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Winning the Global Challenge: The Japanese Electronics Companies'Race to Innovate

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Computer Weekly Special Report: Fujitsu


Fujitsu has been an insular company, with a market centred in Japan. Does it have what it takes to reinvent itself as a well-represented global player, with cloud computing at its heart?


Fujitsu manufactures computer products ranging from individual components, through to a variety of mobile computing and PC products, servers, and large mainframes. Its 172,438 employees give it a global presence, although almost two-thirds of its revenue still comes from Japan.


Fujitsu recently restructured and is embarking on a broad plan to integrate its businesses and boost the percentage of its revenues that come from outside its core Japanese market.


It is launching a global initiative to develop and promote a cloud computing presence, which is hoped will help to boost its presence in markets including Asia-Pacific and North America, where it has been under-represented.


Fujitsu’s reinvention is likely to yield good results. It has the goods to back up its vision and just needs the cultural impetus to drive home its message and create more awareness in growth markets.


This 11 page special report updated for 2014 gives you the facts on  Fujitsu its strategy, products and services and financial performance.


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