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Live debugging: Easy & secure data enrichment with Rookout

How can you enable software engineers to quickly access code-level data so they can troubleshoot and understand complex applications?

Explore this product overview to learn how Rookout offers on-demand access to code-level data and keeps your source code secure while providing data enrichments with:

  • A cloud-native debug session
  • Tracing timeline
  • Real-time profiling
  • And debugging heat map

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  • 5 data trust challenges to consider when searching for new solutions

    Poor data quality costs the average US enterprise $15 million each year, which adds up to more than $3 trillion in annual data quality-related loses nationwide.

    So, when shopping for an enterprise revenue data integration solution, it’s important to think through the challenges your enterprise will face when key platforms are disconnected, and stakeholders can’t trust the data they use to build customer relationships and close sales.

    This article can take you through 5 primary data trust challenges to keep in mind and consider when searching for the right platform, offering potential solutions and methods that your company can use in order to ensure your data is protected.

    Browse the article to learn more.

  • Automated data discovery: Strengthen security and governance

    Incomplete and inaccurate data diminishes the value you are getting out of the data tools you are using along with the data itself.

    How can you manage and protect your data across multiple sources while also discovering and classifying your dark data?

    Tap into this case study to understand why a Fortune 500 insurance company leveraged a fully autonomous sensitive data discovery and classification engine to drive successful outcomes with their data governance and security toolsets.

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