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LA community college group leverages ADCs

LACCD deployed a new student information system and required load balancers, or application delivery controllers (ADCs), to assure application high availability and performance. The district also needed to minimize overall budget impact and do more with less wherever possible.

Further, the district needed an application delivery solution capable of supporting multiple deployment models, including primary and back-up data centers, development and production environments, as well as public and private clouds.

Download this case study to find out how LACCD leveraged Array ADCs to meet these requirements and much more, while providing enhanced reliability and accessibility for PeopleSoft-based student information systems.

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  • Case study: How cloud storage simplifies IT management

    Located on the Aleutian Chain, roughly 800 miles southwest of Anchorage Alaska, the Unalaska City School District needed to keep their IT storage simple, and affordable, due both to their size and their location on the map.

    In this case study, learn how thanks to their new cloud-based architecture they’re able to:

    • Autonomously retrieve any lost files in minutes instead of hours
    • Remote replication of information to an off-campus location
    • Manage all health and configuration information to an always-on cloud service
    • And more

  • ITSM helps an IT department rediscover its purpose

    IT departments receive many requests every day. Due to a busy schedule, IT departments may not have time to consider the benefits of updating their management systems.

    The Nampa school district suffered from an antiquated and unresponsive IT department, but found that with a new service management tool they could ensure reliable operation of:

    • Data networks
    • Applications
    • Digital-assisted devices

    Discover how an underperforming IT Department turned itself into an exceptional customer service organization. 

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