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First the Tick, Now the Tock: Next Generation Intel Microarchitecture - Nehalem

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E-Book: Virtualizing Your Infrastructure - Selecting Server Hardware for Virtualization

Choosing the right server hardware to maximize virtualization benefits is an important investment. To gain the high consolidation ratios you're after, you need powerful-enough hardware to support your workloads and applications.

In this expert ebook, explore the hardware consideration to keep in mind as you virtualize, including:

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Form factors
  • And more

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    Couchbase is a modern distributed, multi-model NoSQL database. Couchbase’s core architecture supports a flexible JSON data model at its foundation and uses familiar relational and multi-model data access services to supply data to operational and analytic applications.

    Read through this e-book for a close look at how the internal components of the Couchbase database (Capella, Server, and Mobile) operate with one another.

  • Royal Holloway: Rowhammer – From DRAM faults to escalating privileges

    A side effect in dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) that occurs due to increased density, creating a challenge to prevent cell charges from interacting with adjacent cells, has evolved to the vulnerability called Rowhammer. Discover how it is used to exploit memory management techniques in different environments, inject errors in cryptographic protocols and perform privilege escalation attacks, and the counter-measures to help protect your organisation from attack.

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  • 3 steps for ranking network security vulnerabilities

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  • Computer Weekly – 15 January 2019: NHS plans for a digital future

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  • How data ecosystems can enable sustainable operations

    41% of mining CEOs doubt their company will be economically viable in ten years if they continue their current path. Read on to learn why creating a connected ecosystem that facilitates real-time, seamless data-sharing with vendors, service providers, supply chain partners, and analytics companies is imperative for future success.


  • Sustainable Devices for Positive Impact

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  • Data center: The business value of server refreshes

    Forrester Consulting reports that data centers that refresh their servers at least every three years can gain technological and business benefits compared to data centers that do not. In this study, examine the effects of upgrading legacy servers that are more than three years old to Dell PowerEdge servers powered by AMD.


  • Exchange Migration E-Book Chapter 2: Mastering the Art of Migration Documentation

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  • Russia's answer to Silicon Valley

    The Russian government is investing in an ambitious project to create its own technology hub that they hope will go on to rival Silicon Valley. The billions of rubles of government money being invested on the outskirts of Moscow has the backing of several multinational technology companies IBM, SAP, Intel, Cisco and Siemens.


  • Event recap: VMworld 2018 Europe

    It is the 20th anniversary year for VMware and at the VMware European conference in Barcelona, the company famous for its hypervisor, showcased how it had changed the face of IT, and where it was heading next.


  • Leaders in IT

    This PDF gives you an insight into the daily lives of IT leaders and the challenges they face on a day to day basics. With technology constantly changing, they are expected to be on top of this and ensure that the workforce is up to date with the latest applications.


  • IT Handbook: Exchange Virtualization for VMware

    VMware has received a lot of attention for its flexibility and reliability, but that doesn't guarantee it's the best hypervisor for your Exchange environment. This IT handbook examines how VMware compares to Microsoft and Citrix and discusses tools and tips to help you navigate the Exchange virtualization process with ease.


  • Definitive Guide to Exchange Server 2010 Migration: Chapter 1: Under the Hood of Exchange Server 2010

    Migrating to Exchange Server 2010 from the 2007 edition is becoming a must, as the 2010 edition offers improved email archiving, high-availability, and optimal storage features. But as you begin to explore the possibilities of upgrading to Exchange 2010, do you have a proper plan in place?


  • How to empower a hybrid workforce while reducing costs

    In this short video, learn how the partnership of VMware and Intel can help your organization empower a hybrid workforce while reducing costs.


  • Case study: Avionics safety certification with certifiable IP blocks

    Aerospace manufacturers struggle with costly, time-consuming DO-178C avionics software certification. Wind River's certifiable IP blocks reuse pre-certified components, slashing certification time and cost. This case study examines how a customer leveraged Wind River's software to quickly certify a 16-core system, saving millions.


  • 7 benefits of Pliops XDP

    Rather than expending more resources, companies need to work smarter - specifically by taking advantage of hardware accelerators that can deliver an order of magnitude for more efficient infrastructure. Access this data sheet to learn how acceleration using the Pliops Extreme Data Processor turns this potential into reality.


  • Virtual Environments are Different from Physical Environments

    Discover how to overcome the management challenges of virtual environments and achieve benefits like improved density, enhanced capabilities for automation and more.


  • Cut financial AI application risks with MLOps

    For today’s financial sector, the ability to reduce costs while improving the speed of service delivery is key to staying competitive. The institutions that leverage AI and machine learning to digitally transform their services are the ones currently leading the way. Read more to learn about MLOps and how this process can transform your business.


  • New Virtual Networking Technologies Make Convergence Real

    This expert e-guide discusses what role the cloud plays in the convergence of IT. Uncover 3 important lessons the cloud provides on converged infrastructure solutions, 3 main approaches to creating virtual networks and more.


  • What’s the ROI of SUSE’s SAP solutions?

    This Total Economic Impact (TEI) report from Forrester examines the potential ROI you can realize from deploying the SUSE and Intel Server Platform for SAP environments. Access the TEI report here to explore if SUSE’s SAP solutions are a good fit for your organization.


  • A human-centric approach to the modern workspace

    Employees are returning to the office and moving between locations to get work done. That’s why Dell Technologies is taking a human-centric approach to their latest portfolio of intelligent solutions. Explore the benefits and capabilities of their fleet, including advancements in sustainability, in this e-book.


  • What really matters when searching for threat intelligence services

    As complexity rises and the availability and sophistication of cyberthreats grows, cyberthreat intelligence allows for a more proactive approach. Read this white paper to find out what really matters when you’re searching for threat intelligence services.


  • Cyber-Resilient Infrastructure Starts with Server Security

    In this White Paper, discover how Dell's PowerEdge servers combined with AMD's EPYC line or processors can keep your datacenter secure.


  • An easier way to meet the most stringent safety requirements

    If your organization is subject to certain safety standards such as ISO certifications or others, then you know the importance of having a safe and secure, high-performance system. For those running multi-core Linux devices, virtualization can be the right answer. Watch this video to learn more about multi-core use cases and a regulation framework.


  • The Evolution of the ‘Big Data’ Concept

    Access this exclusive guide to analyze the evolution of the big data concept. Examine how many analysts are coming to believe that the 3-V definition falls short. Continue on to delve further into the big data discussion and discover how Gartner, who originally introduced the 3-V concept, has begun to build on this rudimentary interpretation.


  • How SOAR is Transforming Threat Intelligence

    Today’s security teams still rely on siloed threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) to provide visibility into external threats, but teams still struggle to take automated actions on relevant indicators across disjointed threat feeds. Access this white paper to learn how the Cortex XSOAR platform is designed to provide 3 key benefits.


  • Want better performance per watt? Customise your PC’s thermal settings

    How can you ensure better runtime efficiency in performance per watt for your workloads? Read on to learn about an AI-based optimization software that responds to the way you work to help strike the right balance between performance and power efficiency by automatically improving app and device performance according to your unique business needs.


  • Computer Weekly – 12 January 2021: Can AI ever match the power of the brain?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, artificial intelligence is still no match for the brain – we talk to Intel's neuromorphic computing lab to see how researchers are trying to address that. Our buyer's guide examines identity and access management. And we find out why datacentres are becoming a new target for financial investors. Read the issue now.


  • The essential guide to security data

    Organizations must use every available resource to protect against the latest cyberattacks. One of the most important resources that organizations can tap into to solve these security challenges is data. Download this e-book to learn how three companies are leveraging data to protect themselves against advanced threats.


  • Collaboration: Meet worker needs & stay competitive

    Workers want to collaborate in confidence from any location globally. It’s essential that business leadership offers modern experiences to promote collaboration, creativity, and community. Read on to understand how you can meet tomorrow’s workers’ desires and ensure that you stay competitive by utilizing sophisticated tools and experiences.


  • Disaster-Proof Your Containerized Apps

    This webinar explores a solution that enables IT teams to deploy containerized workloads where and when they need them, with the agility, reliability, and flexibility to move them as they choose. Tune in to learn how you can leverage open hybrid cloud technology to ensure application uptime and protect your containerized apps from disaster.


  • Computer Weekly - 7-13 January 2020: Digital fashion reality - how technology can help people enjoy fashion in a more sustainable way

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we report on a programme to get more young women into cyber security. We look at fashion for online personas. And we examine edge computing as the new data frontier, and how cloud-native platforms and AI might transform the datacentre. Read the issue now.


  • Key benefits of Dell Optimizer’s AI-based software

    AI and machine learning are already improving our lives with real-time traffic and weather maps and voice recognition. Dell Optimizer is AI-based optimization software that, like the AI mentioned above, has the potential to make life better. Read this e-book to see how enabling Dell Optimizer can improve the end-user experience.


  • How to supercharge secure employee productivity

    Read this e-book to gain guidance on how to establish an employee-centric digital workplace, including must-see security considerations for which everyone is responsible.


  • Private Cloud E-Zine Vol. 4

    As cloud continues to evolve, IT managers are looking for better integration of cloud platforms with existing tools, greater control and management, improved self-service and greater portability among cloud environments. This e-zine takes a look at trends in cloud computing, using open source software, moving applications to the cloud.


  • Computer Weekly – 30 August 2016: Get protected

    It is not uncommon for computer systems to be compromised by a company's own employees. In this week's issue we look at the Sage data breach, which highlights the risk every organisation faces from its staff. Staff are often motivated by revenge, but sometimes internal logins can be compromised, enabling hackers to circumvent firewalls.


  • Datacentre design and facilities: What you need to know

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the latest thinking and trends around datacentre design, while shining a light on the differing approaches organisations take to ensure their server farms remain up and running, and can withstand all the compute demands expected of them.


  • ESG: Driving Employee Empowerment with Digital Work Technology

    Dive into this ESG research paper for a look at the quantified differences in IT operations performance, employee engagement, and business outcomes that correlate to differing levels of digital work technology maturity.


  • Infographic: what is composable infrastructure?

    Familiarise yourself with how composable infrastructure works, core characteristics and benefits, and what enterprises hope to gain from this infrastructure-as-code delivery model.


  • Computer Weekly – 16 January 2018: How to fix the Meltdown and Spectre chip flaws

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as CIOs come to terms with the Meltdown and Spectre processor flaws that make every computer a security risk, we examine how to protect your IT estate. We find out how Alexa-style smart speakers can help with CRM strategies. And we look at how the public sector is implementing DevOps. Read the issue now.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Next-Generation Storage

    Storage needs are ever increasing—and data volumes constantly expanding. How are today's systems accommodating these capacity demands? In this buyer's guide, Computer Weekly experts look at the evolution of storage systems and how they meet processing demands, the continuing role of all-flash arrays, and how to buy the best storage investment.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 April 2018: London plans to be a smarter city

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we meet the first ever chief digital officer for London and find out his plans to make the capital a smarter city. SAP has overhauled its controversial indirect licensing policy – we look at the implications. And what are the jobs of the future in retail as the sector is transformed by technology? Read the issue now.


  • CW Nordics February 2019

    In this ezine, we look at how digital transformation is shaking up the Nordic region and placing CIOs at the forefront of the social and economic changes that come with it. Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are all heading in the same direction at pace and it appears this move is being fuelled by more traditional businesses.