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Construction Firm Integrates Business Systems with Comprehensive Solution

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Case study: A construction company’s SAP journey

With more than 900 staff using separate software systems, managing workflows became a complex challenge for a construction company.

So, how did the company streamline and centralize its systems? With help from SAP Business One.

To chart the SAP journey – and to access insights from the construction company’s Admin HR Manager, Goh Pei Shan – explore this case study.

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  • Why connectivity is critical for safety in the construction industry

    As small construction companies head further down the path toward digital transformation, it is essential that they prioritize safety and security both on the job site and in their digital investments.

    Rapid and secure connectivity, supported by 5G, lays the foundation for a safe and secure construction business.

    Download this IDC white paper for a close look at the connection between reliable connectivity and security among construction businesses.

  • IoT use cases for construction you need to know

    The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is rapidly digitizing operations, in part to manage the vast amount of data used during the design, pre-construction, project management, and engineering phases of construction projects.

    But oftentimes, access to this goldmine of data is handcuffed by multiple disconnected data sets and project sites, limiting effectiveness.

    This is where Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help.

    In this IDC white paper, explore the benefits of construction businesses implementing IoT and the connectivity needed to support IoT technologies.

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  • Key business priorities that kickstart 5G adoption in construction

    Discover in this IDC spotlight paper why 5G connectivity is key for the construction industry, and the key business priorities that will be affected by transforming connectivity.


  • Amsterdam datacentre industry at a moment of reckoning

    The Netherlands is a fast growing datacentre location, as you can also read in this e-guide, and these constructions are taking up a lot of space and putting pressure on the local electricity grid. Read more about this and more in this e-guide.


  • Why Lendlease is embracing digital twin technology

    Find out how Australia-based property developer Lendlease is using digital twins, data analytics and automation to break the bulwark of rising costs and declining productivity in the construction sector.


  • Comprehensive ransomware threat report, annual analysis

    Ransomware attacks increased over 37% in 2023, with the manufacturing, services, and construction sectors hit hardest. This in-depth report analyzes the latest ransomware trends, including encryptionless extortion and new attack methods, and provides best practices for robust defense. Read the full Zscaler ThreatLabz 2023 Ransomware Report.


  • CIO Trends #9: Benelux

    In this e-guide we reveal why Dutch authorities temporarily halt datacentre construction, how Luxembourg attracts the growing IT companies. Also, read on for details of blockchain confusion in the Netherlands as well as how a local academic is unmasking cybercriminals.


  • Infographic: T-Mobile Business solutions for the evolving work environment

    Download this infographic here to discover T-Mobile Business Internet’s use cases—including for temporary sites, hybrid workers, and POS systems—as well as efficacy in contactless payments and construction's 5G deployment plans.


  • How to choose HR software

    Evaluating HR software can be complex. Our new, free 40-page guide to choosing HR software is a great place  to start. It's yours now in exchange for taking our short survey on your employee experience purchase plans.


  • Construction and Real Estate Efficiency: The Power of Digital Signage.

    Construction organizations rely on in-the-moment communication to coordinate operations, track projects and share vital health and safety information (and other key updates) to job sites. In real-time and at scale. But – how can HR and Operations teams better reach deskless or mobile workers? Access this infographic to learn more.


  • Facilitating day-1 connectivity for construction trailers

    Connecting their on-site engineers and construction trailers is key to Bilfinger SE – an international industrial services provider – meeting their strict deadlines. So, how does Bilfinger facilitate reliable, secure connectivity? Explore this case study to find out.


  • CW Europe September 2019: Netherlands authorities halt datacentre construction and call for a policy rethink

    The Netherlands has for years attracted datacentre investment and has seen major construction projects. Amsterdam alone has 33 datacentres within a radius of 20km. So when the local authority in Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer called an immediate halt to datacentre construction, it was a shock.


  • CW Europe - June-August 2021: Amsterdam reins back datacentre developments over environmental concerns

    The construction of datacentres in the Netherlands' Amsterdam region has accelerated at such a pace that their demands for electricity are causing concern, prompting city authorities and datacentre operator to open a dialogue about sustainable datacentre industry expansion.


  • Leader’s guide for driving organizational excellence

    In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, organizations are constantly changing in order to keep up with new standards and trends. However, transformation isn’t always easy, and many leaders can struggle with knowing what steps to take to achieve success. Access this webinar to learn more.


  • Looking to improve construction efficiency? Here’s how 5G can help

    Digital transformation, rapid and reliable connectivity, and automation are critical for the construction industry to support the growth and modernization needs of the world’s cities and towns. 5G network support may be just what your business needs; find out in this white paper.


  • Digital signage for Construction & Commercial Real Estate

    The majority of deskless construction and commercial real estate workers are digitally detached, with up to 4 out of 5 lacking access to company email, intranet, and personal devices on-shift. It’s time to think outside the inbox and beyond the notice board. Access this e-book to learn more.


  • IBV - AI’s quantified impact on the finance function

    Finance professionals are expected to be both guardians of stability and agents of transformation. So, how can they tackle this paradox of responsibilities and drive value through the organization? Tap into this IBM Institute for Business Value report, “AI’s Quantified Impact on the Finance Function,” for insights.


  • You’ve Got Email Fraud

    One way to boost your defenses against business email compromise (BEC) fraud is by understanding how BEC schemes have impacted other businesses. To access those insights, read this 24-page e-book, “You’ve Got Fraud: A Roundup of the Biggest, Boldest and Most Brazen Business Email Compromise Attacks.”


  • How Oversight helped White Cap fight fraud

    White Cap Construction Supply distributes construction materials to contractors across 450 branches. With so much infrastructure comes an equally large quantity of data. Read the case study now to learn how Oversight helped White Cap tighten up procure-to-pay operations and fight fraud.


  • Data management for the distributed workforce

    The challenges of data management, security, and access are nowhere felt more strongly than edge environments. This data sheet explores how Panzura Edge brings the resilience, security and access control of CloudFS to the distributed workforce across a number of use cases. Download now to learn more.


  • Providing a unified help experience with the “intelligent front door”

    Atlassian’s vision for a unified help experience is inspired by a rise in globally distributed teams, which has compelled organizations to rethink how they can provide 24/7 support to their customers and employees. Learn more about Atlassian’s efforts to construct the “intelligent front door” for today’s remote workforces in this blog.


  • Expert insights & advice for increasing automation limits

    From harnessing diverse automation methodologies to refining workflows through no-code, low-code, and scripting avenues, this Jira Automation webinar is meticulously crafted to illuminate a spectrum of automation possibilities, offering actionable insights and pragmatic advice. Watch the on-demand version now to get started.


  • CentOS will discontinue updates: What’s your migration plan?

    Soon, the CentOS Project will discontinue updates and releases of CentOS Linux version 7, leaving many organizations having to construct a migration plan. Watch this snackable video to learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS simplifies this journey and how to migrate from CentOS to Red Hat Enterprise Linux with confidence.


  • Security is an investment you can’t afford not to make

    Security is an investment you can’t afford not to make. In this Total Economic Impact study, Forrester Consulting defines the value derived from implementing Umbrella SIG / SSE and constructs a detailed cost-benefit analysis to help quantify benefits and inform security investment decisions. Discover how to get the most out of your security budget.


  • Practical guidance for securing SaaS data on Workday

    Workday is a popular software as a service (SaaS) solution used by many organizations. This guide provides an overview of Workday, aiming to equip security professionals with a solid understanding of Workday’s unique risks. Read on to learn more.


  • IT outsourcing in the digital age

    In this e-guide, discover how cloud computing continues to change the IT outsourcing industry, how Indian staff are making up a larger proportion of the workforces at large western companies, and find out how IT is disrupting the legal firms that support the outsourcing industry.


  • Digital leaders in the UK 2019

    This report from management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint is intended to give an assessment and provide a constructive analysis of UK companies' digital maturity, hence the nature of the statistics provided.


  • Trend Vision One counters zero-day exploits: Success story with Fischer Homes

    How can you similarly prevent your company’s exposure to cyber risks while reducing your SOC’s alert fatigue? Read Fischer Homes’ case study to find out and to examine the benefits of their solution of choice—Trend Vision One—could have on your company.


  • Learn how to protect any application, anywhere, easily

    Delivering new applications isn’t the simple process that many make it out to be. Whether it is complex coordination, challenges due to lack of automation, security difficulties, or limited observability, there are many hurdles to overcome. However, there is a platform that addresses all of that and much more. Watch to learn more about it.


  • Hardware business shifts from manual to automated with software

    This case study details how a hardware retailer automated its systems with SAP Business One, boosting productivity by 60-80% and streamlining inventory and invoicing. Learn how this modular software solution can transform your business operations in this case study.


  • Honeywell Solstice GBA for insulation: See CO2 emissions reduction in action

    On the hunt for insulation that aligns with the requirements of the construction industry, the creators of Ravatherm, Ravago, began evaluating Honeywell’s Solstice Gas Blowing Agent (GBA) for their insulation product. Dive into this case study to understand Ravago’s process and to learn why Honeywell Solstice GBA is fit for the job.


  • Achieving 100% uptime and savings through modern storage

    Atlantic Health System relies on Pure Storage's high-performance, secure storage to deliver 100% uptime for critical healthcare applications and enable fast, reliable access to patient data. Learn how Pure Storage helps Atlantic Health System provide exceptional patient care in this case study.


  • The key to overcoming managed cloud services pitfalls

    Today, organizations are looking for secure, innovative, and fully managed cloud solutions that they can integrate into their daily processes for operational success.However, many of these systems can bring on unwanted challenges, which can be discouraging. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • Low-Code Adoption Framework

    With the rapid pace of digital change in today’s enterprises, if an organization does not have enough qualified talent to handle the workflows and constant change, then it’s time to take a different approach and consider the “citizen developer”. By adopting a low-code/no-code approach, businesses can keep up no matter what. Read on to see how.


  • The business case for M2M: How it supports the end user

    This white paper will explore M2M-IoT technologies, the factors that are driving adoption, potential implementation challenges and key considerations, and the key areas in which businesses and organizations can take advantage of M2M-IoT to make better and more effective decisions more rapidly. Read on to learn more.


  • How a sporting goods retailer strengthened network security

    A large sporting goods retailer set two goals: to enhance its application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities and to strengthen its network security. Download this case study to discover how the retailer achieved those goals with help from VMware and Hughes Managed Services.


  • Advanced analytics platform: Drive operational excellence

    Pratt Industries leverages Seeq's advanced analytics platform on AWS to drive operational excellence. By automating data preparation and analysis, Pratt gains real-time insights, improves consistency, and optimizes materials usage. Read the full case study now to learn how Pratt is transforming its operations.


  • Learn how a top healthcare provider improved app access

    St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton partners with Nutanix to enhance access to critical healthcare applications like EMR, scale infrastructure cost-effectively, and improve data center sustainability. Read the full case study to learn how Nutanix helped this leading healthcare provider.


  • ESG: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Infoblox Networking and Security Management in a Multi-cloud Environment

    Through research and customer interviews, Enterprise Strategy Group validated that, by deploying Infoblox networking and security products into diverse environments, organizations can achieve real-time network visibility and realize ROI as high as 334%. Download the Validation Report to learn how.


  • Top 10 challenges semiconductor fabs can transform into profit

    In this reference guide, explore how the semiconductor fabrication industry can overcome the top 10 challenges and transform them into business opportunities, and discover via specific use cases how leading practices enable semiconductor fabs to enhance global competitiveness.


  • Application security: More important than ever

    In this e-guide we look at why application security is more important than ever due to traditional software and cloud-based, web and mobile applications playing an increasingly important role in business.


  • A single source of truth for your software reliability

    Access this product overview to learn how you can leverage a SaaS-based platform to collect metrics from your existing observability systems and track error budgets across platforms and applications, allowing you to see the big picture, along with micro-dependencies, all in one place.


  • Achieve continuous compliance in your DevOps workflows

    Achieve continuous compliance and security in DevOps by adopting a Policy-as-Code approach. Discover how to mitigate compliance risks, streamline audits, and enhance your security posture. Read this buyer's guide to learn the key selection criteria for choosing the right continuous compliance solution.


  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform: A beginner’s guide

    80% of organizations say that adopting IT automation is “extremely important” to the future success of their organization, according to Harvard Business Review. This white paper serves as a guide for the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Dive into the guide today.


  • A guide to Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

    Discover how integration platform as a service (iPaaS) connects applications and data across cloud and on-premise. This guide explains iPaaS benefits like fast integration and reduced costs. Learn how leading iPaaS technologies enable digital transformation by providing a single platform to integrate any application.


  • How ServiceNow is transforming customer service delivery platforms

    With a long history of innovation, Xerox continuously strives to enhance the service its technicians provide. Discover in this case study why Xerox trusted ServiceNow to help them to transform service delivery for customers.


  • Overcoming top customer challenges with remote connectivity

    Enterprises and growing businesses must efficiently support remote workforces, diverse systems, and distant assets in real time for effective, secure operations. Learn more on how a 360° cloud-based remote connectivity solution enhances support for customers, employees, and partners throughout the value chain in this resource.


  • Benchmark Your Identity Security Strategy

    There are significant challenges in securing applications that sit outside of the protections offered by SSO and MFA. Learn in this report, which surveyed senior cybersecurity professionals, how they are approaching these access security challenges and their best practices.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to artificial intelligence in IT security

    Artificial intelligence is keeping businesses ahead when it comes to fighting cyber crime. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how IT security is automating its systems, the tools letting firms achieve more with less and the advantages of predictive security.