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Application Lifecycle Management Webcast Series

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Does your ALM tool run best with DevOps or Agile? Why not both

More and more organizations today are beginning a move to DevOps, but actually end up with a mix of DevOps, Agile, and Waterfall practices. Whatever the mix of methodologies, technologies, and processes is at your organization, you’re going to need an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool designed to be flexible to accommodate any unique strategy.

Open this whitepaper to find out about one such tool that may save you from high maintenance costs and low productivity as you try to adapt to future demand.

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  • Effective collaboration strategies for distributed development teams

    Successful application lifecycle management (ALM) hinges on close collaboration between all team members – but geographic dispersion often bars the door to effective collaboration. With the right strategy, however, it doesn’t have to.

    In this expert e-guide, uncover the tools and techniques that improve global collaboration in different parts of the application development lifecycle.

  • Unify and automate quality app development with ALM

    Accelerating app delivery to meet end user demands and compete with digital disruptors isn’t just a matter of adopting microservices, mobile platforms, cloud-sourced components, etc.

    This white paper explores how to accelerate each stage of the app lifecycle while still maintaining high standards of software quality with a modern ALM platform.

    Learn about a platform designed to help you manage and automate activities across development, testing, and delivery so that you can:

    • Enhance project planning and tracking
    • Enable app lifecycle intelligence
    • Increase automation for Agile and DevOps models
    • Strategically reuse key assets
    • And more

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  • DevOps adoption is simple with this suite of tools

    Access this whitepaper to learn about a simple DevOps solution that offers management, testing, and monitoring tools to your software development teams, as well as end-to-end visibility for management from production to deployment.


  • 6 key factors for Agile program management and ALM software

    Discover the qualities that differentiate good Agile program management software so that you can make key ALM capabilities available to all of the different members of your team, simplify configuration, and more.


  • 5 considerations for choosing Agile development platforms

    Learn how to evaluate and select an Agile software development platform that best suits your organization by uncovering 5 key criteria to consider.


  • E-Guide: Avoiding Application Security Pitfalls

    This e-guide will explain why people aren’t integrating security with application lifecycle management, the risks businesses take by not taking security measures seriously and what you can do. Read this e-guide to learn why application security measures often fail and what can be done to mitigate them.


  • How to scale Agile and DevOps across large organizations

    Organizations today need faster ways to develop and deploy software, which is why so many teams are making the move to Agile and DevOps software development methodologies. But is this sort of culture scalable? And how will it interact with legacy applications, tools, and methodologies? Watch this webcast to learn more.


  • How to support Agile development throughout the SDLC

    Discover how to apply the principles of Agile throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and to the enterprise as a whole so that you can achieve Agile development at scale.


  • How to choose an IoT platform for your development team

    In this expert e-guide, hear from Chief Research Officer Bill McBeath about the importance of selecting the right IoT platform provider to suit the needs of your development team. Drill down into the IoT platform framework and learn about 3 IoT healthcare use cases.


  • How to integrate e-commerce with ERP, CRM, and more

    Find out how to seamlessly integrate an e-commerce platform like Magento with key systems like fulfillment, ERP, manufacturing, and CRM while having a positive impact on your customers.


  • How mature are companies' software quality management processes in 2010?

    There is very little data that exists on the maturity of testing practices throughout the software quality life cycle in the Industry and lots of people refer to the maturity with a level of certainty not backed up by any real data. In 2009 Experimentus established a survey for this very purpose.


  • Container-based app delivery: Adoption 101

    Improved approaches, collaboration, and technology have led to faster software life cycles. Containers and container application platforms can help you benefit from these advances. Access this white paper that explains the implementation of container-based software delivery infrastructure.


  • RAD platforms: Tools for citizen developers, control for IT

    By shifting basic app development to tasks that are more strategic, IT can support digital initiatives in addition to coding and technical tasks. Learn how the right tools can help companies retain control over the development process, involve application end-users in early design and development phases, and more.


  • How to always be testing and iterating apps with experimentation

    Find out how organizations like Google and Netflix have created continuous A/B testing and highly adaptive iteration for their key apps and services with experimentation-driven product development.


  • Building micro apps and workflows for digital transformation

    Find out how build a unified employee portal by creating micro apps and workflows that simplify data access for more productive environments.


  • How to power app development with a distributed database

    Find out how to deliver apps that don't have to make the trade-off between the speed of data availability, data access, and consistency. Plus, learn about the pros and cons of using a distributed database as the underlying foundation for app development and user experiences.


  • Agile development 101: Accelerate time-to-market for quality apps

    Explore Agile – what it is and how it differs from other development methodologies – and learn about the different types of Agile approaches, how to scale Agile, tips for getting started with Agile and DevOps, and more.


  • How to build micro apps that enable data access across devices

    Find out how to create an engaging, user-friendly employee portal by accessing systems of record and transforming them into micro apps that can be deployed across desktop and mobile devices.


  • 6 Steps to Building a Business Case for IT Portfolio Management

    Uncover 6 steps to build a business case for IT portfolio management by examining how it helps your organization beyond just delivering cost savings.


  • Strive for continuous delivery with enterprise release management

    Find out how proper enterprise release management helps you manage digital transformation more effectively and discover how to accelerate quality software delivery.


  • IT portfolio mgmt: How a financial services provider took advantage

    Learn about the qualities that define a sound IT portfolio management platform, and find out how a large financial services provider deployed one such platform to their advantage.


  • What does the future look like for Oracle Forms?

    If you're up to the challenge of helping your Oracle Forms estates remain viable in this new cloud-first market, read this white paper to explore what options are open to you, to decide what the best course of action is for your organization.


  • Enabling Agile development vs. complete business agility

    Examine the results of a Gatepoint Research survey about the current state of business agility, and explore the drivers and challenges to adopting Agile practices throughout the enterprise.


  • Addressing open source support gaps with commercial extensions

    This Forrester Research report explores how to support open source delivery tools with commercial extensions. From an in-depth survey of 150 app development and IT professionals, uncover 3 key findings about app security and the state of open source tools in the software delivery pipeline.


  • How to enable API management, security, and governance

    Explore the main challenges and risks of enabling secure API management. To make sure that your information stays safe while still accelerating development, find out how to enable end-to-end API lifecycle management, security, and governance.


  • How to accelerate Agile development at scale

    Learn about the CA Agile Central platform, a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for enterprise Agile planning tools, and how it helps you accelerate time-to-market for quality app releases.


  • Low-code vs. no-code: How they're truly different

    Explore the differences between low-code vs. no-code, with a particular focus on the users these tools are designed for and what they're designed to help these users do. Learn how to properly outfit your development projects with low-code and no-code tools so you can enable rapid development for cloud and mobile.


  • UX design exerts greater impact on application development

    Designing for quality user experience and testing results is a complicated process for designers, testers, UX design experts and the business side.


  • Low-code, Agile, and DevOps: How EMC built TheHub

    In this case study, you'll learn how developers at EMC combined a low-code platform with their existing DevOps environment. Discover ways the team explored different technologies to build enterprise-class applications using pre-built components.


  • The road to better software QA: Build your 90 day plan

    Find out how to create your roadmap towards better quality assurance to catch QA testing back up to the pace and scope of development.


  • Jenkins: Accelerate, automate, secure, and scale your pipeline

    Uncover an introduction and step-by-step guide for using the Jenkins Pipeline plugin to automate the software lifecycle and achieve continuous delivery. Access tips for everything from installing and creating a pipeline to scaling and securing it.


  • How API management impacts web and mobile development

    This Forrester Research report examines the potential economic impact of the CA API management platform. Uncover the report's key findings and find out how to improve API management and security for fast, efficient app development.


  • Cloud vs. on-prem vs. hybrid API management deployments

    Find out how to approach API management from a usage model perspective, and learn about an end-to-end API management platform that offers secure cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment options.


  • Catch bugs before they hurt UX: Dow Jones steps up software testing

    Watch this video case study to find out how Dow Jones updated their slow, manual software testing processes in order to create more frequent, flexible, and effective testing, improve app quality, and enhance user experiences.


  • TMG Health reduces development time by 75%

    TMG Health relied on a slow, batch-oriented legacy application environment. As a result, they could not provide continuous data visibility and access to their clients. Access this case study to learn more about how TMG Health eventually achieved their goal of delivering real-time data access and visibility.


  • DevOps performance: 4 key areas to measure

    Find out how to move towards true continuous delivery by learning which key areas to measure in DevOps performance – from velocity to risk and beyond – and discover 4 potential benefits of drilling down into DevOps performance.


  • Nearshoring Agile Development: A Better Option than Offshoring

    Find out how to gain access to talented developers in your time zone with nearshoring so that you can maintain velocity, quality, and efficiency for your development projects.


  • Capitalize on low-code: The key to rapid app development

    In this white paper, discover how a low-code platform can enable rapid app development while enabling growth in complexity and scale in an integrated and easy-to-manage way. Additionally, explore testimonials shared by organizations that have experienced the benefits of a low-code platform for themselves.


  • DevOps vs. Agile vs. Lean Startup

    Out of DevOps, Agile, or Lean, which software development process works best for your organization? Share your thoughts on software development and gain access to this free expert guide where you will find out: Comparing Methodologies: DevOps vs. Agile vs. Lean Startup.


  • Low-code PaaS: Bring new flexibility to app development

    Learn about a low-code PaaS app development offering designed for building apps quickly for ITSM, security operations, customer service, and beyond.


  • Accelerate micro app development for more accessible workflows

    In this Forrester Research report, explore a case study of how CBS Interactive (CBSi) used micro apps to transform its employee app strategy and provide actionable, relevant data through a single portal.


  • Agile management tools: 10 make-or-break considerations

    An agile management tool can keep your applications on track through all the stages of their development – but only if it's the right tool.


  • APIs: Expose legacy apps to developers, mobile devices, and cloud

    In this resource, learn about the key features of the CA API Gateway for exposing even legacy apps to mobile devices, cloud services, developers, and more.


  • Aviva accelerates app development with JBoss middleware

    When Aviva Asia Pte. Ltd. acquired Friends Provident International (FPI), it needed to replace FPI's costly proprietary imaging and bond management workflow system. Discover how they created and launched a new app based on Red Hat JBoss middleware within a tight 6 month time frame.


  • Release management: Wireless provider speeds up app delivery

    Find out how a wireless provider empowered their release and delivery management services team to accelerate their time-to-market with a centralized, authoritative change and release management platform.