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Symantec Backup Exec™ 11d for Windows Servers

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How FalconStor is evolving backup for the multi-cloud world

FalconStor is working with leading enterprises and MSPs that run StorSafe software on standard servers to create a backup-to-disk target that reduces backup size by up to 95%, then stores it on any SAN disk array.

For offsite protection, StorSafe can make tapes or transmit copies of backups to an MSP, remote site, or any cloud for safety.

Check out this e-book to get a pulse on the state of backup today, discover the 6 requirements for modernizing backup & archival operations, and learn how FalconStor is evolving storage for the multi-cloud world.

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  • Exchange Server & Office 365 backup tools & tactics

    Because email is critical to your organization, securing and backing up email files and data in case of a disaster should take top priority - especially for SaaS workloads.

    Even administrators tasked with backing up Exchange Server, which can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud, must familiarize themselves with what data exists where and how to protect that data.

    To help your company with this venture, we’re providing you with an exclusive guide that walks Exchange admins through key backup challenges, and Office 365 or hybrid messaging admins through Office 365 backup.

    Download your PDF of The Go-to Guide for Exchange Server & Office 365 Backup here!

  • How does Falconstor StoreSafe compare to Dell/EMC Data Domain?

    FalconStor is working with leading enterprises and MSPs around the globe that run StorSafe software on standard servers to create a backup-to-disk target that reduces backup data by up 95%, then stores it on any SAN disk array.

    For offsite protection, StorSafe can make tapes or transmit copies of backups to an MSP, a remote site, or any cloud for safety.

    But how does it compare with Dell/EMC Data Domain, a popular solution in the space?

    Explore this data sheet to find out.

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    NTT deployed a software-defined storage solution using Cloudian's HyperStore and HPE ProLiant servers.


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    Check out this e-book for backup & recovery best practices including why traditional backup/DR could be failing you, how to fight the scourge of ransomware, and what it takes to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.


  • Exchange Migration E-Book Chapter 2: Mastering the Art of Migration Documentation

    This sample chapter explains how to draft a useful migration document and outlines key points your Exchange Server upgrade document should include, such as management strategies, storage design, software compatibility and more.


  • An essential guide to cloud storage

    Cloud backup and disaster recovery services have matured and are now viable alternatives for enterprise data protection environments. Hybrid approaches can effectively integrate on-premises systems with cloud storage services.


  • Everything you need to know about web-scale backup and recovery

    Access this e-book to learn the fundamental questions to ask about your current backup and recovery environment, common data protection and recovery issues currently faced by organizations, what to look for in the next backup and recovery solution, and more.


  • How to utilize HPE Cloud Volumes for off-premises backup

    Learn how to utilise HPE Cloud Volumes for off-premises backup and disaster recovery for your on-premises storage. Data mobility and cost management of your cloud backup and recovery workloads has never been easier.


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  • Hands-on analysis and review of Rubrik’s ransomware recovery

    Rubrik Ransomware Recovery protects your data from ransomware and ensures multi-layered data security by encrypting all data at rest and in transit. Access this white paper to learn why ESG believes that if you want fast, seamless recovery from a ransomware attack, Rubrik is a vendor to watch.


  • E-Book: Definitive Guide to Exchange 2010 Migration Chapter 4: Load Testing and Security Exchange 2010

    This chapter explains how to test Exchange 2010 with native and third-party management tools and how best to protect your investment.


  • CW ANZ June 2017: Flash makes a spash

    Find out why more Australian enterprises are now turning to all-flash storage technology to replace spinning disk storage systems, thanks to lower costs and reduced complexity. Sensing this business opportunity, Optus Business has teamed up with storage supplier Pure Storage to offer on-premise and cloud-based all-flash storage and services.


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    Review today's best (and worst) practices for email archiving inside this Exchange e-guide. Gain expert tips and tricks for managing and monitoring your Exchange servers along with six commonly overlooked security vulnerabilities to look out for.


  • Intercept and mitigate breaches and security incidents with Cisco and Cohesity

    Explore this case study to learn how Cohesity on Cisco UCS provided the scalable, future-proof backup and recovery solution that healthcare demands while delivering benefits like increased operational efficiency, more efficient backup and disaster recovery, and record restore times.


  • What to evaluate about your current backup tools

    This 81-page e-book is designed to provide you with valuable insights on overcoming common obstacles when choosing enterprise backup and recovery technology.


  • 3 reasons to move long-term retention to the cloud

    Legacy archiving products—namely tape and magnetic disk—are costly, risky, and have slow recovery times. Why are enterprises like yours choosing a modern, cloud-native solution for archiving data long term? Keep these three tips in mind as you consider your next long- term retention (LTR) investment.


  • Avoid costly downtime from ransomware with Veeam

    Veeam provides cost-effective cloud strategies for Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, or other backup and recovery approaches. Continue reading to learn how Veeam Cloud Connect gives you the security peace of mind you need and helps you establish a fast, reliable recovery plan in the event of an emergency.


  • 10 things to look for in a modern backup and recovery solution

    Check out this white paper to learn 10 “must have” factors required for a modern backup and recovery solution based on the experience of real users, who write about their experience with Rubrik on IT Central Station.


  • How Veeam and Offsite DataSync keep O365 data protected from threats

    Watch this webcast entitled Office 365 Backup – Essential for Remote Workers to learn the importance of Office 365 backup, Microsoft’s retention policies and shared responsibility model, and how Veeam and OffsiteDataSync team up to keep this data protected from all types of threats.


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    This expert briefing offers information on how physical and virtual backups differ and offers advice for integrating these two essential processes. Download now to assess the drawbacks and benefits of backing up your VM, as well as key criteria for evaluating your market options.


  • Cloud backup and recovery that gives your clients peace of mind

    Providing your clients rock-solid backup and recovery is a crucial, as you need to be able to ensure your services and clients are protected in the event of a disaster. And as important as backup is - restore is the critical objective. Read more to understand how Datto approaches this critical step of recovery.


  • Business continuity and disaster recovery for MSP peace of mind

    Datto’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) allows MSPs servicing SMBs to take advantage of data backup, recovery, and business continuity protection for local, virtual, and cloud environments within a single platform. Read on to learn how Datto’s BCDR services provide ransomware protection, rapid recovery, quality backup, and more.


  • How MSPs can unify and simplify their disaster recovery and data protection

    SIRIS differs from traditional Managed Service Provider backup and recovery solutions, as its secure cloud portal allows you unified access to view, manage, and recovery data—and incorporates local backup and recovery with a secure, cloud-based repository and full disaster recovery in the cloud. Access this product sheet to learn more.


  • Backup vs. disaster recovery

    Check out this data sheet for an overview of backup and disaster recovery including a comparison of their key functions, use cases, requirements, and more.


  • PDF: Complete Guide to Ransomware Attack Prevention

    We've curated the most current and sought-after features from our editorial staff in one, easy-to-digest guide so enterprises like yours have a resource to help them safeguard their backups from ransomware. Simply click claim my guide to access the exclusives inside, including how to operate post-attack and 4 ways to test your recovery plan.


  • What to look for in a ransomware recovery solution

    Check out this e-book for a recap on how ransomware works, examine what kind of backup/recovery can handle ransomware, learn how to make backup and recovery ransomware-ready, and gather intelligence for detection and recovery. If you are responsible for your organization’s IT security, this e-book is for you.