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Strengthening Web Application Security: Charting a Robust Strategy That Starts at Development.

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Application security testing: Protecting your application and data

Application security testing is critical in ensuring your data and applications are safe from security attack. This e-book explains the basics of application security and how it differs from network security, and then delves deeper into testing for two common vulnerabilities: injection and cross-site scripting. It ends with a tip regarding performance concerns when adding security protection to code. The e-book is written for IT management, including QA and development managers, interested in ensuring their applications are kept secure.

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  • 331-page e-book: Web application security

    Today, as one part of the application stack becomes increasingly more secure, hackers move on to target new emerging technologies.

    The technology that hackers are focused on today are modern web applications, which are being actively exploited.

    In this 331-page O’Reilly’s guide, gain a comprehensive look into how you can secure modern web applications to protect against today’s hackers. Read it here.

  • Beating web application security threats

    Application security plays an important role in ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of data, yet at times teams may fear that security can interfere with overall performance. Read this e-book for tips that discuss the value of application security and explain how to implement it to ensure the highest availability and usability.

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  • A quick way to insert security into your mobile app development lifecycle

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  • Developer security training that works

    35% of organizations say that less than half of their development teams participate in formal security training, according to ESG. This is despite the fact that developers are often the only ones who can fix the vulnerabilities in code. That’s where Veracode Security Labs comes in. Access this white paper to get started.


  • How to protect your business in a hybrid work world

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    APIs are at the heart of the ongoing enterprise digital transformation, which means protecting them should be a core priority for any organization. Learn how to quickly discover and remediate API security gaps at runtime with this new guide.


  • Lessons learned from Log4Shell vulnerability

    In this webinar, explore the main takeaways businesses can learn from Log4Shell with some critical recommendations organizations can use to prepare for similar issues down the road. Watch here.


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    Watch this video to learn the essentials of building secure software while keeping release pipelines nimble, and get the capabilities needed to keep your prized assets safe.


  • 10 key considerations for comprehensive API protection

    Thee growing reliance on APIs has greatly expanded the risk surface for compromise, abuse, and fraud that existing security tools struggle to detect and mitigate. Take a look at this e-book for the top ten considerations for comprehensive API protection strategies.