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Intel IT: Taking Power Management to the Limit--and Beyond

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4 ways to reap virtualization benefits through budgeting

Despite the cost saving benefits that come from virtualization, establishing a budget for new purchases, ongoing support and software licensing costs is essential to the success of your organization.

In this e-guide, discover four ways that can help you reap the full benefits of virtualization through budgeting. Learn how using virtualization can help you reduce labor costs and server life cycle maintenance in your IT infrastructure. And understand why if licensing is based on cores, upgrades to more powerful hardware could increase costs unexpectedly.

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  • Case study: Replicating aging VAX systems with virtualization

    Rapid company growth is never a bad thing, but heightened demands can start to push legacy systems to their limits. That’s why one company, dependent on their legacy system to deliver key data and application features, turned to virtualization software.

    In this case study, find out how a large financial services company kept their mission-critical, legacy apps running by using virtualization -- exactly replicating the functionality of their aging VAX system while delivering the modern failover and disaster recovery capabilities necessary to protect sensitive financial records.

  • The role of virtualization in datacenters, hybrid clouds, and containers

    While over 80% of today's workloads are virtualized, virtualization is still maturing and will play an important role in shaping your data center's future.

    Read this white paper to learn how virtualization is embedding itself as a key component of data center technology and the impact it will have on the various parts of your data center.

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  • Differences between virtual and physical environments

    Discover how to overcome the management challenges of virtual environments and achieve benefits like improved density, enhanced capabilities for automation and more.


  • Data center virtualization tools need to work together

    On the path to full digital transformation, data center modernization continues to be a top-of-mind issue at most IT organizations. In order to achieve this, you need virtualization tools that complement each other. Access this white paper to learn why virtualization is the centerpiece of data center modernization and which tools to implement.


  • Case study: How to avoid hardware rips and re-writing essential code

    Find out how cross-platform virtualization software gave a leading company the tools needed to keep their legacy hardware running smoothly, letting them dodge the risk of hardware failure or an even worse fate – having to re-write and re-configure millions of lines of existing code.


  • Tips for Deploying Network Virtualization in the Data Center

    Although network virtualization is often overlooked, there are many significant benefits that come from utilizing this technology. Access this essential e-guide from our editors to discover the top three benefits to network virtualization and access a set of best practices for the deployment process.


  • Evolution of Hosted Server Computing: The emerging ‘cloud’ alternative

    In this short paper, we look at the current state of play with regard to hosted infrastructure server offerings and activity, and consider where the market is going as we look forward.


  • Cloud virtualization in 2018: A bird's eye view

    Jump into this "state-of" report to get a glimpse into the challenges and motivations driving your IT peers towards cloud virtualization, be it as a precursor to a critical IT project, increasing ease of management, or to simply cut costs.


  • Is virtualization the same as cloud computing?

    If you have deployed virtualization in your organization, does that mean you have a private cloud? In this e-guide learn about the differences between virtualization and private cloud computing and the pros and cons of various cloud types.


  • Prepping your legacy systems for the worst

    Legacy systems are often kept around because they carry a mission-critical function. However, as these systems age their risk of failure steadily increases. Discover how you can start preparing your enterprise before the worst happens.


  • Emulation: the cost effective approach to expensive hardware migration

    Is your business considering moving to cloud to replace some of your older hardware? Click to learn more about how your business can get a competitive advantage and a cost-effective strategy while still retaining your mission-critical, classic applications.


  • Virtual Data Center E-Zine Volume 37: Maximizing Virtual Data Center Consolidation

    Virtualization may be well underway, but it doesn't mean new challenges won't arise as you continue to navigate your initiative. This expert e-zine offers detailed guidance for achieving the right balance in your virtual data center and presents key findings concerning your peers' consolidation objectives for 2012.


  • Understanding the pros and cons of network virtualization

    This expert E-Guide from explains the benefits of virtualizing the network. Find out how to utilize this technology to combine multiple networks into a single logical network. Plus, get answers to common questions about network virtualization technology to ensure a smooth transition.


  • Step-by-step guide to monitoring VM infrastructure

    Though monitoring and managing your virtual infrastructures can be challenging, the right tools and strategies can help you maintain control over your environment. Access this e-guide to gain key tips and best practices for monitoring applications, physical host servers, hypervisors and more.


  • Don't rip-and-replace: How virtualization software poses an alternative

    Find out how virtualization software provided an IT firm in peril an alternative to a rip-and-replace hardware strategy, while simultaneously putting a lid on maintenance costs, increasing storage capacity, and more.


  • Top 8 reasons to virtualize mission-critical apps

    In this expert e-guide, find out about the many benefits of virtualizing your mission critical applications such as improved hardware utilization and efficiency. Also, discover where to virtualize your applications to maximize these benefits.


  • FAQ: Capacity planning in virtualized environments

    Explore this e-guide to learn about common mistakes and issues overlooked when it comes to capacity planning. In addition, find out the best ways to approach capacity planning in your virtual environment.


  • Make the most of automation in a virtualized server environment

    In this guide, find out specific goals and key processes to address before implementing an automated server virtualization platform. Access now to learn about the benefits of automation in 3 main areas: compliance, provisioning and configuration.


  • CW+: Quocrica report: Managed hosting in Europe

    The term “managed hosting” describes the provision of a ready to use IT stack including hardware and infrastructure software for thedeployment of applications.


  • 6 Server and storage reallocation tactics

    With a bit of planning, a specific tiering-out of your system priorities and a dash of virtualization, you can breathe new life into your old servers -- even as you bring in replacements with all of their powerful new capabilities. Read this e-book to learn more.


  • The new virtual datacentre

    This report has been created by drawing together a series of 12 articles Quocirca wrote for  The articles look at the various aspects of creating a strategy for a flexible and effective data centre aimed at providing a platform to carry the business forwards.


  • Is your virtualization strategy furthering transformation – or deterring it?

    Click inside to find out how to evaluate your organization's current virtualization strategy, including how to compare it to overarching business goals, how to optimize application distributions, and more – and where virtualization falls in the scope of IT transformation.


  • 40-page guide to vSphere 6.7 upgrades

    In this 40-page eBook, find out everything you'll need to know when considering an upgrade to vSphere 6.7, including the three phases that comprise the upgrade process: pre-upgrade activities, mapping the upgrade, and upgrade completion.