.