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Fact or myth: Is decentralization the future in clinical trials?

“70% of potential participants live more than two hours from trial sites, so decentralization broadens trial access to reach a larger number and potentially more diverse pool of patients,” writes McKinsey and Company.

This quote teases a few advantages of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), which accommodate the changing landscape of clinical trials—influenced by patient centricity, new wearable technology, and increasingly personalized medicines.

Hop into minute 6 of this webinar to understand the ins and outs of DCTs, including:

  1. The benefits of DCTs
  2. DCT types, considerations, best practices, & impact
  3. Loftware Prisym 360 overview
  4. And more

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  • CW ANZ, November 2018: Exploring blockchain

    Blockchain technology has been in the news due to its ability to provide much better security, transparency and efficiency. In this issue of CW ANZ, we look at how enterprises in Australia and New Zealand are using blockchain technology to improve security and efficiency, and what it takes to spur greater adoption among ANZ enterprises.

    Also in this issue:

    Australia’s healthcare sector reports most data breaches for second time

    In the first full quarter since Australia’s mandatory breach disclosure scheme came into effect, the highest number of data breaches came from healthcare providers, amid controversy over the national health record system.

    Australian government digital agency trials Microsoft secure cloud service

    Digital Transformation Agency employees will have access to Exchange Online, SharePoint, Skype for Business and several Azure services via Microsoft Office 365.

    New Zealand ready to conduct national cyber security exercise after year delay

    The country has begun testing the cyber resilience of its critical national infrastructure this month, bringing together multiple agencies to protect assets of national significance.

  • 2 types of endpoint encryption to protect data

    Encryption is the key layer in any data security strategy as it ensures data cannot be read by unauthorized users. Even if multiple layers of protection fail or are breached, encrypted data stays protected.

    Endpoint encryption can ensure data remains safe from unauthorized access when it is stored and transmitted to another endpoint. Two main approaches to endpoint encryption that companies can implement to protect data are full-disk encryption and file encryption.

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  • Top 10 cloud stories of 2021

    There have been plenty of ups and downs in the world of cloud over the course of 2021. The public sector has emerged as a core battleground for both public cloud giants and their smaller rivals, sustainability became more important in the cloud sourcing decisions than ever before and much more. Look at top 10 cloud stories of 2021.


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  • Meta-analysis: 70% reduction in HAPI incidence across 19K+ patients with this monitoring system

    This meta-analysis tracks results across eight studies covering more than 34,711 patients, 19,136 of whom were monitored using the LEAF◊ Patient Monitoring System.


  • International Justice Mission secures remote field devices with Tanium

    Secure endpoint devices make it possible for nonprofit International Justice Mission to provide its social-justice services. In this case study, learn how the nonprofit ensures its laptops and other endpoint devices are protected.


  • Exchange Migration E-Book Chapter 2: Mastering the Art of Migration Documentation

    This sample chapter explains how to draft a useful migration document and outlines key points your Exchange Server upgrade document should include, such as management strategies, storage design, software compatibility and more.


  • Computer Weekly – 5 June 2018: The bumpy ride to digital transformation

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the lessons to be learned from General Electric's bumpy ride to digital transformation. We assess the use of software-defined networking in corporate IT infrastructures. And we find out how Royal Bank of Scotland approaches digital and business innovation. Read the issue now.


  • Computer Weekly – 11 February 2020: How the Post Office caused so much misery

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  • Store healthcare files securely on AWS with Nasuni

    Nasuni & AWS Cloud File Storage for Healthcare: Consolidate unstructured data securely in the cloud. Replace legacy NAS and backup hardware with a cloud-native global file system. Achieve 70% cost savings with cloud data protection and unlimited scalability. Discover how Nasuni and AWS streamline healthcare data storage.


  • Top 2024 Forecasts for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Sectors

    After the big changes in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries in 2023, the new year promises continued challenges and more innovation.


  • The Pros and Cons of Delivering Web Pages Over an SSL Connection

    Though Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) offers distinct security advantages, there are drawbacks to this method of webpage delivery, as well. This expert e-guide explores the pros and cons of delivering webpages over an SSL connection. See if this strategy is right for your organization – read on to learn more.


  • Defining "evil maid" attacks, how to stop them

    In this e-guide learn why the traditionally accepted full disk encryption (FDE) isn't enough to protect enterprise data in case an attacker steals your device.


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    In this week's Computer Weekly, tech companies are calling on the European Commission to rethink plans to weaken internet encryption – we explore the issues. We talk to credit rating agency Moody's about why it thinks now is the time to invest in quantum computing. Read the issue now.


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    To battle proliferating web-based threats, many organizations have adopted a secure web gateway (SWG) in order to filter malicious content. For leaders interested in augmenting their SWG knowledge, this e-book can serve as a comprehensive guide. Tap into the book to unlock answers to FAQs about SWGs.


  • Preventing ransomware with DNS security

    Hackers have found ways to exploit networks that use DNS for initial application connection, targeting its inherent weaknesses. In this blog, Nexum discusses how Introducing DNS security controls can prevent ransomware from gaining a foothold, advocating for their offering which uses encryption to monitor your DNS. Read on to learn more.