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Deploy Real-time Operational Detection and Prevention to Combat Various Threats and Fraud.

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5 requirements for static code analysis tools

The pressure to deliver more software faster is always growing, but the risks of delivering unreliable and insecure embedded software have also never been greater.

Automated static code analysis can improve the scale and efficiency of testing efforts while saving time and lowering costs.

Open this white paper to learn about your options for static code analysis solutions, and the 5 most important requirements you need to consider from integration with development platforms, to standards compliance checking.

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  • Application Security Handbook: Application Security: Managing Software Threats

    Addressing security concerns from the outset of a software project all the way through to production is the only way that enterprise application delivery teams can prevent skilled attackers from stealing sensitive corporate data.

    Yet in many organizations, what should be a top priority gets pushed to the backburner; in some cases, it's because tight-fisted (and short-sighted!) C-level execs won't provide the necessary resources, in others, it's because developers don't think it's their responsibility, and in still other cases, it's assumed that waiting until the last, prerelease phases of a project is sufficient for security testing. (It's not.)

    Check out this expert e-book from the editorial team at to read the following three articles designed to help you address your application security before it's threatened:

    1. Ten Ways to Build in Security From the Start
    2. Secure Your Mobile Apps in Enterprise Integration
    3. How to Boost Your Application Security Savvy

  • E-Guide: Integrating security into the ALM lifecycle

    Software development teams often save their security work for the last phase of a software release and end up paying a high price in last-minute, drawn-out efforts. But the key to approaching security is to consider it in each milestone or phase of the application lifecycle. In this expert e-guide, readers will learn the risks businesses take by not taking security measures seriously and what can be done to help integrate security with application lifecycle management.

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  • Application security testing: Protecting your application and data

    Application security testing is critical in ensuring your data and applications are safe from security attack. This e-book, written for IT management, including QA and development managers, explains the basics of application security and then delves deeper into common vulnerabilities and performance concerns.


  • Beating web application security threats

    Application security plays an important role in ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of data, yet at times teams may fear that security can interfere with overall performance. Read this e-book for tips that discuss the value of application security and explain how to implement it to ensure the highest availability and usability.


  • E-Guide: Prioritizing Application Security Concerns

    Application security has significantly grown and developed in sophistication over the past few years, but so have the threats that seek to wreak havoc on your software. Read this expert e-guide to learn best practices on how to ensure your applications are protected with the highest level of security possible.


  • CW+: Global Simplicity Index – how complicated is your business?

    If you knew that your business was wasting 10% of its R&D spend or 15% of its marketing budget, you would do something about it. Very quickly


  • How to: Automated analytics

    Dashboards only tell you what you think you need to know. But you don't know what you can't see—so how do you get away from this blind business decision-making catch-22? Automated analytics could be the answer to a chronic lack of data insights in businesses today—read this white paper to learn how.


  • Unified communications etiquette guide: What to know, what to avoid

    This e-guide takes a close look at UC etiquette: what you should know and what you need to avoid. Uncover the different types of strategies, applications, platforms and models you’ll need to help your organization streamline business processes with collaborative communications.


  • 5 keys to ensure ERP cloud migration success

    We've created a guide for you that will layout the reasons why you can't keep hiding behind your legacy ERP, and how you can begin the modernization process. It will become available for you to download immediately, as a 'thank you' for participating in this brief Enterprise Applications Software Research Program.


  • How to know if dedicated Internet access is right for your business

    If you have huge spikes and lulls in traffic, you're likely paying for a lot of unused bandwidth. Scalable, bandwidth-on-demand models offered with dedicated Internet access can help you solve this problem. Read this blog post to find out if dedicated Internet access could be right for you, and explore some questions to ask before buying.


  • How to get to the right sales—faster

    Just because you're a startup doesn't mean you can't beat your larger competitors to critical sales opportunities that can level the playing field in the long-term. Watch this video to learn how Priority Engine can help you move faster than your competition by focusing on the opportunities you know you can win.


  • Use this vendor comparison to decide who can help your SaaS model adaptability

    So, you know you need to be more adaptive and flexible with your subscription offerings—now what? You can use this cheat sheet for a customer-driven comparison of 3 leading vendors to decide if any of their solutions can work for you.


  • 4 key ways to improve WAN performance

    This white paper explains the importance of maintaining the health of your WAN and gives tips on how you can improve your network's performance. Learn about your options for deploying SD-WAN and discover 4 key ways to bolster WAN performance.


  • 5 common pitfalls of relying on Excel for financial planning

    This white paper will walk you through the 5 signs that you may be abusing Excel for your planning needs and show you how you can take advantage of the capabilities that you appreciate while avoiding its numerous pitfalls.


  • Demo: Find the right data integration pattern for you

    Data is woven into every aspect of companies' existence and is critical to drive the right strategic and operational decisions, but taming and making sense of data everywhere is not easy. Join this webinar to determine the right data integration strategy for your organization.


  • 6 tips for maximizing Agile speed

    Download this white paper to get 6 tips for maximizing your Agile KPIs, and identify some bottlenecks in your Agile process that you can improve today.


  • Threat hunting 101: The tools you need to spot suspicious activity

    In this white paper, explore the 8 types of threat hunts that you can use to spot suspicious abnormalities that might be a leading or active indicator of threat activity.


  • Bring high quality video and web conferencing to any size room

    Download this white paper to learn about Zoom Video Communications and how you can view the status of all your conference rooms and manage them from a single admin console—helping to avoid those double-booking situations.


  • Learn how to create a successful security awareness program

    Employees are the last line of defense against cyberattacks, and in too many cases these defenses fail. In this report, learn how to create a successful security awareness training program.


  • High-fidelity network traffic data for fast incident response

    Watch this webcast to learn about Zeek—an open-source network security monitor that is formally known as Bro—and see how it can transform network traffic into high-fidelity data streams for faster incident detection.


  • 4 fundamental ways data is changing business

    Read this white paper to learn the 4 business areas where data has the most impact, the top use cases within each area, and see real outcomes and ROI from leading organizations.


  • Communication in the public sector: Uniting desk phones & smartphones

    When it comes to serving the public, there aren't many do-overs—so you need to make sure you're communicating the right information quickly and effectively. In this solution brief, explore how you can do that with One Talk from Verizon, and how it enables you to be in contact with constituents 24/7.


  • Expand your career opportunities with a cloud security certification

    We need your help! Participate in our Cloud Security survey to give us a better understanding of the cloud security technologies and strategies you are using today. As a thank you for completing the survey, you'll receive a copy of our expert guide, Cloud Security Certifications 101.


  • 3 benefits of UCaaS in the workplace

    UCaaS has emerged as a way for businesses of all sizes to streamline communications, enhance productivity and manage costs. But how do you know if it's right for you? And—once you do—how do you choose the right provider? Find out in this expert guide.


  • 9 ways to stay undefeated against disasters

    Download the following playbook to learn 9 tactics for staying undefeated against disasters, prepare your organization for any cause of downtime, and ensure you can quickly recover with no data loss.


  • Cybersecurity For Dummies

    Read Cybersecurity For Dummies, the Thycotic Special Edition, to help you understand and recognize the most common cybersecurity threats people face daily in their personal and work lives. The different chapters will cover: phishing, ransomware, incident response, and more.


  • 5 considerations when revisiting your DR plan

    This white paper will help as you review your company's disaster recovery and business continuity plan (DR/BCP). Read on for 5 critical considerations as you revisit your DR plan, how to prepare for several different disaster scenarios, and more.


  • Why your documents are stuck in the 90s

    The bad news is that your competitors have already modernized their document creation process, and there is no more time to waste. Read this white paper to find out how you can get started on your document digital transformation today—and why you should.


  • Beyond the buzzword: 5 flash FAQs answered

    The following e-book will help you answer any questions you have as you look beyond the buzzword and consider an investment in flash storage. Read on for a bonus self-assessment worksheet that will help you determine if implementing flash will benefit your mission-critical apps.


  • 5 things to consider for your security strategy while embracing digital transformation

    Digital transformation is impacting every industry and it's making network security more important than ever. In this blog, explore 5 things you should consider for your security strategy as you embrace digital transformation, so you can navigate the minefield of evolving threats.


  • A custom fix for troublesome cloud management

    While cloud promises to deliver on cost efficiency, most cloud vendors offer one-size-fits-all solutions that lead to plenty of cloud spend waste. Click through to this blog to get insight into how Service Blocks work, and hear from partners that have experienced tremendous success in this custom cloud approach.


  • Get the most out of your cloud connection

    Learn about a highly secure cloud connection in this infographic built for public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures.


  • 3 steps to pricing your IT services

    In this e-book, you'll learn how to calculate your full hourly overhead in 3 steps–so you can set the right price for your IT services. View it here to get started.


  • Where you should be with your CRM

    If you want to be consistently in the know about what your teams are accomplishing and how your sales pipelines are flowing, then a CRM tool is a given. But, how do you decide which CRM tool works best for your business? There are many choices to weigh, but this e-book will help you choose the right one for you.


  • 5 challenges for security and GDPR compliance

    Technology can advance your business through the future, but it also provides the largest barrier to meeting GDPR compliance. Read on to explore the 5 common security challenges you need to overcome to meet GDPR compliance requirements.


  • 5 reasons to perform DR testing more often

    How often should you test your customers' DR and what tools should you use? Download this paper to find out. By reading, you'll also glean 5 reasons to test you and your clients' DR more often, identify the different levels of testing, and debunk several excuses for not testing.


  • Future-proof your data architecture

    Data comes in all shapes and sizes and - more often than not - in high volume. That will only increase in the future. We created a Data Repository Cheat Sheet to understand your data architecture needs, and you will get immediate access to it once you complete this survey for us.


  • Network visibility: 6 steps to optimize security

    Bad actors have access to low cost, high impact security attack tools. You need to be able to play both defense and offense to keep up the defenses against them. Learn how Ixia network visibility can help give you an advantage against hackers, helping you optimize your network monitoring architecture while strengthening network security.


  • Is virtualization the same as cloud computing?

    If you have deployed virtualization in your organization, does that mean you have a private cloud? In this e-guide learn about the differences between virtualization and private cloud computing and the pros and cons of various cloud types.


  • The role orchestration plays in DevOps automation

    Take a look at this whitepaper to learn more about your options for orchestrating automated workflows in your DevOps processes.


  • SDN: How you can get started

    Moving your network over to SDN is not as complex as you might imagine—especially if you deploy SD-WAN as an overlay network, on top of your existing network. Learn more about moving to SDN and how you can get started in this brief webcast.


  • Use this pocket guide to contact center terms

    Keeping up with the ever-growing amount of acronyms and technologies in the contact center sector is a constant challenge. Fortunately, you can use this pocket guide to contact center management terms to ensure that you are up-to-date with the terminology you need to know.


  • Personal skills for professional success: influencing

    This chapter from The Human Touch: Personal Skills for Professional Success, gives you the key facts you need to develop and grow your influence in the workplace.


  • Benefits of adopting hosted, cloud-based unified communications

    In this white paper, learn about a hosted, cloud-based unified communications system that combines voice, text, email, conferencing, document sharing and more in 1 place—making it easier for you to update or add capabilities as needed.


  • Office 365 risk mitigation e-book

    If you are moving to or already using Office 365 then it's essential for you to formulate a plan toward a risk-free cyber resilience experience. Download this e-book to learn about the security, data assurance and continuity gaps that exist in Office 365 and how Mimecast can help reduce risk and add resilience.


  • 10 benefits of intelligent information management

    With intelligent information management, you can store, access and manage information regardless of the file location or the user interface you are using. Read this white paper for 9 more benefits of intelligent information management, and how you can implement it in your business.


  • Network monitoring: Creating a successful strategy

    Download this white paper to learn about the underpinnings of network monitoring techniques, theory and philosophy, as well as the ways in which monitoring is accomplished.


  • How to minimize your container attack surface

    Take a look at this container security whitepaper that can provide you with experts' top security best practices, and give you the peace of mind to know that you've minimized your container attack surface as much as possible.


  • Cisco Umbrella: Discover what customers are saying about their experiences

    Are you getting what you were promised? People make a lot of claim about network security but Cisco would rather show you proof. Download this infographic to learn about Cisco Umbrella including how it compares to other vendors and what Cisco customers are saying.


  • 5 key characteristics for any integration PaaS (iPaaS)

    The right integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) tool is your organization's key to sharing data freely and securely between applications and databases. But how will you know when you've found the "right" iPaaS? Tune in to review this analyst report, and learn how you can identify the strongest iPaaS tool for you.


  • 7+ marketing personalization strategies you might be missing

    The entry point for revenue-driving personalization isn't as hard to reach as you might think—if you have a website, a CRM tool and an adaptive marketing platform, then you have a wide array of marketing personalization opportunities available. Read this resource to learn more.


  • 4 data-driven approaches to get you towards DX faster

    If you want to transform more quickly, deeply, and broadly, there are 4 modern approaches to analytics that set you up for success. Read this e-book to discover those approaches, the role of AI and machine learning, and why data literacy is so important.


  • 5 common network issues and tips to identify and solve them

    Download this white paper to explore 5 common network issues, as well as some basic troubleshooting and problem identification tips and tools.


  • Interactive Marketing eBook: It’s all about the Journey

    No matter where you are on your journey to Interactive Marketing, you can get there with the right marketing software solutions. When you achieve effective, efficient, measurable marketing that creates meaningful dialogue, you ensure increased lifetime customer value. This eBook reveals just some of the important steps along the journey.


  • Business Reimagined

    Reimagining business is about waking up to a new environment based on technology that liberates rather than constrains, writes Dave Coplin.