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Gartner: A perspective on Android 2.2 for the enterprise

Android has a more sophisticated user interface paradigm than its closest competitor, Apple. Although some of the platform's improvements play catch-up with Apple, in other areas, they outpace Apple, something Google clearly associates with the open-source nature of the product. By endorsing Flash, which Apple will not support, Google is appealing to those who wish to preserve an organisationʼs investments.

While Android has taken market share from all the major smartphone suppliers, the market continues to watch for a platform that can take share from Apple. Many customers ask us to compare the two, and do not ask for comparisons against others (e.g., Research In Motion's BlackBerry), because only Android's target device design, a full open-face touchscreen (keyboard optional), is comparable to Apple's iPhone. While Android has taken market share from RIM, BlackBerry devices generally appeal to those who prefer portrait-oriented keyboard devices.

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  • CW buyer's guide: mobile device management



    The trend for consumerisation and employees using their own devices for work comes as concerns over data security mount. In this 11-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly examines how to formulate a strategic policy for mobile device management (MDM) with a look at how the London Borough of Brent is migrating to a fleet of iPads and iPhones, and how to choose the right MDM approach and product portfolio for your organisation, staff and mobile devices.


    How to conduct a strategic review of your mobile policy


    Mobile device management has developed from tactical concerns about devices, but CIO s need a more in-depth overview of the corporate fleet.


    Apple squashes BlackBerry as Brent Borough deploys iPads


    London Borough of Brent switches suppliers to provide staff with up to 3,000 iPads and iPhones, phasing out Blackberry smartphones.


    Shore up your organisation’s fleet with the right MDM


    There are many mobile device management products, but approaches vary – find out how to choose the right one for your business.


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  • Prevent Ransomware with Blackberry Cylance

    Today, ransomware is big business for nation-state actors and cyber criminal organizations alike.

    Despite the known risks, many firms remain poorly prepared for a ransomware attack or its aftermath.

    Download this solution brief to learn about BlackBerry Cylance’s native AI platform that can help organizations minimize the risk of a ransomware breach by transitioning from a reactive to a prevention first security posture.

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