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Step up Your Game. Global Delivery Capabilities for the Electronics Industry

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Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision

Warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment centers are facing higher volumes, faster fulfillment expectations, and continued labor shortage issues. Organizations need to modernize their operations to keep pace, and fast.

Machine vision and industrial scanning solutions that support a variety of applications – including high speed sortation, inspection, verification, and trace solutions – can help.

Download this paper to learn about Zebra’s fixed industrial scanning and machine vision solutions and how the company aims to help with digital transformation in these key industries.


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    For some companies, the IT changes spurred by COVID-19 are supporting long-term transformation of business processes and business models. But it has also brought to light IT budget inefficiencies.

    This article covers four use cases of organizations using IT creatively and innovatively to achieve business transformation while staying within budget. Are you ready for your business to transform?

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  • Insurance M&A IT integration: 5 considerations

    Integration during an insurance M&A is not a simple IT project but it’s an integral part of a larger business strategy.

    Too often, insurers engaging in mergers or acquisitions ignore the IT scalability of their new business partner or their own systems, and poorly handled IT integration between merging or divesting companies can jeopardize those larger business goals.

    So, how can all of this be avoided? Download this checklist to learn 5 important considerations to make for IT integration before, during and after a merger or acquisition.

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    CompTIA's IT Industry Outlook 2021 is a research report that explores the trends shaping the industry, its workforce and its business models. Learn factors that could positively and negatively impact business growth in 2021, 2021 budget projections compared to 2020, and more.


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  • Overcome monitoring tool sprawl with monitoring tool consolidation

    Companies frequently experience monitoring tool sprawl for a variety of reasons, including narrow tool focus and legacy/point solutions acquired over time. This leads to challenges like poor collaboration, excess cost, and high MTTD & MTTR. Access this white paper to learn how monitoring tool consolidation can help alleviate these issues.


  • 4 steps to operational resilience

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  • Simmons & Simmons

    Simmons & Simmons is a multinational law firm that was looking to improve their application performance via IT visibility tools. Access this case study to learn how Riverbed’s SteelCentral Aternity helped them close their IT monitoring visibility gap and helped ensured consistent end-user experience for their 2000 worldwide customers.


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    Many common mistakes in an ITIL adoption start with undereducated IT professionals who do not fully understand what ITIL is and how it should be used. Open up this eBook to take a closer look at 10 mistakes to avoid, plus, 10 planning and implementation steps to follow for a seamless ITIL 4 adoption.


  • The 6 capabilities any IT management strategy needs

    To meet the demands of simultaneously-accelerating digital transformation and complexity, CIOs and their teams need a new type of technology management solution—a new approach with 6 distinctive capabilities. Explore the 6 capabilities necessary for success here.


  • Avoiding common IT leadership mistakes

    How can organizations ensure sound leadership basics, to avoid costly but preventable mistakes? Access this resource to learn.


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    With big change comes new priorities and imperatives, like reduced operational budgets. And when times get lean, IT must also. Check out this e-book to learn four essentials when it comes to amping up your IT operational efficiency.


  • Why you need digital experience monitoring for endpoints, apps, & networks

    Digital experience monitoring (DEM) for endpoints, apps, & networks is an essential aspect for maintaining your IT infrastructure. This data sheet explains how Exoprise Service Watch provides complete visibility into SaaS, desktop, and networked apps like Microsoft 365, Zoom, WebEx, and more. Access this briefing to learn more.


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    In this eBook, you’ll discover how enterprise support technicians are using remote access to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues for mobile workers.Download your copy to learn more.


  • Cutting down on alert fatigue with a new monitoring strategy

    Alert fatigue is a very real thing. Many technical teams routinely receive alerts that don’t actually require immediate attention. Read this case study to learn how one organization created a monitoring strategy to cut back these alerts while still maintaining the health of their distributed systems.


  • Guide: The observability pipeline

    Download this guide to explore a checklist of key ideas to consider when looking at a observability pipeline, such as protocol support and management systems. Plus, alternative build strategies for implementing one in your organization.


  • 5 best practices for resilient, reliable , remote IT services

    Eliminate backlogs and fire drills once and for all. Download this eBook covering best practices for separating incidents from service requests, providing self-service options, and delivering anywhere, anytime access, tracking assets automatically, consolidating redundant applications.


  • Unify Your Organization With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

    Automation helps companies operate efficiently and the right IT automation solution can unify teams and processes alike. Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is a flexible and multifaceted automation solution that works across your enterprise, wherever your organization might be in its automation journey. Learn more about it in this e-book.


  • IT skills and salary report: 2021 results

    Conducted annually for the past 15 years, Skillsoft’s comprehensive report is one of the largest studies of technology professionals around the globe. More than 9,300 IT professionals participated, including both staff and decision-makers. Download the eBook to review the results.


  • What you might not know about operational complexity

    As you probably know, operational complexity is on the rise due to multiple factors, from the increased use of automated CI/CD pipelines to the growing popularity of edge computing. What you might not know is how to control this complexity. Luckily, this guidebook can help. Download the IDC guidebook to modern enterprise observability here.


  • 5 strategic benefits of cloud-native development for banking

    The banking industry, like many others, continues to undergo a cloud-based digital transformation. Moving faster and quickly adapting to change is necessary to avoid falling behind in market share and growth. Access this briefing to learn 5 benefits financial services will see when they adopt cloud-native development.


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    Download this expert guide for tips that can help you manage Azure subscriptions in your organization.


  • Intelligent virtual agents: Must-have features

    Having an intelligent virtual agent to solve end users’ issues in a timely manner is more important ever amid the increase of remote work. In this infographic, explore some of the key features to look for as you select your AI-powered, purpose-built virtual agent.


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    MTTR — or mean time to resolution — is one of the most widely used metrics in the systems reliability toolbox. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. Jump inside this guide to learn 10 best practices designed to help your team better utilize and reduce MTTR.


  • 2022 Observability Trends and Predictions

    As we move further into 2022, the observability market is only growing. That’s why Cribl has stepped forward to introduce new observability trends and what to watch for in the future. To uncover the four trends discovered during their research, download this white paper.


  • AV buyer’s guide for higher education

    In this e-book, take a look at the different scenarios for AV use in higher education and the solutions — both software and hardware — available.


  • Log analytics in the cloud

    Log analytics have emerged as a powerful tool, allowing you to understand your data and systems in ways that weren’t possible before. But these SaaS solutions often incur massive costs due to unregulated and unnecessary data streaming. Access this white paper to learn how an observability pipeline can help you overcome this issue.


  • ITOM visibility and security overview

    Visibility is critical in IT environments. Without it, there’s no easy way to diagnose and fix outages, or respond quickly and effectively to security threats. Access this white paper to learn in detail how ITOM Visibility can help protect your IT resources and provide robust security mechanisms to safeguard your credentials.