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E-Book: Compliance 2.0: Comprehensive, Scalable and Sustainable Systems

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Compliance in the era of digital transformation

For most organizations, compliance obligations are eating up 40% or more of overall IT security budgets – a dangerous trend that threats to become unsustainable.

Access this report, Compliance in the Era of Digital Transformation, to unlock exclusive insight into:

  • The growing compliance burdens
  • New approaches to compliance management
  • Balancing digital transformation with compliance
  • And more

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  • Simplify and streamline your compliance efforts

    Meeting stringent, complex compliance and regulatory requirements is integral to the success of your business, but it takes a toll on your internal team’s ability to perform efficiently and effectively.

    Download this data sheet to learn how Coalfire’s coordinated assessment strives to make the ongoing compliance process more empowering by:

    • Eliminating duplicate evidence collection and reviews
    • Helping you achieve ongoing visibility
    • Remediating issues sooner, strengthening your security posture
    • And more

  • CCPA: Navigating compliance through orchestration

    The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – a sweeping privacy law that went into effect January 1, 2020 – affects any company operating within the state of California meeting any of the following 3 basic criteria:

    1. Annual gross revenues greater than $25 million
    2. Holds, receives, accesses or discloses personal information of 50,000+ CA residents, households or devices per year
    3. Derives at least 50% of annual revenues from selling personal information of CA residents

    This helpful resource provides exclusive insight designed to help you effortlessly navigate CCPA compliance with Enterprise Technology Orchestration (ETO) – read on to get started.

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    Explore this e-book to look at the criticality of data, the challenges facing business and IT when unlocking data value, and how you can be transformed with an intelligent data platform at the heart of this strategy.


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    Although some operating systems are more secure than others, most used today were not designed for security from the ground up, leaving many holes in IT infrastructure as a result. Security teams need to think about compartmentalizing their network to limit damage from intrusions. Leverage this e-book to see how internal firewalls can help.


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    In this e-book, industry experts offer insights and guidance for public sector agencies on measuring endpoint risks in today’s fastmoving, highly-distributed world.


  • 279-page guide to building serverless applications with Java

    In this massive 279-page O’Reilly guide, find everything you need to know about programming AWS Lambda and deploying serverless applications with Java. Download this comprehensive guide here for reference.


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    In this 174-page chapter download from McGraw Hill, learn everything you need to know about the first domain, security and risk management, to help you excel at your CISSP exam.


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    Is your organization under pressure to manage an ever-increasing volume and diversity of communications data? Download this Smarsh Definitive Guide to Capture to learn how your compliance program stacks up, and get the information you need to reduce your organizational risk.


  • Cyber hygiene: The ultimate guide

    IT leaders know that maintaining and securing enterprise networks requires pairing the right tools with hygiene best practices to yield the best outcome. Read The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Hygiene to learn what "good looks like" as well as security strategies that allow you to proactively plan defenses against cyberthreats.


  • Equip your employees to keep your customers happy

    Download this eBook to find tips for delivering great CX by meeting employee needs and discover how integrating your UCaaS and CCaaS solutions can help your business build a strong customer-centric team and drive business value.


  • Kicking off the cloud networking conversation

    If multi-cloud is the next frontier – how do we get there? In this e-book, discuss what it takes to move to a modern, multi-cloud strategy that drives business growth, simplifies operations, improves agility, and reduces complexity. Read on to learn more.


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    Download this eBook for research and best practices that can help you create and structure learning programs that are impactful for both your business and your people.


  • Best practices for reporting risk

    With cyber threats increasing, it’s vital for business leaders to understand and mitigate risks that could jeopardize their business. Download this guide to learn the importance of understanding risk as uncertainty about objectives and aligning risk measurements with the strategic objectives your company’s leadership team cares most about.


  • Reporting on risk in the public sector

    Managing risk is one of the top responsibilities of any elected official in the public sector. But they can only manage the risks they know about. And with siloes that often plague public sector agencies of all types, there can be many unknowns. Read this e-book to learn about reporting risks to your organization’s decision makers.


  • Data Center & Hybrid Cloud Security for Dummies

    Data Center & Hybrid Cloud Security For Dummies helps you rethink your approach to security to better protect your data and workload in the on-premises data center and across multi-cloud environments. Download the 83-page chapter book today.


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    Is your network keeping up with the pace of the business? You can't afford a network that can't keep up with the demands for cloud-hosted, distributed apps, and the increasing threats of cybercriminals. To get the speed and agility you need, you need to modernize your network. Download this e-book to learn the new approach to networking.


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    Access this comprehensive O’Reilly Definitive Guide to CockroachDB to understand how this database was designed to meet key goals, including scalable clusters that seamlessly complement workloads, PostgreSQL application compatibility, and high availability and failover for high performance apps.