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Optimizing the PC Segment of California's IT Infrastructure

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Flexible data center solution ensures uptime and security

Have you ever been asked to provide real-time business updates and be able to filter through pedabytes of data in just minutes?


Read and learn how the NFL is able to utilize the cloud, AI, and machine learning to take high-res gameday video and data and analyze it so quickly and efficiently that you can see the game odds change by the minute.


This case study highlights a flexible, scalable, and custom solution provided by the industry’s first software-defined orchestration platform brings low-latency cloud solutions to real life for your business.

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    If you are wondering how today’s concerns for health, safety and economic stability will change tomorrow’s IT strategy and procurement, you aren’t alone.

    But how can you gauge whether you’re ready for this new normal?

    Check out this infographic from Hitachi to learn about the top 4 IT considerations for CIOs and tech leaders during this time of major change.

  • Your guide to building quality real-time data center monitoring

    When it comes to running your data center, it’s obvious that monitoring is an essential component of successful data centers.

    But while some businesses push forward blindly into real-time monitoring, intelligent businesses are more thoughtful in their approach. Real-time monitoring is useful, but does it fit your use case?

    And how can you build a monitoring solution that is holistic, cost-effective, and real time?

    Access this e-guide to learn the 6 essential steps for building valuable real-time monitoring across your hybrid IT data center.

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