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A Future in Content(ion): Can Telecom Providers Win a Share of the Digital Content Market?

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What Is Great Content for Buyers and Why’s It So Hard?

Buyers use content to inform their decisions across their buyers’ journeys. With interactions more digital than ever, buyers turn to content both before, and while they’re talking to a sales rep. This means your content can make the difference between their choosing you vs. someone else. You need to make the most of every digital interaction. You need to make every impression count.

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  • Crafting digital content that B2B buyers want

    75% of B2B buyers, according to research, can develop a vendor list based solely on digital content.

    So, for your organization to make a list, your digital content has to pop. But how? This infographic by TechTarget explores steps you can take to tailor your content to buyers’ top desires.

    Download the resource to discover:

    • What type of content buyers want
    • When they want it
    • Where they want to find it
    • And more

  • A guide to improving your content strategy for better digital experiences

    Sitecore's Content Hub is an advanced platform for managing digital experiences, enabling organizations to craft, manage, and deliver personalized content across all channels.

    This guide provides you with a look at Sitecore Content Hub's main features and benefits, including:

    • Centralized content management for an efficient content lifecycle
    • User-friendly authorizing tools for content creators
    • Cutting-edge AI-driven personalization
    • And more

    Access the guide to learn how Sitecore Content Hub elevates your content strategy and enhances audience engagement.

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  • Infographic: Content marketing strategy in a post-pandemic era - Engaging IT buyers

    When the pandemic hit and live events had to end organisations needed to rethink their marketing mix and move to a digital space. In this infographic, we share a few tips and tricks for developing engaging content in a post-pandemic era.


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    Content fuels business growth, and technology that increases its process efficiency is vital for business transformation strategy. Yet, according to IDC research, only 29% of organizations have partially modernized their content workflows. To learn how to shift from siloed content management to streamlined workflows, read this 2024 IDC report.


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  • Top 10 telecoms stories of 2019

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  • The secret to driving efficiency with content AI

    In this modern landscape, content is king. This means that it’s become critical for organizations to put out the best quality content possible to keep up. However, many of today’s teams feel as though they’re being held back by challenges such as manual processes, routine tasks, and more. Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • 4 Best Practices for Crafting Data-Driven Content

    According to TechTarget’s research, 90% of buyers report that they’re more likely to engage with a business after consuming multiple pieces of that organization’s content. But that content has to be high quality. Download this infographic to learn how you can use data to create standout content.


  • Build a better webinar: Content brainstorming

    Editorial planning and content brainstorming can be an ever-present stressor when it comes to creating and growing a successful webinar program. Maybe your team has too many content ideas, or too few. Either way, how can you pull everything into something actionable? Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • How video-based content allows for better engagement

    With so many available content types, building a demand-generation campaign can feel overwhelming. What kind of content will best reach your audience at the right time with the right message? And if I get it wrong, do I need to start again from scratch? Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • The key to efficiently managing and creating content

    For content professionals, creating and managing multiple projects at a time can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to building the ideal tech stack for each. So, is there an easier way to produce the best version of your content faster and more efficiently? Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • Get more out of your B2B content

    Join marketing experts as they break down underutilized tactics you can use to improve engagement at all stages of the funnel. From executing an on-demand promo plan to leaning into real-time personalization, you'll walk away with tips and tricks you can implement immediately to broaden your content’s exposure.


  • Using Empathy to Create More Valuable Content

    When seeking outsourced content creation assistance, 41% of marketers rank finding partners that can empathize with their audience as a top challenge. Empathy drives engagement; so, how can you integrate more of it into your organization’s content for B2B buyers? Find tips in this 13-page e-book by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).


  • Create connections with buyers through episodic content

    It’s clear that consumers today crave video - and lots of it. But you may be wondering, how does that translate to the B2B buyer landscape? Access this e-book to learn how episodic content can ignite any demand generation or ABM strategy for long-term results & discover tips for ensuring your webinar series is a success.


  • Your key to optimizing your content management processes

    As organizations continue to seek out ways that they can optimize their content management and ensure that it’s structured, standardized, and more, many are turning to new platform technologies that can meet their needs. Access this webinar to learn more.


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    In the second episode of the Content Intelligence Series, Nick Markwith will explore how to start developing a data-driven content strategy that produces results from an analytical perspective.


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    Economic downturns can present significant challenges for organizations striving to maintain growth and profitability. Yet, it’s during these times that investing in high-quality content becomes a strategic imperative. Tune into this webinar to learn more.


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    In this webinar, led by TechTarget’s EVP/Publisher Rebecca Kitchens, examine opportunities to improve marketing performance from “content to click”, as well as key leverage areas you should be focusing on in your content and distribution.


  • 5 Characteristics of Great B2B Content

    To discover how to develop strong content for buyers, and to learn why doing so can be challenging, tune into this webcast featuring EVP of Research & Strategy at TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), John McKnight.


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  • Enhance your content marketing with a global templated solution

    Explore how Sitecore Content Hub's Global Advertising solution can streamline your digital ad creation and management. Build ads in minutes with a simple interface, leverage DAM assets, and scale campaigns - all while keeping branding consistent. Read the full overview to learn more.


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  • Mapping B2B content at every stage of the funnel

    In this eBook, explore the new B2B sales funnel and learn how you can build a content library to meet your buyer’s needs. Download now to learn more.


  • 2022 Media Consumption Study: Push the right content to the right channel

    In this infographic, we share insights on IT buyer's content preferences depending on their buying stage and provide information on how to reach and engage your audience in different digital channels.


  • Generative AI and video content: Your key for success

    As video content continues to rise in popularity, many organizations are looking for effective ways that they can improve their creation, distribution, and management processes. Video platforms with generative AI may be your answer. Tune into this video to learn more.


  • Expert guide: Best enterprise content management software of 2022

    Enterprise content management (ECM) software can be an expensive, heavily involved purchase, so it's important to understand options before arriving at a decision. In this expert guide, we listed 10 important ECM platforms to consider while making a buying decision.


  • A Roadmap to Authentic B2B Webinar Content

    With webinars rising in popularity, it’s become difficult to develop a webinar that stands out from the pack. In this webcast, three TechTarget marketing experts share advice for creating authentic B2B webinar content that can capture your audience’s attention. Watch now to unlock these insights.


  • Computer Weekly - 2 June 2020: What will be the IT security priorities of the post-coronavirus world?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, the working world after the pandemic will be very different – we assess the IT security priorities for the 'new normal'. Facial recognition firms are racing to identify people wearing face masks. And how did Europe's telecoms networks cope with the switch to remote working? Read the issue now.


  • B2B leader’s guide to leveraging animations for content

    When producing relevant and valuable messaging is this critical, how do you create the right content to address every prospective buyer’s needs at every stage? Access this webinar to learn more.


  • How to elevate your content with compelling storytelling

    To create compelling content, marketers must tell their brand stories effectively and creatively. The best B2B storytellers employ narrative and graphic techniques that emotionally appeal to buyers and inspire long-lasting waves of engagement. Watch this webinar to learn more.