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Performance in Reserve: Protecting and Extending Automotive Spare Parts Profitability by Managing Complexity

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Measuring, Monitoring and Improving Customer Experience

Today’s organizations are realizing that improving customer experience management (CEM) strategies can provide a substantial competitive advantage – but implementing a successful CEM improvement strategy can be difficult.

Check out our exclusive CEM expert guide to learn  essential strategies for improving the customer experience and discover 10 simple, inexpensive ways to improve the customer experience, including:

  • Create a well-balanced customer experience team
  • Give customers a personalized experience
  • Act on customer feedback
  • And more.

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  • Embedded analytics, IoT, and OEMs: A perfect match

    As companies embrace the emergence of the IoT and the importance of data, original equipment manufacturers are uniquely well positioned to guide their customers into the next phase of business—the one that’s powered by analytics.

    Read on to learn why OEMs can benefit from embedding analytics capabilities in their products, and how it can easily be done within the context of manufacturing and industry.

  • E-book: Embedded Analytics for Dummies

    The big data and data analytics market will experience double-digit growth through 2020, per IDC. Businesses are seeking to apply this avalanche of new data in more areas, such as apps, partner portals and customer websites.

    Embedded analytics is the integration of analytical content and functionality into broad categories of user interfaces to provide customized insights on data for different audiences.

    Embedded analytics can help your business at several levels, with the potential to:

    • Allow OEMs to reach new markets
    • Deliver new revenue streams
    • Grow customer loyalty
    • Improve competitive advantage

    Read this e-book, Embedded Analytics for Dummies, to learn more.

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    Third-party maintenance can give back control of your equipment life cycle, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and help maximize data center investments. Inside, learn how to accurately weigh the pros and cons of switching away from traditional OEM support.


  • How Porsche used Kubernetes to digitally transform

    Electric vehicles and autonomous driving have all transformed the automotive industry—putting significant pressure on every company to transform with it. In this webinar, explore how Porsche Informatik found a new way to support the massive shift towards digitalization and rising user expectations with containerized Kubernetes cloud environments.


  • Analyst's take: Siemens PLM software revs up benefits for automotive industry

    Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) software for the automotive industry helps manufacturers leverage globalization, reduce time-tomarket, optimize resources, and ensure compliance and sustainability.


  • Understanding the supply chain semiconductor disruption

    COVID-19 has taught businesses that they need to be more nimble – something that isn’t easy to do, especially in the automotive ecosystem. This article explores the supply chain semiconductor shortage that is still impacting the automotive industry—and will continue to cut $60.6 billion in revenue in 2021. Read the article now.


  • 6 OEM storage considerations

    If you are being strong-armed into replacing your current storage with the newest equipment, remember that the “one-option-only” perception is just an illusion. Access this white paper to learn 6 must-know facts before your next storage buy.


  • Preventing data leaks & securing remote access: Case study

    In this case study, discover how Caglayanlar, an automotive parts distributor, addressed the growing complexities of their security environment and established a program to better manage and secure remote access to their critical data.


  • Superloop HPE OEM Program IT Case Study

    By partnering with the HPE OEM program, security innovator Superloop delivers a high-performance and scalable cybersecurity appliance to K-12 schools.


  • How to take charge of your hardware refresh plan

    This white paper aims to help IT evaluate the strategy behind the traditional OEM refresh cycle and identify cost-saving options to consider for a hardware refresh plan to present to the CFO. Open now to take a look at how to keep pace with infrastructure needs, address specific objectives and more.


  • How Valvoline improved their CX with self-service technology

    Automotive supplier, Valvoline, recognized that their customer experience, especially for those who called into their local service centers, was inconsistent. So, working with NICE inContact and their CXone solutions, the company incorporated self-service options to help customers get answers to common questions. Learn more in this case study.


  • What you can learn from the industry shift to electric vehicles

    The majority of legacy automotive suppliers will have to reassess their entire business model to stay competitive in the world of electric vehicles. In this article, explore how Baker Tilly can help your business assess this changing market and find your place in it. Read the article here.


  • 3 major benefits of Advizex for metal production market leader

    Access this case study to learn about the Advizex solution that a major metal production producer decided to implement and the 3 major benefits that resulted.


  • Zenuity and HPE join forces to develop next generation autonomous driving cars.

    Zenuity has selected HPE to provide the infrastructure it needs in order to develop next generation autonomous driving systems. Zenuity is a joint venture between Volvo Cars (VCC) and Veoneer, two Swedish companies whose names are synonymous with automotive safety.


  • How to extract critical information from automotive documents

    Though the world has gone digital, handling automotive documents is still a painfullymanual process. Automation and AI can help speed up every step of this process. Open this white paper to uncover how automation works, the benefits of automation, and additional use cases, to determine if using AI will work for your organization's processes.


  • CW Nordics August 2018

    In April 2017, the Swedish capital Stockholm was the scene of a terrorist attack which saw a truck used as a weapon on a pedestrianised street. It left five people dead and 14 seriously injured.


  • Accelerating autonomous car development with ready access to global data

    The push for intelligent and autonomous cars is the next step for the automotive industry—and it’s an initiative that requires collecting, processing, and analyzing data on an unprecedented scale. Read this case study to learn why Mercedes-Benz AG chose to back their autonomous driving efforts with an HPE data platform ideal for their use case.


  • How to run analytics from the cloud at scale

    Qlik Sense Enterprise supports a full spectrum of analytics uses cases on a multi-cloud platform, including self-service data visualization, guided analytics, embedded analytics, etc. Watch this webinar to learn more about the benefits of Qlik Sense, and how you can take advantage of it in a Kubernetes cluster using containers.


  • How a modern, multicloud IT infrastructure can help

    The go-to solutions for achieving application portability and ease of management across clouds and datacenters are microservices, containers, and Kubernetes—the leading container orchestration framework. Click here to learn how a modern, multicloud IT can help your team stay competitive.


  • Embedded analytics: The power of insight

    Read this white paper to learn how partnering with Qlik could boost your competitive advantage by enhancing your products with embedded analytics, and more.


  • Embedded analytics: Benefitting execs, sales, customers and more

    Your workforce needs to collect, analyze and visualize customer/client data at a near real-time response rate to remain competitive - this is the benefit of embedded analytics platforms. Read this white paper to learn about Qlik Solutions for embedded analytics.


  • Why you need everything as a service

    IDC data reveals that customers are looking for IT consumption models that are flexible, transparent and competitively priced.


  • Royal Holloway: Secure connected and autonomous vehicles - the long road ahead

    Advances in technology have led to  safety and comfort features being added to vehicles, with ambitious plans for driverless cars and other connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) systems being developed. This article looks at some of the requirements, constraints and challenges, including two areas of uncertainty: data and software updates.


  • Meeting today's globalization challenges as chemical manufacturers

    Chemical manufacturing is constantly evolving. It's an industry growing at a rapid rate. Worldwide sales of chemicals have more than doubled over the last decade, mostly due to new emerging markets.


  • AI in the Enterprise: Challenges vs. Opportunities

    While AI's potential for competitive advantage is immense, many companies are struggling to properly implement this technology trend. This guide examines the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.


  • 7 Reasons Your Fabricated Metal Company Needs An Industrial Manufacturing ERP

    Industrial manufacturing is becoming more complex—driving new opportunities – both externally and from within. As an industrial manufacturer, a key challenge is seizing these opportunities ahead of the competition, and that starts with the right ERP. Explore the top 7 benefits of using an industrial manufacturing ERP in this eBook.


  • Going big: why companies need to focus on operational analytics

    This report from Capgemini Consulting shows how the search for competitive advantage has driven organisations to shift the focus of their analytical efforts to back office operations


  • How banks can navigate complex data migration & reconciliation

    This e-book illustrates the success story of BNP Paribas Bank Polska and explains how they effectively migrated customer data from a newly acquired bank into their systems with Hazelcast. Dig in after filling out a brief survey on your experience with in-memory data platforms.


  • FIs are facing many challenges. Here’s how automation can help.

    Banks are currently facing a whole slew of challenges when it comes to meeting customer expectations and handling macroeconomic issues. Open this white paper to examine the key issues related to the automation of loan applications and take a look at case studies that show how to enhance efficiency and cut costs by automating processes.


  • What is causing the growing demand and need for edge storage solutions?

    Check out this analyst brief to examine trends impacting a wide range of different vertical markets and the benefits achieved through the strategic selection of new storage solutions.


  • Managing Android devices in the enterprise

    This article in our Royal Holloway security series focuses on two approaches to securely managing Android mobile devices in the enterprise: mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).


  • How Sydney Showground uses Wi-Fi to improve development plans

    The commercial arm of the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales, Sydney Showground runs one of the city's principal business event and stadium complexes but faces strong competition from newer government stadiums.


  • Five benefits of IT automation for financial services

    Infrastructure automation enables financial institutions to transform digitally, mitigate risks, and lower costs. Read on to learn the five benefits directly applicable to financial institutions.


  • Comprehensive IoT Security Essentials

    Read this 451 Business Impact Brief to learn why an agent-based security approach isn't the answer – and why an agentless approach is – when it comes to IoT security.


  • Fast track your multicloud monitoring initiative

    With cloud adoption on the rise, businesses have been transitioning to hybrid and multicloud environments at an incredible pace. Having a strategy to mitigate the challenges of these new, complex infrastructures can give an organization a competitive edge. Read Fast-Track Your Multicloud Monitoring Initiative to learn more.


  • Create a frictionless supply chain with digital solutions

    Customer experience has become a key competitive differentiator—even in the supply chain. Explore the key customer benefits of integrating digital solutions into your supply chain in this video.


  • 3 strategies leading companies are using to quickly optimise enterprise workloads

    Watch this webinar to uncover how companies are unlocking the value of their data by 1) containerising apps in complex environments, 2) scaling data intensive workloads with speed and security, 3) managing legacy transformations to develop a competitive data-oriented edge.


  • Secure access across identity, device, app & more

    Organizations are challenged by the need to provide seamless application experience, unified platform support for preventative protection, secure data exchanges and more. Solutions such as VPN and zero trust are helping, but still more can be done. View this data sheet to explore how Tata Communications’ Secure Remote Access can help.


  • Considerations when outlining your SAP HANA migration strategy

    Check out this short guide sheet to learn why SAP is recommending the cloud as a preferred deployment strategy and learn some key considerations you need to make as you look to modernize your entire environment and maximize the potential of SAP S/4HANA.


  • Key business challenges and how automation addresses them

    Access this ebook to learn key business challenges and how automaton addresses them, how UiPath Process Mining accelerates RPA, and how UiPaths helps companies in specific industries.


  • Open banking: Transforming the financial services industry

    Across the financial services industry, the concept of open banking is expected to reshape the competitive landscape and customer experience. But what exactly is open banking, how will it affect users, and how will it look across different geographic regions? Read this white paper to find out.


  • Battle for the best OTT Experiences

    OTT offers consumers unparalleled access to more online video than ever before, and their expectations for a quality viewing experience have never been higher. This paper explores the technical challenges OTT providers face in delivering live and on-demand video to a global audience as well as solutions for addressing these challenges.


  • How WekaIO is transforming unstructured storage platforms

    This vendor profile from IDC looks at WekaIO and its WekaFS parallel file system platform, a solution bringing value to large scale customers struggling with the evolving storage requirements of digital transformation. Access it here to learn WekaIO’s technical differentiators and go-to-market strategy.


  • Reimagining service assurance in telecom

    As the telecom ecosystem expands, it has become increasingly complex to deliver high-quality, reliable service. But for an industry that increasingly relies on service assurance as one of its competitive differentiators, getting it right has never been more critical. In this white paper, learn CSPs can reimagine service assurance.


  • Why embedded analytics is driving retail forward

    Embedded analytics has emerged as a must-have for many retail giants because of the ease with which it provides critical visibility into operations. Check out this white paper for a look at Qlik’s embedded analytics platform and to learn how to build and customize your dashboardwith ease.


  • How SoftIron’s HyperDrive meets federal government storage requirements

    With the right partner and new technology that is designed to address the complex requirements of the federal government, achieving enterprise level performance is well within reach. Check out this white paper to learn about SoftIron’s HyperDrive, a proven solution for meeting the complex federal government data storage requirements.


  • How AI promises to drive specialty retail success

    Read this Google Cloud e-book to learn how retail will be transformed by artificial intelligence and machine learning in the coming years, and how you can come out of this disruption ahead of the competition.


  • How to boost OT/IoT visibility & security

    In this research report, take a closer look at the unique challenges, trends and strategic recommendations as they relate to the cybersecurity landscape in the manufacturing industry – read on to access the full report.


  • CW+: Global Simplicity Index – how complicated is your business?

    If you knew that your business was wasting 10% of its R&D spend or 15% of its marketing budget, you would do something about it. Very quickly


  • Deliver enhance customer value through servitization

    Manufacturers must deliver new services to meet the demands of the experience economy. In this IDC white paper, analysts discuss new service business models and how they can help deliver enhance customer value through servitization.