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The Agile CFO: Enabling the Innovation Path to Growth

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The role of CFOs are changing. Are you prepared?

What separates a successful CFO from the rest? With frequent regulatory changes, advances in AI, and the rise of blockchain, a successful CFO has to be more than a master strategist.

As the global market changes, a CFO has to be ready to master any amount of financial obstacles that cross their path. In the white paper, discover how CFOs are maintaining their traditional responsibilities while transforming their role as the company ‘bean counter’ with NetSuite.

Download to learn more about the many CFOs fulfilling their business prophecies with help from NetSuite, and hear client stories from:

  • Lovesac
  • Shiftgig
  • Zendesk
  • And more

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  • Effective risk-aware finance: Why it's becoming a matter of business survival

    Financial Institutions (FIs) looking to address the shifting nature of credit must align their finance and risk departments to accurately assess the dynamics of future risks, and bolster their budgeting and forecasting capabilities.

    This emerging organizational approach – risk-aware finance – is becoming a matter of business survival: without it, FIs will struggle to meet their future regulatory and competitive demands.

    Download this research report to:

    • Explore what effective risk-aware finance looks like 
    • Examine the key technical and staff challenges FIs face in attaining it 
    • Consider how FIs can overcome these challenges 
    • Learn the benefits of risk-aware finance

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  • The link between global success and financial function innovation

    Globalization has leveled the playing field, leaving many companies wondering how they can get ahead in such a competitive market.

    In this 47-page analyst report from The Modern Finance Forum that includes a comprehensive global survey, discover the strong link between innovation in financial functions and performance. Explore case studies from global leaders, and learn how to:

    • Identify principle obstacles to innovation
    • Get innovative projects off the mark
    • Drive innovation with a balanced front and back approach
    • And more

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  • The Deloitte CFO Survey

    Businesses are entering 2013 in a more optimistic mood than they entered 2012, but continue to favour defensive strategies in a low growth environment, this report from Deloitte reveals.


  • How Spotify made their DevOps switch

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  • Analyst's take: Return on investment of IBM Cognos Software

    Companies that use IBM Cognos software are able to improve productivity, reduce or avoid headcount, reduce financing costs, and increase profitability.  These benefits are achieved because when employees can rapidly access and analyze data in consistent ways, they are better able to make business changes that both lower costs and increase revenues.


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  • 5 tips for a successful ERP digital transformation

    In the past, ERP implementations were notorious for not meeting evolving business demands— focused on automating already inefficient processes and only providing incremental improvements to business processes. In this white-paper discover 5 tips to implement a successful digital business transformation strategy, and more.


  • Computer Weekly – 12 March 2013: Will software-defined networking justify the hype?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we take an in-depth look at one of the hottest emerging technologies – software-defined networking – and what it means for IT departments. We visit Iceland, home of the greenest datacentres, and see what they offer to CIOs. And we look at the growth of governance as a key task for CIOs. Read the issue now.


  • Top 10 Predictions for 2013

    Analyst Group, Nucleus Research gives its view of the IT trends and technologies that will shape 2013.


  • On-prem and cloud digital asset management: Which is better for you?

    Digital asset management is changing the way businesses produce and share virtual content. Read this expert guide to learn about cloud and on-prem DAM platforms and how they can simplify the way you manage digital content.


  • How to automate your AP process for better business

    In this case study, explore how consulting firm, Deutser, streamlined its accounts payable (AP) process with a cloud-based P2P automation platform from Yooz, and explore results post implementation.


  • 3 elements to develop a digital-first procurement mindset

    In Part 1 of this series on digital procurement transformation, get into the mindset of a digital-first procurement officer by thinking holistically about 3 elements: process, people and technology.


  • How to Navigate the CPM Market

    In this e-guide, you will learn of the effect that in-memory computing capabilities and industry-specific approaches are having on the corporate performance management (CPM) software market, the difference between tactical and strategic CPM, why strategic CPM modules are gaining popularity, and more!


  • Best practices in AP automation: How to become an AP top performer

    View this white paper learn how to turn your accounts payable (AP) department into a profit center, and uncover the 5 keys steps crucial to understanding, evaluating, and implementing a successful AP automation platform with Yooz.


  • CW Middle East July to Sept 2017

    In this issue of CW Middle East, we find out why the Gulf region must do more to attract women into IT if the region’s countries are to diversify.


  • The DNA of the CIO

    This must-read report analyses the role and challenges of the CIO and offers guidance for career development, influencing the business and becoming part of the executive management team.


  • 5 reasons businesses move to cloud ERP – and how they benefit

    Having a legacy ERP platform can prevent your company from capitalizing on modern, digital-based opportunities. Discover 5 common triggers that push businesses to upgrade to a cloud ERP platform.


  • Skills and sourcing trends for successful IT strategy

    In this presentation from our CW500 event, Louise McCarthy, director of IT transformation at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, shares her experiences of overhauling IT sourcing strategy at major private and public sector organisations.


  • What digital transformation requires from your network

    Find out why digital transformation 2.0 in healthcare requires an infrastructure that is capable of supporting multiple technologies both on-premises and in the cloud and can manage the massive data storage and back-and-forth transport that many transformative technologies require.


  • IT in the UK SMB (Small and Medium sized Business) Sector

    This report from Knowledge Peers and Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), reveals what leaders of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) think of IT – its strategic value, its potential, and the changing way in which it is being used in their organisations.


  • How to prevent your data center from becoming obsolete

    There's a saying amongst IT pros that a data center becomes obsolete the day it's built. Inside this eBook, learn what 'data center modernization' really means for today's enterprises – and how to determine when outsourcing is a better option.


  • Expert e-book: The trend toward cloud HR software

    Check out this issue of industry insider e-zine Business Applications Digest to get a taste of what the new website has to offer, including articles on cloud human resources (HR) software, the challenges of the 'bring your own device' (BYOD) phenomenon, corporate performance management (CPM) software, and more!


  • Cloud-based AP automation success story

    View this case study to learn how healthcare provider, OnPointe, automated its accounts payable (AP) workflow with a cloud-based AP automation platform from Yooz.


  • CW+: Roundtable: Managing IT assets and tracking total cost of ownership

    Today’s economic climate means IT departments are under pressure to deliver both never-fail applications and service levels that meet business needs, while also reducing costs.


  • Calculating Training ROI

    This guide from ESI International offers essential tips on calculating the return on investment of your training programme.


  • ERP upgrade: 5 indications it's time

    Adapting legacy tech to the cloud can be a complicated process, but switching to a single financial cloud system gives an organization more room to grow. Tap into this resource to read about 4 organizations that outgrew their old systems, and how they successfully implemented a cloud system.


  • IT matters again

    This report from Deloitte argues businesses are again investing in IT to provide the differentiation and innovation critical from their competitors despite the downturn.


  • Perceptions of business technology in the 21st century

    The Economist Intelligence Unit reviews changing expectations for technology and assesses their implications for  CIOs, the IT function and the business.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Digital Transformation

    The future of organisations depends on their handling of digital transformation. In this14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how the IT operation can lead strategy, whether network security is keeping up and what can be learned from GE's digital journey.


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    This expert e-guide explores how analytics and the cloud are transforming HR and talent management, and offers guidance to help you successfully implement these technologies in your organization.


  • How a security rating platform can help you manage third-party risk

    Data breaches caused by third-party vendor relationships are on the rise. Unfortunately, most assessment techniques are point-in-time and only express a vendor's cyber health at a particular moment. In this white paper, learn how a security ratings platform can help companies to monitor changes in the health of their vendor ecosystems.


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    IT teams are turning to the cloud to give their enterprises a competitive edge. In fact, the IDC expects the cloud to account for 60-70% of all technology spending by 2020. In this e-book, discover how to develop a successful managed cloud strategy, and learn how to maximize your cloud investment with tips from tips from industry experts.


  • CW Special report on Capgemini

    This 8 page special report from Computer Weekly offers a critical assessment of Capgemini, its strategy, products and services and financial performance. Packed with graphs and charts it is essential reading for anyone thinking of working with Capgemini.


  • 3 critical components to a data governance strategy

    Download this white paper to learn how data governance can help to streamline data collection and organization and make it easily accessible to the people and processes authorized to use it. Uncover 3 critical components to nearly every data governance strategy inside.


  • Harvey Nash CIO Survey: New Decade, New Opportunies?

    In this year’s report you will be able to see analysis presented on a global basis, compare trends across continents and explore country-by-country overviews. The results show that the CIO community is wrestling with significant pressures as the Great Recession fades into history and a new decade, with a new competitive landscape, emerges.


  • 10 key features of an ERP system for finance

    Without the right tools, your financial department can be doing manual and duplicative work, and puts you at greater risk of being out of compliance with key regulations. Explore how a complete financial management system can help you grow as a company and become more efficient.


  • 10 essential features of a financial management system

    With real-time insights into numerous financial metrics, a financial management system can ensure your business is ready for the next stage of growth. In this white paper, discover the 10 essential features of a complete financial management system, and learn how the right solution can help you keep up with the rapidly changing business world.