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Winning the Global Challenge: The Japanese Electronics Companies'Race to Innovate

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4 ways to eliminate wasted time and increase ISR productivity with better data

Muda - a Japanese word for ‘waste’ - is a key concept in lean manufacturing - always reduce waste.

This ideology translates to just about every industry too - especially sales and pipeline building.

If you apply these 8 types of muda…

  • Transport
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Over Production
  • Over Processing
  • Defects
  • Skills

…to building your pipeline, you will find many ways to minimize waste and maximize productivity.

Read this expert e-book for 4 ways to eliminate wasted time and increase ISR productivity with better data.

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  • Shaping the future of semiconductor design and manufacturing

    Semiconductor chips are the building blocks of modern electronics and the essential technology enablers that power many of the electronic devices we use today.

    This has led to many challenges in manufacturing these chips, leading to hiked up costs and loss of storage capabilities.

    Open up this white paper to see how a modern infrastructure can help electronics manufacturers innovate faster with lower risk and cost, and take a peek at some of Dell’s latest products to help you take control of your data.

  • Case study: A look into ISM solutions

    One global electronics manufacturer’s IT team was already using an intelligent service management (ISM) platform to help with daily operations, but they felt that there might be an even better method out there that could help accelerate the fulfillment of service requests and other general questions.

    Open up this case study to see what solutions the organization implemented to help streamline operations, and learn the same steps you can take in your organization to achieve the final results.

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    During COVID-19, Sharp was struggling with increased support needs and outages due to remote work. TeamViewer Tensor was Sharp‘s first choice when it came to adapting its IT support, but the decisive factor was the Conditional Access functionality. Download this case study to learn more about the platform, and the results realized from the switch.


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    Anew Design Automation helps customers streamline complex electronics product design processes and cuts time-to-market, using Vertica’s advanced machine learning capabilities. Dive into this case study to find out how.


  • Machine learning implementation: Benefits, ethics, & options

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  • Computer Weekly - 4 May 2021: How KFC put digital on the menu

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how fast-food chain KFC turned to digital to survive the pandemic. Our latest buyer's guide looks at technologies to improve office productivity for home workers. And we assess the growing problem of electronic waste and how to tackle it. Read the issue now.


  • Implement a data archiving plan in 4 steps

    When paired with an over-arching data protection plan, a strong archiving strategy can provide storage capabilities that you can use over extended time frames and at a reduced cost. Access this e-guide to learn the 4-step process for setting up a data archival plan and to get briefed on the 6 incentives of having a plan in place.


  • Panasas teams up with pioneering university to tackle Cryo-EM research

    As of July 13th, 2021, Panasas and the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia have announced a five-year strategic alliance to support medical and scientific research initiatives that deploy cryogenic electron microscopy (Cryo-EM). Access this press release to learn about the details of the partnership.


  • CW Nordics - May-July 2022: How the Estonian government created a digital assistant to support citizens

    As Estonia finalises the initial version of its government services digital assistant for launch, the man heading the project describes the birth of Bürokratt and beyond. Also read about Helsinki's role in a pan-EU project to introduce drone technology into emergency medical services.


  • 3 must-know pillars of digital signature security

    More than ever, organizations are focused on optimizing their business processes with digital transformation at the core, and e-signatures are the perfect example. Explore this white paper to learn about 3 must-know pillars of digital signature security, why a qualified electronic signature solution might be right for your needs, and much more.


  • Email Compliance Rules for Government and Education: E-Discovery, Records Retention, and Email Management Policies & Best Practices

    This white paper explores the best practices for public sector decision-makers who play a role in email management, e-discovery, email retention, and email compliance.


  • Report: HPE Greenlake Healthcare spotlight

    This Healthcare Spotlight by Forrester explores the business results and ROI that healthcare customers can expect when leveraging HPE GreenLake for their electronic health records platform. It is based on information shared by HPE GreenLake customers.


  • Automated document management system tools transform workflows

    In this e-guide, we examine the components of a viable DMS and the technologies influencing its broader acceptance, how e-signatures are powering DM Simplementations, the differences between electronic and digital signatures, and the role of automated document management system tools in ensuring continuity for the new hybrid workforce.


  • Managing a RIM program

    Tap into this case study to learn how Cadence Group helped a government agency transition from a paradigm in use to a centralized, automated system.


  • Ezassi case study: Pharmaceutical external innovation management

    One global pharmaceutical company sought an innovation platform to promote technical challenges and secure and protect innovation discoveries and submissions. Open up this case study to see why the company turned to Ezassi to handle their innovation requirements, and uncover the results from that move.


  • RingCentral open cloud platform

    How can RingCentral's open cloud platform accomplish this with integrations, APIs, and more? Read this data sheet to learn more.


  • Digitize your sales department: 8 best practices

    Download this paper to explore 8 best practices that can help you digitize your sales teams and support the modern technologies they need for success.


  • TA551/Shathak threat actor research

    TA551/Shathak is a sophisticated cybercrime actor targeting end users on a global scale. The group has distributed different malware families over time, but has consistently used password-protected ZIP archives containing macro-enabled Office documents. Download this e-book for a technical deep dive and an analysis of this threat.


  • One-of-a-kind R&D company lets innovation soar

    Draper is a leading engineering innovation company that addresses important global challenges in space, on the ground, and in human cells. This resource showcases how Draper has been partnering with Dell Technologies to fuel their company’s IT innovations and drive human progress. Open now to take a closer look at the Draper story.


  • Global Connectivity Index 2016

    The Global Connectivity Index (GCI) 2016 from Huawei measures the progress of 50 nations in investing in and deploying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to achieve economic digitisation


  • CW APAC: Trend Watch - Internet of Things

    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how APAC firms are putting the internet of things to good use in an increasingly connected world, yet technology integration and security concerns are holding back widespread adoption.


  • Why energy companies must digitally transform for carbon neutrality

    With a requirement to supply cleaner power, and more of it, the energy sector will be forced to make digital innovation its most important strategic goal. See where the energy industry's digital transformation journey is going in this white paper, and find out how your organization can overcome the critical challenges facing the industry.


  • The first step to de-cluttering the hybrid workspace

    This paper takes a look at Logi Dock – a universal dock that can help declutter the workspace, eliminate the need for some commonly used devices, and enhance the user's workflow. Download now to learn more.


  • Dutch organisations demand more from government

    In this e-guide read about the findings of an investigation into the IT used by the Dutch government. It doesn't make good reading for the government, but sends a strong message that serious work needs to be done. Also read how a cyber-security organisation is calling Dutch government to push towards the creation of electronic IDs for citizens.


  • 5 compliant archiving essentials for proper info governance

    An integral component of info governance is archiving—but how do you ensure that the appropriate information is being captured, indexed, stored, and made available? Download this Osterman Research report to learn how to effectively integrate archiving into your governance strategy and view 5 ways to achieve success.


  • 5 key benefits of biometric authentication for banking

    In this case study, a large financial group partnered with Daon to adopt biometric authentication and onboarding technology to improve customer experience and reduce friction, reduce customer support costs connected to password recovery and reset and more. Access now to tap into these insights.


  • How cybersecurity & online behavior impact mobile security

    Autofill and password managers are used most often by 25-44 year-olds, while storing passwords on an electronic file is more popular in the 18-44 age group, according to a Cybersecurity and Online Behaviors survey report of 10,100+ respondents. Read on to discover a complete look at these survey findings.


  • eGuide: Expert Tips for Deploying Secure Messaging Technologies

    This eGuide discusses the critical importance of securing these messaging systems and looks at various methods for protecting the information that is transmitted via these technologies.


  • Virtual Data Center: Health Care IT Edition, Sept. 2011

    Cloud computing holds a lot of promise for the healthcare industry, since infrastructure costs can hinder the adoption of EHR systems. However, many providers shy away from cloud services because of security concerns. Inside this e-zine, gain insight on how to utilize the cloud while still ensuring patient data security and HIPAA compliance.


  • One global manufacturing company’s contract goals (and how they reached them)

    One global manufacturing company turned to Livingstone Group to help them with negotiations for their new Microsoft contract. Open up this case study to see results from the Microsoft contract renewal, and learn how to achieve the same results in your organization.


  • Become a more open and inclusive IT leader

    In the wake of global changes, organizations are realizing why the ability to adapt and innovate is critical to their survival. Today's IT leaders need to be culturally competent as much as they are technically competent. Read on to learn how you can become a more open and inclusive leader.


  • With tape storage, cut both your carbon footprint and your expenses

    Facing the dual goals of improving sustainability and preparing for spiking quantities of data, enterprises have an opportunity to reduce both their carbon footprint and their expenses by migrating cold data from HDD storage to modern tape storage. Check out this white paper to see how your enterprise can reduce both its footprint and its costs.


  • The need for improved network performance

    Dialog, a semiconductor company, was using more than 60 different vendors around the world to connect its employees. But as the company grew, this set-up presented it with a range of challenges around quality of service. Read this case study to explore Dialog’s how partnership with Lumen allowed them to overcome these challenges.


  • CW@50: What was making the news in June

    The National Museum of Computing has trawled the Computer Weekly archives for another selection of articles highlighting significant articles published in the month of June over the past few decades.


  • Cadence Group: RIM for retail

    Open this case study to learn how Cadence Group helped a retail solutions company and global leader in merchandising lower storage costs, reduce litigation risks and costs, gain a global RRS, and had a staff trained to support the new RIM program.


  • The era of IIoT technology

    Data is crucial to your manufacturing network, so moving it securely, reliably, and quickly is essential to your success. Open this white paper to explore solutions, products, and experience to help.


  • How Nissan shifted to Agile

    In this case study, explore how Nissan focused on innovative modern vehicle design and development while implementing best-in-class engineering and IT business practices for digital transformation.


  • How HCP stacks up against the 5 critical requirements of electronic records

    The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), as a highly efficient, object storage solution designed to support large scale repositories of unstructured content, has caught the attention of electronic storage regulators. Check out this analyst report for Cohasset's findings relative to the functionality and regulatory compliance of HCP.


  • Create integrations with SAP and non-SAP apps quickly

    Poor integration between SAP and non-SAP apps means business stagnation. What if your development teams could spend more time innovating and creating revenue-driving opportunities, rather than building integrations? Open this resource to learn how Neptune Software can help.


  • How a cellular-enabled hybrid WAN solution can benefit mobile healthcare

    Telehealth, mobile workstations, and medication carts have put EHR and patient care on wheels — changing the way they deliver services. However, the technologies are only as reliable as the wireless connectivity available at each location. Download this brief to learn how a cellular-enabled hybrid WAN solution can benefit mobile healthcare carts.


  • Making the case for Dell EMC Infrastructure for SAP

    Access this e-book to analyze The Total Economic Impact of Dell EMC, one vendor in the SAP space, to see benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment.


  • Contact center platform research report: Why RingCentral comes out on top

    One of the world’s most innovative research firms, Metrigy, recently conducted it’s global “Customer Experience MetriCast 2022” research study. This comprehensive look at the voice industry takes a deep dive into what they see as the number one


  • Computer Weekly - 9 February 2021: Audi fine-tunes its digital performance to boost online car sales

    In this week's Computer Weekly, the digital chief at Audi UK discusses how the car maker is tackling the slump in new car sales. One of the largest global malware botnets has been taken down, but how much of a blow will it be for cyber criminals? And we hear how one county council made huge savings on its SAP installation. Read the issue now.


  • The next step in digital innovation

    Despite 95% of global executives saying digital transformation is important, only 58% of their strategies have been effective since the start of the pandemic – according to Harvard Business Review. This white paper explores the next step in digital transformation, where emphasis on culture-building helps to drive innovation. Access it here.


  • Cloud managed services speed time to market

    By deploying the Recommendations AI personalization engine, JB Hi-Fi has increased its monthly average revenue when compared to manual recommendation processes. Read on to learn how Recommendations AI is a key part of JB Hi-Fi executing on their vision of providing a wide range of products while making sure customers see what is relevant to them.


  • The cloud services and API platform underpinning healthcare success

    Read here to learn how healthcare record management organizations, like OneHealthPort are able to simplify management and improve the performance of their cloud infrastructure with Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2Bi and boost security and access to cloud data with the Axway API Management Platform.


  • BEC & EAC: Who’s behind the mask?

    The FBI has recognized business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) as one of the most pervasive and costliest cyberthreats in circulation. In fact, the average attack nets the attacker nearly $130,000. To learn more about BEC and EAC and how to prevent it, read this e-book.


  • The Digital Transformation Agenda

    This survey of business leaders by the Economist Intelligence Unit for Pegasystems finds that businesses are mostly confident they will reach their digital transformation agendas, but senior business leaders need to be more closely involved.