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Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software 2021 Vendor Assessment

In the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software 2021 Vendor Assessment, BlackBerry was positioned as a leader of UEM software technology. Read this report to learn more about why BlackBerry was named a Leader.

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  • Breach response test: BlackBerry Protect and Optics

    Understanding how a security tool would stack up to the rigors of today’s cyberthreat landscape – before you make your purchase – is invaluable.

    Access this SE Labs Intelligence-Led Testing Report to discover how BlackBerry Protect and Optics performed against a range of hacking attacks designed to compromise systems and target networks in the same way a cybercriminal would.

    Check out the report to learn how BlackBerry did.

  • How AI and machine learning are securing medical devices

    Over the past ten years, healthcare organizations have become the most targeted industry for cyber criminals, sustaining over 24% of all breaches.

    The BlackBerry Spark UES Suite can keep med tech devices secure and ensure that doctors, nurses, and patients have precise care information exactly when they need it.

    Access this white paper to learn about the benefits of the Blackberry Spark UES Suite including:

    • Eliminating the need for antivirus database updates
    • Allowing it to be deployed into air-gapped environments
    • Increasing efficacy against attacks such as zero-day threats and previously unknown malware
    • Achieving these benefits for med tech devices without impacting device functionality

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  • Events and Issues impacting cybersecurity in 2021

    Access this BlackBerry 2021 Threat Report to examine the biggest cybersecurity events of last year and the security issues likely to affect the upcoming year.


  • Gartner: A perspective on Android 2.2 for the enterprise

    With the announcement of Android 2.2, code named "Froyo," Google targets the enterprise market for the first time. This release has features to enable devices that can be granted support under the "appliance level" of the Gartner Managed Diversity Framework.


  • Redefining the Zero Trust model

    BlackBerry's Zero Trust model is built on the concept of minimal, or indeed zero, disruption – a framework known as 'Zero Touch'. This means utilizing AI to learn the users' behavior and usage patterns, and only challenging the user when they deviate from the learned model. Access this resource to learn more about Blackberry's Zero Trust model.


  • Endpoint protection & threat management: Reece Group case study

    In this case study, follow the Reece Group, a plumbing equipment supplier with a rapidly expanding number of endpoints, as they partner with Blackberry to address their endpoint security and threat management concerns.


  • The Future of Enterprise Work Looks More Spread Out and Fragmented

    Although issues related to protecting and managing endpoints existed long before COVID-19, the recent pandemic put a spotlight on these issues. In order to address these challenges, organizations are opting for unified endpoint security solutions – read on for an in-depth look at what that entails and why it’s gaining popularity.


  • Still Using Legacy Antivirus Solutions? Make the Switch to Smarter Security.

    Sophisticated new threats are outpacing organizations relying on a legacy antivirus solution. As these threats evolve, enterprises need security that can keep up. BlackBerry Cyber Suite is an AI-based platform that can help increase defenses dramatically. Learn more in this solution brief.


  • Cybersecurity in the public sector: Where to?

    If you’re working in the public sector in Australia, look at this in-depth report about the state of cybersecurity on the continent, presented by Blackberry. It details key findings, presents critical themes for a rock-solid cybersecurity strategy and outlines the ‘Essential Eight’ Maturity Model for security technology.


  • Is Your Organization Properly Equipped to Respond to a Serious Security Incident?

    Many organizations today are unprepared to respond effectively to a serious security incident. This is often due to chronic resource issues and inadequate planning. Read this solution brief to learn how BlackBerry Security Services and their AI-powered tools can help your team be ready.


  • Critical Event Management Capabilities Drive Organizational Resiliency Amidst Uncertainty

    Recent critical events have shown enterprises that the ability to keep personnel safe and informed with secure and instant communication is essential. IDC concludes that a business continuity IT platform like BlackBerry Alert can help, while reducing organizational costs. Read more in this brief.


  • Responding Smarter, Faster and Better

    A critical event is disruptive enough to pose a significant risk or threat to an organization and its assets. Responding effectively to major incidents now requires capabilities beyond human expertise, diligence, and manual processes. Download this white paper to learn how BlackBerry®Alert can help.


  • BlackBerry 2021 Threat Report

    The BlackBerry 2021 Threat Report examines and analyzes the biggest cybersecurity events of the current and past year. This edition covers COVID-19 exploitation, election vulnerabilities, top malware attacks, and many other contemporary issues. Download it now.


  • AI-driven malware protection for mobile devices

    Mobile malware is more prevalent than ever, with attacks rising 50% in the last year alone. So, it is time to become protected with the AI-based security in BlackBerry Protect. Read on to learn how to monitor mobile malware attacks at the device and application levels to extend protection with no need for additional manpower.


  • MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations: Common questions answered

    In this panelist discussion, join a quartet of cybersecurity experts from BlackBerry and AttackIQ as they provide expert insight and guidance related to MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations and the potential benefits they can yield. Watch now to get started.


  • Technical Guide on Mobile Security

    Techtarget's Security Media Group presents a comprehensive guide to mobile device security. Our technical editors from the U.S., Europe, India and Asia provide their respective regions’ perspective on the issue.


  • From zero trust to zero touch: BlackBerry Cyber Suite

    In the era of remote work, balancing productivity while adhering to Zero Trust best practices has become difficult. What organizations need is a set of security controls that offer Zero Trust while maintaining a minimally invasive user experience. Read on to learn how BlackBerry is addressing these issues.


  • Mobile Device Management Technical Guide

    In this TechGuide from, industry expert Lisa Phifer shares her vast knowledge on BYOD, MDM, data security, and more to help you get a handle on top mobile trends rocking the enterprise.


  • Conti ransomware vs. BlackBerry defenses

    Access this video demo to observe an in-depth examination of 2 recent versions of Conti Ransomware attacks and how BlackBerry was able to defend against these attacks by preventing the malware from running.


  • Tablets & Smartphones in the Enterprise

    Frantic IT departments are being forced to manage BYOD on the fly. Read this white paper to get strategic, practical advice on how to manage this consumer-driven trend.


  • MITRE ATT&CK: Simulating the latest threats

    Organizations that don’t actively simulated advanced persistent threats (APTs) take a serious gamble each time they are faced with a serious cyberthreat. The MITRE ATT&CK Matrix aims to provide you with the knowledge and tactics needed to understand, simulate and prepare for today’s APTs – read this e-book to learn more.


  • Deliver HPC workflows at new speeds

    With the right cloud simulation platform, organizations can access a turnkey approach to delivering high-performance computing (HPC) workflows in the cloud and run and manage simulations as a service. In this case study, explore how one company used the Rescale Platform to bring down simulation time down from 7 days to 15 hours.


  • Cyberattack simulations vs. penetration & vulnerability tests

    Targeted cyberattack simulation, vulnerability scans, penetration testing – which of these is the most effective method of identifying weaknesses within your defenses and ensuring your security capabilities can handle the rigors of today’s cyberthreats? Read this white paper to find out.


  • Bringing advanced care to more places

    A recent simulation trial showed that 5G networks have the potential to provide the high speed and ultralow latency needed for robotic medical tools and equipment. To learn more about this simulation and the benefits 5G provides, check out this brief.


  • Information Security Magazine - May 2012

    Access this month’s issue to uncover strategies for taming the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) tide. In addition, explore other featured topics including VMware’s security partner program revamp, four keys to data loss prevention (DLP) success, top considerations for information security career recruitment and more.


  • Automated pen testing vs. breach & attack simulation

    Attack simulation and penetration testing are popular methods for organizations to find and address potential weaknesses in their security programs – but deciding between pen testing and attack simulation can be tricky. Read this e-guide for helpful tips.


  • The 3 Approaches Of Breach & Attack Simulation Technologies

    Take a look at 3 different categories of Breach & Attack Simulations (BAS) so you can understand and select the more appropriate BAS solution for your organization.


  • MITRE ATT&CK for Industrial Controls Systems (ICS)

    Tune into this webinar to see how Dragos performed in a recent MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation and discover how the ICS community can benefit from these independent insights. Watch now to hear highlights from the Dragos team that participated.


  • Your 1-stop shop for security testing

    Security testing is one of the best ways to find unknown vulnerabilities lurking within your organization. View this web page to learn about Aujas’ portfolio of Managed Security Testing (MST) services – which ranges from looking at internal vulnerabilities across networks and apps to simulating external threats like a phishing or DDoS attacks.


  • 3 benefits of HPC and key considerations

    Simulation-driven prototyping fuels product innovation and helps users explore their real-world behaviors. Recognizing its benefits, the manufacturing industry has increasingly adopted computer-aided engineering (CAE), and more generally virtual prototyping, in product design.


  • How to simplify HPC onboarding

    In this case study, discover how Zeleros used Rescale to migrate their high performance computing (HPC) workloads, resulting in faster computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations at a fraction of the cost. Get the details here.


  • Cyber risks in maritime container terminals: Analysis of threats and simulation of impacts - updated

    This article in our Royal Holloway Security series explains why container terminals are vulnerable to cyber attacks, and recommends a technique for identifying and prioritising those vulnerabilities.


  • SAP system carve-out: How to automate and accelerate them.

    A carve-out is one of the most complex tasks for a company and can easily go wrong. That’s why organizations use software like SNP’s CrystalBridge. Learn about CrystalBridge and how it can help you automate complex carve-outs in this webinar.


  • Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team speeds up design decisions with high performance computing

    The Alfa Romeo Sauber F1® Team uses a supercomputing solution based on the latest HPE Moonshot HPC server cluster which significantly increases the number of CFD simulations – improving car aerodynamics and the team's competitiveness during races.


  • Computer Weekly – 9 April 2019: Using data science at Sainsbury's

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to retailer Sainsbury's about its data science strategy and how it helps the firm better understand customers. We take a detailed look at the evolution of the business intelligence market. And we find out how simulated disaster management can tackle the security skills gap. Read the issue now.


  • Security operations hype cycle: 2021

    Security operations technologies and services defend IT systems from attack by identifying threats and exposure to vulnerability — enabling effective response and remediation. This Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations report highlights some of the most exciting and important technology trends of 2021.


  • Royal Holloway: Purple team playbook – threat modeling for security testing

    The reality of information security is that it is impossible to completely ensure that an attacker cannot get into the corporate network. Instead, companies should look at how they prepare and react to security attacks by gaining an understanding of how cyber criminals work by combining the talents of red teams and blue teams


  • Red team testing: Simulating real-world cyberattacks

    An organization’s ability to detect and respond to an incident can mean the difference between an internal planning exercise and making the news. Read this data sheet to learn about preparing your organization for today’s threats by simulating real-world attacks.


  • Making autonomous driving a reality with HPE GreenLake

    To make autonomous driving a reality for Volvo, Zenseact chose to build a private cloud with HPE GreenLake solutions to reliably deliver tens of thousands of simulations each second. Click here to learn how HPE GreenLake helped Zenseact build a safer future on AI and real-time insights .


  • 6 ways breach & attack simulation can increase ROI

    This white paper outlines 6 ways that BAS can increase your cybersecurity ROI. Download the PDF to get started.


  • Computer Weekly – 2 April 2019: The nightmare driving test – making driverless cars safe

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to AI experts about the challenges of teaching autonomous vehicles how to drive safely in often extreme environments. Our latest buyer's guide looks at business intelligence and analytics. And we examine the implications of the EU's controversial new copyright laws. Read the issue now.


  • Prevent security breaches with MITRE ATT&CK

    This interactive graphical map of the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix shows where the capabilities of the CyCognito platform simulate or otherwise address ATT&CK tactics, techniques, and sub-techniques. Read on for a closer look at the map.


  • Real-world attack simulations for cyber resilience

    Given today’s threat landscape, it’s imperative that organizations understand how a dangerous cyberattack can affect both their business and their reputation. Watch this short video to observe how BSI Group’s real-world attack simulations aim prepare your organization to defend against breaches.


  • Threat identification 101

    Learn how Coalfire's Strategy+ framework ensures that your security measures and tactics align with your organization's business objectives. Their threat modeling and attack simulation services move your security posture to the next level of protection.


  • The threat landscape is dynamic, so should your security testing

    According to the SANS institute, half of organizations test their security controls once a year or less. At this cadence, most organizations will be ill-prepared for today’s dynamic cyberthreats. Watch this video to learn about the value of attack and breach simulation, and how to get started at your organization.


  • 2021 State of the Phish report

    Phishing proved to be one of the most prominent threats of 2020 – luckily, most organizations have taken measures towards addressing this threat in 2021 in the form of phishing tests and security awareness training. Read this State of the Phish report for a comprehensive look into phishing observations, insights and recommendations.


  • CW+: Analyst's take: Benefits of Siemens product lifecycle management software for life sciences

    Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) Software for life sciences can help medical device manufacturers manage compliance requirements while supporting greater collaboration, ultimately reducing costs while improving patient outcomes.


  • The State Of Breach And Attack Simulation And The Need For Continuous Security Validation: A Study Of US And UK Organizations

    In a recent Ponemon survey, 62% of respondents say their organizations had to acquire new security technologies to protect WFH, and yet 62% say their organizations did not validate these newly deployed security controls. Read on to uncover more results from The State of Breach and Attack Simulation and the Need for Continuous Security Validation.


  • Threat modeling & attack simulation: Evaluate your security investments

    As the threat landscape continues to become more sophisticated, security professionals around the world are challenged to look beyond the typical list of attacks and think about new threats. In order to evaluate your security operations strategy in action, Coalfire developed a threat modeling and attack simulation (TMAS). Read on to learn more.