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Automate Discovery and Classification of Sensitive Data

Incomplete and inaccurate data diminishes the value you are getting out of the data tools you are using along with the data itself.

How can you manage and protect your data across multiple sources while also discovering and classifying your dark data?

Tap into this case study to understand why a Fortune 500 insurance company leveraged a fully autonomous sensitive data discovery and classification engine to drive successful outcomes with their data governance and security toolsets.

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  • COMFORTE - Data Security Platform

    The growing complexity of digital business ecosystems, data exposure risks, and meeting evolving compliance requirements are pushing today’s business to their limits of what’s possible.

    How can you keep up?

    In this e-book, learn about a data security platform that is designed to:

    • Understand the contextual nature of sensitive data and drive ongoing automated discovery
    • Learn patterns of identity, scan and sample data to rapidly map where data resides
    • Help determine which data is regulated and exposed across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sets
    • And more

    Download now to tap into these insights.

  • 3 Ways Cohesity’s Data Management Solidifies Data Defenses

    Ransomware threats require hardened and active data management defenses.

    With attackers now focused on destroying backup data, backup and recovery solutions must be boosted to protect, detect and recover from ransomware attacks.

    Yet, many legacy solutions lack advanced zero-trust and attack-detection capabilities, resulting in longer downtime and extensive data loss due to inefficient and slow data recovery.

    Read on to learn how you can improve your cyber resilience with a data management solution purpose-built to solidify your data defenses.

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  • Comforte Data Protection

    68% of industry influencers cited data security as the biggest challenge in moving to the public cloud, according to a recent report. Download this e-book to learn how Comforte’s data protection suite is designed to provided data protection enhancements and business benefits.


  • How to optimize your data stack to foster a data-driven culture

    This blog post by mParticle explores the different issues emanating from relying on downstream activation tools to combine data events into disparate systems. It also shows how to solve each of these issues.


  • Winter 2023 G2 Grid Report: Best GRC Platforms

    This latest G2 Grid Report ranks the leading Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Platforms based on customer satisfaction, ease of use, ease of administration, ease of doing business with, quality of support, and ease of setup. Get your free copy of the G2 Grid Report here.


  • 5 ways to evaluate the quality of your data

    This article provides 5 metrics and processes you can use to evaluate the health of your data, regardless of where your organization falls on the data maturity curve. Keep reading to learn how you can curate and improve data quality across 4 key levels.


  • 10 ways to ensure TDM keeps up with the modern app lifecycle

    If the data used in test environments is not production-quality, data-related defects will most likely be found later in the software development lifecycle, which results in delayed software releases and higher costs. Read the e-book to learn how data-focused brief checklists can provide, manage and secure data while keeping test data quality high.


  • Get Data Quality Right: A Guide for CDOs and Data Executives

    Data quality and accuracy is an objective not only for businesses leading the way in machine learning and AI, but for anyone who deals with customer information or any kind of data. Studies show that poor data quality can cost companies upwards of 20% of their revenue according to Gartner. Read more about data quality and how you can achieve it.


  • Why master data management can help your SAP S/4 HANA migration

    Watch this webinar to learn how master data management with TIBCO can help companies upgrading from SAP ECC to S/4 improve their data quality, governance, and analytics efforts even as you consolidate data from within and without your ERP ecosystem.


  • 10 types of security incidents and how to handle them

    Cyberattacks are more varied than ever. Learn the key symptoms that signal a problem and how to respond to keep systems and data safe.


  • Best practices for planning for data integration process

    Integrating data and planning a data integration process can be difficult for any organization. In this brief yet informative e-guide, readers will learn standard methods and best practices, such as implementing a data profiling program as a production process, to ensure a successful transition.


  • Fail to prepare quality data, prepare to fail

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is an adage that never fails to lose its veracity. The same is true of using poor quality data, known to be the bane of the lives of data analysts, not to speak of organisations that yearn to be "data driven".


  • The Practical Guide How to use a Semantic Layer for Data & Analytics

    The explosion of analytics possibilities and methods means that coupling a semantic layer to one analytics style no longer makes sense—in fact, some decoupled semantic layer approaches can improve data quality and foster self-service analytics. Access this e-book to learn how you can best deploy semantic layers for your analytics.


  • Integrate disparate data silos with CData Connect Cloud

    You can simplify the modern data stack by connecting your disparate systems within one easily accessible cloud platform, such as the CData Connect Cloud. Learn more about this solution, and its core capabilities, in the following blog post.


  • Data integration showdown: Which vendors lead the pure-play market?

    While data platforms are becoming the dominant data management solutions, integration specific offerings are still relevant. Access this Bloor Market Update to learn why pure-play data integration solutions are thriving and discover the use cases in which pure-play vendors provide significant TCO benefits when compared to big platform vendors.


  • Essential guide to dealing with a data breach

    Computer Weekly's essential guide to dealing with a data breach looks at companies that have been affected and offers advice on how to respond to cyber security occurrences


  • Why consider master data management?

    Inside, learn how master data management (MDM) can help you refine your data for optimal data usage. Discover the essential features of a successful MDM software, and explore how MDM can help improve your organization's data quality, business insight, and more.


  • Universal Repository for Financial Services

    Firms in financial services face two major problems today: data is in silos and data is complex. To remedy these issues, companies can implement a universal repository. Read this whitepaper to learn what you need to consider when building a universal repository and how it can increase productivity and improve data quality for your business.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to data quality

    The value of data depends on its quality. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the challenges of inaccurate datasets, the new analytics techniques improving data quality and Informa's use of Collibra software


  • Moving Beyond Activity: Helping Sales Focus on Quality Interactions and Yield

    This webinar proves the key to more revenue is not more touches, but improving quality of every touchpoint you do have. See how, with just a 5% improvement with each interaction, you can increase your chances of winning a deal 67%. Watch now to get key insight and guidance.


  • Observability + monitoring = insight

    Today’s IT teams often struggle to identify new signals or opportunities in their data monitoring. Observability lets you discover and understand your dynamic environments in near real time. Read this white paper to learn more about observability, including definitions, benefits, and the observability pipeline.


  • Helping Healthcare Organizations Be Resilient to Disasters & Ransomware

    Disasters, whether human-made or natural are unavoidable, so planning for them is critical to ensuring delivery of care and services, regardless of the situation. Most organizations are more aware of and planning for high-profile data breaches and ransomware but many are not prepared for the most common types of disasters and human errors.


  • Why you could be missing revenue opportunity in both marketing & sales

    Read this presentation recap to see how teams can increase their productivity and yields from a market, an ideal customer profile (ICP) or a set of named ABM accounts with the latest intent data and AI-driven technologies.


  • ESG report: The importance of DataOps for governance efficiency

    Data is paramount to success for modern organizations. However, perhaps even more important is the technology and processes that facilitate access, automate workflows and improve analytical output based on the data. Read this ESG report to learn the key findings gathered from a research study on how to overcome data governance roadblocks.


  • Data quality emerges from Covid-19 more critical than ever

    In this e-guide: The public has been drenched in data during the Covid-19 pandemic. And the issue of the quality of that data has increasingly come to the fore.


  • 5 key elements of real purchase intent

    Intent data is only as good as its source and the quality of signals that inform it. This infographic shows what attributes make up a strong intent signal, so you can confidently identify real purchase intent. Download your copy to learn more.


  • Key data governance considerations: Picking the right tool for you

    In this expert e-guide, we explore key evaluation factors for selecting the right data governance tool to suit the needs of your organization. Find out which metrics matter most when it comes to picking your tool, like handling metadata objects, managing data quality, addressing unstructured data, and more.


  • Govern your data assets as you innovate with TIBCO EBX software

    Businesses are now being forced to shoulder the burden of managing massively complex data sets, even as they’re expected to model and use that data to come up with insights. Read this white paper to learn how TIBCO’s EBX software is empowering users with data management made easier, and gives them the ability to model data the way they want to.


  • 5 reasons why you should be using a dedicated layer for data modeling

    While it’s great to recognize the role that data modeling plays in Industry 4.0 success, it’s another thing to understand how you can actually achieve a data infrastructure that can really scale. This blog post explores just that. Read on to learn how a dedicated abstraction layer for data modeling can help you meet your Industry 4.0 goals.


  • Master Data Management (MDM) – What you need to know today

    Master Data Management (MDM) allows organizations to realize accurate reporting, fewer errors, and better insights. Read how the rapidly growing MDM market is changing how high performing organizations are consolidating and managing their data to set new best practices.


  • SOA Dos and Don’ts: Application Integration Tips For The CIO

    Gartner reports that markets aligned to data integration and data quality tools are on an upward swing, set to push IT spending to $38 trillion by 2014. In this E-Guide, learn tips for application integration strategies.


  • Streamlining Database Provisioning with DevOps

    A modern approach to data provisioning is paramount as businesses outperforming their competitors are the ones taking advantage of insights that come from data. Watch this webinar to learn what you should consider when implementing DevOps for your database and how it can help you increase the quality of your data.


  • The benefits of a telemetry-based monitoring solution

    Traditional systems monitoring solutions poll various counters, pull in data and react to it, an approach that can be extremely resource-intensive and result in data gaps. Access this blog to learn how telemetry-based monitoring solutions can address these challenges and help you stay on top of your alerts.


  • Reaping the benefits of being more digital

    Explore the benefits of a full commitment to digital business transformation with Microsoft’s bevy of solutions in this blog.


  • IDC: The Value of erwin to Enable Data Governance with Data Intel

    Data is the fuel that powers the digital economy. When data is analyzed and applied in the right way, organizations can create new business models, better customer experiences, make more informed business decisions, and harness the power of AI automation. To find out how businesses are doing just that, then read on to learn more.


  • How Reverb’s Engineers Optimized Their Data Workflows at Scale and Gave Users the Rockstar Treatment

    With mParticle at the heart of their data stack, engineers at the world’s largest online music marketplace said goodbye to burdensome ETL pipelines, slashed their data maintenance workload, and unlocked new opportunities to build data-driven features into their product. Explore this case study to learn just how this success played out.


  • Infographic: 5 ways backup can protect against ransomware

    Ransomware threatens to put your data beyond reach, so the best way to prepare is to have good-quality data you can restore from backup. This infographic looks at the top 5 steps CIOs should consider.


  • Network performance management: Dissolving data overload

    Given the volume and diversity of data that today’s network managers need to analyze, how can you best collect, discover correlations between different data types and improve data quality? Access this white paper to learn how a network performance platform is designed to futureproof your network operations against data overload.


  • Essential Enterprise Mobile Security Controls

    How will you defend your organization from the threats posed by mobile devices? This expert E-Guide will help you understand the tools and controls you should be implementing to maintain security and protect sensitive data.


  • The common workload migration pitfalls and how to avoid them

    Moving data and workloads seems inevitable – but with migration comes challenges around data quality, security and scalability. Tap into this infographic to learn how Carbonite can help your organization plan and execute a successful migration with infrastructure capability, streamlined migration planning and near-zero downtime or data loss.


  • Finding the support you need at the right price with US Cloud

    Take a quick look at this data sheet to learn how US Cloud can help you find the quality third-party Microsoft support you need at the price that works for you.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 May 2022: Set innovation free and make great ideas a reality

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at Gartner's call to innovate – and innovation across retail, the circular economy and the automotive sector. We talk to Verastar's CTO about customer engagement in its small business services. And we examine how poor data quality is frustrating corporate desires to be data-driven. Read the issue now.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to post-Covid-19 supply chain management

    The supply chain has been under great pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic, not helped by several high-profile cyber attacks. In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the key considerations for business leaders going forward, the importance of data transparency and how cyber attacks on the supply chain have increased.


  • Webinar: Quality Engineering from Cradle to Grave

    Tune into this Ten10 webinar for a close look at the common models adopted to fill the quality gap and the best practices for promoting quality engineering throughout all stages of digital transformation.


  • Why traditional IAM solutions are no longer enough

    CISOs are sitting between a rock and a hard place. If they apply too much security, no one can complete their tasks in a timely fashion. And if they apply too little, their organization may make the news for the wrong reasons.


  • 10 prominent data modeling use cases

    To demystify the data modeling process for your organization, download the following white paper, which serves as an introductory data modeling guide and covers 6 main benefits, 10 prominent use cases, and more.


  • The Power of Context: Evolving Leadership Science & Talent Mobility

    To identify and support the right internal candidates for leadership tracks, objective data must play a role, but organizations cannot underestimate the power of context as well. Listen to this webinar to learn about the evolution of leadership science, the benefits and limitations of different approaches, and more.


  • Is Bad Outreach Killing Your Business?

    There are many ways an opportunity can go sour—in some cases it’s out of Sales’ hands. But other times, it’s caused at least partly by bad interaction. Buyers identified 6 behaviors that are “immediate killers”. Discover the 6 here.


  • Minimize wasted effort with intent data

    When buyers and sellers divide such a limited amount of time across so many digital touchpoints, there’s little time for quality one-to-one interaction—but plenty of chances to screw things up. In this guide, explore the importance of digital touchpoints with Forrester and TechTarget.


  • How Smart Cities Use LTE and 5G

    Cities are actively deploying IoT technologies like LTE and 5G to augment critical infrastructure. This data sheet details how Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service wireless edge routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G for municipalities. Learn more here.


  • Your ultimate guide for measuring software quality

    Check out this e-book for the ultimate guide to measuring software quality, and discover experience-based advice for defining the measurement program, accurately analyzing source code quality, and writing effective SLAs.


  • How to Select Your Integration Architecture

    Integration architectures fall in two camps: direct application programming interface (API) connections (application-to-application) or integration hubs (DataOps solutions). Read this blog to explore both options and learn how to select the perfect integration architecture for your needs.


  • Data governance 101: Creating a framework

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how to create an enterprise data governance framework. Uncover some strategic best practices for big data governance so that you can boost data quality and prevent critical inconsistencies.