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Automated Energy Efficiency for the Intelligent Business

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How Tundra AP is raising the bar when it comes to HPC and AI

The Intel Xeon Scalable 9200 processor family provides a new level of capabilities across compute, storage, memory, network, and security.

Tundra AP, the next generation of Penguin Computing’s highly dense Tundra supercomputing platform, combines the processing power of Intel Xeon Scalable 9200 series processors with Penguin’s Relion XO1122eAP server in an OCP form factor that delivers a high density of CPU cores per rack.

Explore this white paper to learn the features, technical benefits, and business benefits of Tundra AP and see how it can bring a new level of HPC and AI to the OCP form factor.

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  • Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center democratizes HPC-as-a-Service

    High performance computing (HPC) can be a powerful tool for driving the profound breakthroughs needed to cure diseases, protect the encironment and deepen our understanding of our universe. But to maximize its impact, HPC must be accessible to researchers and scientists. So, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center leveraged HPE technology to build Bridges:  a supercomputer that's as easy to use as a laptop.

  • CIOs Exploit HPC to Boost Productivity and Competitiveness (Hyperion Research)

    Historically, most HPC systems in the private sector have been installed in dedicated HPC data centers for product development or other upstream R&D tasks. But in recent years, more businesses—many of them first-time HPC users—have integrated these systems into enterprise data centers to support complex business operations that enterprise server systems can't handle effectively alone.

    Hyperion Research believes that with strong support from HPE, the new HPE Cray line of Shasta-based systems is well positioned to benefit from, and to help drive, the robust growth we have projected for the worldwide HPC market.

    Brought to you by HPE and Intel®.

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    Researchers and engineers will be able to solve problems that previously were out of reach. It's hard to imagine how 2 quintillion (2 billion billion) calculations per second will affect the way we live and work, but such performance will bring new capabilities for a new set of workloads in research institutions and the enterprise. Translated,


  • The speed of the intelligent edge is finally revealed

    Data at the edge is growing at an unprecedented rate, and much of that will never see the inside of a data center or cloud. Edge computing brings real-time analytical power to the enterprise for automation, prediction, and control. Dive into this eBook to see the impact that edge computing can have on analytics capabilities firsthand.


  • The true business value of HPC, explained

    HPC's value for business, government and academic users will ramp up further as a uniquely powerful resource for Big Data analytics, including machine learning, deep learning and other AI methods.


  • Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team speeds up design decisions with high performance computing

    The Alfa Romeo Sauber F1® Team uses a supercomputing solution based on the latest HPE Moonshot HPC server cluster which significantly increases the number of CFD simulations – improving car aerodynamics and the team's competitiveness during races.


  • HPE builds NASA new supercomputer to support future human mission to the moon

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced in August 2019 that the company custom-designed a new supercomputer for NASA's Ames Research Center to support modeling and simulations of entry, descent, and landing (EDL) for the agency's missions and Artemis program, a mission to land the next humans on the lunar South Pole region by 2024.


  • Accelerate deployment of HPC projects by 75% with HPE

    Access this e-book to learn about HPC delivered as a service through HPE GreenLake, a solution that combines the power and compliance of on-premises systems, with cloud-like financial flexibility, ease of management, and consumption-based pricing.


  • Inside: Scalable clusters for enterprise HPC and AI

    This white paper covers the benefits of an HPE end-to-end cluster solution including HPE Apollo 2000 and HPE HPC storage products using AMD EPYC processors. Download now to dig into the promise of enterprise HPC and how to take advantage of these scalable clusters.


  • How to simplify & accelerate your digital transformation

    Now more than ever, you need to move faster and adapt quickly to change. HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere, enabling you to adopt transformative technology faster and simplify your operations. Access this resource to learn more.


  • The convergence of AI and HPC for research

    For decades, high performance computing (HPC) has been a powerful tool for research institutions, speeding up workloads and improving time to results. Now, rapid advancements in processing power, combined with massive amounts of real-time data, are enabling the adoption of AI for research institutions. Open up this paper to learn more.


  • The convergence of AI and HPC, explained

    Inside this solution overview, learn about Dell EMC’s cutting-edge HPC Research platform designed to combine the capabilities of high-performance computing alongside AI.


  • El Capitan: on track to be the world's fastest supercomputer!

    What could you do with the world's fastest supercomputer? If you're Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), you'll make the world safer.


  • Bring the power of the cloud to your compute environment

    In this knowledge brief, we'll look at the challenges and pressures that are leading businesses to adopt a consumption model that improves IT outcomes and boosts compute performance.


  • Pinpoint the VDI needs of your user groups

    Organizations are rapidly implementing and expanding secure, remote work options for their organizations.


  • What makes Hybrid HPC cloud the next big thing in technology?

    From mapping the human genome and modeling the universe to creating complex deep neural networks and designing artificial intelligence models, high-performance computing (HPC) has taken the world by storm. Consider its potential ROI: $463 per dollar invested (revenue growth) and $44 per dollar of profit invested."


  • How the Catalyst program seeds an infrastructure innovation ecosystem for next generations of HPC, AI and supercomputing

    This customer discussion explores a program to expand the variety of CPUs that support supercomputer and artificial intelligence (AI)-intensive workloads. The Catalyst program in the UK is seeding the advancement of the ARM CPU architecture for high performance computing (HPC) as well as establishing a vibrant software ecosystem around it.


  • How to support cryo-EM with an HPC infrastructure

    In this paper, we examine the challenges the IT organization faces in supporting cryo-EM and recommend what to look for in a solution. The mission is simple—to make it easier for you to deliver a high-performance computing (HPC) technology infrastructure that can help your organization reduce complexity and improve time to discovery.


  • 3 benefits of HPC and key considerations

    Simulation-driven prototyping fuels product innovation and helps users explore their real-world behaviors. Recognizing its benefits, the manufacturing industry has increasingly adopted computer-aided engineering (CAE), and more generally virtual prototyping, in product design.


  • Zenuity and HPE join forces to develop next generation autonomous driving cars.

    Zenuity has selected HPE to provide the infrastructure it needs in order to develop next generation autonomous driving systems. Zenuity is a joint venture between Volvo Cars (VCC) and Veoneer, two Swedish companies whose names are synonymous with automotive safety.


  • One Scientist's Journey to Accelerate Drug Discovery for COVID-19

    Join Dr. Jerome Baudry, a molecular biophysics professor from The University of Alabama in Huntsville, as he pushes the accelerator on coronavirus-focused drug discovery.


  • Exascale Era Changes Rules for Discovery & Innovation

    With the exascale era comes the promise of truly transformative science. Oak Ridge National Laboratory and their Frontier system will be central to shaping this new future. Based on Cray's Shasta™ supercomputing architecture, Frontier will advance science and knowledge far beyond what's currently possible.


  • Purdue University Center for Global Soundscapes: the Sounds of Science

    When you stop to listen to our planet, it talks back. Glaciers, desert sands, oceans—and all the life that inhabits them—have stories to tell. Soundscapes is preserving those stories by collecting, tagging, and applying AI to massive audio data sets.


  • Working in high performance computing? These are the stats you should know.

    For as long as there have been commercial computers, some hardware was designed for ultimate speed and data-crunching. Here are the numbers that show you how HPC makes a difference.


  • Bare Metal VDI–Engineering Workstation

    Read how HPE is filling the technology gap by using HPE Edgeline EL4000 Converged Edge System delivers simple, smart, dense, and secure desktops or applications from anywhere, to any device.


  • What a quintilian calculations per second looks like

    Exascale computing is the ability to run a Quintilian calculations per second and Hewlett Packard Enterprise is leading the way in the development of high performance and super computing The race to Exascale is the space race of this century.


  • Webinar: How to optimize HPC spend and performance

    Tune into this webinar to hear how an HPC expert defines the three pillars to HPC optimization and explores how IT can build a robust and secure continuous optimization engine, whether on premises or the cloud.


  • How to build a modern HPC environment, explained

    Download this in-depth HPC buyers guide to dive into how your organization can build a modern HPC environment, covering major trends, optimization costs and more.


  • Overcome the biggest HPC challenges with Penguin Computing TrueHPC

    Dive into this white paper to learn about Penguin Computing TrueHPC, a solution that provides a complete solution built on their workload-optimized server building blocks and Scyld ClusterWare HPC orchestration technologies which can meet the requirements of even the most demanding workloads.


  • Proven, streamlined, cloud-enabled HPC from Penguin Computing

    Explore this e-book to learn about Penguin Computing AccessHPC, a solution that combines decades of HPC design experience with cloud-native technologies to provide proven, streamlined, cloud-enabled HPC architectures.


  • Accelerating the journey to VMware SDDC and hybrid cloud

    VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail provides the simplest path to the hybrid cloud. By deploying Cloud Foundation on VxRail customers get full stack integration with both the HCI infrastructure layer and VMware cloud software stack. Access this e-book to learn more about VxRail HCI system software.