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Take the classroom technology experience to the next level

When it comes to equipping kids and students for school, the pandemic taught us that kids need technology. It doesn’t matter if the students are using Chromebooks, Mac, or Windows, they need peripherals that work.

In this article, you will be introduced to several aspects of technology in education and why it matters to our students’ education. Simply put, if kids do not have the tools to succeed, they are being done a disservice.

Read on to also learn about a hardware portfolio that works for business, gaming, education, and much more.

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  • How Edge Computing is Enabling the Future of Higher Ed

    As technology continues to evolve and become increasingly integrated into the day-to-day operations of higher education institutions, IT leaders and their institutions are forced to confront numerous internal and external challenges, such as ransomware threats and complex legacy infrastructure.

    To mitigate these emerging challenges, leaders in the higher education industry are turning to new technology like edge computing to ready their institutions for the future.

    Access this research content to learn why higher ed institutions expect edge computing to be key for success moving forward – from creating a competitive advantage to bridging the digital divide for students and enhancing the student experience.

  • 6 benefits of LTE and 5G in schools

    Whether education takes place in a classroom, at home or on a bus, wireless networking can improve experiences, enabling students to learn from anywhere.

    This overview breaks down 6 ways that 5G and LTE can support students’ connectivity and security, including by facilitating:

    • Hybrid education
    • Temporary classrooms
    • And more

    Browse the overview to discover the rest.

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  • The Best (Free) Video Conferencing Software for Education and Teachers

    Explore this blog post to learn about the top 4 free video conferencing software options for education & discover which one is right for your students’ and teachers’ needs.


  • A remote access and support solution for the modern campus

    Educational institutions must find ways to improve the efficiency, productivity, and cost of their operations, without sacrifices to the student experience. In this white paper, discover the benefits of TeamViewer Tensor, a remote access and support solution, by exploring its uses on a typical campus.


  • Can AI take education to a new level?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine how LLMs are being used to teach, support and assess students, enhancing education rather than impairing it. We look at how AI is impacting the semiconductor sector as big tech companies put off server upgrades. And we find out how GenAI is changing the way enterprise software works. Read the issue now.


  • Education leader’s guide to better UC

    Between student safety and parental relations, school systems are presented with a handful of unique communication challenges. So, when it’s critical for these areas to be smooth and functional, how can educators ensure that their specific unified communications (UC) needs are met? Browse this guide to learn more.


  • How Case Western is Giving Medical Students' Training in Epic EHR Priority

    Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine is the first medical school to leverage Lyceum, an Epic EHR training platform designed for first-year medical students.


  • The secret to better communication for educators

    Today’s education professionals need efficient ways to communicate and interact with parents, administrators, students, and coworkers. However, due to school budget restrictions and other challenges, many educators find themselves unsure of how to proceed. Dig into this white paper to learn more.


  • 6 reasons to secure your school with MXDR

    Whether K–12 or higher education, any school holds large amounts of sensitive student and staff data – data that must be secured. In the face of increasing cyberattacks, how can educational institutions protect their data? Dig into this overview to find out 6 ways that managed extended detection and response (MXDR) can help.


  • How to spend your budget and time wisely when moving your organisation to the cloud in the Middle East

    According to Gartner, companies in the Middle East are set to spend almost $2bn on moving systems to the cloud by 2020, so it is important they understand the challenges to avoid wasting money.


  • why LUCET chose SUSE as their enterprise Linux server

    The Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET) seeks to determine if Luxembourg schools, and their students, are achieving their educational goals. LUCET’s IT team considered several major Linux distributions as operating systems for their online assessment program, OASYS. Read on to see why LUCET chose SUSE as their enterprise Linux server.


  • The importance of digital transformation in higher ed

    Aging data centers and outdated systems aren’t equipped to provide a modern experience for students and faculty members. So how can you evolve out of your complex, legacy infrastructure? This e-book explores higher education trends driving modernization and the steps you can take to get there. Read on to learn more.


  • Building today’s connected campus

    Today’s campus is a vast ecosystem where an endless array of individuals, from students and faculty to administrative staff and visitors, must effectively coexist.


  • Salesforce's new Ohana floor, an SAP UK & Ireland user conference and a trip to the Waltham Forest Tech Camp

    In this episode we discuss the Waltham Forest Tech Camp, the opening of the Ohana floor at Salesforce's London HQ, and the UK & Ireland SAP User Group Conference in Birmingham.


  • 3 AI models that support a university

    To boost student registration and retention rates, a university turned to AI-driven technologies for help. So, how do these AI tools work, and what benefits have they delivered? Find out in this case study.


  • A university’s path to Wi-Fi 6: Case study

    Leeds Beckett is a leading public university with over 28,000 students. Key to supporting those students is facilitating seamless digital experiences. To do so, Leeds Beckett set out to modernize its network infrastructure. So, how did the university accomplish that mission? Find out in this case study.


  • Essential Guide: APAC women in cyber security

    In Asia-Pacific, men continue to outnumber women in the growing field of cyber security - even as more women are entering the industry. The lack of awareness of the profession among students and unconscious biases in hiring processes are just some of the challenges that we must overcome before we can see more women in the profession.


  • CW Europe - December 2022 - February 2023: Finland prepares for drone technology take-off

    Finland is preparing for a future where it could rely on flying drone technology. Read about its plans in this issue. Also find out how a PhD student in the Netherlands is helping to detect hidden messages on the internet by using steganography.


  • CW Benelux - November 2022 - January 2023: Heineken finds the right brew for digital

    Heineken's data management director has revealed some of the ways the company is using information technology to transform digitally. Also read how a PhD student in the Netherlands is detecting hidden messages on the internet by exploring the practice of steganography.


  • School bus Wi-Fi: Use cases and case study

    Along with improving student and driver safety, school bus Wi-Fi can help bridge the “homework gap” by supplying students with the wireless access they need to complete assignments. To learn about other use cases for school bus Wi-Fi, and to chart Berks County’s school bus connectivity journey, watch this webcast.


  • CW Benelux - May-July 2021: Netherlands university launches centre of expertise in applied AI

    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has launched a centre of expertise in applied artificial intelligence, and students from all faculties of the university will learn how to apply AI in their field of study.


  • Securing students & faculty from cyberthreats

    Curtin University of Western Australia knew that they needed to protect their more-than-57,000 students from phishing attacks and data breaches. This case study explores why they chose Trustwave as a partner to achieve this goal. Dig in to learn about the benefits that Trustwave’s MDR services delivered for Curtin.


  • Computer Weekly – 16 April 2019: Digital transformation at the Crown Prosecution Service

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine how the Crown Prosecution Service is helping to digitally transform the UK justice system. We report from Google's cloud conference on the firm's plans to expand its presence in enterprise IT. And we look at the opportunities and challenges of using AI in the education sector. Read the issue now.


  • Educator technology: Can you keep up with growing needs?

    The technology needs of educators are evolving at breakneck speed. Can you keep up? Download this white paper to learn how you can evaluate your current educational technology deployment, and what improvements you can make to provide superior education.


  • CW ASEAN November 2016

    Small businesses in the ASEAN region could unknowingly be allowing hackers to access large corporate networks.


  • Leader’s guide to network management for educational IT

    In this 16-page e-book, unlock recommendations for IT management in educational institutions.


  • Computer Weekly – 3 October 2017: Digitally preserving history

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how cloud technologies are helping Gibraltar to digitally preserve historic documents and safeguard its cultural heritage. We examine progress on the roll-out of the new NHS national network. And our latest buyer's guide looks at cloud-based ERP software. Read the issue now.


  • How Tensor enables an elevated educational experience

    To support the needs of an entire campus community, an IT department must be able to manage and protect a vast ecosystem of devices remotely. Discover how TeamViewer Tensor transforms the complexity of an educational institution into a streamlined and elevated educational experience in this resource.


  • Why Wi-Fi alone won't cut it: Your look inside private cellular networks

    Private Cellular Networks (PCNs), including Private LTE and Private 5G, are dedicated networks that provide local-area network (LAN) connectivity in large areas where current wireless infrastructure fails to meet the needs of the business. Tap into this white paper to learn how private cellular networks support businesses across industries.


  • Security Think Tank Pt.1 - 2020 bought us universal remote working. So what next?...

    In this e-guide: Each month Computer Weekly poses a question to its Security Think Tank, a panel of cyber security experts comprising industry insiders, technologists, analysts, legal experts and educators, to share their years of collective cyber security wisdom with the security community.


  • Focus: Campus local area networks (LAN)

    In this e-guide we will explore some of the key trends driving the market for campus LANs and ask how to implement one, find out how one user went about building a network from the ground up on a brand-new site, and look in-depth at some of the active suppliers in the market.


  • Computer Weekly – 16 April 2024: VMware users hit by licence hikes after Broadcom takeover

    In this week's Computer Weekly, VMware users are facing licence fee increases after the acquisition by Broadcom, with education bodies worst hit – we talk to unhappy customers. Read the issue now.


  • Powering Connected Education Journeys for Life with AI

    As AI continues to make major waves across industries, many are asking two questions: what does AI mean for higher education, and what can you expect in the coming years? Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • Providing an equitable, personalized learning experience anywhere

    Education has always relied on tools that improve communication and collaboration. But today’s complicated technology solutions and clunky integrations take time away from dedicated learning hours and create headaches


  • CW Benelux - November 2021-January 2022: Dutch IT company rips up the HR rule book for better work-life balance

    One Dutch tech firm has used learnings from the pandemic to rip up its HR rule book and implement an official work-from-home policy. In fact, Infolearn has gone further than hybrid working, with a personal mobility budget for staff and a four-day working week.


  • Top 10 Middle East stories of 2018

    With money to invest and well-educated populations, the region is using advanced technology to enhance business as well as the quality of life. Read this top 10 for more examples of digital transformation in the Middle East.


  • CW Nordics - May-July 2022: How the Estonian government created a digital assistant to support citizens

    As Estonia finalises the initial version of its government services digital assistant for launch, the man heading the project describes the birth of Bürokratt and beyond. Also read about Helsinki's role in a pan-EU project to introduce drone technology into emergency medical services.


  • Cut downtime, boost IT efficiency & more: A guide

    When this IT provider was looking to enhance a California college's network reliability and alleviate IT staff burdens, they sought out a way that they could support 32K students and 120 old network closets, but struggled with UPS failures and load drops.


  • Transforming UC & collaboration with advanced AV solutions: A guide

    Download this white paper for insights on potential gaps in your current UC portfolio, recommendations for how to fill them, and learn from two success cases on how to capitalize on the lucrative AV opportunity.


  • Bitcoin, App Security, and Oracle's Controversial Licensing Policies

    Discover how blockchain, the tech behind bitcoin, is extending its reach beyond financial services into new industries. Also learn from developers about the pros and cons of componentizing application software, examine what a recent court case shows about Oracle's licensing policies, and more.


  • How to accelerate IT modernization & support remote learning

    Implementing online and remote learning is a key initiative for many educational institutions in today’s era of mobility, but they often lack the same resources as commercial organizations. Explore success stories from educational institutions across the country that have paved a path to digital transformation in this resource.


  • Key capabilities necessary for public sector cybersecurity

    Public sector organizations continue to be prime targets for cybercrime, given their responsibility for highly sensitive data, such as health records, intelligence information, student data, and citizen IDs. Read this e-book to get started with a solid and resilient cybersecurity strategy to protect your IP, your data, and your citizens.


  • Computer Weekly – 20 February 2018: The enterprise opportunities for smart speakers

    In this week's Computer Weekly as voice-activated smart speakers grow in popularity, we examine how IT teams can use the technology in enterprise applications. Our latest buyer's guide looks at the latest developments in CRM. And UK tech sector leaders tell Parliament why they are so worried about Brexit. Read the issue now.


  • Top 10 Benelux stories of 2021

    The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg also have what is needed for an advanced tech sector. They are relatively rich and have a wealth of human talent and high education standards, with academics in the region setting new ground.  Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 stories about IT in the Benelux region.


  • MicroScope – July 2021: Life on the edge

    With opportunities around edge computing on the up, we ask experts to weigh in on how the channel can approach using the tech to its advantage. Also discover how to encourage employees to take cyber security lessons seriously, and how collaboration is key to growth this year


  • MicroScope – September 2023: Channel pushes on against the odds

    In this issue, we take a look at the struggles and triumphs faced by the channel this year so far. Also read up on possible solutions to the skills shortage, including the opening up of STEM to a more diverse range of students, and the necessity for improving skills on the job.


  • CRM Evolves Towards Digital Customer Engagement

    This e-guide focuses on how customer relationship management has evolved towards engaging with customers through every channel, with digital to the fore.


  • The Ransomware Survival Guide

    For 34 pages of insights about preventing, managing and recovering from ransomware attacks, download the “Ransomware Survival Guide.”


  • NHS transformation, IR35 tax reforms, and using digital tech for staff training

    In this episode, we look at NHS transformation, IR35 tax reforms, and using digital tech for staff training.