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Implementing Intel vPro Technology to Drive Down Client Management Costs

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How KPIs can benefit the management of your data center

IT KPIs are changing the way data center hardware and software monitoring systems function.

This expert eGuide breaks down some of the benefits of using a KPI to measure your data center workload balance, what business relevant aspects to measure, as well as how to generate periodic reports that show KPI data overtime.

Also, review examples of how KPIs can measure your data center’s IT infrastructure, transactions and efficiency. 

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  • Overview of Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 is full of features you need to understand in order to get the most out of it. So, which ones are the most important?

    This exclusive webcast will provide you with in-depth information on the most important tools and much more.

    View now to also discover how one company can help you with your implementation process.  

  • Wind River safety certification by the numbers

    Wind River is the #1 commercially deployed Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) with over 840 safety-critical programs.

    With 20 years of experience in safety certification software products, there’s a reason so many organizations trust Wind River.

    Learn more about Wind River here.

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    This whitepaper explores how Dell, Microsoft and Intel have worked together to produce commercial PC platforms with security baked in at the deepest levels, to help protect your devices across their lifecycle, through your next refresh, and beyond. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel vPro® platform, Built for Business.


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    This paper explains how by working together, Dell Technologies, Intel, and Microsoft give you access to market leading business grade workforce solutions – without compromise.


  • Achieving Pervasive Security Above and Below the OS

    Learn how Dell and Intel come together to provide a holistic approach to security that employs hardware-based "below the OS" capabilities that help defend against attack and software-based "above the OS" protections against traditional attacks.


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  • The secrets to meeting your sustainability goals

    In this e-book, discover a comprehensive overview of how Dell services can support your sustainability efforts, from procuring devices for new employees and managing asset retirement to building an energy-efficient data center and reducing the carbon footprint of your business.


  • Accelerate AI apps on OpenShift with Intel Xeon processors

    This white paper by Intel details how 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors can accelerate AI applications and workflows on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Read the white paper.


  • How Intel & Red Hat are driving application acceleration

    Red Hat and Intel are simplifying scaling workloads with joint solutions featuring Intel Xeon processors and Red Hat OpenShift Plus. These solutions support hybrid cloud, NFV, and 5G monetization, with validated performance for typical configurations. Explore the full infographic for more on the Red Hat-Intel partnership.


  • Datacentre Management

    In this e-guide, we've pulled together some of the latest thinking on good datacentre management practice, while shining a light on the tools and technologies that are on the market (or in the pipeline) that can help enterprises run their facilities with greater ease and agility.


  • Live-video support tools: Changing the game for remote support

    With an explosion of IoT devices and continued growth of IT consumerization, market researchers see an opportunity for vendors with new-age remote support products. Uncover independent analysts' opinions of a live-video support tool and understand how it differentiates from competitors like Apple's FaceTime or Google Hangouts.


  • Accelerate app development with next-gen HPE compute and Intel Xeon

    Accelerate app development and deployment with containers powered by next-gen HPE compute and 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Unlock performance, simplified management, and trusted security to drive your business forward. Read the full product overview to learn more.


  • Explore the potential of computer vision AI for your business

    Computer vision AI enables systems to derive insights from visual data, automating business processes. Learn how Intel's hardware and software solutions can help you deploy cost-effective, scalable computer vision applications. Read the full article to explore the details.


  • MicroScope – May 2020: Staying connected

    In this issue, read about how the channel is helping customers stay connected during the pandemic, with Covid-19 raising hardware as businesses aim to provide technology for home workers. Also discover the benefits of SD-WAN and learn about the top compliance concerns for the coming year


  • 5 zettascale challenges and how to address them

    As organizations continue to work to find new ways to manage, corral and interpolate large amounts of important data, it’s expected that today’s petascale supercomputers will be superseded by new exascale and zettascale systems. However, some have concerns about this new technology. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • Can your servers meet the demands of AI workloads?

    Can your computational resources address the demands of AI workloads? To help you answer yes, Dell Technologies developed the Dell PowerEdge servers. To discover how these servers stack up against industry-standard AI benchmarks like OpenVINO and TensorFlow, review this white paper.


  • Computer Weekly – 23 January 2024: Davos 2024 – AI disinformation tops global risks

    In this week's Computer Weekly, AI-generated disinformation and misinformation will be the top risks for businesses, governments and the public over the next two years, according to the WEF. Intel's CTO discusses the chip maker's plans for the European market. And we examine the dearth of digital skills among elected officials. Read the issue now.


  • ITOps & service management: The state of play in APAC

    In this e-guide on ITSM in APAC, find out how to keep IT operations running to empower a remote workforce, the advantages of cloud-based service management tools and how one Australian company is managing IT incidents amid a shorter development lifecycle.


  • Optimizing performance for data management and analytics

    Optimize performance for data management and analytics workloads with HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers and Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Boost data and analytics capabilities, generate real-time insights, and enhance user experiences. Read the full product overview to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly – 15 January 2019: NHS plans for a digital future

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the NHS Long-Term Plan and examine how it intends to transform UK healthcare for a digital age. We analyse the latest chip developments from Intel and AMD to see what will change in the datacentre in 2019. And we ask the experts if Amazon Web Services can continue its growth trajectory. Read the issue now.


  • MicroScope – January 2021: Looking forward to the future

    In this issue of MicroScope, take a look at what the year ahead holds for the channel after a largely positive 2020. Also discover why IAM technology is so important for post-pandemic cloud computing, and what approaches are fundamental to finding business success


  • Confidential computing: What it is and why it matters

    Today, with increased compliance and regulation, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data throughout its lifecycle has never been more crucial. In this report, IDC explores the core concepts of confidential computing, and explores the important role it has to play in the future of data security. Read on to learn more.


  • Classical Machine Learning - Insights from Intel

    Classical machine learning uses algorithms to analyze large data sets and provide insights into identified patterns and trends. Learn how Intel hardware and software can accelerate your classical ML initiatives and overcome common challenges. Read the full article to discover the benefits.


  • PowerEdge - Cyber Resilient Infrastructure for a Zero Trust World

    PowerEdge - Cyber Resilient Infrastructure for a Zero Trust World is a new interactive eBook from Dell Technologies and Intel®.


  • Migrating electronic medical records: Brief guide

    Well-managed electronic medical records (EMRs) are key to providing excellent patient care. This overview explores reasons for tech pros at healthcare organizations to consider migrating their Epic EMR environment to Red Hat and Intel. Continue on and unlock the guidance.


  • Generative AI's impact on data center demand and sustainability

    The surge in Generative AI is putting strain on data centers, requiring more advanced infrastructure and sustainable energy sources. Learn how data center operators can evolve to meet this challenge.


  • HP solutions to the key challenges reshaping enterprise tech

    To enable true, distributed work productivity, IT teams must support a complete ecosystem with seamlessly layered security, a broad range of devices, evolved collaboration tools, in-office advantages, and a wealth of manageability services. In this infographic, discover how HP can bring all of these needs together.


  • Computer Weekly – 12 January 2021: Can AI ever match the power of the brain?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, artificial intelligence is still no match for the brain – we talk to Intel's neuromorphic computing lab to see how researchers are trying to address that. Our buyer's guide examines identity and access management. And we find out why datacentres are becoming a new target for financial investors. Read the issue now.


  • Capture the Power of Generative AI

    Optimize training and deployment to realize transformative benefits for your business with the purpose-built Intel® AI hardware and software portfolio.


  • A Partner's Guide to Building and Refining Multicloud Strategies

    Learn how to navigate the complex world of multicloud environments with Dell and Intel®, and deliver custom, easy-to-use solutions.


  • What edge computing looks like in 2024

    This paper describes how Red Hat and Intel combine leading microprocessor hardware and open source software to address edge computing challenges. Read the paper here.


  • Computer Weekly - 9 March 2021: Are you ready to return to the office?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, a year after lockdown began, we look at employers' changing attitudes to returning to the workplace. We find out how the software developer community has coped during the Covid-19 pandemic. And we examine the cyber security concerns prompted by latest social media craze, Clubhouse. Read the issue now.


  • Sustainable network innovation with Red Hat & partners

    Intel, Ericsson, and Red Hat partner to drive sustainability initiatives in telco networks. By optimizing hardware, software, and power management, they aim to reduce energy consumption by over 20% without compromising network performance. Learn more in the full white paper.


  • MicroScope – June 2020: The surge in home working

    The shift by many to home working has created opportunities and challenges for the channel as it looks to help customers through the changes. Also discover the importance of diversity in your workforce, and how Covid-19 is affecting IT events


  • Cyber Resilient Infrastructure for a Zero Trust World

    Your organization must combat a multitude of cyberthreats every day. Learn how an in-depth security stance that begins with Dell PowerEdge servers, powered by Intel© Xeon© scalable processors can help you win.


  • Leaders in IT

    This PDF gives you an insight into the daily lives of IT leaders and the challenges they face on a day to day basics. With technology constantly changing, they are expected to be on top of this and ensure that the workforce is up to date with the latest applications.


  • Secure remote access: More vital than ever thanks to Covid-19

    We explore some of the minutiae of securing the remote workforce. First, infosec consultant Kevin Beaver, picks over some remote access security risks that have arisen during the pandemic. Then we explore the findings of a recent supplier report, which detailed how remote working burn-out is becoming a factor in increasing security risk.


  • MicroScope – December 2020: Reasons to be positive for 2021

    In this issue, discover why the continued digital transformation trend means 2021 is looking good for the channel. Also read how business processes can be optimised by adding artificial intelligence to the mix, and how the channel is looking at the challenge of sustainability


  • Modernize at the edge with HPE and Intel's innovations

    Discover how HPE and Intel's long-term commitment to innovation enables better results at the edge, leading to groundbreaking solutions for the new era of edge computing. Download this product overview to learn more.


  • Unlock the power of edge computing for faster insights

    Gain operational resilience with a new approach to edge computing. Discover how HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers with 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors can deliver an intuitive cloud experience, trusted security, and optimized performance to drive your business forward. Read the white paper to learn more.


  • Telcos and sustainability: Insights from Red Hat and Intel

    As they meet growing network demands, telecommunications (telco) service providers must also prioritize sustainability. In this overview, find out how Red Hat and Intel have partnered to support telcos’ sustainability efforts.


  • How Red Hat & Intel rapidly operationalize your AI/ML models

    Despite attractive benefits, a high AI/ML project failure rate remains, with many experiencing real challenges moving projects from concept to production. Download this product overview to understand how Intel and Red Hat can help you face these challenges directly and rapidly operationalize your AI/ML models.


  • Computer Weekly - 24 March 2020: Making home working work - a guide for IT leaders

    In this week's Computer Weekly, with staff working from home during the coronavirus crisis, we look at three key technology areas to consider. We find out about a novel approach to teaching security awareness to users. And we examine the role of IT in corporate environmental, social and governance programmes. Read the issue now.


  • Benchmark shows leadership performance of HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11

    The HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 server sets a world record in the TPC-H benchmark at 10TB, leading in decision support system workloads. It boasts a 17.89% performance boost and 23.85% better cost efficiency over its predecessor, offering exceptional value. Discover more in the full benchmark guide.


  • MicroScope – November 2021: Scaling the skills shortage

    Navigating the challenges of retaining talent is an increasing concern for the channel, with many professionals set to change jobs – discover why this is and how big of a problem the industry faces. Also read about the increase in demand for anything as a service, and why exactly the channel keeps enduring through the years


  • Computer Weekly - 17 December 2019: How data analytics is improving the world's greatest tennis players

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the organisation that runs men's tennis worldwide to find out how data analytics is transforming the sport. Intel processors delays will affect Windows 10 upgrades – we examine the implications. And we ask if AI is living up to the hype in enterprise IT. Read the issue now.


  • 4 ways to accelerate IT/OT integration with Red Hat and Intel

    Use this checklist to understand 4 ways a new approach to IT/OT integration can transform your business strategy.


  • MicroScope – July 2021: Life on the edge

    With opportunities around edge computing on the up, we ask experts to weigh in on how the channel can approach using the tech to its advantage. Also discover how to encourage employees to take cyber security lessons seriously, and how collaboration is key to growth this year


  • Covid-19: Three steps to remote working effectiveness

    Staff are going to have to work from home, if they can, for the foreseeable future. We look at steps to ensure they remain fit and productive


  • Event recap: VMworld 2018 Europe

    It is the 20th anniversary year for VMware and at the VMware European conference in Barcelona, the company famous for its hypervisor, showcased how it had changed the face of IT, and where it was heading next.