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GDPR: Non-compliance comes at a cost

Since its inception in 2018, GDPR has cost organizations more than $330 million USD in fines due to non-compliance.

Read this e-book, Simplifying GDPR Compliance, to learn more about:

  • The costs of GDPR non-compliance
  • Making compliance an organization-wide effort
  • How to make GDPR efforts easier
  • & more

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  • Complying with modern E-commerce regulations

    As E-commerce continues to grow, hackers have increasingly targeted website vulnerabilities in order to steal users’ financial data during online transactions.

    This white paper is designed to familiarize you with the most important takeaways of the PCI DSS version 4, explaining how the compliance aims to protect user’s data during payment transactions on E-commerce sites, and proving you with the information you need to prepare your organization’s compliance.

    Download now and take the first step toward the new PCI DSS V4 standard.

  • Putting a stop to JavaScript skimming

    Hackers are targeting E-commerce sites with skimming attacks, taking advantage of weak JavaScript in order to steal customers sensitive data.

    In order to prevent skimming, organizations must come together in order to stop skimming, through the following key actions:

    • Contribute to PCI DSS 4.0 compliance
    • Make any JavaScript tamper-resistant
    • Detect & mitigate browser-based attacks
    • Prevent data loss & reputation damage

    Download the data sheet now to learn more.

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  • Defending against skimming attacks

    E-commerce skimming attacks are becoming more common, with hackers leveraging vulnerabilities to steal user’s payment data. Recognizing the inherent vulnerabilities that lead to skimming attacks, the new version of PCI DSS contains two requirements to better defend against E-commerce skimming attacks. Download to learn more.


  • Checklist for business success through compliance

    In a landscape where cyberattacks are becoming a chief obstacle to business success, maintaining compliance is not only beneficial to your security posture, but can also signal to potential partners the reliability of your business. Use this checklist to evaluate your business operation and see how can get more out of your compliance.


  • How The Nozomi Networks Solution Supports The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) helps organizations document and implement controls for their IT systems that support critical operations and assets. But NIST CSF compliance can be complicated and costly to achieve. Read this compliance mapping guide to learn how to simplify NIST CSF compliance with Nozomi Networks.


  • 8 Keys to Successful Gap and Readiness Assessments

    Compliance is now a crucial factor for how organizations grow and plan for the future. Gap assessments and readiness assessments are valuable ways to help you determine your compliance needs as they evolve over time. This white paper explores the best way to perform a gap or readiness assessment, providing 8 keys to success. Read on to learn more.


  • Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud Security

    The Shared responsibility Model helps cloud providers, like AWS and Microsoft, draw a line in the sand over how far they’ll go to monitor security and compliance on behalf of their end-users. But what is the Shared Responsibility Model, and what can you do to protect your cloud environment? Read this article to find out.


  • Addressing OWASP MASVS-R with Jscrambler

    Due to the rate at which app development and use has exploded, the application security landscape is somewhat of a wild west. This post looks at OWASP’s MASVS-R, a compliance that aims to be the gold standard in application secuirty, imposing a degree of control and order into the currently chaotic environment. Read on to learn more.


  • SWIFT CSCF compliance: Meeting requirements with NSX Firewall

    Take a look through this white paper to learn how organizations can simplify CSCF compliance with NSX Firewall.


  • How to create an effective data protection strategy for IT compliance

    Data protection strategies should not only focus on safeguarding corporate information, but also identifying sensitive records that are subject to regulatory controls. This tip guide offers a comprehensive overview of data protection best practices for ensuring both security and compliance.


  • Data Protection 101: Essential Steps for Holistic Information Security

    Data protection strategies should not only focus on safeguarding corporate information, but also identifying sensitive records that are subject to regulatory controls. This e-guide offers a comprehensive overview of data protection best practices for ensuring both security and compliance.


  • Guide to prepare for SOC 2 compliance

    Most businesses look at security compliance as a mountain that is impossible to conquer without an equally mountainous budget and ample time with endless frustrations. If you’re preparing to guide your organization through SOC 2 compliance, this checklist will break down the process and give you a digestible view of the road ahead.


  • Ebook - Content Synd - Understanding Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

    This e-book provides a comprehensive overview of role-based access control (RBAC) along with a guided approach to implementing, maintaining, and extending RBAC to suit the needs of your organization. Read on to get started.


  • Top Monitoring Tools to Help Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

    In this e-guide, gain expert insight on how to remain vigilant in meeting regulatory compliance standards, and uncover top compliance monitoring tools for financial institutions to meet their industry-specific regulations.


  • How to Incorporate Continuous Monitoring into Your Compliance Program

    As new risks drive new compliance requirements, organizations are pressed to keep up with constant compliance changes. To ensure that nothing falls between the cracks, many businesses have incorporated continuous monitoring into their compliance programs. Check out this white paper to discover 7 steps for doing so.


  • E-Guide: Achieving compliance through IAM

    Read this expert E-Guide to learn the best practices for using role management as a tool to meet compliance regulations.


  • PCI DSS compliance: Building a sustainable strategy

    Any organization that accepts credit, debit, or pre-paid cards under the American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover brands must maintain PCI DSS compliance. Download this white paper to learn key priorities and goals for PCI DSS v4.0, 3 steps to adhering to PCI DSS compliance and more.


  • Increasing Compliance with Regulations in Digital Banking

    While digital banking has taken the financial services sector like wildfire it has come with new risks, and new compliances. This white paper presents an analysis of compliance and regulation for digital financial services, focusing on specific compliance laws, breaking them down, and guiding you through them. Read on to learn more.


  • Scaling compliance as your organization grows

    As organizations continue to grow and expand, they accumulate more assets, platforms, employees, and more. With all of these additions comes additional risk, and with this risk comes a need to continually reevaluate compliance. Watch this webcast to gain insights into navigating compliance in an ever-changing landscape of growth.


  • Solution Guide - Content Synd - SOC 2 Compliance 2022

    For organizations evaluating SaaS or cloud services providers, compliance with SOC 2 is a minimum requirement. strongDM is SOC 2 Type 2-certified, and can help you achieve SOC 2 certification, too. Open this solution brief to get started.


  • The Importance of SOC 2 Compliance

    Wondering what SOC 2 is, who it applies to, why it’s important, and how it benefits an organization? By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 assessments, the SOC 2 Trust Principles underlying these assessments, and more. Read on to get started.


  • IdentityIQ Compliance Manager

    When organizations undergo necessary, beneficial digital transformation initiatives, compliance-related challenges can emerge. To respond to these challenges, SailPoint has developed IdentityIQ Compliance Manager. Read this overview to learn how the tool simplifies compliance processes while improving identity governance.


  • E-Guide: Balancing compliance with information security threat assessment

    Implementing the rules and regulations of a specific industry can be difficult, making it hard for companies to accomplish the task at hand: being successful. In this expert E-Guide, you will learn that the hassle of compliance is worth it in the long run for your company and can be worked into your everyday culture.


  • The Business Case for Cloud Threat Defense

    In order to protect the growing security and compliance requirements needed to protect cloud data and applications, organizations are implementing cloud threat defenses. Download this white paper to get a better understanding of the benefits, costs, issues and risks associated with implementing cloud threat defenses.


  • Meet the GRC challenges of the cloud head-on

    Use this expert e-guide to learn about the security changes Sabre, a travel-technology company, made to meet the new GRC needs placed upon them after their migration to the cloud. You'll also find a helpful FAQ on the implications of compliance audits on your IT functions.


  • Achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance

    PCI DSS compliance can be challenging. Luckily, PK Protect can help in securing cardholder data, providing sensitive data discovery and management for both achieving and sustaining compliance. Download this product overview to learn more.


  • Build your security reputation with ISO 27001 certification

    Security is not only a concern for the wellbeing of an organization’s assets, but also its reputation. Anyone who has stake in your company needs to trust in the security of the organization in which they are entrusting their future. Watch the webcast now to begin your journey to ISO 27001 certification and build trust in your security.


  • How MTE Technology can help you meet compliance

    While there are many benefits resulting from regulatory compliance, managing the transition is always a nerve-racking process. This blog presents an Interview with Eclypses’ Director of Customer Success on how MTE technology can keep your data protected and keeps your organization ahead of regulatory changes in your industry. Read on to learn more.


  • Understanding Your PCI DSS Guidelines: Successes and Failures

    This expert guide form details the PCI validation requirements for merchants covered by PCI DSS and reviews PCI's success and failures. Read on to learn what needs to be improved upon and what remains effective.


  • Deciding on the right automated security platform for compliance

    Researching and committing to an automated security platform can be a confusing process. You know you need to get compliant – quickly. The problem is, what exactly should you focus on when deciding which platform is right for you? Download this guide to unlock 5 features to look for in an automated platform.


  • HIPAA compliance: A strategic, efficient approach

    Tap into this white paper to learn how you can efficiently manage your HIPAA program in a strategic fashion by assigning track leaders that are responsible for key elements of your HIPAA program.


  • E-Book: Technical Guide on PCI

    TechTarget’s Security Media Group presents a global look at PCI, and how it is impacted by today’s evolving business needs. Our technical editors from the U.S., Europe, India and Asia provide their respective regions’ perspective on PCI compliance.



    This expert guide from discusses the new Payment Card Industry (PCI) Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines and examines how to ensure compliance in a world where mobile payment has become ingrained into everyday life.


  • Preparing for PCI 4.0 – big changes you need to know now

    One of the most impactful assurance programs – affecting most businesses, consumers, and supply chains – is the Payments Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 4.0. Luckily, this white paper will outline the most important changes to keep in mind for compliance planning and budgeting. Keep reading to learn more.


  • FTC Safeguard on demand

    Does the FTC Safeguards Rule Affect You? What you'll learn: What the FTC Safeguards Rule encompasses, How the new compliance security requirements apply, Tactics for protecting consumer data.


  • PCI DSS: How automated file redaction can help

    Companies that accept, process, or service credit card payments must follow PCI DSS. Non-compliance may result in penalty fines, increased transaction costs and other consequences when a company fails an audit or experiences a high-risk data breach. Download this white paper to learn how you can gain real-time policy enforcement for PCI DSS.


  • Global Corporation Secures Data and Meets PCI Compliance Goals

    PKWARE’s data-centric approach to security helped one of the world’s largest companies secure millions of unprotected files before a critical compliance audit. Download this case study to learn how it happened.


  • Creating a Compliance Culture: Best Practices

    Check out this E-Guide and learn key tips on how to make sure your compliance culture is operating efficiently.


  • E-Guide: Steps to securing your file transfers and meeting compliance requirements

    Security has become a main issue with the swift way we have started working, making data transfers less safe. Read this expert E-Guide and learn the steps necessary to secure your managed file transfers and meet compliance requirements.


  • Simplifying the FTC WISP Guidelines

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued complicated new amendments to its Safeguards Rule. Tap into this white paper for a succinct list outlining the latest requirements of the Safeguards rule so that you can ensure compliance by the deadline.


  • Key strategies in maintaining FedRAMP compliance

    Federal agencies continue to aggressively procure and implement public cloud deployment models and require FedRAMP accreditation for CSPs – but it’s easier said than done. Tap into this white paper to learn key strategies in managing services and maintaining FedRAMP compliance.


  • Compliance Accelerator: HITRUST

    As the global standard for safeguarding information, HITRUST delivers a scalable, prescriptive and certifiable framework that enables organizations to demonstrate information security and privacy assurances to a global audience. Read on to learn how you can apply the 3-phase methodology to get a step ahead of your competitors.


  • Healthcare security: Mission critical

    Read this case study to learn how ARG helped AbsoluteCare, a leading healthcare provider for vulnerable populations, find the best match for their infrastructure and security needs.


  • Understanding the SOCI Act and supply chains

    Due to amendments proposed to Australia’s Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (the SOCI Act) in 2020, understanding supply chain risks has become a priority for Australian companies. Read this white paper to learn about how to achieve compliance with SOCI obligations.


  • Securing your cloud solutions for government adoption

    FedRAMP establishes cybersecurity requirements for CSPs that deliver solutions to the federal market and utilizes independent experts to advise organizations and assess their compliance. In this report, assess the market and industry dynamics that affect both FedRAMP and cloud adoption in the federal government.


  • How LeaseAccelerator protected its cloud workloads

    LeaseAccelerator’s existing backup strategy was time-consuming and expensive and it was labor-intensive to reconstruct customer data for analysis. Read this case study to learn why they leveraged Elastio to help them overcome the technical restraints of backup and recovery and simplify compliance with accurate, real-time reporting.


  • Build security trust with ISO 27001 certification

    Anyone who has stake in your company; partners, executives, , customers, needs to have faith and trust in the security of the organization in which they are entrusting their future. Watch the webcast now to begin your journey to ISO 27001 certification, and ensure you’re company has the security protocol it needs to maintain and secure trust.


  • Internal Controls Checklist for Corporate Data Protection and Compliance

    In this expert tip, Eric Holmquist details four key governance items that should be on every enterprise’s internal controls checklist to ensure corporate data protection.


  • How enterprise technology management improves security

    Protecting the enterprise—including people, systems, and IT assets—has become a daunting task. Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) improves IT asset management and security to minimize risks—across data centers, devices, software, and the Cloud. Check out the white paper to see what can be achieve with ETM.


  • Ask the experts: Discover how to handle external security auditors

    A survey conducted at RSA Conference 2015 found that only about 68% of IT pros are honest with security auditors about the occurrence of incidents—leaving 32% in a decidedly gray area of ethics. Make the most of the audit process by learning 3 issues to consider when employing external security auditors.


  • eGuide: Email Security and Compliance Best Practices

    Secure and compliant email systems are essential for financial services companies. In this two part series on email security best practices, expert George Wrenn discusses how to capture emails, securely archive the messages and detailed reporting.


  • Simplify PCI Compliance with Smarter Scope Management

    As organizations around the globe prepare for the newest version of PCI DSS, it’s important to revisit some of the basics of the regulation. Read this white paper for an overview of PCI DSS and discover how to minimize risk and cost without sacrificing compliance.


  • Guide to obtaining ISO 27001 compliance

    ISO 27001 is the global gold standard for ensuring the security of information and its supporting assets. Obtaining ISO 27001 certification can help an organization prove its security practices to potential customers anywhere in the world. Vanta’s ISO 27001 checklist is designed to help your organization obtain certification. Read on to learn more.