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IBM Tivoli Security User Compliance Management Demo

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GDPR is an opportunity – not a burden

You don’t need to look at GDPR as a hardship. Rather, it can be an opportunity to get more value out of your data.

Sure, documenting all data and how it’s used and being able to find and delete everything on an EU resident as part of the ‘right-to-be-forgotten’ provision is an interesting technical challenge.

But as a result of GDPR, companies now have the opportunity to overhaul their data protection policies for the better and build in strategies for long-term security and privacy enhancements.

Read this expert guide from the editors of SearchDataManagement for advice on how to make the best out of compliance standards and protect your company from liability.

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  • How to save data compliantly for GDPR

    Under the new global data privacy laws like GDPR, many of your traditional data uses that have been lawful for decades are (or will soon be) illegal and can open you up to non-compliance issues and fines.

    Doing nothing to change your data privacy practices simply isn’t an option, and encrypting data alone doesn’t solve the problem either. As a result, many companies have turned to blindly deleting data.  

    Get tips on how to stop data deletion and transform your data from a liability into an asset. Learn about Anonos SaveYourData with Pentaho from Hitachi Vantara and how you can:

    • Save, use, and analyze customer data
    • Maintain compliance with privacy regulations
    • Improve data ingestion and validation
    • And more 

  • 7 data-centric steps to comply with GDPR

    The financial risks of failing to comply to GDPR are substantial and this is only one of the significant repercussions worth noting. Businesses also run the danger of:

    • Litigation risk
    • Loss of trust in public markets and customer loyalty loss
    • Operational faults

    Prepare yourself to avoid a huge hit to your business’s stability. Read this white paper for 7 data-centric steps to protect yourself moving forward.

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