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Windows Servers and Storage: Planning Your Server Room

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Why the edge is an essential part of a hybrid infrastructure

1 in 4 customers will simply abandon a web page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

As demands for instant access to data and apps intensifies, it’s critical that your workforce and customers are able to efficiently access business information and receive the seamless performance and service they expect.

Edge data centers can help your organization provide adequate data center resources and a reliable IT infrastructure to meet these demands. Click this resource to learn more about the two main driving forces behind the explosion of interest in the edge.

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  • What does "modernized data center" really mean?

    The digital economy is gaining momentum and digital transformation is impacting your IT team's priorities. Your data center is the foundation upon which the rest of your organization will need to stand, so naturally a modern business will need a modernized data center.

    Access this white paper to learn how to create a modern data center that is highly virtualized, software-defined, automated, and extensible to the public cloud.

  • Your guide to a successful data center cooling monitoring system

    Industry research has shown that after IT equipment, a data center’s cooling system is the largest energy consumer. The irony of this is that many data center managers have no real visibility into their cooling system’s effectiveness or efficiency.

    This expert handbook explains how to set up a data center cooling monitoring system, while looking at how increasing server inlet temperatures can optimize cooling efficiency and outlines methods for building hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment systems. Download now to explore detailed criteria for selecting and implementing economizers in your data center.

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  • Future-proof your data center: Helpful precautions

    This expert handbook offers information to help you properly prepare for the most critical decisions in your data center construction project. Download now to uncover ways that help you future-proof your investments and avoid costly construction mistakes such as: site selection, negotiating with contractors and more.


  • What is driving significant infrastructure investments?

    Businesses are focusing on their infrastructure investments, especially when it comes to off-premise locations. Access this white paper to see what is driving so many businesses to invest in IT infrastructure to help handle their workloads.


  • How to survive digital transformation over the next 5 years

    Roughly half of businesses don't know what their industry will look in three years, and 45% of businesses are worried about becoming obsolete over the next three to five years. Find out which three aspects of your IT department need to be transformed to keep your organization alive during the tumult of the next five years.


  • Network virtualization: The next step in data center transformation

    Server virtualization has reduced costs, but it hasn't cut down complexities. The end-goal is actually a software-defined data center (SDDC) and the path is through network virtualization. Read on to learn why SDDC is the future of data center technology and why network virtualization is becoming increasingly vital.


  • Prefab data centers: Quantifying the rack density impact

    In this white paper, you will quantify the capital cost differences between prefabricated vs. traditional data centers, as well as learn why prefabrication does not come at a capex premium. Access this paper to discover the impact of rack density for both designs, and discover a side-by-side architecture comparison between prefab and "stick built".


  • The key to data center longevity? Its design

    While the responsibilities of data centers have taken on new gravity, the way they are designed has remained largely unchanged – but why? Find out why data center design may play a more substantial role in the success (and the potential longevity) of data centers than you might think.


  • Cost comparison of power plant architectures for large data centers

    In this whitepaper, get a closer look into what an electrical architecture using an N+1 generator power plant looks like. You'll also find a series of cost-comparisons to help you get a better understanding of when this strategy becomes the most efficient option for your data center.


  • How CIOs are moving away from complex infrastructure

    Learn how composable and hybrid infrastructure can offer a simple alternative for IT organizations feeling trapped with overly complex legacy technology.


  • Modern Infrastructure – November 2017

    Software-defined architecture changes how data center resources are organized and deployed. A composable infrastructure boosts efficiency, but it isn't simple.


  • Integrating IT and facility departments for a cohesive data center team

    Although it often seems as though the IT and facilities departments are from different planets, integrating the two groups has become more important than ever for the efficient and cost-effective data center operations. This expert e-book explores how effective communication between IT and facilities can improve your organization's bottom line.


  • What is edge computing?

    Click inside to learn more about edge computing and the benefits it stands to offer your organization.


  • Converged infrastructure: Efficiently accessing your on-hand data resources

    This concise expert e-guide provides a detailed overview of converged infrastructure, or what our editors like to call "hardware that's designed with virtualization and the cloud in mind." Read on now to learn how a private cloud can act as an enabler of converged infrastructure and what benefit this can provide to your business.


  • Digging into composable hybrid infrastructure

    In this blog post, dig deeper into what composable infrastructure really is, how it works, and most importantly, why it can be an effective alternative for organizations seeking an easier way to meet customer demands on top of traditional IT responsibilities.


  • Overcoming common DCIM challanges and limitations

    This expert e-guide offers information on how data center infrastructure management tools can benefit your organization. It also offers information on how to overcome the limitations of DCIM. Access now to gain insight into topics like:using DCIM tools for energy management, DCIM challenges and limitations and more.


  • A strategic guide to modernizing your data center

    In this expert e-book, learn how to visualize each phase of your data center construction project and its energy usage. Use this guide to help ensure that your data center renovation project will go as smoothly as it can. Discover strategic topics such as: the true cost of construction, design firm selection criteria, and much more.


  • The infrastructure that supports Hollywood VFX

    When your company revolves around the combination of technology and creativity, the reliability of your infrastructure takes on a new level of importance. In this brief video, learn how Animal Logic, an animation and VFX powerhouse, found the prefabricated data center they needed to support their uniquely creative and high-tech services.


  • The green data center: Cutting high performance power costs

    In the following expert handbook, readers will learn about several ways they can help reduce the cost of power consumption in the data center, effecting greater energy efficiency.


  • Build a future-proof data center modernization strategy

    Click inside to explore the major obstacles that companies are encountering within data center modernization, including a growing IT skills gap, lack of agility due to operational complexity, and more. Plus, find out how to leverage existing technology to meet these challenges head on.


  • Key power system takeaways of the Open Compute Project

    The Open Compute Project (OCP) has ushered in a new school of thought around data center design, but until recently, the focus has been cast largely on rack-level systems. Open this guide to find out what takeaways the OCP is highlighting in regards to upstream power systems -- beyond just the rack.


  • Building a flexible data center: Prepare for future growth

    This feature eGuide offers answers for all of the potential data center questions you may be having as you embark on your journey to build a flexible data center in this down economy. Download now and identify some of the required factors for your data center construction.


  • HCI is ready for the future – here's why

    Few things move as fast as the IT industry. If you need a refresher or you're still getting up to speed on what hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is and why you need it, you're not alone. Download this HCI primer that explains why it's different than everything before.


  • Prefabricated data centers vs. traditional data centers

    Open this whitepaper to learn how to identify the environments of best-fit for both pre-fabricated and traditional data center builds, and find out how to capitalize on the opportunities posed by each.


  • The essential guide to software-defined data centers

    Choosing a software-defined data center platform requires planning and a thorough technology evaluation. In this handbook, find out what it takes to build and implement a software-defined data center platform that works.


  • Build a data center modernization strategy with these tips

    Click inside to explore the major obstacles that companies are encountering within data center modernization, including a growing IT skills gap, lack of agility due to operational complexity, and more. Plus, find out how to leverage existing technology to meet these challenges head on.


  • What is a pod based approach to data center design?

    Access this white paper to discover optimized configurations for IT pods based on available power feeds, physical space, and targeted average rack power densities, as well as how to best go about specifying your physical infrastructure needs.


  • Technology choices that can shortcut IT transformation

    Cloud-like agility isn't always an easily reachable goal. In this quick report, find out how organizations of all sizes are making their way towards increased agility through technology choices such as hyper-converged infrastructure, colocation, and more.


  • The secret to VFX magic? The data center

    Hollywood VFX requires massive computing power – and a data center that can support it all. Find out how a leading VFX house got the infrastructure they needed to continue their movie magic.


  • IT products purpose-built for medium sized businesses

    In order to ensure that your systems such as storage and data center infrastructures, IT services, and security empower, rather than restrict, IT growth, read this resource. It details the range of solutions from Dell EMC and Intel that will cover the scope of your needs and will maximize your IT investments.


  • Hybrid IT: The response to digital transformation

    The key to digital transformation is finding the right mix of technologies to deliver the best agility that enables you to capture new business opportunities. Access this white paper to learn how hybrid IT will impact your data center's future and how to manage this new IT approach.


  • Quantifying datacenter inefficiency: The case for composable infrastructure

    Access this white paper to learn about the challenges and opportunities your datacenter faces in the new era of digital transformation, and how composable infrastructure tackles datacenter inefficiencies with greater business agility, lower operational costs, and increased application performance.


  • Case study: Composable infrastructure maximizes impact of data analytics

    HudsonAlpha, a nonprofit genomics research institute, realized that they needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure to support growth and to manage the resulting appetite of its users for computing and data resources. They chose a composable infrastructure. Read this IDC case study to find out why.