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Cisco and IBM: Enhancing the Way People Work through Unified Communications

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The Tipping Point: Top Unified Communications Issues for 2012

Year after year, unified communications (UC) faces a number of challenges, and year after year it seems nothing is done to address them. If only the technology could transform into something that can success, it would.

This E-Guide from discusses the top five UC issues users and organizations today are facing and how they will lead the charge for a UC revolution. View now to learn more about these five issues and how they will affect the future of UC.

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  • FedRAMP compliant UC

    A top 10 federal defense contractor with over 20,000 employees was managing a complex environment with large Avaya and Cisco footprints for PBX and contact center.

    Like most enterprises, they had a voice, messaging and collaboration environment comprised of disparate, primarily premises-based, technology platforms.

    To increase efficiency and reduce risk, this contractor required a FedRAMP environment to consolidate these collaboration tools. Download this case study to learn how ARG helped them obtain it.

  • RingCentral video security

    Security is a critical component to every organization’s internal and external communications.

    RingCentral Video offers collaboration across a modern business environment, ensuring secure and private communications is a top-of-mind concern for business users and IT professionals alike.

    Download this white paper to learn more about RingCentral Video and their commitment to security.

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  • VR/XR: How to build enterprise data security

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