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IT Download: Symantec Endpoint Protection and Network Access Control 11.0.4 MR4

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Endpoint Security IT Decision Center Handbook 2

As an IT manager, choosing the right endpoint protection software can be a tough decision considering the number of capabilities different vendors offer with their product.

Access this handbook to get leading expert advice on what essential features to look for when comparing options, and 10 requirements to consider before choosing your organization’s next security investment. Click now to learn more!

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  • Consolidate your security onto a single platform

    Hackers utilize a variety of methods to attack organizations, and as a result security teams have adopted a variety of different solutions.

    This e-book looks at the state of security solutions and explores how and why you should compile all of your different tools into a single solution.

    Download now to learn more, and unlock the 5 ways endpoint security, identity security, and network security should work together.

  • What Is the Future of Endpoint Security?

    What is the future of endpoint security? To answer that question, Hector Hernandez, Solution Architect at Logicalis, interviewed a subject-matter expert from IBM in this episode of the Tech ChangeMakers Podcast.

    In their discussion, the two considered:

    • Drivers for adopting endpoint detection and response (EDR)
    • How IBM’s EDR solution differs from others on the market
    • Standout capabilities of IBM’s EDR solution
    • And more

    Tune in to access the insightful conversation.

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    Investing in the correct log management tool can ensure that the pressures of maintaining enterprise system log data are greatly decreased. Although the right tool is very helpful, the possibility of it turning into the wrong tool can happen in the blink of an eye if the correct steps are not taken.


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  • Healthcare security: Mission critical

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    This expert e-guide describes the value that security information and management systems (SIMs) can bring to both application monitoring and real-time security. See how you can get the most out of SIM by reading on now.


  • SIM Technical Guide

    In this Technical Guide on security information and event management (SIEM) systems, we explore the current state of SIEMs in the enterprise today and whether augmentation, cloud service, or rip and repair is your best upgrade option.


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    The industry has panned SIEM as an expensive and under performing technology. But to be clear, it's not a technology problem, it's a process issue. In this tech tip, Securosis analyst Mike Rothman will outline a time tested process to build SIEM policies which actually alert on the attacks you need to protect against.


  • How Crytica can prevent breaches

    Crytica’s specialization in monitoring and detection allows them to stop breaches before they happen. This case study takes an in-depth look at a security breach perpetrated by ALPHV (aka BlackCat) against MGM, which cost $110 million in damages. Read on to learn more.


  • The Inside-out Enterprise: Redefining IT SecOps for the Remote-First Workplace

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  • Dell’s 3 Pillars of Modern Security

    Review this white paper to discover the 3 pillars of Dell’s holistic approach to modern security.


  • Top threats to security asset management: What to know

    17% of organizations report that their approach to security hygiene and posture management (SHPM) is completely decentralized, while 41% consider their approach to be only partially centralized, according to research by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). To learn more about the complex state of SHPM, dig into this ESG report.


  • State of security hygiene: Enterprise Strategy Group report

    To review 6 key findings about the increasingly decentralized and complex state of security hygiene and posture management (SHPM), download this 32-page research report by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).


  • Top OT cybersecurity risks & how to defend against them

    As cybercriminals continue to target older operational technology (OT) systems, security leaders are pressed to bolster defenses. To help them do so, this e-book details the top risks associated with OT systems and the ways that businesses can strengthen their security stances. Read on to access these insights.


  • 10 Essential Capabilities of a Best-of-Breed SOAR

    Overwhelmed security teams have turned to security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) as a remedy — but not all SOAR solutions are created equal. This white paper outlines 10 essential capabilities that should be top-of-mind when evaluating SOAR technology.


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  • How Tanium Threat Response Augments Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and SIEM solutions

    While SIEM and EDR solutions provide a wealth of information, there is a threshold that many investigators run into – a point where visibility ends. Access this white paper to learn about a platform designed to supplement the threat intelligence and detections coming from your SIEM an EDR solutions.


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    Managed detection and response (MDR) tools play a key role in enabling streamlined and unified security processes – however, finding the right MDR solution can be challenging. Read this MDR buyer’s guide to learn the basic MDR services, evaluation criteria, pitfalls to avoid, and more.