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New Security Solutions Using Intel vPro Technology

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3 key log analytics use cases

Log analytics tools can prove invaluable when data center operations encounter an incident – a scenario that’s often unavoidable.

Download this E-Guide to uncover three log analytics use cases that detail scenarios like incident fixes, trends discovery, and IT optimization.

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  • How to build a modern HPC environment, explained

    The world of technology moves fast and data centers need to keep up.

    High-performance computing (HPC) offers the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds. However, organizations need to understand the pros and cons of the HPC options available before making a final decision.

    Download this in-depth HPC buyers guide to dive into how your organization can build a modern HPC environment, covering:

    • Major industry trends
    • Performance and optimization costs
    • Platform-managed HPC
    • And more.

  • How to use colocation to sustain global operations and earn 24/7 monitoring

    Within a presence across more than 25 countries, Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) – an international professional services firm – relies on its robust IT infrastructure to keep their global offices connected.

    Dive inside this case study to learn how A&M utilized QTS’s Service Delivery Platform to earn insight into their critical data center environments 24/7 and from any location and device, resulting in serious cost savings and reduced strain on their on-premises maintenance teams.

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  • Expert best practices for data center management

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  • Your current RACF vs. STIG guidelines: How to compare

    Jump into this white paper to learn how to identify and plug system security vulnerabilities in your z/OS environments by comparing your current RACF settings to industry standards as defined by Security Technical Implementation Guides.


  • The cost and reliability benefits of colocation

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  • Infrastructure-wide log management explained

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  • Guide: How to use DCIM for edge computing

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  • How to simplify distributed job automation and scheduling

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  • 6 techniques for controlling runaway log volume

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  • z/OS Logstreams at a glance

    Maintaining critical z/OS mainframe environments is a hefty responsibility – especially as downtimes grow more and more costly. Inside, learn about a z/OS log stream tool that simplifies viewing, troubleshooting, and archiving processes.


  • Infrastructure monitoring 101

    Monitoring the infrastructure is key to any organization's success. Download "Infrastructure Monitoring 101: The Power to Predict and Prevent" to learn what that entails in today's increasingly complex technology landscape.


  • Create productive development environments with no-code

    Enterprise architects (EAs) are combatting sprawl through IT transformation projects that seek to rationalize applications and data sources, control and standardize development across functional siloes, and make technology choices that support future growth. This e-book covers five ways to help EAs achieve all this while minimizing sprawl.


  • Case study: How this colocation provider delivers consistent performance

    None are more familiar with the ins and outs of assembling data centers than colocation providers. Discover how this colocation provider revamped its infrastructure to support the unique requirements of their customers, granting access to increased deployment speeds and rack flexibility.


  • 12 essential elements of data center facility operations

    Inside this 43-page guide, read through the 12 elements that comprise a balanced and airtight facility management program. From emergency response to personnel management – and everything in between – get tactical advice on the key components that every O&M agenda should contain.


  • The surge in demand for mainframe skills, explained

    During the pandemic, mainframe systems are experiencing such a surge in usage, demand for Cobol skills has skyrocketed. Dive inside this E-Guide to learn more about the recent explosion in demand for mainframe skillsets.


  • 5 signs to consider composable infrastructure

    Unlike other hybrid infrastructures, the HPE Hybrid IT approach is built on software-defined intelligence and works on a workload-centric basis. This resource counts down 5 signs that composable cloud infrastructure is right for your business.