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IBM Information Management Software - The New Information Agenda

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The Global Information Technology Report 2013

Growth and Jobs in a Hyperconnected World


With a record coverage of 144 economies, the report remains one of the most comprehensive and authoritative assessments of the impact of ICT on competitiveness of nations and the well-being of their citizens.


The Networked Readiness Index (NRI), finds Finland (1st) Singapore (2nd) and Sweden (3rd) take the top three places. The Netherlands (4th), Norway (5th), Switzerland (6th), the United Kingdom (7th), Denmark (8th), the United States (9th), and Taiwan, China (10th) complete the top.



Part 1: The Current Networked Readiness for Growth and Jobs


  • The Networked Readiness Index 2013
  • Digitization for Economic Growth and 35 Job Creation
  • A Taxonomy of National Broadband and ICT Plans
  • The Importance of National Policy Leadership
  • Fiber Broadband: A Foundation for Social 67 and Economic Growth
  • The Economic Impact of Next-Generation 77 Mobile Services
  • Better Measurements for Realizing the 81 Full Potential of Health Information Technologies
  • Re-Establishing the European Union’s Competitiveness with the Next Wave of Investment in Telecommunications
  • The Big Opportunity for Inclusive Growth


Part 2: Case Studies of Leveraging ICTs for Competitiveness and Well-Being


  • Colombia’s Digital Agenda: Successes and the Challenges Ahead
  • The Metamorphosis to a Knowledge-Based  Society: Rwanda
  • E-Government in Latin America: A Review 127 of the Success in Colombia, Uruguay, and Panama

Part 3: Country/Economy Profiles


Part 4: Data Tables


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The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

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    A Sustainable Print Agenda

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    With pressure mounting on organisations to reduce their environmental impact, sustainability is still high on the corporate IT agenda, despite the challenging economy.

    Although interest in green IT is growing, the impact of printing is often overlooked. However, left uncontrolled, it can be a huge source of waste – both financial and environmental.

    A “less-paper” office based on an optimised print infrastructure can be a prime enabler for sustainability.

    Using intelligent print management and document workflow tools can enable organisations to significantly reduce their environmental impact while cutting costs, driving operational efficiency and improving regulatory compliance.

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  • IT Relations: HR Manager

    HR and IT departments have begun to work closely together over the last few years. While HR historically has often received limited attention, companies now understand the key role the department plays in the business. Consequently, companies are heavily investing in HR technology, particularly by moving their HR systems to the cloud.


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  • Information security for SMEs

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  • The information capture spectrum

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  • Tips for cybersecurity leaders on meeting with the board of directors:

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  • Information Governance

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  • Big Digital Leadership

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  • How to handle requirements for risk assessment methodologies

    Over time, the information security/risk management profession has developed a variety of methods for assessing risk within an organization.


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    This report from CompTIA, based on original research, assesses the current trends in information security.


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